De versierde bezemsteel

Een ouderwets, gezellig kinderfeestje eindigt dramatisch met een moord Hercule Poirot stuit op een aantal raadselachtige sterfgevallen en hij tracht alle stukjes van de puzzel op hun plaats te krijgen Tenslotte slaagt hij erin om de krankzinnige kindermoordenaar te ontmaskeren.
De versierde bezemsteel Een ouderwets gezellig kinderfeestje eindigt dramatisch met een moord Hercule Poirot stuit op een aantal raadselachtige sterfgevallen en hij tracht alle stukjes van de puzzel op hun plaats te krijgen

  • Title: De versierde bezemsteel
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9789021813400
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. ''The past is the father of the present.The ''crime'' writers who write like Christie are few. The ones who try to write mysteries similar to her own are non-existent. I may sound harsh, but those who struggle to imitate her should take a step back and reconsider. And why is that? Because she understood, embraced and elevated to a whole new level the implications of the past when facing the present. As horrible as a present situation may be, the roots of all evil lie in the deeds of the past. Th [...]

    2. I am a big fan of Agatha Christie. I love her writing and have read piles and piles of her books.So I feel a bit queasy when my first review of one of her books is panning it.But I can’t recommend this book to anyone—especially not to anyone who hasn’t read Agatha Christie before. You might get the impression that she is a hack, formulaic writer with cardboard characters who all spout the same dialog. You might read this book and think that Agatha Christie writes mysteries with predictable [...]

    3. While some of Agatha Christie’s mysteries remain immensely satisfying, there are a few that just don’t work, whether from cultural shift or a more experimental approach. I was worried when I picked up Hallowe’en Party; I had been operating with a suspicion that her best work was earlier in her extensive career. However, it wasn’t long before my concern was dismissed as I settled into an engrossing tale of Hercule Poirot investigating a murder at a Halloween party.Poor Joyce; thirteen and [...]

    4. Read for my IRL book club. Based on the publisher's blurb that Dame Agatha's sales are exceeded only by Shakespeare's and the Bible, my failure to appreciate what the entire reading world cherishes no doubt speaks to some dark blot on my soul.

    5. 3.5 stars!I had my hunches and finally figured out most of the mystery, with a 1/4 of the book left.It can happen friends but is very rare with AC books! It’s so rare, it’s kind of like seeing a yeti for the first time. 😂This was a fun book and an interesting ending.Not one of her best books but still highly entertaining.

    6. Choose Your Own Adventure!You are a truly annoying little girl. A busybody, a liar. Who can trust you? For the good of the community, a-bobbin' for apples you must go – like permanently. But death is not the end! From on high you witness the actions of a strange mustached man and his flighty authoress sidekick. Together they vow to avenge your murder and lay your lovely bones to rest. They believe in your tale of dastardly deeds and murder, the tale that brought you to such an untimely end; th [...]

    7. This is very much a later Christie novel – written in 1969 and virtually one of the last Poirot novels she wrote. Poirot is very much, like the author I suspect, feeling his age. We meet him bemoaning the fact that a friend is probably cancelling a visit and contemplating another dull evening, when he gets a call from his old friend, Mrs Ariadne Oliver. Mrs Oliver, a crime author, had been visiting a friend and helping with the organisation for a joint Halloween/11+ party for some children. Du [...]

    8. While helping to decorate for an upcoming HALLOWE'EN PARTY a contentious thirteen year old comments that she once witnessed a murder, but when no one believes her, she high-tails it for home, and only a few hours later, after the party, she is found drowned in the apple-bobbing tubhence another murder mystery to solve for ole Hercule Poirot with his manicured to perfection mustache, too tight patent leather shoes and never-ending search for the truth.Really enjoyed this one! (perhaps bc of the H [...]

