Stefano przepad bez ladu Elena postanawia za wszelk cen odnale ukochanego Damon twierdzi, e zabi znienawidzonego brata, jednak Elena czuje, e to nieprawda Tym bardziej e jej przyjaci ka, kt ra ma dar jasnowidzenia, widzi Stefano uwi zionego w jakim strasznym miejscu
Walka Stefano przepad bez ladu Elena postanawia za wszelk cen odnale ukochanego Damon twierdzi e zabi znienawidzonego brata jednak Elena czuje e to nieprawda Tym bardziej e jej przyjaci ka kt ra ma dar

  • Title: Walka
  • Author: L.J. Smith Edyta Jaczewska
  • ISBN: 9788324134632
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This second book of the Vampire Diaries series picks up exactly where the first book ended. Stefan is missing, and Elena confronts Damon by her choosing. We see a lot more of Damon in this books and he gets close to classmates and family members, drawing ever closer to her. Bonnie's abilities get showcased more in this book as well. This story also focuses more on Elena's missing diary.The pace of this book seemed a bit faster to me, which I liked. we also get to know the minor characters, Matt, [...]

    2. Like many people, I read this because I loved the TV show. To anybody else who has this idea, I say this: really, truly, don't waste your time. Even if you love the characters. The TV show has created lovely characters and the book just doesn't have them.This second book was better than the first. Had to be, since pretty much nothing happened in the first. Of course, the main character still carries a sense of petulance with her like a shadow, for no good reason. Damon is un-redeemably evil and [...]

    3. I did a book report on this volume in 7th grade. I made a movie poster on fluorescent orange poster board. My cast was horrible, because I was limited to cutting pictures out of magazines. So Stefan was Leonardo DiCaprio, because I obviously hated Stefan enough to foist this casting decision on him. Elena was Alicia Silverstone because she was the only blonde I could find, and Damon was Skeet Ulrich because he was so hot in Scream.Anyway, it's a super ugly poster (I still have it), but I got an [...]

    4. Better than the first bookhad more going on in the story. So it's obviously a bit better since pretty much nothing happened in the 1st book lol. But still overrated and the characters are still shallow and unlikable. I didn't think it was possible to dislike every single character in a bookbut then I read the Vampire Diaries😝 Actually Matt and Meredith are a bit better than the rest but the fact that they are Elena's friends makes me dislike them. 🤧

    5. I want my YA goggles back! Iwant my YA heroines to be strong and independent. I want my heroes not to be creepy. What ever happened to strong and independent heroines/heroes? Why on earth has this story come to revolve around a murderous set and I don't mean the vampires!I really don't like the heroine here. But to be fair, I really don't like the "heroes" either. Stefan is whiny! Damon is creepy. Elena is a self centered spoiled princess. Who could blame Caroline for feeling threatend by her? A [...]

    6. The Struggle- The Vampire Diaries #2I enjoyed this book, Elena was much more fun to read about this time, as opposed to the first book where she was quite stuck-up. I still don't really feel connected to either Stefan or Damon in this series so far unfortunately, but I do enjoy Meredith and Bonnie, they're a great support system for Elena.The love aspect between Stefan and Elena is staged to be so powerful and 'end all' by the author, but I feel as if they don't even really talk much at all thro [...]

    7. pre-readalready own it on my kindle. Might as well read it. after reading:it's so bad. SOOOO BAD. but also kind of great??? like you know where there are books that are so bad you hate them more than anything, but then there are books that are so bad they are good?I mean this book was written in what? 92? Something about that just makes me excuse how bad it is. We are clearly in the high point of YA literature now (although hopefully it will continue to get better) so everything that kind of cam [...]

    8. This book was better than the first. It seems to be the true starting point in the series, and I really wish L.J. Smith would have combined the first and second books.

    9. By the time I got to the second book I was really hooked, like I've said in my previous review (of book #1) it's very different to the tv series but that doesn't really effect anything now that I'm used to this 'version'. Again this isn't the longest of books but there's still quite a lot of stuff packed into the chapters.I thought the ending was reallydramatic, I'm not quite sure if that's the right word, but I'll get to that later.For those of you who haven't read the book: Elena has now found [...]

    10. Done in one sitting. I love an easy read, this one was a bit better than the first, more exciting but I can't stand how clingy Elena is and how much she's already in love with Stefan, I don't believe it 😂

    11. This was an excellent sequel, I love the bad guy! Why is it always like that, I kind of understand Bonnie for thinking it would be a nice death, especially since after the initial pain of being bitten you feel some kind of calm or ecstasy. Why did Damon end up helping Elena and Stefan after all, he kind of hesitated after Elena told him it wasn’t for his own pleasure, could it be he really doesn’t want to see his brother in trouble. I could just imagine Damon’s face when he saw Katherine [...]

    12. Elena becomes less likeable as she gains the man of her dreams and starts shutting out everyone in her life that cares about her. What's up with that? Will I ever read a book about a girl involved with a vampire in a HEALTHY way? Though at least Stefan seems to want her to be with her friends. It's only Elena who's being the stupid one. Then add in Damon and Elena's stupidity knows no bounds.The lesson that comes from this book? I'd say something along the lines of - if things are troubling you [...]

