Talking to the Dead

Twenty something Kate Davis can t seem to get this grieving widow thing right She s supposed to put on a brave face and get on with her life, right Instead she s camped out on her living room floor, unwashed, unkempt, and unable to sleep because her husband Kevin keeps talking to her Is she losing her mind Kate s attempts to find the source of the voice she hears areTwenty something Kate Davis can t seem to get this grieving widow thing right She s supposed to put on a brave face and get on with her life, right Instead she s camped out on her living room floor, unwashed, unkempt, and unable to sleep because her husband Kevin keeps talking to her Is she losing her mind Kate s attempts to find the source of the voice she hears are both humorous and humiliating, as she turns first to an eclectically spiritual counselor, then a shrink with a bad toupee, a mean spirited exorcist, and finally group therapy There she meets Jack, the warmhearted, unconventional pastor of a ramshackle church, and at last the voice subsides But when she stumbles upon a secret Kevin was keeping, Kate s fragile hold on the present threatens to implode under the weight of the past and Kevin begins to shout Will the voice ever stop Kate must confront her grief to find the grace to go on, in this tender, quirky story about second chances.
Talking to the Dead Twenty something Kate Davis can t seem to get this grieving widow thing right She s supposed to put on a brave face and get on with her life right Instead she s camped out on her living room floor u

  • Title: Talking to the Dead
  • Author: Bonnie Grove
  • ISBN: 9781434766410
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. It's early to post a review because this book isn't out yet, but I had the awesome opportunity to read it early for endorsement. I LOVED IT! The story opens with Kate grieving for her husband, who has just died. As she forces herself to go through the painful days that follow, something unusual happens. Her late husband begins talking to her. She worries (as anybody would) that she's losing her mind, but she misses him so much she doesn't want to do anything that will make him stop. Until Okay, [...]

    2. Before I get into the review of this book I should fess up to some discomfort. I downloaded this thinking it was Women's Fiction and it passes as it until about 90% into the book, when the main character had a clear Transcendental experience with the "One True God" and the rest of the book was heavily Christian. Looking at the rest of the book through that religious lens also changed my interpretation of a lot of the previous events.I say all of this because I'm ok with Women's Fiction, not so m [...]

    3. I read this book in two sittings. It was absolutely amazing. Talking to the Dead is making my best of 2009 fiction list for sure. The writing was so well done I'd never guess it was a debut novel. I loved how the author didn't hold back on any of the issues that the character Kate was dealing with. Plus, the ending made me smile and emit a satisfied sigh. I've read some other books dealing with pain and grief and none of them come close to being as good as this one. It almost reads like a suspen [...]

    4. Sometimes a book comes along that’s so gripping and emotional that it leaves you wanting more and wishing you’d never opened the book, only so you can discover it once again. I never expected this book to say with me as it has.In Talking to the Dead, Kate is a twenty-eight year old widow, her husband Kevin has just unexpectedly died and Kate can’t seem to cope. She can’t enter their bedroom and sleeps in the living room forgoing showering, eating, and life in general. Her family and frie [...]

    5. Talking to the DeadBonnie Grove2009David C CookFiction/ChristianReviewed by Cindy LovenKate Davis is sinking! Fast! October had brought the drowning death of her father, and now Spring, has brought another tragedy. Her husband Kevin is suddenly dead. This is not how her life is supposed to be. She truly thinks she may be going crazy. Even the professionals think she is going off the deep end. She is hearing Kevin talk to her. They keep characterizing her as hearing voices, but it is just Kevin's [...]

    6. Kate Davis has just went through one of the most horrific experiences that anyone can go throughat is buring her husband. Kevin and Kate were married for five years. In that whole time, Kate loved Kevin. At times though it seemed like that was something not quite right about Kevin but nothing too serious enough to draw red flags for Kate. Now that Kevin is gone, all Kate wants to do is be left alone. Kate may be depressedwhat by sleeping on the floor, not shaving in weeks but she is not crazy ma [...]

