The Return

An atmospheric, vibrant and moving tale of pain and passion at the heart of war torn Spain, from Victoria Hislop, the million copy bestselling author of The Island.Beneath the majestic towers of the Alhambra, Granada s cobbled streets resonate with music and secrets Sonia Cameron knows nothing of the city s shocking past she is here to dance But in a quiet caf , a chancAn atmospheric, vibrant and moving tale of pain and passion at the heart of war torn Spain, from Victoria Hislop, the million copy bestselling author of The Island.Beneath the majestic towers of the Alhambra, Granada s cobbled streets resonate with music and secrets Sonia Cameron knows nothing of the city s shocking past she is here to dance But in a quiet caf , a chance conversation and an intriguing collection of old photographs draw her into the extraordinary tale of Spain s devastating civil war.Seventy years earlier, the caf is home to the close knit Ram rez family In 1936, an army coup led by Franco shatters the country s fragile peace, and in the heart of Granada the family witnesses the worst atrocities of conflict Divided by politics and tragedy, everyone must take a side, fighting a personal battle as Spain rips itself apart.
The Return An atmospheric vibrant and moving tale of pain and passion at the heart of war torn Spain from Victoria Hislop the million copy bestselling author of The Island Beneath the majestic towers of the A

  • Title: The Return
  • Author: Victoria Hislop
  • ISBN: 9780755332953
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. After being blown away by "The Island" I immediately ordered "The Return" and I am not disappointed. I am now an official Victoria Hislop fan. Her novels are to be savored and enjoyed. "The Return" begins in recent times in England. Readers are introduced to a middle aged woman named Sonia. This part is very similiar to "The Island" as both heroines are having relationship issues and are both facing similiar difficult choices basically "stay with this jerk or leave" type choices. I found parts o [...]

    2. Η συγγραφέας πραγματεύεται ένα θέμα ταμπού μέχρι πρότινος, τον εμφύλιο πόλεμο στην Ισπανία! Ένα βιβλίο που προβληματίζει τον αναγνώστη και τον ευαισθητοποιεί βοηθώντας τον να κατανοήσει την αξία του ειρηνικής ζωής! Το βιβλίο μας μυεί στον εμφύλιο πόλεμο της Ισπανίας μέσα [...]

    3. 7/10 «Όταν επέστρεψαν στη βάση εκείνο το βράδυ, λιγότεροι απ´όσοι ήταν το πρωί, ο Αντόνιο συλλογίστηκε πόσο τυχαία ήταν όλα. Για πρώτη φορά από τότε που έγινε μαχητής ένιωσε σαν πιόνι σε σκακιέρα. Ζωές θυσιάζονταν για το καπρίτσιο κάποιου τον οποίο οι περισσότεροι δεν θα γνώρ [...]

    4. Gripping account of the Spanish Civil WarThe body of this book consists the story of the Ramirez family of Granada during the Spanish Republic, the Civil War and the ensuing years. It is a tremendously powerful narrative and cannot fail to stir the emotions. The detail reflects the huge effort that the author must have put into her research.The vehicle for the main story, which is the journey of Sonia, as she tries to fill the gap left in her life by her empty marriage with an adventure into fla [...]

    5. I DIDN'T like this, not at all!!! Look, I gave it a very good fair chance I can think of two positive things to say about this book. 1. Flamenco is superbly described with an emtion that totally pulls the reader in.2. The reader is given a clear resumé of the time leading up Spanish Civil War 1936-1939, the Civil War itself and a teeny, teeny bit about its aftermath. BUT, it reads like a school book for children. Simplistic. The story is simply a showcase for the events of the war. After readin [...]

    6. It's almost as if countries can have karma, like people do. While the rest of us Europeans were still in the Dark Ages, Spain was a multi-ethnic island of tolerance and excellence, safeguarding the legacy of the Greeks through Arab translations. Then along come Ferdinand and Isabella, chuck out the Jews and the Muslims in the same year as Columbus discovered America, and the upshot is a quagmire of bigotry and intolerance that is still going on in the 20th century in the form of the Spanish Civi [...]

    7. There are many things to like about The Return, but also some things that were too predictable and required a willing suspension of belief. The good parts: the descriptions of flamenco were wonderful. I know so little about this dance and I learned a lot. I could tell that she definitely did her research about the Spanish Civil War, which is also an era of history I know too little about. All of my knowledge about this era comes from "The Shadow of the Wind" and the movie "Pan's Labyrinth." Howe [...]

