No Promises in the Wind

From the Newbery Award winning author of Across Five Aprils and Up a Road Slowly comes a tale of a brave young man s struggle to find his own strength during the Great Depression In 1932, American s dreams were simple a job, food to eat, a place to sleep, and shoes without holes But for millions of people these simple needs were nothing than dreams When he was jusFrom the Newbery Award winning author of Across Five Aprils and Up a Road Slowly comes a tale of a brave young man s struggle to find his own strength during the Great Depression In 1932, American s dreams were simple a job, food to eat, a place to sleep, and shoes without holes But for millions of people these simple needs were nothing than dreams When he was just fifteen years old, Josh had to make his own way through a country of angry and frightened people This is the story of his struggle to find a life for himself during those turbulent times.No Promises in the Wind was awarded the 1971 Charles W Follett Award.
No Promises in the Wind From the Newbery Award winning author of Across Five Aprils and Up a Road Slowly comes a tale of a brave young man s struggle to find his own strength during the Great Depression In American s d

  • Title: No Promises in the Wind
  • Author: Irene Hunt
  • ISBN: 9780448053677
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. ituh. it made me cry. Irene Hunt writes in such a way that tears at the heart. Her stories describe the human condition in a tragic, optimistic way. You hurt for her characters and you rejoice with them. She walks you through their world of heartbreak and struggle and then takes you to the other side with a better hope for their future. You feel good when you are done. No Promises in the Wind is set in the depression. It is the story of two young brothers struggling to survive as they travel the [...]

    2. No Promises In The Wind by Irene Hunt is a very powerful and sad story. This book takes you through the struggles of the Grondowski family living through the height of the Great Depression. The year is 1932 and Stefan Grondowski has lost his job and has not been able to find work. The comfortable life they were living is gone and Stefan cannot provide for his wife and family. There are three siblings Kitty the oldest, Josh and Joey. Josh is the main character and is fifteen years old. Josh and h [...]

    3. So far,I learn that this book takes place during The Great Depression, and it is about a family struggling through this time of starvation and fear. Because of the family's condition, the two sons, Josh and Joey(also the only sons), is forced to leave, to find some other ways to get a good future. They departed with their friend Howie, who is in the same condition. On their first day, they used their music talents wisely,and earned a reasonable amount of money. Though I do not expect this kind o [...]

    4. I gave this book a 4 star because it was a very interesting book to read. But the bad part about the book would have to be when one of my favorite characters had died kind of in the middle of the book. That would be my least favorite part of the book for me. It was interesting when we learned about how it was in the olden days when you had very little to eat and barely any clothes to wear to keep you warm. But this nice lady came along in the story and lent Josh and Joey a nice house that were s [...]

    5. I read No Promises in the Wind by Irene Hunt. This book will take you back to the dirty thirties and give you a taste of what it might have felt like to live during that period. Josh and Joey are having troubles with their parents and decide to make a big decision. My favorite character in this book is Josh, Josh is a 15 year old teenager who dislikes his father very much. He feels like his dad, Stefan doesn’t care for him and loves Joey (his 10 year old brother) more. I feel bad for him becau [...]

    6. In high school/middle school Irene Hunt was a popular choice for reading: No Promises in the Wind, Across Five Aprils, Up a Road Slowly. I remember the titles and the cover art. So I wanted to go back and re-read No Promises in the Wind and also read some of the other titles I hadn't a chance to read. This book was a simple read, but the story is powerful. It paints a picture of the Great Depression vividly and captures the struggles, the rawness, the bitterness at times, and the anger. I enjoye [...]

    7. I thought that this book was good. It was about this kid and his brother that ran away from home because there was not enough money for the family to let them eat. Joshes brother Joey and his friend Howie all ran away. At the beginning Howie died because of a passenger trainey try to go south and they meet this guy named Lonnie. He sends them south to Louisiana to try to get a job. Then he got a job at a carnival. The owners name was Pete Harris. Then the carnival got burned down and then the bo [...]

    8. I had to read this for school and had no expectations going into this book, only because I have read a book by this author before and was not a fan. I do enjoy reading about this time period. The thing is that some of the characters just did not seem very real. Josh fell in love, what, twice in this book? The only thoughts I saw come from Josh is that "She's funny," and "she's pretty." It seemed like he never really fell in love. I totally ship Josh+Janey though. So the story was pretty good, bu [...]

    9. This book talks about the hardships america went through during the great depressionople became jobless and could no longer afford to fed their families.Conflicts arose in most families forcing children to run away from home and look for greener pastures but this was all in vain because no one was willing to support anyone who wasn't even familysh had to come back to his senses , nomatter how hard times are there is no place like home

    10. This book was AWESOME! I listened to in on Hoopla and it got to the point where I didn't want to stop listening. The only thing I regret is how short it is - I wish it was longer. The book is about growing up during the Great Depression and it really makes you appreciate all we have and take for granted. This is NOT a boring book, or a book you have to force yourself to get through -it is a very good story with plenty of characters that you end up caring greatly for.

    11. Irene Hunt does an excellent of bringing the human condition into what was the Great Depression. Josh is a character that everyone can relate to and emphasize with. Hunt puts great emphasis on self reflection and hardship throughout the characters journey across America. Anyone with a heart can fall in love instantly with both Josh and Joey. Two boys who are just trying to make in times that no child should experience.

