The Corset Diaries

No woman in her right mind would consent to wearing a corset for a month Especially a skinny challenged woman like Tessa But dreams of being debt free dance in her head at the offer of appearing in a reality TV show A Month in the Life of a Victorian Duke is about real people pretending to live on an English estate, circa 1879 And Tessa s leading man a real life DuNo woman in her right mind would consent to wearing a corset for a month Especially a skinny challenged woman like Tessa But dreams of being debt free dance in her head at the offer of appearing in a reality TV show A Month in the Life of a Victorian Duke is about real people pretending to live on an English estate, circa 1879 And Tessa s leading man a real life Duke is so handsome she can barely breathe, with or without the corset
The Corset Diaries No woman in her right mind would consent to wearing a corset for a month Especially a skinny challenged woman like Tessa But dreams of being debt free dance in her head at the offer of appearing in a

  • Title: The Corset Diaries
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. oh i really wanted to like this book. for starters i have found her aisling gray series to be really fun so far, but i just don't enjoy her straight up "romance" books and that is what this book is. the book started out rough and i had trouble staying focused between the historical nature of the setting and the thoroughly modern plots of her protagonist tessa. also her body issues get old - really quick. it got a bit better as an assortment of characters are introduced - but then really lost me [...]

    2. FUNNY! Loved this book. I have read every Katie MacAlister book I can get my hands on. Just love her writing style. Love that her lead characters are so relateable. In this book the lead character agrees to go on a reality show and it's just a hoot. I may have to reread this one again one of these days. Just thinking about all the crazy stuff that happens makes me smile.

    3. I picked up this book because the story idea seemed interesting, as did the idea of a plus sized heroine. While initially the story was intriguing, the story could have easily been 100 pages shorter. The story seemed to lag about mid-way through the book, and the author decided to fill the pages with sex. Other things that bugged me was the heroine's lack of self respect at times when it came to Max. Her whining about her weight eventually got old, especially when she kept complaining about it e [...]

    4. Well, I gave it a good go. Got to 50% but this is seriously one of the worst books that I have ever read in my entire life.

    5. I have one word for this book, shenanigans. It is one long string of crazy mishaps, tied together to vaguely resemble a plot. This has been my experience with two other MacAlister books (Noble Destiny and Noble Intentions). But neither of those was as poorly constructed as this one, which was trying way too hard to be funny, by having as many eccentric characters, and silly accidents as possible. The main character, Tessa your quintessential Mary Sue, is tiresome as well as overly self-deprecati [...]

    6. Ok, for my bookclub members who don't want to be spoiled before we meet next week, please stop reading now. For anyone else, please continue.(view spoiler)[I really wanted to like this book, as the premise of it sounded good and we chose it as our book club selection for erotica. Well there is definitely sex throughout the book, but it is not erotica at all. IMO erotica books start with sex scenes fairly quickly in the book. In listening to this book (I did audible) the first time the two MCs ki [...]

    7. This was a book-club read; I never would have picked it up on my own. It was supposed to be erotica, but, even though there is a lot of sex, it is really a romancea bad romance. It feels a little like the author couldn't decide which one she wanted to write and so she tried to do both, but failed miserably. The 2 stars is generous.The beginning is not so bad; although, the premise is a little silly. Tessa, an out-of-work genealogist (because THAT is a viable career), is chosen to be a "contestan [...]

    8. I think I may have pulled a muscle. In my throat. See, I was reading the book late at night, and something got particularly funny - so funny that under usual circumstances I would have been howling with laughter, only it was after midnight, and people were sleeping, so I settled for clutching my abdomen and wheezing in a rather animated manner.Such is the magic of Katie MacAlister's romance novel, The Corset Diaries, which had me from the time I read the cover. The front of the cover, which says [...]

    9. This author writes a lot of paranormal romance, but I REALLY like her writing style so I have read two of her straight up romances. I want to stress that I don't generally read straight up romances, but I will make the exception for MacAlister and for MaryJanice Davidson because I like their writing styles.This book is just flat out funny. The heroine likes to banter when having sex or foreplay and the dialog had me in stitches. The heroine is not your typical woman either. She's 39, 5'11" and a [...]

    10. I was being generous giving 2 starsterrible, terrible, terrible. Not realistic, no development of characters, main heroine is irritating and talks too much.

    11. The concept of this book really caught my attention. I enjoy historical romance and loved the premise of a modern day reality show where the participants lived like they did 125 years ago in Victorian England. Brilliant! Sadly, it just didn't work for me.I think if you read this book and think of it in terms of a screwball comedy, you may enjoy it. All the the characters are stereotypes and caricatures. The situations are bawdy and outrageous. Lots of jokes about farts and barfing. Oh yes, you r [...]

    12. The Corset Diaries could have been a lot better. Tessa is the main character. She is invited by a friend (who we never hear from again) to join a reality tv show and pretend to be from the Victorian Era. The concept was interesting, but it fell flat for me. More often than not, I was annoyed by Tessa. She never shuts up and sticks her nose in other people's business when she has met them not 10 minutes before. I found myself cringing several times at her almost rude behavior. Also, I did not fin [...]

    13. I DNF’d at and I quote “Max is a boob.” I just couldn’t I gave it a 1 star because I laughed at the beginning once. Then it gave me stress hives.

    14. The Corset Diaries has all trademarks of Katie MacAlister's style.What I Liked?+ Heroine does not have perfect body and is unsure in her appearance, but thanks to hero's support she gains her confidence.+ The idea of contemporary people reenacting Victorian way of life. + Heroine is blabbermouth (KMA's trademark.)+ Hero is a single parent.+ Cast of quirky side characters. (Another KMA's trademark.)What could have been better?- Hero is perfectly handsome. I would have liked him to be just an ordi [...]

