Exotic and Delicious Fate

When Miyashiro, the head of a Japanese restaurant, is seduced by Haruhi, a chef in training visiting from a sister restaurant, the next day and every day after invites continuous sexual advances Even as he struggles to resist Haruhi s proposals, what will happen as Miyashiro becomes moved by Haruhi s unwavering attempts
Exotic and Delicious Fate When Miyashiro the head of a Japanese restaurant is seduced by Haruhi a chef in training visiting from a sister restaurant the next day and every day after invites continuous sexual advances Even

  • Title: Exotic and Delicious Fate
  • Author: Ryoku Tsunoda
  • ISBN: 9781569700747
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Exotic and Delicious Fate”

    1. This one was so cute and funny, I absolutely loved it. It has one of those story lines that I hate and love at the same time because it makes my heart clench a bit but still makes me giddy when things work out in the end. It's sad that there won't be a second volume because I'd love to see more of these two!

    2. There's nothing super original about this story however the interactions and plot is handled better then in most stories with a similar nature. Though the 'softer' one, Miyagi still doesn't let anyone push him around and threaten him away from what he wants to do and, though he's the typical confident horny partner to-be, Kasuga gives off a maturity level that you'd expect from a man his age which many times is lacking in similar characters.In fact, the man who comes off as being the most childi [...]

    3. Oh to have the problems of the rich, the only thin is that Miyagi, future uke, doesn't know he is. He was raised by his mother who died and in the end he had to quit school and find a way to support himself. While working at a bar Kazuki, the manager of a high class traditional restaurant, offers him a job. Eight years later Miyagi has made manager. Enter new hottie chef Kasuga who immediately starts sexually harassing Miyagi. Miyagi fends him off with a few well placed words until the manager o [...]

    4. Miyagi was forced to start working very young because of an ill mother. He moved up the ranks to an assistant manager of a well to do restaurant. A new chef is hired over from a sister restaurant. Kasuga, the chef is more than he seems, but regardless he likes Miyagi.It was cute. Miyagi is a sweet, confused uke. Kasuga is seemingly an enthusiastic goofy seme.

    5. yumm;) E&DF like sweet culinary recipex)dan bukan berarti "sweet moment" yang mereka alami tanpa rintangan termasuk yakin pada pilihan serta perasaan mereka sendiri.yaoi lovers must have this dan akan mengerti arti"Exotic and Delicious Fate" yang sebenarnya:)it's like aprodisiac for wild journey!

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