Garden of Shadows

Before terror flowered in the attic there was a young girl An innocent, hopeful girl When young Olivia arrives at Foxworth Hall, she thinks her marriage to handsome Malcolm will bring the joy she has longed for But in the gloomy mansion filled with festering desires and forbidden passions, a stain of jealous obsession begins to spread an evil that will threaten her chBefore terror flowered in the attic there was a young girl An innocent, hopeful girl When young Olivia arrives at Foxworth Hall, she thinks her marriage to handsome Malcolm will bring the joy she has longed for But in the gloomy mansion filled with festering desires and forbidden passions, a stain of jealous obsession begins to spread an evil that will threaten her children, two charming boys and one very special, beautiful girl For within the halls of this cursed house a shocking secret lives A secret that will taint the Foxworth family for generations to come
Garden of Shadows Before terror flowered in the attic there was a young girl An innocent hopeful girl When young Olivia arrives at Foxworth Hall she thinks her marriage to handsome Malcolm will bring the joy she has

  • Title: Garden of Shadows
  • Author: V.C. Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780671729424
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Ever wonder why Cathy's grandmother was such a bitch? No? Well, I did. Apparently, so did VC Andrews. It turns out, it was because she was so damn tall, wore her hair pulled back sternly, and was so serious! Oh, and because her husband cheated on her with his stepmother. And then he killed his father, and impregnated his stepmother who gets PUT IN THE ATTIC. Geez, they just stuck everyone up there. So does that make him hisepsister's father? Well, anyway, the stepmother has a daughter who is the [...]

    2. Book Review3 out of 5 stars to Garden of Shadows, the 5th book in the young adult thriller series written in 1987 by V.C. Andrews. Two key things to note about this book. The author passed away while writing this book, and I'm not clear on how much VC Andrews wrote versus a ghost writer at the publishing firm. Also, it's the fifth book in the series, but it is actually a prequel to Flowers in the Attic, so it should be read first. That said, if you read it first, you'd totally lose the power of [...]

    3. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell says:

      Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestIf you've read the Dollanganger series, you probably remember that the grandmother character in FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC had serious issues. But how did she get that way? Aren't you curious?GARDEN OF SHADOWS is about a girl named Olivia. Tall and plain, she's been raised her whole life as the son her father wanted but never got. Beneath that homely brow of hers is a sharpened mind, and an almost heartbreaking desire to be loved and adored. She's absol [...]

    4. (Full Review and more on Trashy Tuesday here: wp/p1Zgyz-8o )At last, we've arrived at the final installment in the Dollanganger series!  I was talking to Becoming Cliche over chat the other day about how thrilled I was to be able to stop reading VC Andrews, and she said something to the effect of  "Oh, but Heaven was such a good book!  And what about My Sweet Audrina?"  I guess this means I will be revisiting this author at some point in the future, but hopefully not any time soon.  There' [...]

    5. I read the first four books of the Dollanganger saga two years ago, and since then I've never felt quite emotionally prepared for the fifth book. I finally plucked up the courage to read Garden of Shadows, and it is safe to say V.C. Andrews has not let me down.Fortunately, I didn't cry reading this book. I remember bawling my eyes out at every one of the first four books. This book, if possible, is even darker than Flowers in the Attic and it left me in a trance whenever I paused to do something [...]

    6. The first and most important of the Andrews series. Felt oh so wrong while reading it and yet no girl of my generation could put them down! I enjoyed every page of every book.

    7. It has been a long while since I finished a book of this length in less than 2 nights. I remember, now, the appeal of V.C. Andrews. Yes, her plots are a little unrealistic and yes, her characters can seem a little falt but both are just fun reading for the beach or whatever. This novel is like reading a good Lifetime movie. Back to the novel itself. _Garden of Shadows_ is fun in its own right but even more fun if you are familiar with _Flowers in the Attic_ as GOS is its prequel and everyone lov [...]

    8. "Garden of Shadows", the prequel to "Flowers in the Attic", goes back to unchartered territory and succeeds in giving a new twist to the Dollangager saga. "Garden" is the story of Olivia (the Grandmother) - - a few pages about her upbringing by her loving father, before we are taken right into her "arranged" marriage to Malcolm Foxworth, a good looking young man whom she feels love for, but that quickly turns on her wedding night when she is raped. Olivia comes to find out what a horrible, cruel [...]

    9. I'm entertained by this installment of the Dollanganger series, we go back to uncover the 'origin story' of the hateful grandmother, Olivia Foxworth, from the first book. After reading this book, I still don't like Olivia, but at least I can see her reason and where she came from.Although the plots and turns of events are highly predicablewn to the handsome husband getting abusive part, still I can understand those characters quite welld despite of all the victim-blaming, melodramas, woman-on-wo [...]

    10. I'm not going to say that Olivia Foxworth didn't have it bad, but nothing NOTHING that happened to her, in my opinion, is as bad as what she did to those children! And to think she knew, knew what would happen them; being up in that attic for so long. After all, she did watch Alicia Foxworth go nearly mad from being locked away in that room/attic for almost a year.This book was probably the most shocking out of all of them, because after reading the first four you are always led to believe that [...]

    11. I think it's hard to spend 4 books hating on a character and then going back in the 5th and trying to work up some boo-hoo for the character you have been hating on for so long. Plus I wasn't 13 when I read this one so it made it alot harder to read. I feel like someone should have stepped in at some point and nudged the ghost-writers for V.C. Andrews and told them that humping relatives is actually kinda looked down upon. Of course the formula works - The estate of V.C. Andrews is still pumping [...]

