Cowgirl Up and Ride

Ridin the edge of lust is fun until someone falls in love.Goody two boots AJ Foster has waited her entire life for her dream cowboy Cord McKay to see her as than the neighbor girl in pigtails Now that she s old enough to stake her claim on him, she s pulling out all the sexual stops and riding hell bent for leather straight for his libido Divorced rancher Cord hasRidin the edge of lust is fun until someone falls in love.Goody two boots AJ Foster has waited her entire life for her dream cowboy Cord McKay to see her as than the neighbor girl in pigtails Now that she s old enough to stake her claim on him, she s pulling out all the sexual stops and riding hell bent for leather straight for his libido Divorced rancher Cord has sworn off all women until innocent AJ suggests he teach her how to ride bareback and he realizes she doesn t mean horses or bulls Between his responsibilities running his massive ranch, missing his young son and dealing with the sexual shenanigans of his brother and cousins, Cord is than willing to take AJ up on her offer On a trial basis The fun and games tie them both up in knots AJ isn t willing to settle for less than the whole shootin match with her western knight But for Cord, even though the sexy cowgirl sets his blood ablaze, he s determined to resist her efforts to lasso his battered heart Sweet, determined AJ has the power to heal or heel the gruff cowboy unless Cord s pride keeps him from admitting their relationship is than a simple roll in the hay.
Cowgirl Up and Ride Ridin the edge of lust is fun until someone falls in love Goody two boots AJ Foster has waited her entire life for her dream cowboy Cord McKay to see her as than the neighbor girl in pigtails Now that

  • Title: Cowgirl Up and Ride
  • Author: Lorelei James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I loved this book-- my favorite of the Rough Riders series so far! I couldn't put this one down, and it even made me cry at the ending. It was wickedly hot, even raunchy at times, yet there was really a decent story going on too. AJ Foster has had her eye on sexy cowboy rancher Cord McKay for years, but he barely notices her. He's 13 years older than her, and only thinks of her as his younger sister's best friend (if he thinks of her at all) or as his young son's one time babysitter. But now AJ' [...]

    2. Cowgirl up and Ride is number 3 in the Rough Rider series and I have to tell you, I LOVED this book. I felt like the first 2 books in the series were just about sex, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I never felt connected to or invested in the characters. That is not the case with this book! AJ and Cord’s story began many, many years before the events in this book, and it was one of sacrifice, devotion and acceptance of ones self.I felt that the secondary story, revolving around Colt [...]

    3. My Thoughts: FYI, this isn't so much a review as me an outlet for me to gather my thoughts & explain my rating.I didn't have many problems with CGU&R but the ones I did unfortunately affected my rating & overall enjoyment. First, I absolutely loved AJ. She was smart, courageous & had a great sense of humor. I also loved how she wasn't satisfied to settle for second best. She knew what she wanted & if Cord wasn't willing to give it to her, he could fuck off & she'd be okay [...]

    4. 5+ stars – Contemporary/Western Romance/Erotica/BDSM/Ménage“Cowboy Take Me Away”Cowgirl Up and Ride is another flaming hot read in Lorelei James’ spectacularly fun, wickedly erotic Rough Riders series that just keeps getting better and better!Wise and responsible beyond her years, virgin good-girl-next-ranch Amy Jo “AJ” Foster has been in love with the oldest McKay brother, divorced rancher Cord McKay, since she was 5 years old. She’s waited patiently for 17 years for her dream co [...]

    5. ~SAVE A HORSE RIDE A COWBOY~Opening Line:" Amy Jo Foster had loved Cord McKay her entire life."Yeehaw, another smoking hot instalment from the Roughriders. This is book 3 in the series and my favourite so far. As usual our couple has all kinds-of-ways hot and sexy lovin going on but between the erotic interludes theres also a really romantic love story unfolding too. Yup I fell hard for tough, gruff, single dad cowboy Cord McKay and enjoyed his struggle with the sweet and much younger, little Mi [...]

    6. Who doesn't love a hot, sexy, brooding, horny cowboy?! I know I do! And so does AJ Foster! She's loved him her whole lifeGod, she loved this man. She loved his gruff, sweet, thoughtful sides. And his edgy side. She wasn't in love with the perfect Cord McKay she's been fantasizing over forever, but the real flesh and blood man. The real man. Flaws and all.These books are pure smut. This was pretty much a sex scene marathon with a loose story line bumbling along in the background. But if you're af [...]

