Men in Kilts

At a mystery conference in Manchester, Katie Williams makes her move on a burly Scotsmand winds up falling in love before the night is over
Men in Kilts At a mystery conference in Manchester Katie Williams makes her move on a burly Scotsmand winds up falling in love before the night is over

  • Title: Men in Kilts
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This was one of those books where I had a stupid grin on my face for the majority of the time I spent reading it. I love Katie MacAlister's sense of humor and characters. This was a fun trip into modern Scotland, compared to the historicals I had read that also took place in Scotland.Even with the laughing out loud throughout the book, it surprisingly had a few teary eyed moments as well.Best part was the little glossary at the back of the book to help translate some of the expressions that the [...]

    2. Where to begin? Did I hate it or just really dislike it? One star? Why?Wow. I finished this yesterday and thought I'd give it a day to see if it grew on me any. Nope.Katie is a mystery novelist who travels to Scotland for a writer's convention. Since she's basically completely unknown to everybody this is a bit thin as a premise to begin with. There she meets Ian. Ian is a talk brooding Scot who doesn't say much. Katie falls instantly in love and has copious quantities of unsafe sex with the man [...]

    3. Oh boy. I'm not a fan of this book. I thought the premise was ok, but the execution of it was disappointing. I couldn't get past the irritating main character who acted like a ridiculous teenager even though she is a divorced 37 year old. What is it about the Scots? Why do we turn the men into 6'6" tall men who reduce women to babbling idiots? And trust me, Kathie (really? From an author named Katie?) is absolutely reduced to a babbling idiot who can't even act professional for the writers confe [...]

    4. I read this book because I've really enjoyed Katie's paranormal novels. I'm not generally into reading straight up romances. I will say that although this book was set in contemporary Scotland, it definitely didn't fit the straight up boy gets girl, boy loses girl formula. Then again, none of her books read as remotely formulaic. As usual the dialog is funny often during sex scenes. The villain is annoying, but it is still funny although I very much would have volunteered to slap her for Kathie. [...]

    5. After LOVING the Aisling Grey books I was looking forward to Men in Kilts (b/c honestly? Who doesn't love a hot Scot??) but I was really disappointed in this book. The heroine came across as whiney and there was no oomph to what plot there wasT Katie's best book

    6. I really enjoy Katie MacAlister's Dragon series so I thought I would give her contemporary romance a try. I find her mixture of humour and romance quite refreshing. I was glad to see I was correct with her romance, as well.A refreshing story on an American authors first trip to England where she falls madly and helplessly in love with a strapping Scots man. But meeting his family tends to be a bit on the disastrous side.All I can say is.why can't I get my ex-pat other half to wear a kilt for me? [...]

    7. I only made it to page 156 before I decided that life is too short to slog through a book this bad that doesn't even meet any challenge requirements.There are a number of reasons that I didn't like this book.One of them is my fault. I have been reading LOTS of books that involved mortal peril. There is danger and violence and someone is always either fighting for their lives, trying to escape evil or their soul is in very real danger. Everyone's love is proven at the tip of a blade. Strength (bo [...]

    8. Men in Kilts: A valiant EffortI did not get adequately through this book what so ever. I'm not going to make any asumptions about the rest of the book because i quit so early I couldn't accurately tell you. However, I can talk about what I did have the rather unpleasant opportunity of reading 2 things i liked about this novel 1. The Plot/description: Hot Scottish man and a woman with enough gumption to approach him! I love it. Its just the recipe for a good contemporary bit of fluff full of hot [...]

    9. Katie, I love you. A lot. So I'm going to be bluntly honest here. Men in Kilts is probably the one book you should have held back. It's like a really badly masked version of the author putting themselves into their own books.The main character is named Kathie and she's a writer who meets her dream guy, obsesses over him, valiantly makes the first move like we all want to, bonks his brains out and automatically falls in love with him. Then he invites her to stay at his house.I got about ten perce [...]

    10. I picked up this book thinking it would be a fun, light read about one of my favorite countries. What followed was probably one of the worst reading experiences I've ever had in my life. This book is unrepentantly terrible. I'm not kidding, it's truly awful. I've actually had to take a little time after finishing it just to collect my thoughts so I can feel like I'm shedding light on everything that was wrong with this seemingly normal romance book. In the end, I decided to just do bullet points [...]

    11. When I came across this book under contemporary romance I thought one thinghot Scotsman plus Katie MacAlister should be an automatic success. I was wrong. The writing in this novel is flawless in typical Katie fashion, the characters is were the whole enchilada falls apart. Kathie, the female lead, is a mystery author attending a conference across the pond. Suffering from an incorrigible case of jet lag she dons her finest and makes her way down the opening festivities. After having fallen aslee [...]

