Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes

Did you actually think shoes, jackets, and hats didn t have personalitites Think again The outfits in this book are brought to vivid life by Alice Schertle s wry poetry and Petra Mathers s exuberant cast of young animal characters From Joshua s cozy jammies to Emily s frilly undies, the duds on display in this perfectly stitched poetry collection are as unique as the crDid you actually think shoes, jackets, and hats didn t have personalitites Think again The outfits in this book are brought to vivid life by Alice Schertle s wry poetry and Petra Mathers s exuberant cast of young animal characters From Joshua s cozy jammies to Emily s frilly undies, the duds on display in this perfectly stitched poetry collection are as unique as the critters who wear them.
Button Up Wrinkled Rhymes Did you actually think shoes jackets and hats didn t have personalitites Think again The outfits in this book are brought to vivid life by Alice Schertle s wry poetry and Petra Mathers s exuberant c

  • Title: Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes
  • Author: Alice Schertle Petra Mathers
  • ISBN: 9780152050504
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Having observed many first and second grade classes, I know this age would adore this book! First of all, it's catchy because of the funny rhymes. Second of all, it has really great images that go with the quirky words and ideas of the book. This book stands out to me because it is so very different, and students in an elementary setting would notice that as well. My favorite poem out of this verse novel is called "Hand-Me-Down Sweatshirt," because it talks so positively about the subject! I kno [...]

    2. Button Up is a poetry picture book. This book has a table of contents that lists a variety of poems, all written by the same author but the illustrator is different. These poems are written about all different animals and are fun poems about an animals' accessory. The accessories include shoes, helmets, pajamas, underwear, shoelaces, t-shirts, jerseys, etc. These are great poems to practice fluency and phrasing with a partner in a reading station. They're great to read aloud and hear the beat. T [...]

    3. This is a great new addition to my Clothing Study for my preschool children. This book of rhymes gives the clothing a voice. I particularly like Tanyla's old-shirt and Emily's undies. I think it is a great book to read anytime, but the ending got my attention because Bill's Blue Jacket buttons up to go outside to play. What a great way to transition to go outside or get ready to go home at the end of the day. This is a great book for preschool - 2nd grade. The illustrations were ok, but I did no [...]

    4. This collection of poems has a unique theme- the clothes you wear! With a subject matter that hits home to most kids it serves as a great introduction to all clothing articles that they may encounter in their daily lives. With its charming illustrations and catchy, song like poems "Button Up," is a great book to use for children as a way to introduce poetry on an easy level.

    5. This book is filled with many rhyming poems about articles of clothing! It is clever and has adorable illustrations that all audiences will enjoy. Each poem is about an animal with its own name and their article of clothing and what they do with them. It's perfect for and end of the day read for lower elementary children with its fun illustrations and many detailed, rhyming poems.

    6. I labeled this book, Button Up!, in the poetry genre. This book is full of a collection of poems that give voices to articles of clothing and how they feel about their relationship with their owner. Where the poems are creative and witty, the images lack the energy the poems portrayed.

    7. The poems in this collection are all written from the perspective of the different animal character's object: Bob's bicycle helmet, Violet's hiking hat, Tanya's old t-shirt. The characters, all different animals, are brightly illustrated and very kid friendly. The personification of the clothing pieces, and how they are as involved in the activity as their wearer, is a fun spin on perspective and action. Great for younger readers and those new to poetry.

    8. Very sweet poems from the point of view of various articles of clothing (shoelaces, galoshes, etc). Cute word twists.

    9. This book of poetry personifies clothing through poems. While the illustrations vary from page to page, they provide a story of their own to the poem they are matched with. It is a cute read for a giggle about how silly clothes could be if they could talk.

    10. Grades: PreK-2nd; Ages: 4-7Review by Barbara BalkeOh, if only clothes could talk, the stories they’d tell… That’s just what they do in this anthology of “wrinkled” rhymes written by Alice Schertle. Each article of clothing tells of its relationship with the wearer and the adventures they have together. The wearers are not children, but animals, in this brightly illustrated book. Every child has a beloved clothing item that he or she loves to wear, be it galoshes, a hat, pajamas, or a c [...]

    11. Genre: Poetry(referenced in text on page 461)Summary: This is a fun collection of poems about clothing articles told through the articles perspective.a) Button Up! Is a really fun collection of poems. The strongest element would be the effortless flow and easy readability of each poem.b) Each poem is told through the perspective of the piece of clothing (if clothing had perspectives.) Children will undoubtedly find these poems to be fun and entertaining. They flow very well and are not hard to u [...]

    12. The design of this book was so cute, colorful, and fun. Both the poems and pictures inside are very lighthearted and whimsical. Students (especially females) would be drawn to this book just because of the lively and amusing nature of the cover. Toddlers would pick up this book out of a stack of books because it is silly and appealing to the eyes. The poems inside are all about different articles of clothing. My favorite was "Emily's Undies". It had great rhythm and rhyming words. This book woul [...]

    13. Summary: This is a whimsical book of poetry centered around individual clothing items like Bob's Bicycle Helmet or Emily's Undies. These items are worn by animals depicted in the artwork. The clothing items are personified through the poems. Each poem tells a story from the clothing items point of view. Age range: This book of poetry is acceptable for K-3rd grade students. Students of this age range are beginning to pick out their own clothes and express themselves through their clothes. K-3 stu [...]

    14. Plot Summary:This poetry collection is all about clothes! They are separate poems, but each one talks about a different piece of clothing. In most of them, an animal is wearing clothes. In all of them, it tells the character’s name and their favorite piece of clothing. Children could relate to this because they probably all own the clothing that these poems address.Literary Merit:The style in this poetry collection is demonstrated by the color choices and how the pictures connect with the text [...]

