Gefangen im Palast von Babylon

Das wichtigste Zauberbuch aller Dschinn, das Salomon Buch, ist verschwunden Und John und Philippa sollen verhindern, dass es in falsche H nde ger t Doch f r die Zwillinge nimmt dieser Auftrag kein gutes Ende, denn Philippa wird entf hrt John ist fest entschlossen, seine Schwester zu befreien, auch wenn er dabei ohne seine Dschinnkr fte auskommen muss Eine abenteurlicheDas wichtigste Zauberbuch aller Dschinn, das Salomon Buch, ist verschwunden Und John und Philippa sollen verhindern, dass es in falsche H nde ger t Doch f r die Zwillinge nimmt dieser Auftrag kein gutes Ende, denn Philippa wird entf hrt John ist fest entschlossen, seine Schwester zu befreien, auch wenn er dabei ohne seine Dschinnkr fte auskommen muss Eine abenteurliche Reise in das alte Babylon beginnt und zugleich ein Wettlauf mit der Zeit Denn w hrend John auf der Suche nach einem geheimen Palast gef hrlichen Pr fungen ausgesetzt ist, gewinnt der Blaue Dschinn von Babylon immer mehr Macht ber Philippa
Gefangen im Palast von Babylon Das wichtigste Zauberbuch aller Dschinn das Salomon Buch ist verschwunden Und John und Philippa sollen verhindern dass es in falsche H nde ger t Doch f r die Zwillinge nimmt dieser Auftrag kein gut

  • Title: Gefangen im Palast von Babylon
  • Author: P.B. Kerr
  • ISBN: 9783789140242
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Cover Blurb: Yes or No? It's exciting, it's excellent art, and you can't see the character's face. So, yes, I like it.Characters: John and Philippa continue to be great kid protagonists, leaping into adventure without too much forethought (but they're not rash, either), and meeting danger head-on. They have a great twin-sibling relationship, teasing each other and fighting sometimes like real siblings, but they're not always constantly at one another's throats, which gets annoying with some sibl [...]

    2. I enjoyed all of the Children of the Lamp books. Fun, light fantasy geared for children around age 8-mid teens. For adults, there's some good humor and a good writing style we will enjoy as well.

    3. lara-reads-ya-2009Plot summary: Philippa and John Gaunt are 12 year old twins who find out they are descended from a line of djinn (who happen to dislike the word "genie"). They live in New York City with their wealthy parents, but have more fun and adventure whenever they visit with their uncle Nimrod, who divides his time between London and Cairo. All over the world there are various tribes of djinn, and they tend to be generally good or generally evil. Djinn are responsible for controlling th [...]

    4. My thoughts on this book are similar to the first one. The setting for the story is original with the basic storyline itself following a path that is typical to many other middle-grade fantasy books. Having said that, the story in this book was a little bit more original than the first one.There are many other twists on originality throughout the book, for example there is a spooky ferryman, who would normally be a skeletal figure (Charon style), but in this book he is a copper automaton. It’s [...]

    5. My brother goes to his friend’s house almost every single day. Most of the time, he does not tell my parents that he is going there. If my parents want to go out to dinner or already has something planned, he would never have to come. Rarely, I get invited with Nick (my brother) whether it is golfing, swimming, or just to go over his house. I have a hard decision: either to go with Nick to go over his friends’ house and have fun, or go with my parents to what ever they have planned. For one [...]

    6. After reading this, the second novel of the Children of the Lamp adventure, I think I'm with the series. The novel is about John and Phillipa Gaunt, two djinn living in New York. To simplify things, a djinn is pretty much a genie. While djinn may seem like an intriguing concept to base a story around, P.B. Kerr makes a lot of mistakes while writing. First off, the few jokes in the story are repeated many times. It seems like every few pages somebody is telling Phillipa that she is a "djinntellig [...]

    7. I'm not sure whether I should rate this book 4 stars or 5 stars - it's probably somewhere inbetween. During the first half of the book I wasn't that impressed with the plotline. Phillipa is playing in the Djinnverso tournemort and gets framed for cheating. This bit was alright although I don't really see how it played into the overall storyline. Then John and Phillipa get on a train to meet Issac and Phillipa gets kidnapped. This was written quite well and I thought the thing with the devil was [...]

    8. It hit all the right notes that the first book did, but the last couple of chapters were all over the place. Still it made a great read!

    9. This book by Philip.B. Kerr Really is amazing because it really is adventurous with all this Djinn and this twin attached to it made it more interesting including the exploits made there and I know that this is not the only children of the lamp writing by this author, there are others like "The cobra king of Kathmandu" which is my second favorite. This book helped me in developing my talent in reading because when captivated by this book the urge to by more is going to come which results in buyi [...]

