Sexuality and Socialism: History, Politics, and Theory of LGBT Liberation

Sexuality and Socialism is a remarkably accessible analysis of many of the most challenging questions for those concerned with full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT people.Inside are essays on the roots of LGBT oppression, the construction of sexual and gender identities, the history of the gay movement, and how to unite the oppressed and exploitSexuality and Socialism is a remarkably accessible analysis of many of the most challenging questions for those concerned with full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT people.Inside are essays on the roots of LGBT oppression, the construction of sexual and gender identities, the history of the gay movement, and how to unite the oppressed and exploited to win sexual liberation for all Sherry Wolf analyzes different theories about oppression including those of Marxism, postmodernism, identity politics, and queer theory and challenges myths about genes, gender, and sexuality Sexuality and Socialism is the most intelligent and enlightened discussion on sexuality to come from the Left in a long time No other work that comes to my mind explains the history of sexuality and sexual repression in the United States as comprehensively and compellingly Ron Jacobs, Dissident Voice Sherry Wolf Lesbian, Activist, Communist Badass ist spoke to a pre National Equality March rally She Blew It Up Austin Chronicle Sherry speaks with such eloquence and plain common sense that I can t help but want to know about her ideas and convictions Derek Washington, In the LV radio host, Director of LGBT Outreach, Clark County Democratic Black Caucus The icons of the new generation of activists are people like Lady Gaga, Dustin Lance Black, Judy Shephard, Lt Daniel Choi ret and Sherry Wolf author of Sexuality and Socialism Don Gorton, Join the Impact Board Member Surprisingly funny, very readable and a fitting tome for a new movement in these troubled times Dave Zirin for Progressive s Best Books of 2009 What humans have constructed they can tear down This is the powerful insight of this rare book that is at once politically important, theoretically and historically sophisticated, and clearly written Sexuality and Socialism is enlivened in its engagement with a number of controversies, including those over the alleged biological determination of homosexuality, the myth of Black homophobia, and the consequences of postmodernist theories for the politics of gay liberation Above all else, Wolf puts forward a cogent defense of the Marxist tradition long and wrongly reviled as homophobic in itself as a way to explain how LGBT oppression arose and what we can do to put it to bed Dana Cloud, University of Texas at AustinSherry Wolf is the associate editor of the International Socialist Review She was on the executive committee of the National Equality March Oct 11, 2009 and has written for publications including the Nation, MRZine, Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, and Socialist Worker and speaks frequently across the country on the struggle for LGBT liberation as well as a wide range of social and economic justice issue.
Sexuality and Socialism History Politics and Theory of LGBT Liberation Sexuality and Socialism is a remarkably accessible analysis of many of the most challenging questions for those concerned with full equality for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender LGBT people Ins

  • Title: Sexuality and Socialism: History, Politics, and Theory of LGBT Liberation
  • Author: Sherry Wolf
  • ISBN: 9781931859790
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Human female sexuality Human female sexuality encompasses a broad range of behaviors and processes, including female sexual identity and sexual behavior, the physiological, psychological, social, cultural, political, and spiritual or religious aspects of sexual activity Various aspects and dimensions of female sexuality, as a part of human sexuality, have also been addressed by principles of ethics, morality, and Socialism Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership and workers self management of the means of production as well as the political theories and movements associated with them Social ownership may refer to forms of public, collective or cooperative ownership, or to citizen ownership of equity There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single Socialism vs Communism Do you know the difference What is the difference between socialism and communism Socialism has three main meanings a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc in the community as a whole. Privatizing China Socialism from Afar Li Zhang, Aihwa Privatizing China Socialism from Afar Li Zhang, Aihwa Ong on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Everyday life in China is increasingly shaped by a Black Liberation and Socialism Ahmed Shawki Black Liberation and Socialism Ahmed Shawki on FREE shipping on qualifying offers A sharp and insightful analysis of historic movements against racism in the United States from the separatism of Marcus Garvey Community Care Liberation of Children to Enjoy Their Aria Whitebeam National Socialism would not be the last word Things must be concealed in the background which we cannot imagine at present, but we may expect them to appear in the course of the next few years or decades. Transgender oppression and resistance International Notes Thanks to Alex Callinicos, Colin Wilson, Dean Harris, Hannah Dee and Sheila McGregor for their supportive and very helpful suggestions and comments on early drafts of the article.Thanks also to the many comrades who have made thoughtful and often moving and inspiring contributions in meetings at Marxism and in the many branch meetings where I have spoken on trans, LGBT and women s Opinion Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism Aug , Kristen R Ghodsee, a professor of Russian and East European studies at the University of Pennsylvania, is the author of numerous books on European Communism and Bookmarks Home Page Bookmarks Publishing Browse here for books from Bookmarks Publications and Redwords Bookmarks has been publishing books for over years Every year we publish a selection of books and pamphlets that address the key issues facing activists and trade unionists. Indoctrination Displaces Education Part Two The Education Issues Page is a discussion of what s wrong with public education in America today, with an emphasis on the liberalism and political correctness involved in public education The quality of education is going down while the price keeps going up.

