1 thought on “Princess Ai: The Prism of Midnight Dawn, Volume 2”

  1. Guess I don't get to see the conclusion of this series. I would've been interested to see how this wraps up, but it looks like Tokyopop never released the final volume.Ah well, guess I'll make up my own ending somewhere.Not particularly exciting. I was more confused by this volume than anything, and the panels were a bit crowded and hard to follow.I liked the forest parts, though. Dark forests with illusions and all are definitely my style.

  2. Ai has been abducted by her uncle Kemo and his son Kaz, only to drain her of her blood for Tenketsu and then trade her off to the Fallen of the forbidden Black Forest.Having regained her strength, Ai escapes from the clutches of the Fallen, but it will be a long way before she may escape the Black Forest. Ai must overcome many trials and many beasts of the forest to make it out alive, but even when her voice can no longer save her life how will she survive?

  3. I didn't care for the dark direction this story was going in. Also, there was a noticeable difference in the artwork from the original trilogy to the new stories, and that totally threw me as I mostly use my original trilogy as drawing reference. Because they're gorgeous.

  4. SO! MAD! This series has been stalled! I want the third book! The second book has danger, adventure and laughs as Ai keeps it up with her amazing adventures, this time trapped in Ai-Land.

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