The Manhattan Hunt Club

In Manhattan Hunt Club John Saul plumbs the depths of the Manhattan underground the network of subway tunnels and secret caverns and chambers where the homeless denizens of the city have created their own society It s a world Jeff Converse, a young college student convicted of a crime he didn t commit, never knew existed until he is plunged into it after an accident thIn Manhattan Hunt Club John Saul plumbs the depths of the Manhattan underground the network of subway tunnels and secret caverns and chambers where the homeless denizens of the city have created their own society It s a world Jeff Converse, a young college student convicted of a crime he didn t commit, never knew existed until he is plunged into it after an accident that occurs while he is being transported to prison He soon realizes that it s no accident, but the opening move in a deadly game being played by some of the city s most powerful men and women, a game in which he is the prey and they are the hunters Jeff s only chance to make it to the surface and survive lies in allying himself with a homicidal maniac who s appointed himself the young man s protector, but whose designs on Jeff are almost as lethal as those of his enemies in the Manhattan Hunt Club Saul made his reputation in the horror genre, but he now focuses on psychological terrors rather than things that go bump in the night His narrative gifts are displayed to great advantage in this heart stopping thriller the pacing is flawless and the central characters are very well developed What keeps this from living up to its fullest potential is the inadequate motivation of the villains, who are largely one dimensional cardboard cutouts But that won t keep this otherwise topnotch thriller off the bestseller lists, where Saul Nightshade, The Right Hand of Evil , like Stephen King, is a perennial contender for the number one spot Jane Adams
The Manhattan Hunt Club In Manhattan Hunt Club John Saul plumbs the depths of the Manhattan underground the network of subway tunnels and secret caverns and chambers where the homeless denizens of the city have created their

  • Title: The Manhattan Hunt Club
  • Author: John Saul
  • ISBN: 9780345490643
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. In my opinion this in John Saul's masterpiece! I first got hooked on the horror of John Saul when I stumbled upon The Blackstone Chronicles, but have found some of Saul's novels disappointing (as word of advice: don't bother reading The Devil's Labyrinth published in 2007). Saul has a history of writing bad or simply off the wall endings to his stories. I loved The Manhattan Hunt Club - a story of homeless people living underground (literally) by accessing subway tunnels. Saul clearly put a lot [...]

    2. One of Saul's best books. Jeff Converse is falsley convicted of attempted murder. While being transferred to prison, the van is involved in an accident. He is declared dead but in reality he has been led into the underground tunnels beneath Manhattan. And he is being hunted by the elite members of the Manhattan Hunt Club.There is quite a lot of set up in the book but hang around for the last ten chapters. Good stuff.

    3. This was an entertaining read. Although there were a few obvious plot points, there were also a few unexpected twists that kept it interesting. Overall, a suspenseful and gripping tale. I was particularly enthralled with the details revolving around the transient population and the subterranean citizens. Definately worth the reading time.

    4. Well it was campy, cheesy, slightly predictable, sometimes nauseatingly sentimental, and over the top but I liked it.Chalk this one up to a guilty pleasure. The Manhattan Hunt Club tells the story of a young man who is falsely accused of a heinous crime and finds himself in the clutches of an affluent club who have dangerous plans for him. This club gets their thrills by hunting humans in the tunnel systems located under New York City amongst the homeless population. I thought the modern spin on [...]

    5. Jeff has been falsely convicted of a crime. But when he is “transferred” out of the prison, he is taken… somewhere and locked in a room with another man. It’s not long after that they are released into the tunnels underneath New York and are told that they’ll “win” if they make it to the surface. Meanwhile, his family and girlfriend think he died in a crash. I really liked this. It didn’t take long to get sucked in, though it takes a little bit to figure out what’s going on in [...]

    6. Summary: Jeff COnverse is a college student. He lives in a small Manhattan apartment. He is engaged to a pretty young girl, Heather, Jeff has his whole future a head of him until he tries to stop a mugger one night on the subway.The next thing Jeff knows is that he's accused of attempted theft, attempted rape and attempted murder. The woman he has tried to help thought he had been the one that violated her and she had said so in the Hospital and later in the courtroom.Even though Heather and his [...]

    7. I’m sure I won’t be the first reviewer to compare The Manhattan Hunt Club to the classic short story, “The Most Dangerous Game.” Hunting humans, no matter how stacked the odds may be with resources like night scopes and automatic weapons that the “prey” doesn’t have, should be more problematic than chasing “tamer” game. The ability of the human to plan, ambush, and counter-attack (however handicapped) means that the conclusion is by no means certain.The Manhattan Hunt Club is a [...]

    8. Oof. Now I know why I've stayed away from Saul in the past.So I began this novel full of hope but it rapidly became a teenage summer horror movie - young lovers separated by a horrible injustice, demented criminals and drug-addled "houseless" peoples, and so on. The characters are so cliched (evil, power-mad lawyer guy without empathy, brilliant and kind-eyed young hero protagonist, faithful beautiful affluent young girlfriend, streetwise and snarky street girl who helps to save them, tough, gri [...]

    9. This novel is about a man who receives a prison sentence for a crime. On his transfer he is captured and thrown into the New York subway tunnel system where is he the prey of hunters. If he escapes he gains his freedom.This novel was an excellent read and can be classified as a thriller. The author did a fantastic job with the atmosphere and I loved his use of the tunnel system. His description of this setting really brought it to life. I also loved his portrayal of the characters as he gave eac [...]

