Voices of Dragons

On one side of the border lies the modern world the internet, homecoming dances, cell phones On the other side dwell the ancient monsters who spark humanity s deepest fears dragons.Seventeen year old Kay Wyatt knows she s breaking the law by rock climbing near the border, but she d rather have an adventure than follow the rules When the dragon Artegal unexpectedly saveOn one side of the border lies the modern world the internet, homecoming dances, cell phones On the other side dwell the ancient monsters who spark humanity s deepest fears dragons.Seventeen year old Kay Wyatt knows she s breaking the law by rock climbing near the border, but she d rather have an adventure than follow the rules When the dragon Artegal unexpectedly saves her life, the rules are abruptly shattered, and a secret friendship grows between them But suspicion and terror are the legacy of human and dragon interactions, and the fragile truce that has maintained peace between the species is unraveling As tensions mount and battles begin, Kay and Artegal are caught in the middle Can their friendship change the course of a war In her young adult debut, New York Times bestselling author Carrie Vaughn presents a distinctly twenty first century tale of myths and machines, and an alliance that crosses a seemingly unbridgeable divide.
Voices of Dragons On one side of the border lies the modern world the internet homecoming dances cell phones On the other side dwell the ancient monsters who spark humanity s deepest fears dragons Seventeen year old

  • Title: Voices of Dragons
  • Author: Carrie Vaughn
  • ISBN: 9780061798948
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. ​Sixty years ago dragons came out of hiding and made their presence known to the humans. A treaty was formed to keep peace and avoid any kind of war between the two. 17 year old Kay knows that by accidentally crossing the border into the dragon world, she is breaking the treaty and law, but she does it any way because she's an idiot. There a dragon named Artegal saves her life and a friendship forms between the two. Could their friendship stop a war and unite humans and dragons? Lol sure. Why [...]

    2. This was a YA fantasy story about a girl who befriended a dragon.Kay was an okay character, but she did seem a little silly at times. Free climbing on her own when nobody knows where she is? Thinking that talking to a dragon wouldn’t get her in trouble? Not the brightest spark.The storyline in this was about Kay accidentally going over the boarder of the dragon lands, and being rescued by a young dragon who she then formed a friendship with. We then got some humans making some silly decisions [...]

    3. Sixty years ago dragons had come out of hiding and made their presence known but a treaty was formed to avoid conflict that sent the dragons back into hiding. Now Kay Wyatt knows that she is breaking the law by rock climbing near the border of where the dragon land begins but when she has an accident and is saved by a young dragon the two become friends not thinking they are hurting anyone. Voices of Dragons had an interesting idea behind it but in the end I'm not really a fan of the direction t [...]

    4. Read: July 2016Rating: 4/5 starsVoices of Dragons is the second YA novel I have read by Carrie Vaughn (the first being Steel). In this novel, dragons are real. They have their own territory which humans do not go near, and the police and federal agencies are responsible for patrolling the border and making sure everyone keeps to their own side. This means contact between humans and dragons never happens.The world building in this book is really good. I loved the mash-up between the YA/coming of [...]

    5. Set in a modern world like our own, only bodering Dragon Territory, Kay has crossed a line. She has met and talked with a Dragon. This is her adventure, only she can't tell anyone, it is illiegal to cross into Dragon. Meeting by accident, Artegal (the Dragon) saves her life (from drowning), though timid at first they become fast friends. And, you can't be a friend with a Dragon without Flying it!!!! Kay is terrified but thrilled to be doing something so reckless and free. They maintain meeting i [...]

    6. It didn't feel real to me. The pace felt really slow and sleepy, even in moments of major conflict. I didn't feel any emotional connection to any of the characters. The plot wasn't much more than a short-story dragged out. It was just a really stereotypical story about prejudice, fear and the Cold War with a bit of teen angst and some cool flying thrown in. I ended up skimming most of it because nothing ever pulled me in. If you want to read a more entertaining story about teens and dragons, try [...]

    7. ~4.5⭐️~Why is there not a sequel for this?!!?!? I don't want it to be over! This book was a quick fantastic read and the way it ended I just want more! I highly recommend this book, especially if you love dragons.

    8. Exciting premise, but Ms Vaughn skipped some basics. Her world building is excellent, but a lot of the description could have been left in the computer as part of her research/development. Add in that she's forgotten a basic premise of successful white space and it slowed down. Further, I agree that the plot line, while adequate, was lacking in the stunning quality that I expected from Ms Vaughn and her editors. YA doesn't mean the plot can be simplified and pared down with few layers.I loved th [...]