    1 thought on “Sexuality and Socialism: History, Politics, and Theory of LGBT Liberation”

    1. Really clearly makes connections between the needs of capitalism, the family, the material construction of heterosexuality & couple-form. It's stridently materialist, which is a rarity & to be welcomed as a counterpoint to much present writing on these topics. I found the politics of the passages about gay marriage & queer politics unconvincing, and some of the causal relationships posited needed more fleshing out (just cos something would be good for the ruling class doesn't mean it [...]

    2. It was an interesting read, but it's definitely dated and I personally felt that Sexuality and Marxism would have been a more fitting title. The writer seemed to me (as a fairly socialist person myself) far more left leaning than the more commonly accepted definition of socialism. It often came across as borderline militant in the methods suggested by the author. That said, it would be interesting to read a more updated version of this, since this book was written pre-marriage equality, and prio [...]

    3. I recommend this book to anyone interested in sexuality and socialism, and how the two may be connected. The argument is clear and the book is well referenced.

    4. I mean it's certainly not the most FUN book I've ever read but I think it was worth a read for queer people and leftists fighting for liberation from oppressive systems.

    5. Sexuality and Socialism by Sherry Wolf is described as the ‘History, Politics and Theory of LGBT Liberation.’ A book like this that covers the issues of sexuality and homophobia under capitalism is a long overdue contribution to socialist politics, but especially timely given the struggles all over the world for same-sex marriage rights.The book covers such a broad scope of different issues within the issues of LGBT oppression and liberation that I cannot possibly cover all of it in one revi [...]

    6. This commentary will air on This Way Out, the LGBT radio syndicate, and also appears on amusejanetmasonSexuality and Socialism: History, Politics, and Theory of LGBT LiberationSherry WolfHaymarket Books (2009)It is said that the personal is political and I find that the opposite – that the political is personal – is true also, perhaps more so. Consider, for example, the epithet Commie Pinko Queer. When the term originated and was hurled at artists and Progressives of all stripes during the M [...]

    7. A very important book for all people-- not just LGBT activists-- to read, giving a brief, critical history of the roots of LGBT oppression, the birth of an LGBT identity, a critique of post-modernist de-mobilization which divides rather than unites, and ultimately a history of the triumphs and solidarity which has involved LGBT activism. Many of the issues Sherry brings up I am confronting first-hand in attempting to bring together a viable, grassroots coalition of LGBT activists after the Natio [...]

    8. Fairly balanced review from Christopher Phelps where he point out a lack of attention to anarchist viewpoints (Free Comrades Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States 1895-1917 might be a good corrective to that) and some inaccuracy as concerns Harry Hay's activities : isreview/issues/68/rev(the review appears in the ISR, a publication of the ISO, of which Sherry Wolf is a member.)

    9. Sherry Wolf repeatedly miscites sources to construct a nonexistent history (citing party theorists who were censored for their pro sex views as exemplars of the communist tradition or ignoring information about the reconceptualization of sexuality under the early soviets & etc.) to then retread her misinformed argument against queer theory as anti materialist (while idealistically positing a unitary working class or pretending socially marginal queer folx make sense under the labor theory of [...]

    10. I'm a few chapters in and I LOVE it so far. It's really appealing to my geeky history and queer theory loving activist heart.

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