    12. Kathie is a mystery writer who is attending a conference in London where she meets Iain who is a Scottish sheep farmer. Turns out it is love at first sight but it is a long road to happily ever after.I read this one as part of a challenge and I was pleasantly surprised at the humor, there were parts where I genuinely laughed out loud. The other good thing was the setting, I have never thought about sheep farming or life in present day Scotland. As a romance novel it was a lot of passion I think [...]

    13. Trying hard to get through this book but the main character is insipid, immature and acts like she's 14 instead of 37. I got the book from the library because of the title, but so far the book has been very disappointing.Two days after she has sex with a hot highlander, she tells him she loves him, two weeks later she wants to talk marriage and this is all in the first 125 pages. (p.s. Is every gorgeous Scot 6 1/2 ft tall?)MacAlister seems to try too hard to be funny with the little asides we ge [...]

    14. I love Katie MacAlister's tone in her books. Funny and sexy and generally the main characters are relateable. I struggled a little with this character more than others of hers - but the book itself was so fun I felt it wasn't a big deal.

    15. Kathie William, a mystery fiction writer , heads to England for a writers conference. During the conference she meets up with the most handsome and enticing man she has ever met in her lonely life. Kathie has never been one to take physical attraction lightly, she will get emotionally involved. After sharing a passionate night with this enticing stranger, she knows that she wants to spend as much time with him as she possibly can, never knowing if it will last or not. At first Kathie assumes tha [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book. She wrote in a way that you could hear the Scottish Brogue as you read it and at the end, included a dictionary of Scottish terms!Mystery writer Kathie Williams firmly believes in rules when it comes to romance, and falling in love at first glance is not one of them. Yet somehow one look at Iain MacLaren and Kathie forgets the conference she’s attending to dream up ways to seduce the dishy Scotsman. She accepts a surprise dinner invitation from Iain, which leads to [...]

    17. Having read enough books by this author to believe I would enjoy one set in Scotland (on my short list of places I must visit before I die), I began this story with high hopes. Sadly, my hopes were dashed pretty quickly when I met the female lead and took an almost immediate dislike to her. This did not improve as I worked (and I DO mean "worked") my way through the book. From the moment she fell in lust with the male lead when she spotted him across a room, until the very last pages, she is eit [...]

    18. Humorous fun with a plot that is pure fantasy for any girl who loves Scotland and that mouth watering brogue! The heroine was the downside. Oh my goodness, she cried over everything! When someone said something rude, she sobbed. When she was embarrassed, she sobbed. When she was afraid she sobbed (could go on in finite um!) These were not just little trickle tears, either, they were air gulping drown your shirt gully whoppers! If not for her sense of humor, this book would have hit the (fire) wa [...]

    19. I was going to give the book two stars, but the second half was much less annoying and I enjoyed the ending. So three stars it is! I loved all of the characters, except the leading lady was hard to take. She was almost 40 but behaved like a 14 year old. Even her inner monologues were childish. I'm glad that I finished it though. I really liked the premise of the plot, even though the execution of it was silly and far fetched. A light hearted and fluff piece.

    20. super duper dumb, oh my. I like, of have liked MacAlister's glib voice in the past. Here it just seem vacuous to the point of pain. And there's no plot, and no conflict, at all. Ug. Heroine see hot guy, he thinks she's hot too, they have sex, they move in together, his family hates her, blah blah blah it hurts me even trying to remember the crap I skimmed in the most superficial manner possible.

    21. I truly hated this heroine. she was supposedly 37 and had been married, had a successful career, lived life etc but she exhibits the maturity level of a 13-year-old and it frustrated me though the whole book. Would not recommend if you like the females in the stories to have brains and be functional people.

    22. This book is not perfect--think humorous memoirish rather than romance novelish--but I love it anyway. It makes me smile, and have a happy glow.Plus, I really Kathie and Iain, both separately and together. Theirs is a relationship that feels true, and likely to last.

    23. It was a fun book about a farmer from Scotland, and a true to life scenario where things can be awesome and hard all at the same time. I loved that the characters did their best to be good humans, even still, the course of true love ne'er does run smooth.

    24. This was a really funny romance that had me laughing out loud many times while I was reading it. Despite its predictable outcome, the hilarious cultural misunderstandings were great.

    25. My #1 favorite book! It makes me laugh every time I read it, I love the characters, even the bitchy one, and the story is the perfect romance for me. Wish I could have my perfect man in kilt. -sigh-

    26. I'm sorry. Normally I'm a huge fan of Katie MacAlister and her characters, but the heroine in this one was just too much to take. She had the mentality of a prepubesant 13 yr old. No matter how much I enjoyed the other characters, I just couldn't get over her

    27. I work in a book store and this is one of my Staff Picks. I have brought it in especially so people will read it.Murder, mystery, hot men in fuzzy sweaters and kilts? ALL MY CATNIP.

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