    7. Oh dear lord McKays!!! one minute I want to join in the hot people sandwich parties BUT then I realize how many people participate in those sandwichesbut THEN I realize there is no wrong loving in McKay land[image error]In this story we get love story of ugly duckling AJ Foster and Cord McKay (with a cute adorable baby bay Ky). My CordMy AJMy KY AJ's family owned the farm next to McKay's since forever and has been in love with Cord since he saved her when she was five. While home to tend for her [...]

    8. Holy Cow this series keeps getting better and better. Not only do we have two main characters that is easy to care about and root for, we get to continue to witness the lives of the McKay family.Amy Jo Foster has been in love with Cord McKay her whole life. Unfortunately for her, he has always thought of her as his little sister's best friend. Amy is innocent in many ways. She is often relied on by her older sister and other's often view her as responsible and usually always doing the right thin [...]

    9. Glory hallelujah, finally. Finally. This is the Lorelei James I know and love. With Cord and AJ's story, she has finally got into her groove, gifting us with a great erotic romance.I really enjoyed Cowgirl Up And Ride. To the point that I stayed up until 3:40 A.M. last night so I could finish reading it. I loved AJ and Cord together; they were so cute. The fact that AJ had loved Cord since she was five years old and that love just grew as she became older and started loving the man not the fanta [...]

    10. Just finished reading Cowgirl Up and Ride for the 6th time ;-), this story NEVER gets old and makes me girly bits tingle EVERY. DAMN. TIME. I. READ. IT. I will NEVAHH EVAHH again, look at an orange popsicle without overheating ;-)My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of the Rough Riders, one of my TOP FAVORITES books the other being Saddled & Spurred also by Lorelei James. This book is not just erotic romance, it has an incredible love story in it also. Cord is gruff, tough and the epitome of working cowboy, [...]

    11. Porn can’t compare to erotica. Don’t get me wrong. Porn is good. The sweating, heaving bodies thrusting against each other make the average male pale in comparison. I’m male, so I dig that shit. Although not so much the inadequate comparison. But erotica opens up a world of possibilities. It allows you to imagine blond chesty females with breasts the size of beach balls, or athletic redheaded women in pink thongs and ponytails, or raven haired cuties in fishnet stockings and garter belts a [...]

    12. Another great edition to Lorelei James' Rough Riders series. I enjoy the raw feel of this series. James doesn't try to pretty things up. Her stories are rough and tumble, and raunchy. Which makes them fun to read. I think I like the first book the most so far, but this one was really good as well.This book features Cord McKay and AJ (Amy Jo) Foster. In the past books, Cord has been portrayed as a loner workaholic who wanted nothing to do with women after his wife abandoned him and their son. And [...]

    13. ahhh, so I normally write my reviews right when I finish the book. You know, it's fresh and my thoughts are flowing freely. I'm going to be completely honest, I put this review off, read a short story then read a mind fuck of a book and my thoughts are everywhere but I'm going to be short, lol. This was Cord and Amy Jo's story. Amy Jo has been in love with Cord since she was five and he helped her. Since then she has put him on this pedastool and basically fawned all over him, but from afar. She [...]

    14. I dislike this series and I had hoped to get to Trevor and Edgar's book. But I can't. I'll call it a day on this series. I like romancey erotica not raw country porno erotica.

    15. Up until now, my favourite in the Rough Riders series has been Rough, Raw and Ready. This is partly because it's a sweet and unconventional love story, but mainly because it's staggeringly and quite breathtakingly rude.This one had its moments of pure, lust driven, steam from my kindle smut and plenty of totally gratuitous sex scenes but at its heart, it's a story where the sweet, hardworking gal gets what she deserves when she goes after the guy she's convinced she's been in love with since she [...]

    16. Another smoking hot story from Lorelei James. "Cowgirl Up and Ride" continues her Rough Riders series with the tale of Amy Jo, now AJ, and Cord.Cord is the older brother who's divorced and a single parent. While he certainly doesn't shun women, he's also past the point of 'crazy McKay deeds' like his younger relatives. Now he spends his time working the ranch and raising his sond he's vowed to never get involved emotionally with another woman.Amy Jo is an adult now so call her AJ. She's been in [...]

    17. Another book in the rough riders series from Lorelei James and I loved it! Wow! I just never pegged myself for a cowboy kinda girl, but things do change. This is the story of Cord McKay and Amy Jo Foster (the swiss miss cocoa girl from Long Hard Ride). Amy Jo has been in love with Cord since she was just a kid and because he was so much older than her he paid her no mind. Until one day Amy Jo decides she's tired of waiting for him to notice her so she MAKES him notice! AJ is innocent about every [...]