    7. This novel was extremely well written and developed, with the readers gradually being fed spoonfuls of memories (in italics so the author didn't confuse the time thing--nice touch) that developed the characters and their relationships, so your feelings about the characters and what lead up to the current events kept evolving and changing as the heroine dealt with her mourning process, which proved to be way more complicated than the reader expected. My one big problem with the book was that the [...]

    8. “I hear dead people!” A newer version of the Sixth Sense? Not quite, but Bonnie Grove’s Talking to the Dead is close enough to give you the heebie jeebies. Kate Davis keeps hearing her dead husband Kevin’s voice. Is she going crazy or has Kevin come back to haunt her? But Kate Davis isn’t just hearing Kevin’s voice, she’s also uncovering secret things about him that she wished she hadn’t. How does she reconcile the husband she knew with the one she is now discovering?This novel i [...]

    9. Talking to the Dead by Bonnie Grove is full of surprises for its readers. Kate Davis' life has shattered in the unexpected death of her husband Kevin. She can't eat or sleep or even go up the stairs to their bedroom. Her friends and family are worried about her, but they'd worry even more if they knew that Kevin was talking to Kate. She finds great comfort in the words of the man she loved with her whole being, and it seems to be helping her ability to grieve, at least at first. When I first rea [...]

    10. Stunned, stunning, stuntabulous! Okay. The last was absolutely not a word, but Talking to the Dead a novel by Bonnie Grove is simply the kind of book that takes you places you never have been to before. Following Kate as she suffers the grief of her husband Kevin's death at such a young age is mesmerizing. Certainly, Kate's first response of quiet withdrawal makes perfect sense. How do you move on when the love of your life has died? But also how do you move on when there are pieces of your life [...]

    11. On the day after Kevin's funeral he begins talking to his widow, Kate. There seem to be huge gaps in Kate's memories of Kevin, but he isn't explaining himself. At first his comments are loving, but as time goes by, something seems off. With an already low grip on sanity, Kate camps out on her living room floor, rarely venturing upstairs, even to shower. Visits from her mother, a recent widow herself, and her sister raise more questions than they answer.As Kevin becomes more persistent, Kate lash [...]

    12. This is a good book by a talented author. Excellent writing, great voice, and I'd call it women's fiction rather than Christian fiction. I will read this author again. The events and drama from the halfway point to three-fourths mark cut my rating down to three stars but I never considered putting the book down. In fact, I read it in two sittings and would've read it in one if I hadn't needed to go to work. You'll meet a few characters you'll despise. You'll figure out the secret long before the [...]

    13. POWERFUL!!! I don't even know how to begin to review this book right now I ordered this book because my sister-in-law edited it, and RAVED about it but just before the book arrived, my husband left me. It took me 6 months before I was able to read this book about the loss of a husband Let me tell you, I wanted to throw it against the wall a few times, and almost stopped reading it entirely, because I was able to relate to the main character in a very painful way I actually could pick out who eac [...]

    14. I will admit that when I realized the author was a Pastor's wife, I was a little hesitant about reading this book. I'm not a big fan of books getting all 'preachy' on me, and was prepared to chuck it at the first sign of that. It turns out I was pleasantly surprised by the story and enjoyed the book very much. The main character was very likeable and I found myself cheering her on and anxious to get to the end of the book and see how things turned out for her. The book definitely wants you to co [...]

    15. Talking to the Dead has the perfect balance of humour, suspense and grace. It’s quirky, surprising, and uplifting. With masterfully woven prose, Bonnie Grove had me cheering for Kate, laughing out loud at the exaggeration of the Reverend J. D. Slater, stomping my feet at the insensitivity of her sister Heather, and wiping tears away at the gentleness of Pastor Jack. I don’t recommend starting to read this book unless you’ve got time to finish it in one sitting! You won’t want to read it [...]