    13. I'd pretty much given up on the series after the first book,The Awakening. But I was interested to give the series another try after hearing one of my friends gush on and on about the TV series.I re-read The Awakening and continued with The Struggle.The book picks up where the first book left off. In the second novella of the first volume, what follows is a fight for Elena's affections and indeed her soul as Stefan's older brother is unmasked as the real culprit behind the horrible attacks and t [...]

    14. One word to describe this book: EPIC. A HUGE improvement on The Awakening, because it deals with Damon increasing his reign over Fell's Church and over Elena's life. He's creepy as hell, totally dangerous, and really kept me reading on. I wasnt sure how I felt about Damon at the end of the first book, but now I'm hooked. Elena's changed a whole lot since The Awakening, and is no longer catty and obsessed by pathetic and petty high school things. Though that's not to say that everybody else feels [...]

    15. I bought the second book because I had a few points in my local bookshop and I could pick one book,so I chose this one. I regret nothing.When I first read the first one, I was in a big dilemma, because I wanted to know how the story actually was but I constantly felt more attracted to the characters in the show, which is the version I knew first. In the book everything is really different from the show, even though it has the same events, twisted and at different times; but everything has a diff [...]

    16. My reaction when I finished reading this: What the fuck did I just read? Okay, so I might have misled even myself with the rating I gave to the first book, 3 stars. This one was an utter waste of time, absolute trash, and pointless. It was a struggle reading this, even though it was pretty short. I thought reading the books would give me a better insight and help me understand the TV show better (which I stopped liking after the first two seasons), but it didn't. This book has less story than a [...]

    17. I loved this book simply because I think Damon is SO.DAMN.HOT!!![image error]DAMON, COULD YOU PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR AND BITE ME???!!!! I'm a sucker for bad boys. hahaI don't care how creepy he is. I just love him and I also like his enthusiasm.LOVED THIS BOOK! :) but not liking Stefan that much.The only thing I hate was the ending. Why does it have to happen to Elena????? On the bright side maybe it happened to her so she could stop being too weak.Can't wait to read The Fury to find out.

    18. Тотално разочарована съм от книгата и бих й дала дори 1 звезда, ако не беше фактът, че все пак някои черти на героите са правдоподобни и си пасват с изградения им образ. Честно казано, може би ги сравнявам с тези в сериала, но тук изобщо не са ми симпатични. Ще продължа да чета п [...]

    19. وفي نهاية الرواية ماتت الينا لتعود كـ مصاصة دماء وكالعادة لم نتفق انا ودامون وستيفان ساحر وطبعا ملك قلبي تايلر الذي لا أطيقه في المسلسل ظلَ على حاله "بعض الأشخاص لا يتغيرون "أما كارولين يسيطر عليها حقد غريب تجاه الينا وأنانية مفرطة لم أفهم سببهاكثيرة هي الاختلافات بينه وبين [...]

    20. Elena only lasted two books before dying, carelsessness in my opinion, I hope Vapirism will make her slightly less annoying (although i find it unlikely)

    21. This series is getting really exciting and i am eager to see where it will lead.The book was fast paced and I really loved it. Can't wait to read the next book.

    22. Μου άρεσε αρκετά. Πολύ μυστήριο και πολύ δράση, διαβάζεται πανέυκολα και ευχάριστα.

    23. In this second instalment and after the shocking revelations of The Awakening, Elena will realise that there's something far more dangerous than falling in love with a vampire.How will she feel and which path will she choose once she will find out that the two brothers -and the same woman's lovers all those centuries ago- are keeping their hate alive, while fighting to win her heart?Stefan is struggling to contain his passion, but Damon is mercilessThe Struggle is the terrifying story of the t [...]

    24. From a fan of both the novels and the television show it inspired, I have to say, this is probably my favorite of the book series. My favorite season of the show is probably 2 and 3 and maybe 4.The book is pretty much Twilight's big brother, although it does better in the areas where Twilight fails: it has character development and compelling storylines (NPI). The character of Damon begins to go from total villain to total antihero, as he continues his conquest of the captivating Elena Gilbert. [...]

    25. 2 stars could honestly be me being kind. I didn't really care for the first one. I thought it was slow and boring and the writing was just bleh, but I always hope that things get better, especially when it comes to books. Unfortunately, this one didn't fall into that category for me. From what I remember of the first one, this one seemed to have a lot more going on, but I was left there wondering, more often than not, am I really supposed to care? Elena was determined to protect Stefan from Damo [...]

    26. It was a pretty good read. I don't think it was great. I might be suffering a major jading having seen all the seasons of the show. I am thinking how my perception of the characters from the show might be affecting my reading. Regardless, I did enjoy the book. I found it well written and plenty of action. I wasn't blown away, but it was a good read and has me wanting to read the next one. One advantage is the book is different from the show. It also ending in a cliffhanger, so I am wanting more. [...]

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