Chasing Darkness

Elvis Cole is Back In a Desperate Fight to Clear his NameIt s fire season, and the hills of Los Angeles are burning When police and fire department personnel rush door to door in a frenzied evacuation effort, they discover the week old corpse of an apparent suicide But the gunshot victim is less gruesome than what they find in his lap a photo album of seven brutallyElvis Cole is Back In a Desperate Fight to Clear his NameIt s fire season, and the hills of Los Angeles are burning When police and fire department personnel rush door to door in a frenzied evacuation effort, they discover the week old corpse of an apparent suicide But the gunshot victim is less gruesome than what they find in his lap a photo album of seven brutally murdered young women one per year, for seven years And when the suicide victim is identified as a former suspect in one of the murders, the news turns Elvis Cole s world upside down.Three years earlier Lionel Byrd was brought to trial for the murder of a female prostitute named Yvonne Bennett A taped confession coerced by the police inspired a prominent defense attorney to take Byrd s case, and Elvis Cole was hired to investigate It was Cole s eleventh hour discovery of an exculpatory videotape that allowed Lionel Byrd to walk free Elvis was hailed as a hero.But the discovery of the death album in Byrd s lap now brands Elvis as an unwitting accomplice to murder Captured in photographs that could only have been taken by the murderer, Yvonne Bennett was the fifth of the seven victims two young women were murdered after Lionel Byrd walked free So Elvis can t help but wonder did he, Elvis Cole, cost two young women their lives Shut out of the investigation by a special LAPD task force determined to close the case, Elvis Cole and Joe Pike desperately fight to uncover the truth about Lionel Byrd and his nightmare album of death a truth hidden by lies, politics, and corruption in a world where nothing is what it seems to be Chasing Darkness is a blistering thriller from the bestselling author who sets the standard for intense, powerful crime writing.
Chasing Darkness Elvis Cole is Back In a Desperate Fight to Clear his NameIt s fire season and the hills of Los Angeles are burning When police and fire department personnel rush door to door in a frenzied evacuation

  • Title: Chasing Darkness
  • Author: Robert Crais
  • ISBN: 9781416514985
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Robert Crais Chasing Darkness ROBERT CRAIS CHASING DARKNESS After the fabulous success of THE WATCHMAN, Crais comes roaring back with his Elvis Cole series. Instead of Chasing Happiness, Search the Darkness LonerWolf Your pain, your darkness, your greatest fears and shadows are the doorways towards your enlightenment Within the cobwebs, the dust, the dirt, the dank and rancid confines of your deepest pain, is the key to everything you ve been searching for. Our Brew Squatters Pubs And Craft Beers Our Brew Get a list of the best Squatters Craft Beers Alliance War Campaign Part Chasing Darkness Spoilers The next segment of the Alliance War Campaign has been added on the Battle for Azeroth Beta The following set of quests continue the War Campaign after exterminating a Horde Archaeologist. Chasing Rainbows I m back today to discuss how, as a Mother, I got through miscarriages But I also want to talk about infertility as well If any of you have struggled with getting pregnant then you know that makes losing a pregnancy that much harder. A Darkness More Than Night A Darkness More Than Night is the tenth novel by American crime author Michael Connelly it is the seventh featuring the Los Angeles detective Hieronymus Harry Bosch, and the second featuring FBI profiler Terry McCaleb, with reporter Jack McEvoy also making an appearance in a supporting role. Plot summary Terry McCaleb and Graciela Rivers have married and have an infant daughter named Total Darkness Play on Armor Games Total Darkness, a free online Adventure game brought to you by Armor Games The power s gone out in your town, nobody knows why, and things are about to get weird Can you solve the mystery Explore different places, meet characters and along the way you ll face various challenges from lost pets to melting ice cream Discover theories behind the darkness as you go, but can they be trusted The Darkness II The Darkness II is a first person shooter video game with light role playing elements developed by Digital Extremes and published by K Games which was released in The game is the sequel to s The Darkness which was developed by Starbreeze Studios. Darkness Roblox elemental wars Wiki FANDOM powered by Darkness is a Commom magic type It has high damage, but lacks in a defensive situation It also is decently fast Tips and Tricks about Darkness As stated before, darkness cannot play defensively, so at low health, use dark wave to escape Pick your fights You must know which elements you Darkness Overlord Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The adventurers of Darkness According to Andre, several people from E Rantel he spoke to told him that the relationship Momon and Nabe shared together is between man and woman.While other people presumably compared their relationship as the kind that is similar to master and servant.