    10. The Manhattan Hunt Club was yet another unstoppable and incredible novel by John Saul. It reminded me a lot of novels like the Long Walk or In the Dark. I have always greatly enjoyed novels where the characters have to go through some kind of game that they are playing in order to win their lives. In this novel, Jeff, tone of the protagonists, is falsely accused of brutally raping a woman in New York. Later, as he is being transfered to another prison, the van he is in is attacked and he is take [...]

    11. Falsely convicted of a brutal crime, college student Jeff Converse sees his future vanishing before his eyes. But someone has other plans for Jeff, in a place far deadlier than any penitentiary. Jeff finds himself beneath the teeming streets of Manhattan, in a hidden landscape of twisting tunnels and forgotten subterranian chambers. Here, an invisible population of the homeless, the desperate, and the mad has carved out its own shadow society. But they are not alone. For someone has made this fo [...]

    12. I always enjoy John Saul books and have not read one in a while. I was impressed with this one because of how realistic it was. There were no mental illnesses or paranormal activities in this one, unlike his earlier novels and I loved reading about the underground geography of New York. I am familiar with the stations and the areas described (the above ground and "Level 1" parts) and enjoyed reading about the buildings there. I imagine that the diner that Jeff liked to frequent near his apartmen [...]

    13. **************** SPOILERS*******************The last Saul book I read was when I was HS or Jr. HS over 30 years ago and I remember being entertained. But this book was absolute rubbish. It could have been really entertaining, but he took a wrong turn off the highway on this one. Firstly, a man is convicted when there really isn't any real proof of him committing the crime. My other issue is that men were being hunted. Yes, hunted. And not hunted by the common man. No they were being hunted by th [...]

    14. The setting alone for this book is enough to rate 5 stars. All those underground levels under New York create quite a terrifying setting. The story is just icing on the cake. And of course John Saul's excellent writing skills make it an easy fast read. You won't be able to put it down. One of my favorite books of all time by any author.

    15. Great book to read, difficult to put down. Enjoyed it very much, some parts are tricky, but than so is life.

    16. The Manhattan Hunt Club by John Saul.Manhattan Hunt Club is a story about Jeff Converse and how he was convicted on attempted murder and rape to Cindy Allen, despite that Jeff Converse is innocent, he was convicted. By the time he was about to be moved to a larger imprisonment, he was saved by a man named Scratch and take him into the tunnels wherein, a hunting game is being held.I was so captivated by the plot when i haven't read the book. As i remember i read the plot on , after reading one of [...]

    17. I'm a sucker for John Saul, what can I say? The book jacket was intriguing, and I could see the potential for a parallel with Richard Connell's short story, The Most Dangerous Game. Curiosity to see how Saul handled the theme led me to go ahead and check this one out.The writing is standard Saul - a palette of characters, borderline cookie cutter, harrowing moments, some gruesome and graphic descriptions, but he is good at atmosphere, and once things really pick up, I felt like I was running aro [...]

    18. 3.25 stars.I started reading the book because humans hunting other humans in an underground labyrinth sounded just like the sort of horribly creepy despair I wanted to read. What I mainly got instead was one of those books that love to continually pass the main view-point baton from one character to another every few pages or so. While this in itself isn't a bad way to tell a story, I feel that doing this often diminishes the scary atmosphere that, y'know, scary books are supposed to be building [...]

    19. MHC doesn't really cover any new ground with it's 'hunting humans for sport' approach. What is does do though, is add a new twist on the hunting ground (i.e. under a city), ensure there are several entwined plot-lines and pop in a few twists to keep you on your toes. MHC is an enjoyable action horror tale, lacking in the suspense of Saul's supernatural works of his early career, yet offers a compelling enough tale of one man's terror, against an undefinable enemy. It's easy going and keeps your [...]

    20. I gave this a three-star because I guess it wasn't what I was expecting with a John Saul novel. That's not to say that one can't stray from a single genre and try new things, but I didn't like the format of his 'suspense thriller'. It was too all-over-the-place. Too many characters to introduce and get to know. Too many chapter breaks and scene changes.It was still overall an okay story. Creepy settings, in the tunnels under Manhattan, and the end (last 50 pages) when the hunt was FINALLY on, I [...]

    21. "There Were People You Kept Waiting, and People You Didn't":Class Hierarchies as Revealed Under Duressin John Saul's The Manhattan Hunt ClubChristopher SnyderApril 5, 2013Little Red Schoolhouse(undergrad vers.)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 -¶ Published the month before the attacks on the Twin Towers,John Saul's The Manhattan Hunt Club (2001) uses thepotboiler structure to give the reader a guided tour of the echelons of power — from top to [...]

    22. A very intriguing story about an unjustly accused and sentenced man who is kidnapped from the vehicle taking him to jail and hidden in the tunnels and passages beneath New York City to be later used as quarry in a hunt conducted by a group of powerful politicians. The descriptions of the chase in the tunnels and the narrow escapes are quite believeable and the author's writing style and command of English language and grammar add to the enjoyment of this book.

    23. This was a book that stands out as one of the best thrillers that I have ever read. I could not put it down. I read it a few years ago, then read it again last year, and enjoyed it as much on the second run. Great characters, fast paced plota great book. I have recommended to many of my friends too.

    24. Better than average fluff book. somewhat silly- but entertaining. Great change of pace after reading a few "heavier" books.

    25. Creepy, likable characters, Always wondered what went on in the underground tunnels of the NYC subway!

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