    10. I must say I liked this book better than the first book. The twins have developed and seem more mature than before--in the first book I mentally wanted to ground them for several months for their awful spoiled attitudes. Pacing was fine for most of the novel, a bit rushed of an ending. The novel would be great as an audio-book. There's a lot of explaining like a narrator would do when storytelling and the prose style hearkens to this.Although I won't continue the series (I'm rereading books in m [...]

    11. This book probably only deserves a four-star rating, because it had it's problems. But those were very minor to me and I found this whole book very enjoyable a loads better than the first one!It all starts when the Solomon Grimore is reported missing, and the twins, John and Phillipa are called upon to help find it. It soon becomes apparent that this was all a trap however, and Phillipa has now been kidnapped by the most powerful djinn of all - The Blue Djinn of Babylon! John must set out on an [...]

    12. Children of the Lamp: Djinni, not Genie Your mother is a mystical Djinni, so is your uncle, and everybody on your mothers side. As it turns out, you and you’re twin are too. Another news flash, you’re destined to protect the balance of good and bad luck in the world. Combine that with the confusion of being in middle school, and you’ve got a bomb on your hands. But it’s much more powerful than that. Needless to say, this book will keep you on the edge of you’re seat throughout the enti [...]

    13. John and Philippa Gaunt are twelve-year-old twin djinn living in New York City. One day they go to a book launch for their friend, Mr. Rakshasas and their uncle Nimrod convinces Philippa to join the junior Djinnverso championship and tells her about the Blue Djinn of Babylon- the leader of the world's djinn, both good and evil.At the tournament, Philippa meets Ayesha, the Blue Djinn. Philippa asks why the Blue Djinn is always a woman and Ayesha responds, " Because on earth there is a universal l [...]

    14. In this book, two djinn twins, John and Phillipa, have to retrieve the Solomon Grimore book, which is reported stolen. They must travel from New York to Istanbul, get on a train to Berlin to retrieve it from another young djinn. They are tricked and Phillipa is kidnapped. John and three companions must travel from Jordan to Babylon, modern day Iraq (also one of the most dangerous countries in the world), to save his sister from a terrible fate, even worse than death.In this book the characters a [...]

    15. Somebody: Nimrod, apowerful djinn and uncle to John and Phillipa Gaut.[ A Djinn is a powerfu being also known as a genie and can grant three wishes to any one who rubs their lamp] Wanted: He wanted justice to be done to the three evil djinn tribes and return the Solomon Grimoire back to the Blue Djinn of Babylon.But: A guard from the palace of the Blue Djinn of Babylon has "stolen" it and put a bond on the chidren so they couldn't moveSo: Nimrod and John go in search of Phillipa and the Solomon [...]

    16. Pelajaran tentang jin tingkat lanjutan ke-2Pelajaran 1. Karena Jin terbuat dari api, ketika musim dingin kekuatan mereka melemah terutama anak-anak. Mereka akan tampak seperti anak normal lainnya. Jadi, hati-hati!!jangan tertipu dengan penampilan, sapa tau anak yang diam d pojokan sambil jilat2 lolipop segede gaban itu anak jin!Pelajaran 2. Buat yang doyan belanja, please kalo ke mall jangan terlalu banyak keinginan. Ternyata ini bisa menyakiti anak-anak jin marid! Mereka belum bisa mengendalika [...]

    17. In this fun fantasy adventure tale, 12-year-old djinn (genie) twins John and Philippa are sent on a whirlwind (literally, the first part of their journey is via a magical whirlwind conjured by their uncle Nimrod) quest to retrieve the powerful and dangerous Solomon Grimoire, which has been reported stolen. The many twists and turns in the story lead them to Istanbul, Iraq, and French Guiana.It's a well-written tale filled with thrills, suspense, magic, cultural references (e.g John Lennon and th [...]

    18. When a powerful book of djinn magic goes missing, John and Philippa are called upon to retrieve it. Only, the book isn't really missing. The trap was set and Philippa is abducted by the Blue Djinn. In this latest installment of the twins' magical adventures, John and his uncle Nimrod must find Philippa before it's too late. This series is the best fiction series I have ever read, and most likely ever read! It is amazing how great these books are. This one's even better than the first. The Djinn [...]

    19. The Children of the Lamp series (I've "read" book one and book two on audio-book very good audio-presenter!) and am impressed. Great adventure series that's just plain FUN! The author doesn't treat childrens' imagination as though they are idiots (as many other writers can) and understands that kids can follow intertwining story lines with ease. The books are fun for adults and kids alike. The author creates a wonderful lightly-"historical" world that treats the child reader's intelligence with [...]