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    1. A man Elvis Cole cleared for murder years ago turns up dead with a photo album of seven female murder victims in his possession. Did Cole help clear a killer? Why is the task force still working if the case has been closed? And what is the glory-seeking police chief trying to hide? That's what Elvis Cole and Joe Pike are trying to find outI have to admit, I had my doubts about this one at first. I should have known Crais had pulled the wool over my eyes yet again when I thought I knew who the ki [...]

    2. Elvis Cole was instrumental in clearing Lionel Bird after he was accused of brutally murdering a young woman. Three years later Bird commits suicide and leaves behind a photo album that indicates that not only did he kill the woman that Cole investigated, he also murdered others before and after that.Oops.Cole reexamines the evidence he gathered and is still convinced that Bird was innocent of that crime. So where did the pictures of the dead women come from? And why is a LAPD task force led by [...]

    3. Wow, I really am addicted to this series. Although I had the next book in order coming from a library, I stopped at my local branch to see what was in stock and found Elvis Cole #12. It was a fast, interesting read with a couple of unpredictable twists.A fire is spreading through Laurel Canyon, so two cops are going door to door to alert people to the danger. A woman notes that a man with a bad foot hasn't left his place in days. When they break in, they discover him dead, gunshot wound to the h [...]

    4. I admit I am reading these books out of order, but it hasn't hurt. I like Crais' spare writing style, yet how he writes description beautifully, bringing Los Angeles to life for me as I listened. I was a bit disappointed with how quickly it ended, leaving me with some questions about why the killer was operating. The same narrator as The Watchman, and he does the Cole/Pike books perfectly well, so I shall not complain.I exhaled a dreamy sigh whenever Pike came around. He is utterly lickable. (Di [...]

    5. Apparently, my expectations were much too high going into this story. "Chasing Sorrow and Misery," might be more appropriate. 1 of 10 stars

    6. Lionel Byrd is found dead in his home, apparently of suicide, when Los Angeles' law enforcement officers are evacuating people due to fires in the area. The death in and of itself wouldn't be alarm-setting, but the photo album full of pictures of dead women is a problem.Lionel had been accused of murdering one of the women, Yvonne Bennett, in the book a few years earlier. Elvis Cole found evidence that set him free. Now the Los Angeles police department is saying that Elvis got two more women ki [...]

    7. I've enjoyed watching the Elvis Cole character evolve through the many books Robert Crais has written. Like many other private eye types, Elvis has a personal code of honor, a faithful side kick, and a solid footing in a specific geographic place: Los Angeles. This Elvis outing was more plot than character driven, but was a good read during a rainy New England weekend. There's a depth of history to the players in this series by this point, but I prefer it when Mr. Crais develops the back stories [...]

    8. 2nd reading - Three years earlier, Elvis had helped a top-notch attorney prove Lionel Byrd hadn't murdered a prostitute. Now, Byrd is found dead from a suicide, and a memory book of photos may prove he killed the pro - and six other girls, too.Cole embarks on a conscience-provoking tour of that case. If he was wrong, two other women were killed after it. During his attempts at the truth, he is met with resistance from the top echelon of a crime task force created when the album was found.I enjoy [...]

    9. I believe this is my second or third P.I. Elvis Cole yarn. Very enjoyable read. Solid detective story, vivid setting, good action scenes. I'll be looking to read deeper into the series.