    8. Oh dear. This just doesn't work at all. The modern-day story wrapped around the historical part is so flimsy and cliched that it would have been better to leave it out altogether and just tell the civil war story. A basic structural flaw was that Miguel simply could not have known all the details given here. Every now and then,Hislop remembers, oops, Miguel is supposed to be telling the story here, so she flips back to the present day for a paragraph so that they can order another coffee. Could [...]

    9. I really enjoyed Victoria Hislops The Island so as soon as I saw this had been released I put my name down at the library to borrow a copy. The book started well as we follow Sonia, an unhappily married woman, to Granada where she and a friend have booked a holiday and some dance lessons. We follow her as she becomes more immersed in the salsa and flamenco dances and as she meets an elderly cafe owner who begins to tell her about the family who owned the cafe at the time of the civil war.At this [...]

    10. This is an ambitious book covering much of the history of the gruesome Spanish civil war. It opens in the present with a more light-hearted subject: dancing. Thirty-five-year-old Londoner Sonia and her wild-child schoolmate Maggie have taken up salsa. They head to Granada to attend a course, much to the disapproval of Sonia's husband James, who reckons she should concentrate her energies on hosting dinner parties and providing a son and heir. While Maggie throws herself into the holiday pleasure [...]

    11. Obožavam Španjolsku, obožavam njihovu strast i taj predivan flamenco koji sam imala sreće gledati prilikom svog posjeta Španjolskoj i zato sam se nadala da je ova knjiga toliko dobra koliko je opisuju. Početak je dobar, ima potencijala, ali što sam dalje išla to mi je knjiga postajala sve dosadnija, sve površnija, previše kićena i previše sladunjava. Nešto nedostaje, likovi su previše crno-bijeli , priča s vremenom postaje toliko očekivana i predvidljiva da postaje jako naporno p [...]

    12. I struggle to come up with an opinion about Victoria Hislop's The Return. It took me weeks to finish it, which isn't a good omen because she knows to write with a certain pace. The storyline is intriguing, because it deals with a partly forgotten war in the rest of Europe, the Spanish cival war. That by itself should offer enough drama, but the main part of the book, telling the story of the Ramirez family from Granada, feels different. As a reader I felt that I witnessed everything through a wi [...]

    13. O Regresso converteu-se no melhor livro que já li nos últimos tempo!!A autora tem o dom de conciliar paixão, magia e música com a triste realidade da Guerra Civil espanhola, originando um enredo bastante cativante. Adorei, sobretudo, a maneira como foram conjugadas as histórias dos quatros irmãos, onde se demonstrou a forma como cada um, à sua maneira, lidou com a dura realidade, combatendo a dor, a perda, a solidão, o desespero e o sofrimento tão patentes em seu redor. É assim um livr [...]

    14. It made me want to learn much more about the Spanish Civil War. It shocked me to find out that this was happening in the 20th centuary and yet I did not learn anything about it at school. I never realised the extent that the spanish people were put through. As for the book I felt it was excellent, the story (although predictable) the historical information, the descriptions and the best reason I loved the book it made me want to dance.

    15. Traduzida para mais de vinte línguas, Victoria Hislop já conquistou um lugar no coração dos seus leitores, amantes de romances históricos. Vencedora de prémios como o Newcomer of the Year at the Galaxy British Book Awards 2007 e o Richard & Judy Summer Read competition, Victoria já escreveu três livros de sucesso, sendo um deles este O Regresso, número um nos bestsellers do Sunday Times. Antes de ser escritora, a autora trabalhou na publicação e como relações públicas e jornali [...]

    16. The Return feels as if it’s almost told in two parts. In the present day you meet Sonia. She’s a middle-aged woman who is having relationship issues and is facing some tough decisions when it comes to her marriage. She is visiting Spain with a friend and they decide to take some dancing classes to celebrate her friend’s birthday.While on her trip she meets an elderly waiter at a cafe who tells her the story of the Ramirez family and the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. Pablo and Concha Rami [...]

    17. Um relato fantástico do que terá sido a Espanha da primeira metade do século XX: como se viveu durante a Segunda República e a Guerra Civil, as touradas e o flamenco.A história principal revolve em volta da família Ramirez, descrevendo como estes trágicos anos afetaram cada parte desta. A censura, as opiniões políticas, a proibição de atividades de entretenimento e a punição daqueles que não cumpriam o que era estritamente definido.Gostei bastante da influência da dança em Merced [...]

    18. Depois de ler A Ilha, que se revelou uma ótima surpresa, tinha esperança de gostar também de O Regresso, mas estava um bocadinho de pé atrás. Depois de começar a parte do passado, fui surpreendida por estar a gostar tanto! Nunca gostei de História, nunca percebi os acontecimentos, como as guerras aconteciam, as intrigas reais, etc e tal. Como este livro é um retrato da Guerra Civil espanhola, em que são descritos vários acontecimentos ao longo daqueles anos, praticamente não existe ma [...]