    15. Alice Shertle’s lighthearted book will have young children’s attention captured as they read rhyming poems told from the perspective of talking clothes worn by animal characters. Children and adults alike will giggle aloud reading verses from many of the fifteen poems, such as this one from Bob’s Bicycle Helmet:“Bob skins his elbow. Bob scrapes his knee. Bob doesn’t hurt his head - Bob’s got me. And if some day the sky should fall it will not hurt Bob’s head at all. Bob’s on his [...]

    16. Title: Button UpAuthor: Alice SchertleGenre: poetryPlot Summary: This book is a collection of cute little creatures and their different articles of clothing. There is a groundhog,bird,pig,mouse,alligator,bear and rabbit in these poems.Literary Merit: Theme is an underlying message that is communicated in these series of poems. Although it may not be that obvious a theme in this book is that there are things that everyone cares about. Whether it materialistic or not, we all have something that we [...]

    17. “Button Up” is an English children’s poetry book, which I viewed in the e-book version. It is written by Alice Schertle and the book won the Lee Bennet Hopkins Poetry Award in 2010. This book is a collection of poems that bring life to the clothes in your closet. The pictures in this book are colorful and created to make the reader feel that they are experiencing what the child in the book is experiencing. I rated this book a “5” because the book has life and makes children explore the [...]

    18. This a book of poetry that can be enjoyed by children 3-4 years old and older. This book contains fun rhymes and poems with silly twists-they're about clothes! Hats, underwear, dress up clothes, jackets, pajamas, swim suits, and more clothes that are found in a closet. Each poem and clothing item is attached to a different animal and the clothes' personality comes to life as it talks. The design of the book is simple, cute, fun and colorful. Each watercolor illustration pertains to the specific [...]

    19. The book is very colorful and inviting. The table to contents is in rainbow colors. The illustrations are humorous and allow the child to just ponder. They are done in watercolor which add to the elegance of the book. Each poem has a title with an animals name and item of clothing which are colorful. Each item has two colors and is in capitol letters. Not all of the words rhyme but it adds fun descriptive words to engage the reader. The poems tell a story and are catchy. There is a collection of [...]

    20. What if one of your articles of clothing had a voice and could write poetry? This illustrated collection of poetry imagines just that! The clothes belong to an adorable troupe of animals who sometimes love and sometime ignore their garments. Each rhyming ode expresses a unique viewpoint. From Bertie the otter’s shoelaces to Emily the mouse’s undies (gasp!), students will be sure to find a favorite among one of the 15 poems in this collection. Classroom Connection:Print out design-your-own te [...]

    21. This book is ADORABLE! The book is called Button Up and was written by Alice Schertle, with pictures done by Petra Mathers. This book is written from the point of view of animals clothing and is a collection of poems. Shoelaces, hats, sweaters and undies just to name a few of the funny items that are narrating this book. This book would be very good for a pre-school age and kindergarten group. This is a fun book to learn the basics of poems. I would also use this book to help maybe a toddler get [...]

    22. Schertle, Alice. Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes. Harcourt Children’s Books, 2009.Garments come to life as they tell about their experiences that they share in the life of their owners. Each one is an important article that goes on some sort of an adventure. From filly undies, to Harvey’s galoshes, each one tells their unique story. This humorous collection of poetry takes readers on an inside adventure of the garments of clothing and their important duties throughout life.Classroom Connections: [...]

    23. 1. Genre: Poetry2. Summary: This book is a collection of poems about the clothing items of various animal characters. The poems are recited from the point of view of the clothing item.3a. Illustrations3b. The illustrations in this book are very beautifully made. They reflect the tone and wittiness of each individual poem. You go from being very playful, to relaxed, to childish, to pouting. The illustrations also tie into each other, using characters from other poems to unite the whole book as on [...]

    24. This book is a poetry book that has multiple poems written about clothes. Each poem is separate and about a different piece of clothing. The narrator of each poem is the piece of clothing and it discusses what it does for the character in the poem. I really enjoyed this poem book and I think that younger children will love it. It's very colorful and bright. I love the idea that the articles of clothes doing the talking. You could use this text as a mentor text when introducing poetry to children [...]

    25. Childrens PoetrySchertle, Alice Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes (2009) This collection of poems by Schertle is a silly view of what items of clothing would think if they could. Each poem has a sing song quality, with rhyming words that makes it fun to read. My favorite poem in the book is called Hand Me Down Sweatshirt. The imagery of an old sweatshirt being torn and soiled is easy for children to understand. The end of the poem is how the sweatshirt is an old family friend. The other poems are abou [...]

    26. Button Up!By Alice SchertlePages- 40Copyright- 2013**Poetry BookI thought this book was very cute! It was made up of short poems that had to do with different clothing that animals wear. This book could be used to teach younger children when it is the right time to wear a sweater versus when it is time to wear a swim suit. The poems were strange, but cute. A lot of the poems repeated lines many times within the poem which would be helpful for students learning to write and read poetry. The short [...]

    27. Button Up by Alice Schertle, is a collection of poems that in my opinion are adorable in more ways than one. I enjoyed the poem titled Joshua’s Jammies. I loved the way the author used alliteration to get the title to pop out at the reader. I also enjoyed the whole idea of the poem in general, because some children do not like to put on their jammies or to go to bed. I feel that many students that I could potentially have in my classroom could really relate to the poems in this poetry book. I [...]

    28. I was not impressed with this poetry book for children. The poems were slightly awkward, and I think they would be difficult for students to read with proper rhythm. I also thought the topics were simple. This is not always bad, but they lacked spice, energy, and enthusiasm. I did however, enjoy the pictures. The illustrations were like a splash of color in a bland world. The brilliant colors drew the eyes. Pictures were dispersed among the text placed on a white background. The characters were [...]

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