Viking Heat

Psychologist Joy Nelson thinks things are bad when she finds herself training in the modern day female Navy SEALs program But then her life takes a turn for the worse Somehow she s been thrust back in time to the cold Norselands, being auctioned off as a thrall, or slave a gift for a Viking warlord, who would be a perfect candidate for Male Chauvinist Viking of the CentuPsychologist Joy Nelson thinks things are bad when she finds herself training in the modern day female Navy SEALs program But then her life takes a turn for the worse Somehow she s been thrust back in time to the cold Norselands, being auctioned off as a thrall, or slave a gift for a Viking warlord, who would be a perfect candidate for Male Chauvinist Viking of the Centuries.Brandr isn t thrilled with the slave his brothers have purchased for him Holy Thor The woman wants to teach him anger management skills And help him find his feminine side, whatever that is She may be beautiful, but the saucy wench defies him at every turn So Brandr makes her an offer She can earn her freedom as his bed thrall But when Joy dares to decline his offer, he must decide what to do with the woman enslaved to him and the out of control heat between them
Viking Heat Psychologist Joy Nelson thinks things are bad when she finds herself training in the modern day female Navy SEALs program But then her life takes a turn for the worse Somehow she s been thrust back in

  • Title: Viking Heat
  • Author: Sandra Hill
  • ISBN: 9780425230671
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Viking Heat”

    1. Superficial, artificial, blah, dull, humorless, seen it all before, these are a few words that come to mind with this very disappointing Sandra Hill novel. Hill is the queen of hilarity from her first Viking series to her side-splitting Cajuns, but this book is way off the mark and I’m very surprised that the “critics” have said otherwise because it doesn’t read like her other books –well it’s equally as boring as The Love Potion we’ll say so maybe that’s what they meant (?)This [...]

    2. This is a fun book with a silly plot and it should be taken lightly at all times. It made me laugh, the miscommunication between our modern heroine, Joy, and the group of Vikings is priceless. The love story between Joy and Brandr develops slowly and is sweet, he's the sweetest Viking you'll ever find. The beginning was very slow right up to when they meet, then the story picks up and I couldn't put it down.

    3. Though I enjoyed this book as I do all of Sandra Hill's viking novels, it had a real slow start which had me doubting Ms. Hill. But once Joy tumbles through time, the laughs begin. The miscommunication is priceless and hilarious - exactly what is to be expected from Sandra Hill. Joy is a very strong woman with firm ideas and feminist leanings. Brandr is a male chauvinist pig like all men of that time period. The verbal sparring is great fun. Even when Brandr is starving Joy to make her comply to [...]

    4. My first DNF for Sandra Hill. Got ~100 pages in but the story and characters never grabbed me. Tried twice to continue, but I am calling it quits. Too bad as I normally love this author and series.

    5. Note: The books in Sandra Hill’s Viking II Series have similar themes (i.e. a Navy Seal connection), but they are not directly connected and do not need to be read in order.Summary: Joy Nelson is a psychologist turned Navy Seal. She hadn’t originally planned for a military career, but she committed to the program during an impulsive moment following the death of her favorite brother in Iraq. Her first real mission to infiltrate a terrorist cell near Norway is thwarted, and in the after-math [...]

    6. ”From the beginning of time, Norsemen have been bred to go a-Viking and drink good ale, whilst Norsewomen have been bred to spread their thighs for their heroes when they come home.”“Are you kidding? What is that? The mission statement for Male Chauvinist Vikings?”It’s banter like this throughout the book between Joy and the Vikings that keeps it steamy and rollicking. Whenever I’m in the mood for romance with a good story, light humor, an alpha hero who is challenged with an equally [...]

    7. Sandra Hill has a way to make a chauvinistic male sexy and endearing. Joy finds herself in the mist of a bad nightmare trying to rebuild a Norse boat that her grandfather left in her charge after his passing. What she didn't expect was find a sexy Viking from the past with the skill to build her ship. Even though Bandr had his own agenda to help Joy neither of them ever thought they would fall in love with one another. With laughter and passion that will keep you smiling and picturing the sexy V [...]

    8. With a male protagonist straight out of 600 A.D. and a female heroine from the 21st Century, this is truly a romance that kept me turning the pages. It's a historical romance with a tiny bit of paranormal mixed in, and is very emotionally engaging. It also has that awesome Sandra Hill "stamp" of mixing humor with deeper emotions and hot love scenes. Brandr has been visiting me in my dreams at night, I swear gotta LOVE those dark-haired-alpha-male-with-a-sense-of-humor-vikings delicious!

    9. There were time I actually laughed aloud at how ridiculous this book was. I have read several time traveling romances so the idea of the incredible didn't faze me, the ubsurd nature of the book did. Even allowing for some magic there is just no way the scenarios described would ever happen.Funny as in I'm laughing at you, not with you

    10. Solid, enjoyable book. Starts really slow. I started and stopped and picked up a different books 3 times before getting past the first 20 pages. However, once I got past 60 pages I finished the book that night. Couldn’t put it down. Once the two main characters were toghether I was laughing out loud.

    11. This is the book that started me on Vikings and damn did I love it! Great characters, steamy scenes and enough humor to have me laughing in the staff room until my coworkers wonder what I'm up to. Definitely a great start and the beginning of my Viking fascination. Holy Thor, It's hot in here!