    18. it's so hard to have a favorite in the rough rider seriesbut i think this is mine. i loved cord and aj so much. my favorite thing about these books is the continuous interaction between this huge wonderful family. i love seeing them all as they progress with each book's really gonna suck when this is finally over.if i could give her books more than 5 stars, i would.

    19. Such a sexy read!!! Loved the younger girl, older guy scenario, not to mention the whole unrequited love element. Would have loved more angst in some parts, but overall, I could not put it down and loved the steamy scenes like crazy. I mean, a cowboy with a penchant for dominance and bondage!!!!

    20. HOT HOT HOTTER!!!This was one smokin' hot read from Miz James! This story focus's on another one of the renowned Mckay boys, Cord and his very long time admirer Amy Jo (AJ).Im finding it hard to give these books a great review because I just cannot put into words how much I am loving this series. Although they are highly erotic (which I love) there is also more to it than just the awesome sex. There is love, romance, tragedy (which hit me right from left field) and your normal every day run of t [...]

    21. loved it i cried at one stage!!!Re Read:6 July 2011~~ Wow I forgot how much I LOVED this One Cord and AJ **Double Thud**Cord is AMAZING at every thing i love the way he calls AJ Baby doll*swoon*AJ has been in love with the Oldest McKay Son Cord since she was 5 yrs old and now at 22 she wants him to teach her every thing sexual!!This is one book i couldnt put down Again I laughed so much and I thought i was doing so well until (view spoiler)[Dag (hide spoiler)] THEN i keept reading and i started [...]

    22. The McKay/West marathon continuesAmy Joy has been in love with rancher Cord McKay since he rescued her from a fall at the age of five. He's always looked at her as a kid sister- she is his sister's best friend for goodness sakes. Until he sets eyes on the 22 year old, now grown up AJ in the local honky tonk bar. He almost didn't recognize her. Cord is a lonely single father over a decade older than her but he can't resist the temptation. He's lonely and she offers no strings attached sex- it's t [...]

    23. I absolutely LOVED this book. I think so far out of the book's I read in this series that this was my favorite. There was so many things about this book that I loved. The story was great and it had some LOL moments. The sex was extremely hot and I loved the ending. I'm looking forwards to reading the rest of this series but of course I'm gonna read another book or two before I continue on with Tied Up/ Tied Down. I really want to read Kane McKay and Skyler's story and read some more HOT cowboy l [...]

    24. Whew! 4.5 Stars Lord have mercy. This was my first Lorelei James book and it will not be my last. The plot wasn't overwhelming. The sex was outstanding. The chemistry between the H/h was off the charts. This woman has some mad skills when it comes to conjuring up hot alpha males and their sexual exploits. Good Lord, these McKay men can sure make a girl squirm. Loved this story and I will definitely be reading more of this sexy series. :)

    25. Wow! This was the best one so far! I absolutely LOVE Cord!!!! Loved the story of him and AJ!!! Fantastic! Steamy! Sweet! Whats not to love!? I am so glad I decided to read this series for this book alone and I'm so glad there are more goodies to come! LJ sure know how to write her men!!! *sigh* Going on my favorites list for sure!

    26. This was a fantastic read. Not only was it a super erotic, passionate story but it had depth and emotion with really great characters. Loved it!AJ and Cord's were excellent characters. I loved sweet AJ and learning her back story. She was so much more than a quiet good girl. She was tough and determined and oh so adventurous. Cord was all gruff and commanding and so sexy. I loved them fighting their feelings while their relationship developed. It was awesome. The sexy times were hot hot hot and [...]

    27. 2.5 stars Contemporary Western Romance Book 3 of the Rough Riders series seems to be a favorite amongst many of its die hard fans. I was one who was initiated into the series a little bit later than everyone else. My introduction to the series came with Keely's story All Jacked Up which hooked me to Lorelei James' writing style and her way of writing the most combustive scenes ever. And since then, I have read and loved each of the books in the series that has been published afterwards. But, I h [...]

    28. 4 stars. Needless to mention this is extremely hot read, hot sex scenes, hot cowboys and then some. Hecke book came with a warning label. Just saying.Cord, sigh, the oldest of the McKays, responsibled-divorced-sworn off women-forever-hotness meet his secret admire since she was 5 years old. Now that she is ready and willing to live out her fantasy. They agree to live out their secret-4 wks contigency-fantasies, share their love for the ranch, the land, the familyy to hold back what matters most, [...]

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