The Legend of Huma

For the first time in the best selling DRAGONLANCE Saga, here is The Legend of Huma, fabled Hero of the Lance his mysterious origins and his Oath to the Measure treachery among the Knights of Solamnia his love for the Silver Dragon the fated showdown between the Queen of Darkness and the forces of Paladine.
The Legend of Huma For the first time in the best selling DRAGONLANCE Saga here is The Legend of Huma fabled Hero of the Lance his mysterious origins and his Oath to the Measure treachery among the Knights of Solamnia

  • Title: The Legend of Huma
  • Author: Richard A. Knaak
  • ISBN: 9780880385480
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. 1st Dragonlance book I read . . d the best! edit: I can't believe that the author liked my short little review! That totally made my day! I distinctly remember when I went to the bookstore (B. Dalton in the old Marquette Mall) and purchased this book when I was in 6th or 7th grade. It was one of the first real novels I'd ever bought for myself, & I absolutely loved the story! Quite honestly, it is a complete travesty that this book, and to a certain extent the Dragonlance books themselves, h [...]

    2. A very bland heroic fantasy, lacking intrigue or excitement. Perhaps I didn't enjoy this simply because I have very limited knowledge of the Dragonlance world. Or perhaps I didn't enjoy it because the plot just plodded along from one scene to the next, with nothing outstanding grasping me. I disliked how the minotaur and dragons were both very chatty; it really destroys the mystery of those creatures - but I understand Knaak was attempting to humanize the minotaur.I found Huma's "honor" to be bo [...]

    3. A hidden gem, and one of my absolute favorites growing up. A ton of books were cranked out under the Dragonlance label in the 90's, and many of them were barely worth the paper they were printed on. But a few were very good, and The Legend of Huma was the best of them. Knaak delivers an epic, thrilling fantasy story that's simply an enormous amount of fun. 4.5 stars, highly recommended!

    4. A classic fantasy novel. Adventurous, epic and sad, a must read for all "DragonLance" fans. I like it even more than the Weis & Hickman's original trilogy.

    5. 8.The Legend of Huma by Rihard A. KnaakGenre: FantasyPages: 379Acquired: Prior to 1999Book of Your Shelf? YesWhy I have/read it: Part of DragonLance world (rereading all)Series: DragonLance, Heroies (1)Huma is a knight of legend among all the races of Krynn. He came from humble beginnings, fought through great challenges, and finally faced the dark goddess herself and prevailed a way. This is finally the telling of his story, the true story, without all the gloss and shine the ages have placed o [...]

    6. I really liked this book, but many scenes were unnecessary, and I felt like the plot was a little too episodic. However, the various tasks that Huma accomplishes do eventually accumulate climactically in an important scene. It's a good story with a compelling and interesting main character. I found Huma a much more layered knight than Sturm in the original Dragonlance series. However, I enjoy Weis and Hickman's writing better overall. They're not the best writers, but I follow their style more e [...]

    7. This was a great exploration of the fabled legend of Huma of the Lance.The lowly Knight who saved the world in the ancient times, so that by the time Sturm Brightblade takes up his own sword, Huma is that world's Lancelot.But Huma isn't Lancelot. He is human and frail and weak and terrified. He shows that he really IS a legend, because he is unsure and scared and does whatever is needed, no matter the cost.He shows that heroism isn't pretty, but its real.

    8. I’m not sure what I was expecting or wanted from this book, but it’s to Knaak’s credit that it somehow ended up offering me something that I hadn’t quite expected and something I felt that I had - at least on some levels - wanted. The Legend of Huma is certainly a wonky mess of a book but it’s filled with – like so much Dragonlance stuff - such a wonky charm that once you give in, it lets you carry it along quite breezily and contentedly.There’s a danger inherent in writing the "bi [...]

    9. Even though this was my third time reading it, I still enjoyed it a lot. I think it is probably the best single book in the Dragonlance series, and even those who dont like Dragonlance would enjoy this book. Full review here: fantasybookreviewer.c

    10. Adding a Twist to the Shining Knight: A How Not to Do It. I recently got rid of my copy of this book, so I felt like if I don’t put down a written review now, I never will, because I certainly will never buy another copy, let alone read it. I’ve read a couple of bad books in my life. I’ve read a couple of boring ones too. But rarely has a book ever made me angry. This one did. It is a great cautionary tale of what can go wrong attempting to deconstruct legends and fairy tales. And it made [...]

    11. I read this book several decades after reading the original trilogy. For as much as they talked about this story there was plenty that was new and definitely worth reading. It took a long time for this book to get interesting though, if you can make it to about the halfway mark it really picks up and becomes a good story.

    12. I read this book translated in Italian when I was a young teenager, and I remember liking it. More recently I read other books from Knaak, and I liked them all. Because of it, I decided to read the book again, this time in English. I did not remember the plot at all, and I really enjoyed the book as if I had never read it before.This is the story of Huma, the legendary hero often mentioned in the Dragonlance Chronicle trilogy. The story is relatively simple, but it is never boring, and the chara [...]

    13. While I'm usually not a fan of the Dragonlance series, I picked up the Legend of Huma before I even knew what that series was, and it's what got me hooked on fantasy reading in the first place. It's got loads of action, the characters are easy to relate to, the "mysterious" characters are mysterious enough to still be interesting, though they sometimes fall into that "obvious mystery" pit. But still, this book holds a special place in my heart, and my own gripe is that it's hard to find copies o [...]