    12. If There Be Thorns gives us a peek into the life of Malcolm, the haunting figure who's omnipresent throughout the Dollanganger books but only seen once, and then from afar. Bart Jr. reads Malcolm's old diary and through that, we learn about Malcolm's womanizing ways, and a bit more of the family history.Why the existence of this book, then, after all has been said and done already? The purpose is to experience through Olivia's eyes all that's happened from her marriage to the night she first loc [...]

    13. Note: If you hated Olivia, Corrine's mother and Cathy's grandmother as much as I did in the first and previous novels of the series, then maybe this prequel will give you a little more insight on her aspect and will help you change your mind on this poor woman who went through so much hatred and unfairness in her life. I was ready to hate this book; I never liked Olivia and you think I want to read her POV when she was a "bratty young lady?" No thanks. But having this be the last of V.C. Andrews [...]

    14. Oh wow. Well I just flew through this. I can't not give it 5 stars because it kept me hooked and horrified at every turn. The ending had me gasping, for something that was SO obvious and critical to the Dollanganger novels, it didn't even occur to me until I read it at the last page. I love VC Andrews books, they just flow so easily. This one had everything, and I definitely even feel haunted now after I've closed the book.

    15. Currently reading (6/14/17):Buddy read with Sarah. The perfect way to start off the summer. :DReview (7/5/17):This book just cements my love for all the evil grandmother origins stories (the last book in each series). I'm not 100% sure why.This book goes into detail why Olivia turned into a hellbeast. Olivia started out as such a sympathetic character. I got extremely protective of her, because I know going into it, that life was not going to be kind to her.Malcolm was the literal worst(tm) for [...]

    16. Well, I have to admit I wasn't too excited about reading this book. It is a prequel, and usually those aren't too great, and by this point I was a little bit over the Dollangangers. But, upon finishing this book I came to three conclusions:1.) This was one of the better books in the series.2.) Although this is a prequel, and some suggest to read it first, please read it last. It has a shocker of an ending that makes the whole series worth it.3.) And lastly, you have to read it to finally underst [...]

    17. Garden of Shadows by V.C. Andrews is the final installment of the Dollanganger Family Series. A prequel to Flowers in the Attic, it explains the story behind the grandmother’s harsh ways. Like Flowers in the Attic, Garden of Shadows presents a series of horrifying events that make you want to cringe, yet entices you to read more. We learn how the grandmother, Olivia, met Malcolm and discover their marriage was more of a business arrangement than act of love and commitment. Malcolm makes it kno [...]

    18. This was the most twisted out of all of the books in the series! It follows the beginning of Flowers, coming from the Grandmother: Olivia's perspective. The book that explains why the grandmother was such an evil bitch, why did she resent the four Dollanganger children so much, why did Corrine seem like a huge chip on her shoulder! This is a spoiler free review but let me tell you, there's a twist. A twist I didn't see coming and when it happened, I was so bewildered. I couldn't stop reading aft [...]

    19. 3,5 estrellitas!!!Este último libro de la saga me ha gustado incluso más que otros, en este libro no había ninguna página que estuviera de más porque todo lo que la autora escribía era necesario para entender el porque de tanto odio. En cambio en sus otros libros como el segundo había páginas que me sobraban y sin ninguna información valida ni interesante.Gracias a Jardín sombrío he entendido todo el odio que tenía Olivia hacia sus nietos, por supuesto tanta maldad nunca prodria esta [...]

    20. Bu kitabı da GR'de keşfettim aslında. Ay bir kitap daha varmış ne ola ki diye baktım: Olivia. Bu kitabı bana kimse okutamaz. O pis cadalozun hayatını okuyup ona sempati felan duymam mümkün değil, zift sahnesini unutmadım. Bu seriden yeterince acı çektiğimi düşünüyorum, iyi ki o zamanlar keşfetmemişim.

    21. And it's done. I'm finally free of V.C. Andrews, hooray! I felt wrong leaving the series off without having read the last book, the prequel to Flowers in the Attic. Boy is this a doozy, and it's not a very good one, either. We have more incest, really perverted old men, megalomaniac fathers, slutty bubbleheaded women, and the towering monstrosity that is Olivia Foxworth, the steely grandmamma that is the main antagonist of most of the series.Oh Olivia. I don't know how V.C. wanted me to feel sym [...]

    22. This book is a prequel to "Flowers in the Attic". It reveals the hidden secrets between Olivia and Malcolm Foxworth which explains a lot about their actions in the rest of the series. Now knowing everything that Olivia went through I understand her hatred of beautiful women and her intense belief in God. God was the only thing she had to hold on to, since Malcolm treated her so badly and showed her no love. It really was a tragic story that continued the Dollanganger misfortune.The book comes fu [...]

    23. I finally finished Garden of Shadows, the fifth installment in the Dollanganger Family series. I had to get it from our local library. It is a prequel to the entire series and is probably the most disturbing. This novel is told from the evil grandmother, Olivia’s point of view and explains how she became the way she was when she imprisoned her four grandchildren for over three years. I found it very difficult to feel any sorrow for this heartless woman when she had everything in the world exce [...]

    24. I found the book somewhat more heart-wrenching than the others, but I seriously did not figure out who Olivia was until the middle, and then it all started to come together. Although some details are inconsistent with those from the other books, it was really interesting to see how it all began. Even though I think Alicia was supposed to annoy you a little, I kind of liked her, and I found her a really pitiful character too, especially when Garland died and she was at the mercy of Malcolm. I did [...]

    25. I have no bad things to say about this book whatsoever. It was nice to hear things from the grandmother's perspective, about how things were and how she became the type of person she is today.However, I find a lot of things she said conflicting with the first book from the Dollanganger series. In this book, Olivia seems to be, for the most part, very fond of Christopher and Corrine's relationship. In fact, she seems to embrace it most times. It's John Amos who mostly has a negative outlook on th [...]

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