    16. I rated this book 3 stars because the author had me from the first page. She is a wonderful writer and I felt like I couldn't put the book down. However, (Ya, you knew that was coming) it was such a sad book. The main characters life was such a soap opera. Her husband dies, and she forgets all the things that happened before he died and then slowly she remembers all these awful things. Her mental health is questioned, her sister is a jerk. (sorry if you disagree) Just awful stuff. And now that I [...]

    17. Phew, this book certainly has it all. It made me laugh and cry as I journeyed with Kate on her search for someone or something to believe in, when all other relationships had failed. Trying to cope with her husband's death leads Kate to a myriad of 'helpful' people, including counseling sessions - some humorous, some painful. I felt her pain, anger and desperation which made me want to leap into the pages to fight Kate's battles with her. This, for me, means an A+ to Groves! A definitely recomme [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this. It was in no way a profound life changing read but more like a comfort read. The characters and situations were written so that I felt at home while reading it. The plot twists were great was a nice story about a poor woman who had to learn to deal with the dark side of life. A grueling journey, but somehow Grove made it pleasant and inspiring. Leaves me wondering if she has other works I would be interested in

    19. Lovely writing w/ a spunky main character who just happens to find herself talking to her dead husband. A journey through grief and the depths through which it can reach, but also redemptive and satisfying.

    20. I give this book 4.5 stars. Please do *not* let the book’s title dictate whether you’ll read this book or not. It isn’t what it seems. This is a Christian fiction book that deals with grief and mental illness in a very raw and real manner. I was captivated immediately and drawn into the main character’s life. I felt her grief and her pain, even though I am not widowed or have experienced what she did. This is not a neat and tidy book about Christian life. It does not hide behind the fall [...]

    21. This was a different book, but extremely good. A young goes "crazy" after the sudden death of her husband. However, as we read further, several hidden or "lost" memories caused this. This was a tough read, but I am glad I did.

    22. Very good bookI enjoyed this book very much! It was one I could not put down. I look forward to reading more by this author.

    23. Must read!This book hooked me from the beginning. Don't miss out on a very difficult but exciting journey. You won't be disappointed. Well written with a good ending.

    24. It ended with playing uno kinda a weird ending if you ask me and idk she just seemed tormented the whole time wasn't really creepy to me

    25. This book started off strong, and I really wanted to like it more than I did. As the book opens, we're thrown right into the middle of Kate Davis' shock and grief as she tries to figure out life following the sudden death of her husband, Kevin. The Davises are in their late 20s, so she didn't expect Kevin to suddenly drop dead.At first, Kate is lost in grief, but as we watch her grieve, the reader also learns more about Kate's marriage and about the circumstances surrounding his death. It's obvi [...]

    26. I'll sum this one up short and sweet - it was a good read, despite the gloominess of the subject matter, and despite the 'Christian' overtones. What I'm trying to say is don't let those factors stop you from picking up this book and reading it. It's ulimately a book about choices (and love)- and that you are the master of both.When I first found this book on I decided to pick it up from the library and give it a go. It sounded good. However, after reading the first few paragraphs I wasn't so su [...]

    27. I managed to get my hands on this free ebook thanks to Gospel EBooks on Google+ And well, I have no regrets reading it.Talking to the Dead follows Kate, who's husband Keven suddenly died. In the aftermath, she realises that she's lost a chunk of her memory, and she hear's Kevin's voice everywhere. Is she going insane? The answer is - yes. But that's the whole point of the story.As the story progresses, you can see that Kate was actually in an emotionally abusive (and starting to get physically a [...]

    28. A terrific, thought-provoking book.Kate Davis can't move forward after her husband's sudden death. She refuses to go upstairs to their bedroom. She finds even the most mundane, normal activities difficult, and soon finds herself sleeping in the living room, forgetting to shower and unable to sleep. The fact that Kevin keeps talking to her, doesn't help. As Kate tries to figure out why she hears Kevin's voice, she finds herself running from an attempted exorcism by a disturbed pastor, participati [...]

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