    14. A very well-written and gripping tale of one of the greatest knight of Solamnia there ever existed in the Dragonlance setting. The book depicts a great man aspiring to knighthood in a world that's falling to the forces of darkness. The epic plot is nothing new, but the other characters in the book all serve to highlight to strength of the main character's convictions and honour. The main character is the very symbol of the shining knight in armor, and the way he's portrayed still makes him a fla [...]

    15. This book as usual with Dragonlance books kept my interest. Richard Knaak writes a good story that flows well with great character development. Huma is exactly the knight I thought he would be "honorable, brave but yet human". The Dark Queen was just as evil and underhanded as I remember her from other Dragonlance books. The romance between Huma and his dragon was just enough to enjoy without it being overkill. A tad on the long side but enjoyable never less. Always remember My Honor is My Life. [...]

    16. An amazing story for a dragon lance novel. I read a lot of dragon lance and there was always references to Huma and what he did. That's the part that made it good for me. It filled in the blanks from parts that read in other stories. The only part that lacked for me was that there was a supposed to be a big love story between Huma and his dragon (who could take human form), but that was more of an after thought in this story. I retread this book after reading it the first time. Just a good read. [...]

    17. I've always scoffed at fantasy books like this, but I read it on Hoop's recommendation. Hoop rarely reads, so for him to suggest a book is a BIG deal. I loved it instantly. Not only is it well written, but it has the makings of a fantasy classic. The battle starts from the first chapter, which is a good sign that the story won't drag. It didn't either, it kept strong through the end, a book worth reading for any fantasy lover.

    18. This was the first fantasy book that I ever read. I picked it up while my family was on vacation in Florida, I was in the 5th grade or so at the time. To a 5th grader, prose and plot and character development meant a lot less to me than now. I'm sure by adult standards Dragonlance seems cliche and shallow but in the 5th grade and through high school it led me into a fantastic world of dragons, war, and magic. For nostalgia and for the significant role it played in leading me to the world of fant [...]

    19. This was the first Dragonlance book I read -- I was about 12 and hated reading. Though I've since moved away from reading fantasy/sci-fi, I still remember this book (and the whole series) as the books that taught me how to love reading. The stories are great, fast paced and full of adventure, and for me as a young person they were the lesson I needed -- that fiction can be fun. I cut my teeth on the Dragonlance series.

    20. This was the first Dragonlance book I read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The themes of heroism and honor really spoke to me as a young man, and probably helped me to define who I was going to be in life.Beyond that, I haven't read it in years but I'm pretty certain it's not tough reading, but more about storytelling, fun, and conveying a sense of the Dragonlance history come to life via the imagination

    21. Ok, so I was one of THOSE kidsr a few years there, you wouldn't see me without one of the dragonlance books in my hand. This one though, stood out. Not sure why, but over all the rest, this book was my favorite. Maybe it addressed a legend I had been longing to hear, maybe the battle scenes were a little more intense, and maybe the characters were a little more larger-than-lifet sure. It was good though.

    22. Un fantasy di quelli classici. È scritto in modo molto approssimato, sembra quasi un riassunto della storia che narra, ma se la gioca molto bene. È molto interessante come si evolve il credo del personaggio ed è veramente bello capire come, il protagonista, non cambiando mai la sua visione, cambia comunque i suoi ideali del bene. Per un appassionato di fantasy è una lettura quasi obbligata.Qui ne parlo sul mio blog:tiraccontounracconto.

    23. This is one of the bests books i have ever read. The author takes a fairly simple plot and subject and expands on it and just makes it great. Basically it's about a knight in the fantasy world called Kryn, he goes up in rank goes on marvelouse adventures, fights dragons, finds magic swords etc. He made the plot so detailed and absorbing that i cant even begin to explain the actual plot.

    24. This is an incredibly good book. It details the the role of the young Knight of Solamnia, Huma, in the First War of the Lance. While the tale proves to be central to the history of Krynn and the Dragonlance setting, it is an excellent fantasy novel of war, romance, honor, disgrace and redemption. It is worth reading even without any other Dragonlance novel.

    25. I forget that the Dragonlance novels are actually very entertaining if a little shallow and predictable. The characters are for the most part, straight forward, the only development that surprised me was Rennard's true allegiance. It is interesting to finally hear the back story of the most famous hero in the DragonLance universe.

    26. This is a book that I have read numerous times. It has the rise and fall of a legend. How Huma saved the world from the Evil Takhisis. This story has action, adventure, it explains how selfless Huma was. How he did what he did for the Greater Good, not wanting anything in return. Even though I know how the story ends I still read it, bc the magic that is weaved in the book is compelling to me

    27. Even though the book is incredibly traditional in its characterisation of the main character, it is an amazing read that fills the reader with joy and a sense of amazement for this man and his world. I feel, however, that it is not a book for everyone and that it needs to be read with a degree of innocence that perhaps I had as a boy. But this innocence is perhaps what made it so special for me.

    28. This is the first book I can ever remember reading and getting emotional about. Richard Knaak created some very iconic, sympathetic characters, which is hard to find in fantasy. The adventure is entertaining and the people of the world are memorable. One of my favorite books, and not just for nostalgia.

    29. The Legend of Huma is the most perfect everyman story I've ever read. The relationships are awesome, the action and plot twists as unique as any. The challenges he faces are so refreshing from an originality standpoint. Not your typical 'slay the beast' story, this book features very dark, very real psychological challenges. It's perfect to me.

    30. This book was really, really good in an old legendary sort of way. The one thing I didn't like was there was too much fighting. But it was fighting for a reason so I guess it didn't bother me so much.

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