    9. The only reason I'm giving this book a "B-" is because I liked the idea. But I can't say much more than that. Needless to say, I had a huge issue with this book.The biggest part was the writing style. It was all telling, not showing. Kay's reactions weren't really described very well. It was written almost like a biography. It gets better at the end of the book, but I had to grit my teeth to get there. There was absolutely no way I could get into Kay's character. She seemed soallow. I really hat [...]

    10. Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadTooSeventeen-year-old Kay enjoys hiking, climbing, talking on her cell phone, and spending time with a dragon.Yes, a dragon.In Vaughn's brilliant combination of modern day convenience and old world fantasy, VOICES OF DRAGONS pulls the reader into a believable tale of one girl and a dragon against the evil machinations of an intolerant government.Though I guessed where the story was going, I still enjoyed the journey. I had no trouble believing dragons and [...]

    11. Hmm. Well, I did like the bits with Artegal and "Dracopolis." And some of the bits about the philosophies of fear and borders and security and war and PR. But the rest was very juvenile, trite, and implausible YA. Why is Kay so disobedient, given who her parents are? Why is she 17 and still just a sophomore? Why don't her parents take away the keys to her Jeep? Why does she even have her own car? (Is that taken for granted nowadays in some microcultures? Other YA that I've read doesn't show ever [...]

    12. Very good book. I absolutely inhaled this book. It's catagorized as ya, but doesn't have an overwhelming ya feel. Feels more like a crossover. There are ya issues (until I thought about it, I almost would have said there weren't any) but the 17 year old has a more mature perspective and thus they loose some of their ya potency. Not, of course, that their is anything wrong with ya genre, but they can come in a wide variety of "feels", from low adolescence to crossover adult. Anyway, the heroine, [...]

    13. I picked this book up because I enjoy the author’s adult urban fantasy series, the Kitty Norville books. This was a huge disappointment. It felt way too long for what it was. Another reviewer said that it was a short story idea that was undeservedly turned into a novel, and I wholeheartedly agree. It ended just when things were getting interesting too. This is one of those books where, if I were critiquing it, I might have gently taken the author aside and asked whether this might not be one o [...]

    14. Actual Rating: 3.5 I really enjoyed this read. The story was great. I really liked the friendship between Kay and Artegal. I loved that Artegal was able to read. At first, I thought Kay was an okay character. As the story progressed, I began to like her more and more. I did not like Tam. She was too shallow for me, and it made me wonder how Kay could be friends with her. Also, the ending did not tell me anything, so I was disappointed in the way it ended. Overall, an enjoyable read.

    15. Kay has never seen a dragon before, despite the fact that she lives close to the border that separates human from dragon territory. That is until the day she slips and falls into a river while rock climbing, washing her across the border. Kay is rescued by a dragon named Artegal. At first Kay is terrified, but as the two begin to talk they become friends. Then a military plane goes down in in dragon territory, sparking a war between the two races. Will Kay and Artegal's friendship be enough to s [...]

    16. I give this book a 3.5-star ratingI read numerous YA urban fantasy/paranormal novels in the past and I was often disappointed by the lack of characterization and depth, uninteresting plot etc. So I did not have high expectations going into Voices of Dragons. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by the fact that this book engaged me enough that I stayed up an extra hour late into the night just so I could finish it. Carrie Vaughn definitely has a way with her writing to capture her audience' [...]

    17. My Thoughts: We are introduced to Kay, your average teenager. She is the sheriff's daughter so her actions are always supposed to be innocent and forthcoming. She lives right next to a boarder separating the human world but filled with dragons. She's been told her whole life dragons are dangerous and to stay as far away from them as possible. One day she goes rockclimbing (she always does so this day is no different) she has an accident and falls into a river. She is than rescued by a dragon nam [...]

    18. Basic InfoFormat: Hardback Pages/Length: 336pgsGenre: Young Adult; DragonsReason For Reading: Group Buddy ReadAt A GlanceLove Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?: NoCliff Hanger: Kinda. Triggers: n/aRating: 3 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:7Plot: 7Characters: 8World Building: 7Flow:8Series Congruity: n/aWriting: 6Ending: 5Total: 6In DeptBest Part: Talking dragons!Worst Part: Flat charactersThoughts Had: More dragons pleaseConclusionContinuing the Series: n/aRecommending: YesShort Review: The end [...]

    19. Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn 4 of 5 stars.Voices of Dragons is a tale of pointless rivalry and self-sacrifice.Sixty years prior a war between dragons and humans erupted. The dragons came out of hiding during WWII when the vibrations from bombs frightened them. Feeling as though they were under attack they waged war against the humans. Realizing that the dragons and humans were too well-matched, the two races formed a treaty, setting off certain land for the dragons.When seventeen year old [...]

