1 thought on “Daddy's Having A Horse”

  1. A lovely gentle story of the arrival of a new sibling.Lachlan is sure while Mum's going to have a baby, Dad is going to have a horse at the same time!I particularly like Dad's portrayal. He's a normal member of the family - involved in the important events and discussions, interacting with his kids, and even doing the washing up! Many books about Dads seem to be describing an absent member of the family - what Dad does at work, that even though he's not there he still loves the kids - or even if [...]

  2. This book touched me. Parents help their young child understand that mummy is having a baby so daddy jokes that he is having a horse. Funny at first but when the baby comes and the horse doesn't, the story get poignant.

  3. Mum's having a baby; Daddy's having a horse.In this book about the anticipation of a new family member, I love that Dad is included as much as Mum. Its gentle humour makes it a joy for young children, and clever enough for parents and teachers to enjoy also.

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