    9. Joyce is a 13-year-old girl helping set up for a Halloween party. Amid the preparations, she brags about having witnessed a murder once. Most that hear her simply suppose that she is trying to impress Adriadne Oliver, a noted murder mystery author that is in attendance, so they pay litte mind to her. Joyce storms off only to be found dead in the library, by the bobbing-for-apples game later that evening. Its Mrs. Oliver that contacts Hercule Poirot. Poirot is ever as eager to pursue the case and [...]

    10. It is Autumn, this week there have been storm clouds in the sky and wind pulling leaves off branches. I am preparing for Halloween and hopefully a horde of trick or treaters who will be knocking on doors in the near future. In my preparation, I was also listening to Christie’s ‘Hallowe’en Party.’ It is a book I have not read by an author I consider an old friend – even if I never met her. Agatha Christie and her beloved Belgian Hercule Poirot are special to me. I watched the series wit [...]

    11. 3.5 stars Ariadane Oliver should really stop attending parties or planning any special events because once again Hercule Poiriot was needed. This time to try and solve the murder of a young girl that hours before her death claimed that she "had seen a murder once." Turns out this English village has more than a few missing people, forgers, accidents, and murderers. My head was spinning! I love the relationship between Olivier and Poiriot as they have these "downtime " moments in the midst of cri [...]

    12. “I hate water”—Ariadne Oliver, once rescued at sea by a friend.“I hate apples. I never want to see another apple again”—Ariadne OliverHallowe’en Party, Hercule Poirot #36, the second to last Poirot novel, published in 1969, and the second to last written, since Curtain was written in the forties, ready to publish when the end would finally come about (which didn’t happen for more than a quarter of a century later!). To say this is better than you’d expect is no compliment, of c [...]

    13. Rating: 4* of fiveAnother case of book and film reviews overlapping.The book is a hot mess and I'd give it 2.5 stars on its own merits. The entire plot is muddled and there are more loose ends than a fringed vest, but this isn't a surprise as Mrs. Christie was almost certainly suffering from dementia when she wrote this book. The cast is vast, their interconnections vague, and the motive for the murder was (while the same in both versions) significantly less well explained in the book.The filmed [...]

    14. 3.5Feeling a bit torn about this one. On one side I very much enjoyed this story with our Poirot doing his thing. The mystery was a good one, suitably horrible with the death of a child, and for once I got the identity of the killer (yippee - but not the exact motive).On the other however, I found the many references to this contemporary time quite jarring. I expected one type of vocabulary and got sometimes something quite different. I know that Christie carried on writing until her death in 19 [...]

    15. Knjiga je solidna, mada možda ne vrhunska, i kao i uvijek kod AC nepredvidljivo se krije unutar predvidljivog. Zabavno štivo, i još jedan ugodan susret s malim detektivom.

    16. I love reading mysteries because they really made my brain tick. They deliver more than a mindless hobby, which reading can sometimes be and really gear me up and make me alert for clues, suspects and provide with great satisfaction when I find myself on the right track. Having said that, Agatha Christie and her charming books fit that hunger to a tee, I find their slightly old fashioned approach so charming and alluring that I always finding myself craving them. She is still my favorite mystery [...]

    17. Here's some free advice: If you want to impress people at a party, choose some topic other than "when I was a kid I saw a murder but I didn't know it was a murder and I just figured it out and isn't it awful and aren't I clever."Cracking good mystery, what what. Halfway through I thought I had it figured out, but it turned out I had only about 5 percent of it right. You expect red herrings in any mystery novel, but this one had about two dozen. I was SO SURE the guy with the fake beard would tur [...]

    18. This one is better and more interesting than the previous Agatha Christie's mystery I had just read, the murder case is logically explained (really couldn't see (view spoiler)[the handsome guy and this woman are the murderers who killed off kids to hide the whereabouts of this other murdered victim of theirs (hide spoiler)]), but for some reason I just don't feel it is quite up to the 5 stars level. So 4 stars only.