    10. CHASING DARKNESS (Pub. 2008) by Robert Crais was my first read by this author, and is Crais' 15th novel. It was a good read in the fairly classic P.I. who-done-it style. I picked this story up at the recommendation of several folks, as well as my favorite author.Crais' writing style is strong, the prose and the story flow easily. It mostly held my interest all the way through, admittedly with a couple slower spots, but not enough to call it boggy. The story opens in California, with a fire blaz [...]

    11. Robert Crais is becoming one of my new favorite authors--I'm putting him right up there with Michael Connelly and Lee Child. This was my first Elvis Cole book, and he's a terrific complement to Joe Pike--more emotional where Pike is removed, more verbal where Pike is a brick wall. They work terrifically together and it makes sense they're friends. The plot kept me engaged and was quickly paced--at 270 pages, I zipped through it super fast. Cole makes a connection (for good or bad) to the people [...]

    12. I have always enjoyed the stories, characters, and humor in the Elvis Cole series, and this one is no exception, but perhaps not my favorite. Police believe they have found the body of a serial killer, and it's someone Cole cleared in one of the murder cases several years ago. He knows he was right then, and he must now determine the identity of the actual killer. A good read, as usual.

    13. Elvis Cole returns front and center in this volume, with Joe Pike and Carol Starkey in strong supporting roles. In Chasing Darkness Elvis is faced with an honor-bound detective’s nightmare. In the midst of a wild-fire and the associated evacuation a man, soon identified as a former murder suspect Cole helped exonerate, is found dead in his home, apparently of a suicide. Unfortunately for Elvis, there is strong evidence found during the preliminary investigation that the dead man was in fact th [...]

    14. Ok, a few rambling thoughts on Robert Crais. Who is this guy, where'd he come from, how'd he get so popular? Well the first thing to know is that Crais is not from California at all. He is a native of Louisiana, grew up in a blue collar family, and read his first crime novel The Little Sister when he was 15. And that's all it took. Chandler gave him his love for writing. Other authors that have inspired him were Hammett, Hemingway (seems like that's true of all the crime writers), Parker, and St [...]

    15. Someone called Jerry on GoodReads recommended I check out the Elvis Cole detective series by Robert Crais. Thank you, Jerry!I'm going to be reading other Robert Crais novels.This puppy hooked me early on, and kept me hooked till the end. The further into this novel I read, the more desperately I wanted to keep reading. Have I found a replacement for Robert B. Parker? We will see!@hg47

    16. So I'm beginning to feel like all of the big names in pop thriller/crime fiction - Lee Childs, James Lee Burke, James Patterson, and now Robert Crais, are getting either bored or lazy, or have somehow managed to misplace the passion and fiery writing that placed them in their well deserved positions (well, except perhaps Patterson) on the big best seller lists. Yes, I'm a Robert Crais fan. The early Elvis Cole was smart, funny, and in your face - definitely an updated, more hip, and slightly mor [...]

    17. I love immersing myself in Elvis Cole's noir Los Angeles, but the plot of this book kept straying into a kind of sleepwalking. I suppose it was necessary for Cole and Pike to have the violent encounter with the Repko brothers in order to get more clues to nail down the serial killer, but that plot detour doesn't add much to the narrative. Lacking in this book is the edginess that makes the earlier Elvis Cole books fun to read. Even Joe Pike, the silent but powerful sidekick character that seems [...]

    18. Elvis Cole and Joe Pike are as good as they come. Nice plot with some interesting twists. And jeez, I wished I had Elvis' house up in the Hollywood Hills. Sounds like a really nice place.Murder, cover-ups, political shenanigans. What else would you want in an Elvis Cole novel?

    19. I have enjoyed books 1 through ten of the Elvis Cole series yet Chasing Darkness eclipsed all of them. Crais was at the top of his game with this one. The pacing is great and the writing is clear, descriptive and concise. The plot is strategically unveiled with twists along the way. I highly recommend this book if you like police or private investigator mysteries or for anyone who likes a thriller.

    20. Quick listen. Reader okay. Not the best of Crais' work, a little formulaic in plot and character development but okay. That seems to happen to immensely popular writers especially in the mystery series genre. I don't bother to read many in order of publication and still feel I usually get the picture. Since I mostly listen I think of them as ear candy.There was a twist at the end that I did not guess won't spoil it for you, dear reader.And how old is that grumpy cat now anyway?