    20. I love that the book touches on prejudices and the fears that people have of people/ideas/things in general that are foreign to them. That, if it weren't for the bigots in this world, peace could be more of a possibility than it currently is. I'd love to use this book in class with a few others to initiate discussions of segregation, reservations, etc and have the kids relate it to actual historical events and the reasons behind people do things like this. What is it in human nature that makes u [...]

    21. Kay is your basic teenager who loves the outdoors and hiking, so it easy to believe that she is rescued one day by a dragon after the background is told. This harks back to the age old story that those that are different are our enemies. The dragons and humans have a tenuous treaty which the humans want to break to get at the natural reserves in the untouched dragon territory. Once Kay starts to communicate with the dragon, Artegal, the book takes off. Of course, the ending left off where there [...]

    22. Source: I read this book online. Cost: UnknownTitle:Voices of Dragons Author:Carrie Vaughn Genre:YA, supernaturalOverall Rating:2.5 stars I feel mean, I really really do feel mean. It was okay, but it just wasn't what I wanted or expected. I wanted this book to be full of badass dragon action. I wanted a girl who was kind of like Dany from Game of Thrones (with less of a murdery affect) and dragons that were amazing and awe inspiring. Instead we got a flat main character and a dragon that liked [...]

    23. Bottom Line – Excellent new series, this one MUST have at the very least a sequel, because once the action really picked up, it ended, which, if I am being honest, bummed me out – but left me wanting more! I can only hope that we see Kay develop as a character; I also hope we get to see more Jon and Tam! I give Voices of Dragons 3 mushrooms, while I patiently await more from Ms. Carrie Vaughn. Read my full review - Voices of Dragons

    24. Carrie Vaughn has once again proven that my issue with YA is that I don't particularly care to spend a lot of time in a teenager's head. When I read YA that it's easy to forget the MC is a teen I tend to enjoy that better than YA in which I can't forget the MC's age.I loved this story, except it was YA and I couldn't forget it. Now, that doesn't mean the character was unpleasant, quite the contrary in fact. The MC is unusually likeable for a teen. There is no forgetting, however, that she is a t [...]

    25. 3.5 StarsFair warning, this involves dragons.“WHOA JEEZ I WOULDN’T HAVE EVER THUNK IT, GHIRARDELLI.”I know, see? This is why I’m telling you. :)Voices of Dragons is a toughy. On one end, I’m saying “Dragonsdragonsdragons. THEY ARE FLYING. OH MY GOSH DRAGONS.” On the other end I’m going, “Mmmmmmmeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh.”I used to draw dragons 24/7 a few years ago. They were all I drew. People didn’t matter, it was alllllll about dragons. Big ones little ones, all with sinister, ado [...]

    26. Kay lives in a world very similar to our own, except that in her high school the students have regular drills of what they should do in case of dragon attack. Kay's father is the local sheriff, and her mother helps protect the border with the land ceded to dragons after World War II era nuclear explosions brought the legendary creatures back to the surface. When Kay meets a dragon after an accident, she's surprised to find out that humans and dragons can get along - and that they may have alread [...]

    27. During World War II the bombs that were dropped awoke the dragons and a great war ensued. Finally a treaty was signed giving humans and dragons separate territories. Kay lives in this world sixty years later; humans and dragons have had no contact and her home town is on the border of Dragon territory. Then one day while out rock-climbing she falls and lands in a river and is washed up on the Dragon side. There she meets a dragon, Artegal, who is as curious about her as she is about him. They be [...]

    28. I wish that there were a three and a half star rating option.Since I read a lot of books in a similar vein with similar storylines, challenges, themes and characters, I am always looking for an author to surprise me and draw me in with a different twist or take on familiar elements.Voices of Dragons is a little more serious and a little less whimsical than a lot of the teen urban fantasy type books I have read.The setting is completely contemporary and modern. The only thing that isn't "normal" [...]

    29. When humanity started using atomic weapons, we got a big surprise. The detonations not only killed humans--they also awakened dragons slumbering beneath the earth. A vicious war ensued between the astounded humans and the enraged dragons. On the cusp of mutually-assured destruction, both species managed to come together long enough to agree to a treaty. Decades later, emotions against the dragons are running high. It's been long enough since their arrival that people have started to forget why t [...]

    30. For the original review at Wanna-be-BittenThere are some books that grab me by the shoulders and say, "Remember. Don't you remember?" These books make me think back to restless Christmas nights, where I wondered how I could fall asleep when magic was going to happen. The joy of waking up and discovering my entire yard was covered in snow. Possibilities, these books tell me. Remember when there were possibilities?There's a bag of young-adult romance novels in the corner of the computer room, lent [...]

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