    19. I enjoy books with a historical aspect and seem to have read a few related to the Spanish Civil War recently and this one was enjoyable enough if not a little predictable. I also felt that i didn’t connect with the characters in the same way as I did with ‘The Island’ and didn’t really care what was happening to them and the book lack something. Although dance was meant to be an integral part of the story I felt it added little other than added description. I felt there was lack of devel [...]

    20. This was a painful read; got a lot more than I'd asked for. The book's strength is completely in the flashback telling of Franco's rise in pre-WWII Spain. I was completely ignorant of his torturous reign and it got-to-me in it's intensely graphic and devastating familial context. Never-the-less, I highly recommend it. The dovetailing story of flamenco over two generations, and the modern British romances (wait, is this last an oxymoron?) work well, but Hislop has a clunky hand in the love arena [...]

    21. Flamenco and the Spanish civil war and a love story. The frame story is about a 35 year old English woman who listens to an old man telling the story of a flamenco dancer and her family during the Spanish civil war.I have very little knowledge of the Spanish civil war and therefor this book filled a big gap in my knowledge (well the gap is still there but not as big). The Spanish civil war was a very cruel and bloody war (aren't they all?) . I often considered what books will be written about th [...]

    22. There are lots of things to like about this book, and yet I can only give it three stars because it just didn't quite grip me. "The Return" is not one of those books that you "just can't put down" --- I actually had to make myself pick it up and keep reading most of the time.And yet --- this is not a bad book. The style of writing is good, and the characters are interesting. A few years ago I spent 2 weeks in Granada, so I could really see the streets and Plazas of the city - as well as the magn [...]

    23. Majdnem nem olvastam el a Sziget szenvtelen és iskolás stílusa miatt, de anno Hemingway nagyon felkeltette az érdeklődésemet a spanyol polgárháború iránt, így mégis belevágtam. Szerencsére Hislop stílusa javult az előző regény óta, sokkal érzelmesebb és minden harc és halál ellenére sokkal élettel telibb, kalandosabb ez a regénye, mint az előző. Sokat dob rajta a zene és tánc iránti szenvedély hatásos ábrázolása is. Jó kis regény ez a spanyol történelem eg [...]

    24. The first part of the book is very lovely and is about dancing. Especially, the flamenco. After that 2/3 of the book is about a more serious subject, the civil war in Spain. I hardly knew a thing about that subject, and thought this was very interesting.

    25. After reading The Island by Victoria Hislop, which I loved, I had very high expectations. This story was amazing and wonderfully written, it's a fact based story about war (not a true story but inspired by actual events). It was tragic but beautiful.

    26. Este livro foi adquirido na expectativa de um romance que me relembrasse algo em A Sombra do Vento, devido à sua sinopse e ao que me pareceu por algumas partes lidas antes de o comprar. Não gostando de romances muito modernos, ou seja, ambientados nos dias de hoje (com excepção de alguns que já li e que gostei bastante, como Um Dia), agradou-me o facto de este se passar em parte nos anos de 1930, durante a Guerra Civil Espanhola e parte do regime de Franco. Não é a primeira vez que leio h [...]

    27. O Regresso é o segundo livro que leio de Victoria Hislop e não me desiludiu. Apesar de ter gostado mais do primeiro, este conseguiu cativar-me o suficiente para lhe atribuir a mesma pontuação.Este livro leva-nos numa viagem a uma Espanha marcada pela Guerra Civil e envolve-nos na história de uma família que vive de perto as consequências e as injustiças desta guerra.O livro inicia-se com a história de Sonia, uma mulher que passa por alguns problemas no seu casamento e onde uma das suas [...]

    28. ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ SPOILERSΚαλογραμμένο, ωμό, ρομαντικό, σκληρό, γυναικείο, βίαιο, παθιάρικο, προβλέψιμο. Μια ιστορία αγάπης που κάποια στιγμή υποκύπτει στην πραγματικότητα. Μια οικογένεια που ο ισπανικός εμφύλιος του 1936-1939 τη διαμελίζει. Στη Γρανάδα, η Κόντσα χάνει ένα ένα τα μέλη της οικ [...]

    29. The first part of this novel certainly does not prepare you for the later intensity as suddenly the story takes on a complete change of tone and direction when we are transported back to the Granada of the nineteen thirties. It is a gentle start as this first part is set mainly in modern day Granada with Sonia and Maggie. Two fans of salsa from the UK where they take regular classes, the young women spend a few days in Granada taking dance lessons as a birthday treat for one of them. While there [...]

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