Pet Shop Lullaby

Who s making all that noise at night It s nighttime in the pet shop and all the animals are asleep.Squeak.All the animals except for one.Squeak.One that can t sleep at night.Squeak.Who s keeping everyone awake in the pet shop Squeak, squeak, squeak.Turn on the lights and find out Squeak.
Pet Shop Lullaby Who s making all that noise at night It s nighttime in the pet shop and all the animals are asleep Squeak All the animals except for one Squeak One that can t sleep at night Squeak Who s keeping every

  • Title: Pet Shop Lullaby
  • Author: Mary Ann Fraser
  • ISBN: 9781590786185
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Pet Shop Lullaby is a must read for all lovers of cute, fuzzy animals. In this story, the owners of a pet shop close the store for the evening, leaving all of the animals in the dark to get a good night’s sleep. The animals in the pet store quickly learn that not all animals sleep at night time. The pet shop hamster is keeping everyone awake with his squeaking and nibbling! The other animals take turns trying different ways of getting the hamster to go to sleep. They give the hamster a bubble [...]

    2. The problems one little hamster can cause in a pet shop! Hamsters are nocturnal. That means they stay up all night and sleep all day. (Like owls.) Most of the other animals in the pet shop (cat, dog, mouse, rabbit, guinea pig) are diurnal. They are like you and me--they sleep at night. These animals put their heads together and put the hamster to sleep. They go through several bedtime rituals (teeth brushing, story reading). Finally, the hamster is asleep!What I thought: Lovely! The story is gre [...]

    3. The entire pet store is awakened by one small hamster who can't sleep. All of the animals take turns doing everything they can think of to put him to sleep - they give him a bath and tell him a story and tuck him in. Of course by then it is morning and now all of the sounds of the pet store keep him awake. There are lots of great read aloud sounds and wonderful pictures. Be sure and look at all the details!

    4. There aren't a lot of words in this one, so for storytime I kind of had to pad it out a little, but the kids seemed to enjoy it fairly well. It's definitely not the best book out there with this general storyline (animal that sleeps during the day keeps all the animals that sleep at night awake), but for a storytime about guinea pigs, it worked well enough. And the illustrations are really cute

    5. Sweet bedtime (or anytime) story! The petshop animals can't get hamster to stop his nibbling and munching so they can sleep in quiet. So they try some simple techniques (bath, toothbrushing, lullaby, bedtime story, tucking in) to help him. Very simple story but could easily be used in a first grade class to talk about nocturnal animals.

    6. Cute. Hamster keeping everyone awake in the pet shop - even the cat (weird since cats usually are prowling around at night). The going to bed theme is strong here even though it is contrary to the nature of the hamster.

    7. Using minimal text allows this story to be terrific. What if you were a hamster living in the pet store and couldn't sleep at night?The other pet store residents just might have some very workable ideas to help you get to sleep. A charming twist on bedtime rituals.

    8. Cute story about the pet shop hamster who--as a hamster does--stays awake at night to the despair of the other pet shop creatures. Children will enjoy seeing the hamster go through a typical bedtime routine courtesy of the other animals.

    9. Read this a few months ago. Interesting but didn't wow me. Young children who love animals will enjoy it. Parents will relate to the challenge of getting a little one to sleep when they want to be up.

    10. Bedtime story set in a fantasy pet shop. The illustrations and story are cute, but humane-minded parents who are aware of the unpleasantness behindmany real-world pet shops may want to choose something different.

    11. A very cute book with little text about nightime at the petshop when most of the animals want to sleep except one that wants to stay up and play.

    12. The hamster stays awake at night, upsetting everyone else in the pet shop. All the other animals try everything they can think of to put his to sleep without success.

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