    12. Read by: Kaeli CarmichaelI liked this book because it was well written and really expressed how the characters felt. It really shows the hard times as these kids grow up during the depression. The only thing that I didn't really like about this book was the ending. It don't show how they all react and what happens.

    13. An excellent young adult novel detailing the life of the "wild children of the road" during the Great Depression. Touching, tender, and a good read for those wanting a broader picture of the battles faced by "runaway" children.

    14. Read for the Keyword reading challenge. My keyword was PROMISEsoulcalledlife/2017/I enjoy learning about aspects of history I had never explore--this was one and I enjoyed it all the more, hearing it from a child's perspective. But the main character's evolution towards becoming a young man and learning to see his parents' perspective and to forgive really made this a wonderful coming of age story and not just a period piece that described the harsh challenges of living through the Great Depress [...]

    15. I am reading no promises in the wind by Irene Hunt. This book was written in the time of the great depression. It is about 3 boys. 15 year old Josh, 15 year old Howie, and 10 year old Joey (or Josh’s brother). At the beginning of the book it explains that Josh doesn’t like his father at all and Joey does. The writer also tells that Josh and his father used to have a great relationship until Joey came along.Well since it is the great depression Josh’s family can’t support him anymore and [...]

    16. Although this probably was not a favorite on my list, it was a nice read. I probably enjoyed this book a little more than most just because I am used to reading historical fiction. It takes place in the Great Depression. Josh, the main character is a hefty teen boy seeking independence from his no-nonsense father. Although Josh says some nasty stuff about his dad I believe that deep down he still loves him. Josh loves to play the piano along-side his banjo playing pal Howie. Howie is a spirited [...]

    17. Our language arts class just got done reading the book No Promises in the wind. It was a well written book, but I really didn't like it because it was history. I don't usually read historical books I like more science fiction or mystery books. I also didn't like it because our class read it out loud! I could have fallen asleep! Some people were so slow or to quiet! I would have liked it much more if I read it on my own. My favorite character had to be Josh. He was very brave and courageous to l [...]

    18. I read this in elementary at some point. I remember crying and liking the book. And while I do remember some of the basic plot points, it's been so long so be aware that I'm rating it solely on my sketchy memory of it then.

    19. No Promises in the WindLandon LundquistOur language arts class just finished reading the book No Promises in the Wind by Irene Hunt. It was a pretty good book. It was a historical book. I don’t really like historical books; I tried to come in to read this book with a positive attitude. Well let me tell you I am very glad I did. In this book, Josh (15 yrs old) and Joey (10 yrs old) are two brothers that are living in the great depression with their best friend Howie (15 yrs old). Their parents [...]

    20. I read No Promises in the Wind by Irene Hunt. This is a realistic fiction book set in the 1930s during the Great Depression. The story follows 15 year old Josh as he struggles to survive. Joey, Josh’s brother, and Howie, Josh’s friend, both accompany Josh on his journey. To Josh and Howie, music is everything. As they plan to run away, they think that they will play music for money. They only did it in Chicago before they left on a train. As they were freight-hopping, Howie got killed by an [...]

    21. The book “No Promises in the Wind” was a great book. I’m not very interested in historical-fiction, but this one was way better than I thought it would be. It starts out during The Great Depression in Chicago, Illinois. Josh Grondowski is a 15 year old who has recently become a “punching bag” for his father, who just lost his job and can’t earn money for his family. Josh decides to run away from the awful home life. His younger brother, Joey a ten year old, decides to tag along. Josh [...]

    22. I read the book No Promises in the Wind by: Irene Hunt. I read it as a class at school. I actually kind of enjoyed the book and I’m not always the history type. This book is all about the Great Depression and how 2 boys face the hardest times but still live on to make it to where they want to go.This book is about a guy named Joey who is only 15 years old and he practically get’s kicked out of his house but yet he chooses to leave. When he leaves he takes his friend Howie who if I remember c [...]

    23. My language arts class just finished the book No Promises in the Wind by Irene Hunt. I liked this book but it was a little exciting but, not a lot of excitement for me at least. It’s historical and takes place back in the 1930’s during the Great Depression! Let me share a little about this book.The main character and narrator is Josh who is 15 and he has a little brother who is Joey, he is 10 years old. Josh has a Dad, Mom and a sister Kitty who just lost her job so did his dad. Josh’s Mot [...]

    24. "They are a growing army. There are hundreds of them on the roads this winter; most of them are boys in their teens. There are scores of younger children, some of them so young that one marvels at their survival. They come from the cities where the unemployment of a father often means too little food for too many mouths. They come from the farms where the incredibly low prices of produce have been as tragic for the farm family. They don't know where they are going or why. They simply move on—o [...]

    25. This book follows two brothers named Josh and Joey who are living during the great depression. Josh is 15 years old and Joey is only a few years younger. In the beginning of the book Josh decides to leave home because he couldn’t get along with his father once the depression started. Another reason was Josh’s mother, who opened his eyes to the fact that they could no longer support him. Joey catches on to Josh’s plan to leave and in the end goes with him. During the brother’s time away f [...]

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