    15. too bad the so called "reality" shows don't do things like in this very funny book about the filming of a ficticious one. This was a laugh out loud read for me. I especially enjoyedthe fact that the heroine was NOT 21, tall, thin, blond, tan, a genius and rich. This heroine is a little more based in what "most" of us women look like. You know, with a SHAPE that you can tell is not that of a boy in the final stages of malnourishment.I have enjoyed most of Katie's books since they were recommended [...]

    16. This was a very funny book! I did actually LOL. Have you seen those reality shows where a group of people pretend to go back in time and live the life 24/7 for a week or a month, such as Regency or Colonial or even Victorian times. This book starts with that premise and we get a peek at the behind the scenes action.Max, our pretend Duke, is actually descended from a Duke and Tessa, his American Duchess, is actually descended from one of the "Dollar Duchesses" from the late 1800's. They meet and [...]

    17. This book was really fun, with the right amount of mostly fluff that has a touch of depth. I really liked Tessa and Max, and the setting made the book a thousand times better. 4.3 stars. I wish there was another one.

    18. 2.5 - Having a hard time deciding if I should round up or down.I'll save my thoughts for book club ;)

    19. This was a very different kind of book. It's classified as chick-lit, which I'll admit I'm none too familiar with. It is a romance, but a very light hearted and funny one. I busted a gut laughing so many times throughout this book, but the sex scenes are not for the faint hearted. If you blush easily (or are under 18), skip this one. Most romances have some sex scenes. This book has ALOT of them, and they're steamy. They tie each other up, have (detailed!) oral sex, multiple positions, you name [...]

    20. This is the second book I have read from this author. The humor and tongue in cheek story makes her books very fast reading, but light hearted as well. Tessa is called by a friend that promises if she acted like a Duchess for a month on reality TV than she will make a lot of money. She finds herself crossing the Atlantic feeling apprehensive about her role. She isn’t the twig most would like, so she shutters at wearing a corset for a month. This is her journey through the month of mayhem, meet [...]

    21. Omg! I haven't laughed this much in too long. The corset diaries is the perfect book to cure a bout of depression, from the first diary entry the reader is guaranteed to have at the very least let a chuckle escape. The liquid diet, English barking spiders, Max's unfortunate ventriloquism, electroplasmic rain of herring! It's too precious! Ohh! And let's not forget the enfaces on tongues,and the subject of Victorian rakes! The relationship between Tessa and Max, it'szzling. Truly it's pure voyeur [...]

    22. An entertaining romance. I found the main character to be funny, ornery, and very realistic. It was a lot of fun 'watching' her struggle with being the lady of the house in a 'pretend' situation.For me, the end seemed a little contrived, but still hilarious. I found it very refreshing to have a sort of epilogue at the very end where she sums up the after effects of the show.I may re-read this in a year or two.A warning to the prudish - There is sex in this book. I know, Shocking to find it in a [...]

    23. I just couldn't get into this book. Perhaps it was because I had been reading quite a few of Katie MacAlister’s books lately or because this one is more straight up romance than the others I've been reading. I did like the main character and her wit and banter, but couldn't stand all the sex - sexual thoughts, acts, innuendos, they became overbearing - at least for me - and over shadowed the story. At one point I was like "wait, what's the story again, is there one?"Not giving up on KM books, [...]

    24. All I can say is OMG! This book was hilarious, I couldn't put it down for even one minute. The mystery behind who was trying to sabotage the show, I thought it may have been him but then decided it wouldn't be him and he turned out to be the culprit. (no spoilers here) I loved how the couple met in the oddest of circumstances but how love found a way. I love the entire story of living in a time period you didn't belong in, and then having to deal with all the servants who were never servants in [...]

    25. Very cute. The insanity in the end was a little too much, but the overall progression was nicely done for 1st person POV and diary format. The main character, Tessa is easy to like, even with her flaws and bad judgment. Max is absolutely 'nummy' with his overprotective tendencies. For a 12 year old, Melody was a little too childish, but not all bad. The entire cast was great fun.A light read, but its very entertaining. Even the sex scene was light hearted, despite the steamy dialogue.

    26. Karie MacAlister never fails to please me. I found this book to be an entertaining read filled with romance, passion and slapstick comedy. I had no trouble at all relating to the heroine Tessa. I found myself laughing throughout the whole thing, especially when it came time for her to put on her period dress. Her love interest Max is the typical male romance character that you want to just shake some sense into. All in all a great light read that is on my permanent shelf.

    27. This was an fun read. I could picture this as one of our PBS historical reality shows. Makes me want to get the BBC House Party just to see how difficult it was to do that project. The Heroine had some body issues but seriously size 18 and almost 6 feet I don't see that as being overly huge. But the hero was delicious and you could tell that he wanted her and for herself not for any other reason. Would definitely recommend for a nice quick beach read.

    28. This book was very funny. The overweight, down to earth heroine is a breath of fresh air. The concept of a reality show where people spend a month living as Victorians did, including the corset, inspires the author to write numerous humerous moments for the reader to enjoy. The wacky staff, the locals who try to dress up accordingly, and behind the scenes production problems, provide lots of entertaining situations. Three cheers for heroines who wear a size 18 and still get their man.

    29. Katie MacAlister writes another wonderfully addictive read, this time set in the "normal" world of reality TV. Once again our loveable and very relatable American heroine is thrust into English culture, this time reenacting the lives of those who would have lived in the English countryside manor one hundred years ago. Add a broody sexy Englishman, a houseful of intriguing characters and heart palpatations that sound like hoofbeats and you have The Corset Diaries.

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