    19. While preparing for the upcoming Hallowe’en Party, thirteen-year-old Joyce Reynolds begins boasting about a murder she claims to have been a witness to many years ago. The reason she gives for not coming forward sooner was she didn’t realize it was an actual murder until recently. For the most part, no one took much notice of her ramblings but someone apparently did. At the Hallowe’en Party, Joyce was found drowned in the apple-bobbing tub. The immediate reasoning for her own death seems t [...]

    20. My very first Agatha Christie And certainly not my last one either!Contrary to some reviewers, I quite enjoyed reading this Halloween murder mystery, and I finished it quite quickly too! If the beginning seemed a bit slow at times (and repetitive) I was entirely taken in from the middle of the book, on to the end. I literally HAD to finish the book and to confirm my theoriesI had figured out the murderer, sort of, but hadn't guessed all the details relating to the murder, etc. And you can't say [...]

    21. Another block buster from the queen of crime writing. Once again Poiroit teams up with Mrs. Oliver to solve a crime where the characters have a sinister past. Slowly and skillfully the ace detective unravels the plot. Compared to her other novels, this is relatively shorter but not short on thrill

    22. Dame Agatha Christie penned Hallowe’en Party quite late in her career; it was published in the United Kingdom late in 1969. Consequently, readers, more accustomed to mentions of absinthe than of L.S.D. and of manservants than of miniskirts, will find mentions of long-haired hippies and hipsters “wearing a rose-coloured velvet coat, mauve trouses and a kind of frilled shirting and other aspects of the swingin’ ’60s a bit jarring. Don’t let that put you off. Hallowe’en Party has the sa [...]

    23. My first Hercule Poirot novel—probably not the best one to start with, but still very enjoyable. Having enjoyed David Suchet’s portrayal of M. Poirot, I felt I had the basis of the character and was quite comfortable jumping in at number 36 (!) of the Poirot mysteries.I really enjoyed getting a contemporary look at the late 1960s in Britain in this novel—the young men with their sideburns and their fancy fashions! Plus, Dame Agatha is such an accurate observer of the human condition. She i [...]

    24. Reading Agatha Christie is like sinking into a La-Z Boy with a glass of sweet tea. Comforting regardless of the time or season. I habitually re-read her and often don't remember until I am halfway through the book that this is indeed a re-read. My first clue is that I "solve" the mystery too quickly!My favorite Christie's are those with enough clues that we the reader can actually solve the puzzle. This particular story does not fit that mold. Poirot has to jump to conclusions and access informa [...]

    25. It's always quite comforting to read a Poirot novel, as you always feel at home. There's a murder, plenty of suspects & some nice use of the little grey cells.Halloween Party ticks all the boxes for a quaint murder mystery, but I do find the time period strangely off putting. It was written, & is set, in the 1960s & references to this decade take me out of my usual Poirot comfort zone of the 1920s to the 1950s. Poirot, to me, seems oddly out of place in the 1960s & I don't know w [...]

    26. Oh, how I love this novel. I re-read it nearly every Hallowe'en. It is the last great novel that Christie wrote featuring Poirot; after this, he appeared in the not-so-good Elephants Can Remember, and then came the final Curtain (actually written many years earlier). It also features Mrs. Ariadne Oliver at her absolute best--one sees so much of Christie in her fictional avatar, especially her wonderful sense of humor. Mrs. Oliver is allowed to express many thoughts on the trials of writing myste [...]

    27. Mrs Ariadne Oliver visits her friend Poirot in an agitated state of mind. She has recently attended a Halloween Party given for children and teenagers. A shocking death occurs which sets the small village of Woodleigh Common on the defensive. Poirot finds that evidence is not easy to gather, neighbours are vague, evasive, curiously unsympathetic and self-involved.Published in 1969 this is a later novel by Christie. The changing times, both in society and in the criminal justice system, are often [...]

    28. Enjoyable, but not one of Agatha's best books. The solution felt weirdly detached from the mystery.

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