    12. My favorite book in this series. Loved Brandr and his fierceness and love for his family. His arrogance did help to make me laugh throughout the book!

    13. I liked the humor too. It definitely swept me away to where I felt the story. Easy read - only took me a day. I would recommend it to my friends.

    14. Basic time travel romance with laughs and humor thrown in with some exciting tuppingKept reading series until I ran out of books to read. So sorry for the generic review.

    15. Theme: WEALS year 2009, Viking year 955, time travel, romance, heroine soldier, Hero jarlI realized this was book 9 in a series and this was the first one that I read. I never expected this to be funny and kinda weird haha. I smiled and giggled a couple of times reading this one. The only thing that I wanted to read was the heroine to have some fight scenes with someone but it did not show that :-(

    16. Too silly for meI loved the heroine's story in contemporary times, but couldn't stretch my disbelief enough to accept the story once she traveled back in time. As a modern reader, the thought of landing in a pre-industrial era is way more terrifying than escapist.

    17. such a jot to read this and every other book in this series!I hope it will keep going :)Such imagination! wonderful characters - can't put book down!!

    18. read this initially to celebrate valentines day, but after reading the first half on the 14th, i set it down and didn't really pick it back up for a few weeksrprisingly didn't fall into either the "so bad it's funny" category or the "actually invested in this ridiculousness" category, and i was expecting one of either (last year i read an actual Harlequin brand romance novel that i ended up enjoying). i dont want to accuse this book of being too silly, because i know the goal was silly light ent [...]

    19. Psychologist Joy Nelson, has always been the one suffer the taunts of her older brothers, and any time they dare her to do something whatever it may be she does it, even though she is a full grown adult by now. So when they double dare her to become a WEAL-a female version program of the Navy SEALS. But then when she goes on her first mission with a SEAL team, she finds herself taken back through time where she is then auctioned off as a thrall to a Viking Warlord. At first Joy has no idea that [...]

    20. At first when I started to read this book it was not very captivating. This is a time-travel romance and I was thinking "How is a person from present day California going to get to the Norselands in 955 AD?". Of course, this information is explained a little more further in the book. In the beginning I liked Joy's character but, somewhere down the road she started to get on my nerves. Brandr was typical romance novel hunk; handsome, tall, muscles on muscle, etc, etc. The romance was inevitable; [...]

    21. Like my rating says, I really liked this book. Joy's character was independent, headstrong, passionate and determined. She was clearly somebody that knew what she wanted in life, and once she made a decision, she stuck with it. Brandr was a dependable, reliable individual who looks out for his loved ones, and was very much an enjoyable character. I loved the interplay between Joy and Brandr- the word sparring was so funny and enjoyable! My favorite aspect to this book was the fact that it had gr [...]

    22. I skimmed through some of the other reviews before buying this book. It seems like a fair number of readers, particularly Sandra Hill fans, were disappointed. I've read one or two of her earlier books, many years ago. I enjoyed them; and I enjoyed this book. Was it silly at times? Yes. Did it get off to a slow start? Most definitely. Was the heroine annoying at times? Ohmygod, yes. Was the hero perhaps a little too soft for a berserker? I think so. And, finally, did the conflict between Joy and [...]

    23. While it is true this book will never be on the bestselling list because it's just a lightread romance book, I still loved it. It had everything I liked a sexy Viking male who has dealt with tragedy in his recent life and so is very angry with a huge chip on his shoulder, but is extremely passionate with a huge heart that needed to be filled with love and understanding a strong-willed and independent modern woman whose traits slashes with a male chauvinist, but yet, they still have chemistry and [...]

    24. This one wasn't as good as some in the series but there were great parts. The beginning where Joy thinks about how she became a WEALs had me tearing up right away. I also think the character was aptly named because, as corny as it sounds, she did bring Joy where she went. Being that she time traveled to the 10th century and what happened with Brandr's people, they really needed the Joy. I loved that she told her "history" as true, but they thought it was just great story telling. With her modern [...]

    25. This is the first book I've read by this author, and I really enjoyed it. The characters were fresh--and realistic. Joy is a Navy WEAL who gets transported back to the 10th Century. Completely out of her element she is sold as a thrall (slave) and ends up under the care of Brandr, a uber sexy viking. The funniest conversation is where she insists that slavery went out with the Civil War (of course, he has no idea what she's talking about) and that he is a male chauvinist pig! Fun read with momen [...]

    26. A Light, comical, fluffy feel good romances with He-Man men and strong kick-butt women and time travel. Woman joins the WEALS (basically the woman version of navy seals, and then gets transported back in time to Viking times).Perfect for what I they were (romance and “tupping”), had me laughing out loud quite a bit. They are fun because they are not trying to be a real historical novel. Just for fun light reads, with the dominating type of men that I like. I very much hope my library gets th [...]

    27. Ok so I wanted to read something diffrent and after watching the tv series Vikings I decided to find some books to help with this new craving LOL. I stumbled upon this series and just randomly picked one.I really enjoyed this book for two reasons I liked the meshing of two worlds and times and languages gave it a neat twistd two I like how easy the Author detailed the Viking world with good description it was easy to picture this world but she stayed true to old world style.I will def be reading [...]

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