    20. In this second book about djinn twins John and Philippa, Gaunt, they face some hard choices, such as when to use djinn powers and when not. They are introduced here to their "peers", the younger djinns from around the world, but for the most part they don't get along. Part of that is the 'mundane' upbringing of the twins, and part is due to their heritage - they are from the 'good luck' djinns, and many of the others are from the 'bad luck' djinns.During a tournament, Philippa is unfairly accuse [...]

    21. It all started with Philippa Gaunt playing DJINNVERSOCTOANNULAR, and catching the Eye of Ayesha, the Present Blue Djinn, a powerful Djinn who is above Good and evil, and has the hardest hardest heart of Any djinn. It is then reported that the Solomon Grimoire book has been stolen, with the power to have power over all djinn! Philippa and her twin, John, embark on a quest to save it. but it turns out it is all a elaborate hoax to get phillappa as Ayesha's successor. John must save his sister befo [...]

    22. pengulangan beberapa poin untuk mengingatkan atau menginformasikan sedikit terlalu banyak, menurut saya, mungkin karena saya membaca buku pertama dan kedua berturutan. Jadi saya kurang toleran untuk hal ini.Dalam buku kedua ini humor cerdas dan peribahasa yang digunakan mengalir dengan mengesalkan haha ini menyenangkan, khas tulisan seorang Inggris. Dan saya jadi nge-fans dengan Mr. Groanin dengan ciri khas seorang Inggris kolot, yang biasanya digambarkan dengan suka mengeluh, mengomel untuk ala [...]

    23. Der zweite Teil der "Kinde des Dschinn" ist auf jeden Fall viel besser als der erste und hat mir diesmal wirklich Freude gemacht. Natürlich darf ich als erwachsener Leser nicht allzu viel erwarten. Übrigens kann man diesen Band auch lesen, ohne seinen Vorgänger gelesen zu haben, da besonders am Anfang viel aus dem ersten Buch erklärt wird. Ich würde sogar empfehlen, "Das Akenathen Abenteuer" zu überspringen, da es viele Längen hat und ziemlich langweilig ist. "Gefangen im Palast von Babyl [...]

    24. The Children of the Lamp series is definitely one of our all time favorites. This book is #2 out of 7 and I listened to it with my 12 year old son (who has since read the following 5 in the course of a couple of weeks - he's a speed reader.). The voices in the audio version are fantastic and the characters all very well developed. The story line keeps you enthralled and my son loves how the games and ideas they come up with for the book can all be done/played in real life. This book contains no [...]

    25. This is the Advanced Readers Edition sent to me by my friend who is a bookstore clerk. I do find that I care about the young djinn twins and want to continue reading the series, but I do find it hard to get through each book. The adventures take the twins all over the world. Since I am only midway through this book I will only include the hope that if Philippa is to be the Blue Djinn that she figure out how to remain her sweet and loving self and that somehow John will play an important part in [...]

    26. This book is a pretty intresting book, because it is about 2 djinns almost like fairies but jsut a differnt word for it. This is obviously fiction because of all these magical spells thats happening. i like these types of story but sometimes it can get a bit confuseing when books involes spells and magic. This reminds me of this other book that i read in 7th grade bout two friends one a women and one a dragon that went on a venture together. The main character, called John Gaunt. Because no mate [...]

    27. Last year I started to read Suzanne Collins' Gregor the Overlander Series. The first book was innovative, creative in its conception and a bit interesting. The Second in the Series was annoying and another example of when to write a single book and not a series.P.B. Kerr's The Akhnetan Adventure Series is much the same. The first was ok, but the second was pretty painful. I understand that there are five morebut not for me.This series reminds me of Rick Riordan's Egyptian Gods Series about the K [...]

    28. I think this is a really great book to read. This is the second book in the series, because i have already read the first before. It has got me hooked on it, and I look forward to reading the rest of the books in the series, and possibly even more books and more series by P.B. Kerr. This book is about 2 teenagers who, when they were younger, found out they were djinn(genies). Then they go around the world and use their powers to save the world and other people. They're Uncle Nimrod goes around w [...]

    29. There was so little about this book to actually like. Much of the story is "this happens, now something else happens over here, something unrelated happens, maybe some foreshadowing, also something is happening over here". By that I mean that the flow is disrupted in how this book reads.We learn more about the djinn like they can eat locusts.And that the twins are descended from the titular character, which the author wants readers to think is shocking but is pretty evident when their mother has [...]

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