The Bumpy Little Pumpkin

This sweet Halloween companion to top seller THE BIGGEST, BEST SNOWMAN is now available in paperback All summer, Little Nell has tended the garden with BIG Mama, BIG Sarah, and BIG Lizzie, and finally the pumpkins are ready for Halloween Her sisters choose smooth, round pumpkins to carve, but Little Nell likes a bumpy little one best Sarah and Lizzie jeer, It s bumpy anThis sweet Halloween companion to top seller THE BIGGEST, BEST SNOWMAN is now available in paperback All summer, Little Nell has tended the garden with BIG Mama, BIG Sarah, and BIG Lizzie, and finally the pumpkins are ready for Halloween Her sisters choose smooth, round pumpkins to carve, but Little Nell likes a bumpy little one best Sarah and Lizzie jeer, It s bumpy and little and ugly But Little Nell perseveres With help from her animal friends, she scoops and carves it into a wonderful jack o lantern This sweet tale shows that jack o lanterns, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, and that BIG ideas and a BIG heart resound in even the smallest of us.
The Bumpy Little Pumpkin This sweet Halloween companion to top seller THE BIGGEST BEST SNOWMAN is now available in paperback All summer Little Nell has tended the garden with BIG Mama BIG Sarah and BIG Lizzie and finally

  • Title: The Bumpy Little Pumpkin
  • Author: Margery Cuyler
  • ISBN: 9780439528344
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Bumpy Little Pumpkin”

    1. Basically, a story of not judging by appearances and finding a connection with something, even if other people call it "ugly." Cute enough, but nothing really memorable here. Although, the part where the animals come to help the little girl carve her pumpkin is pretty cool! :-)

    2. I really, really did not care for the writing in this book. But some of the illustration spreads were pretty good, so I'm bumping our rating up one star. Also, I'm in principle in favor of the message not to judge based on appearances, and following your heart, but the insistence on "ugly" was a bit of an overkill for us. In fact, I didn't think the story was conveying only good messages, on the contrary. And, unless the book is intended for emerging readers, the writing is overly infantile and [...]

    3. Sometimes, a sequel doesn't tread too far from the original. When Ghostbusters 2 came out, it felt like a retread at the core. Same ominous cloud special effects. Same governmental intervention. Same evil, with hordes of ghosts unleashed upon New York City. And at the time, it felt like a shallow imitation with cheap laughs in the place of originality, pandering with overuse of Slimer and Rick Moranis.At first, The Bumpy Little Pumpkin felt like we weren't going to venture too far from The Bigge [...]

    4. Little Nell learns that pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, and they are each unique and wonderful in their own way.•I like the overall message of this book. Even though the pumpkin Nell chose was small and bumpy and ugly to her sisters, to her it was perfect! I'm still not one hundred percent sure why Nell needed forest friends to help her carve the bumpy little pumpkin. It seemed very Disney fairytale-esk and a little random, but whatever. It was cute.

    5. Halloween story we've had to read every night to our daughter since checking it out from the library. Bugs me that Little Nell's friends Reindeer and Bear Cub actually help with the pumpkin but all her friend Hare does is ask the birds to come help. Why don't the birds get the credit and just eliminate the rabbit from the story? All of this being said, this is one of the better Halloween stories I've seen so far. The girl gets to pick out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and carves it with frien [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book. The message in this book is that it doesn't matter what something or someone looks like on the outside, someone will find the beauty in them. I also believe that it would be a great book to read during Halloween or fall and could be used as inspiration for many different classroom activities. For example, students could be instructed to create their version of a "perfect" jack o' lantern using colored construction paper. Then they can take turns explaining what makes [...]

    7. "The Bumpy Little Pumpkin" is a book that I read with my reading buddy. She loves the fall and pumpkins and thought this book seemed interesting. I really liked it because it had a great message. Little Nell chooses a little, bumpy, odd shaped pumpkin to carve and everyone makes fun of her for it. However, once it is carved, it looks great! The illustrations are colorful and fun, and I think that children will be entertained throughout the entire story. This would be great for lower elementary s [...]

    8. This is a story about Little Nell who goes to pick a pumpkin with her sisters from their BIG pumpkin patch. Nell decides to pick a small bumpy pumpkin and her sisters make fun of her choice. However the animals come to cheer her up and tell her that it is wonderful. They help her carve her pumpkin and then she brings it to her mom who tells her it is wonderful and that pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes. This is a really sweet story and it also gives a good message to kids that not everyone i [...]

    9. Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand and written by Margary Cuyler - The Bumpy Little Pumpkin is a perfect holiday story for Halloween. It follows Little Nell who has found the perfect pumpkin to make a jack-o'-lantern. It's bumpy and little and lumpy but her big sisters say its too small and ugly. With help from her friends Nell shows them that big ideas sometimes come in small packages — bumps and all.Grade level-KGrade level- 2.5Lexile-670LGuided Reading-J

    10. I don't know why you'd use the word hare in a book for K-1. I mean really, have you actually ever heard anyone say the word hare instead of rabbit or bunny? Me neither. Strange choice. Spoiler alert--the hare doesn't even help with the pumpkin. Whatcha doing, hare? You have to say BIG a few too many times, but otherwise, yeah, the little kiddos (K-1) are going to like it. 3* for me, 4* for them.

    11. Cute story about three sisters who go looking for their 'perfect pumpkins' and the littlest sister who falls in love with a pumpkin that her sisters don't like. However, once it is carved into a jack-o-lantern, it's just as perfect as the other pumpkins. It's a good story about teaching kids to value others' opinions and sticking up for your own opinion. Good Halloween book!

    12. All summer, Little Nell has tended the garden with BIG Mama, BIG Sarah, and BIG Lizzie, and finally the pumpkins are ready for Halloween. Her sisters choose smooth, round pumpkins to carve, but Little Nell likes a bumpy little one best. Sarah and Lizzie jeer, "It's bumpy and little and ugly!" But Little Nell perseveres. With help from her animal friends, she scoops and car.

    13. I have to admit it--I thought the bumpy little pumpkin was cute. The story? It was okay. When the animals came onto the scene I was a bit surprised. But I liked seeing them help her with her pumpkin. I liked the sisters' personalities coming out and the mother accepting them all in many ways. Good for PreK, but not K-4.

    14. Little Nell chooses a pumpkin that everyone else disparages by saying it's too little, too ugly, and too bumpy. With help from her animals friends, it makes a great jack-o-lantern. Favorite quote: "Jack-o'-lanterns come in all shapes and sizes!" A relevant Halloween read aloud with a gentle message about appreciating the unusual.

    15. I think that this book is especially great for kids that are feeling "different" because of their looks. Throughout the book we learn that the small, bumpy pumpkin is just as beautiful as the big "perfect" looking pumpkins. The book also teaches about teamwork and giving encouragement.

    16. Great book to read on Halloween. It will teach children that they should follow their hearts and not listen to others teasing them because even a bumpy pumpkin can make a great jack o lantern.

    17. Nice story about pumpkin hunting, and loving the one that isn't the favorite. Gets a little weird when the woodland animals suddenly arrive to help carve.

    18. Cute story and illustrations about people (and pumpkins) in all shapes and sizesemes: Halloween, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, selfconfidence, sisters

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