    21. Robert Crais is becoming another one of my favorite authors. Elvis Cole is the primary detective in this story trying to solve a murder tied in with similar murders, one a year for the past seven years. Someone is again corrupt in the department and the twist makes for a great read.

    22. RATING: 4.5CHASING DARKNESSI've been a fan of Elvis Cole and his associate, Joe Pike, since 1987 when THE MONKEY'S RAINCOAT appeared. It's hard to believe that this series is over 20 years old. Of course, the characters have grown and changed; but the essential elements that have made these books so likeable are still there. Elvis may be a little more world weary now, but he still has the Pinocchio clock in his office and he still can't resist the opportunity to make a wise crack. As a private i [...]

    23. As all Elvis Cole readers know, Robert Crais has put him through a real wringer as of late. Broken heart, broken bones and a near-broken spirit have tested The World's Greatest Detective in the last few books.And we loved it, of course.So, if we tell you that, in Chasing Darkness, Crais has crafted a less Elvis-centric tale of Detective and Case, assume please that we are doing it with all kinds of YAY!!A crucial element to any series is the ability to change pace and still move forward, and thi [...]

    24. At this point in the career of Robert Crais, you never quite know what you are going to get in one of his books, although whatever he does is usually good. In "L.A. Requiem" and "The Forgotten Man", Crais kept his franchise characters, Elvis Cole and Joe Pike, but ventured into more pure fiction, giving them a backstory and a depth that adds to their personas. In other books, such as "Demolition Angel", he introduced new characters, namely Carol Starkey, who has stayed on in the series. "Chasing [...]

    25. Before I start this review I should probably admit that I just love the characters of Elvis Cole and Pike, and seem to be loving them more with every subsequent book in the series. They really can't do any wrong by me.In this, the 11th book in the Elvis Cole series, Elvis finds himself revisiting a case he thought he had closed years ago.Seven years previously he was asked to investigate a man who was accussed of having killed a young woman. Through a witness statement he proved that the man, Li [...]

    26. We’ve been slowly knocking off the Private Detective Elvis Cole series, and while we generally enjoy the leading man, especially at his best when wise-cracking with clients and friends, and find the plots well crafted, we sometimes grouse about the inconsistency of Crais’ stories in terms of scene-setting, points of view, backflashes, etc. “Chasing” is one of the better entries in the set – a clever and interesting plot with an outcome that pleases; a focus on Cole and buddies Pike and [...]

    27. CHASING DARKNESS (PI- Elvis Cole-Los Angeles, CA-Cont) - VGCrais, Robert – 11th in seriesSimon & Schuster, 2008, US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780743281645First Sentence: Beakman and Trenchard could smell the fire--it was still a mile away, but a sick desert wind carried the promise of Hell.Three years ago, Elvis helped prove Lionel Byrd innocent of killing a prostitute. Now, Byrd's body has been found with a book containing the photographs of seven women who had been murdered, including the pro [...]

    28. Robert Crais has returned to Elvis Cole in this novel set in the Los Angeles area. Elvis is a private investigator who is draw into working on a suicide in the famous Laurel Canyon area of L.A. CHASING DARKNESS starts in like a Harry Bosch police procedural thriller. Which is okay, because I like Michael Connelly's protagonist almost as much as Elvis and his partner Joe Pike. Harry and Elvis can be seen rubbing shoulders, or at least bumping elbows, in at least one Crais novel.This one is a litt [...]

    29. I like Elvis Cole. He's in my Top 10 all time favorite fictional characters. And honestly, that's why this book is getting 4 stars. Because Crais would have to turn a Cole mystery into a Tarentino bloodfest for me to knock the book down to 2 stars.Elvis Cole is a Nice Guy. So when he discovers that a man that he'd cleared of murder 3 years ago has been found dead, victim of an apparent suicide, while clutching a gory "murder album" with pictures of 7 murdered women that could only have been take [...]

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