The Trap

A gripping wilderness adventure and survival story It was getting colder Johnny pulled the fur lined hood of his parka over his head and walked towards his own cabin with the sound of snow crunching beneath his boots He should be back tomorrow, he thought, as a star raced across the sky just below the North Star He should be back tomorrow for sure Seventeen year oldA gripping wilderness adventure and survival story It was getting colder Johnny pulled the fur lined hood of his parka over his head and walked towards his own cabin with the sound of snow crunching beneath his boots He should be back tomorrow, he thought, as a star raced across the sky just below the North Star He should be back tomorrow for sure Seventeen year old Johnny Least Weasel knows that his grandfather Albert is a stubborn old man and won t stop checking his own traplines even though other men his age stopped doing so years ago But Albert Least Weasel has been running traplines in the Alaskan wilderness alone for the past sixty years Nothing has ever gone wrong on the trail he knows so well.When Albert doesn t come back from checking his traps, with the temperature steadily plummeting, Johnny must decide quickly whether to trust his grandfather or his own instincts.Written in alternating chapters that relate the parallel stories of Johnny and his grandfather, this novel poignantly addresses the hardships of life in the far north, suggesting that the most dangerous traps need not be made of steel.
The Trap A gripping wilderness adventure and survival story It was getting colder Johnny pulled the fur lined hood of his parka over his head and walked towards his own cabin with the sound of snow crunching b

  • Title: The Trap
  • Author: John E. Smelcer
  • ISBN: 9780805079395
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I was looking for a quick read in between other books. Normally I would not have picked up this book. But I'm glad that I did. Grab yourself a blanket because just the words can make you feel cold! It was a really good book with very interesting facts about a life I would never normally question.

    2. "The Trap" is about seventeen year old Johnny Least-Weasel and his pursuit to save his grandfather from "the trap" itself. It switches narrative from Johnny to Albert (his grandfther) and tells a story of fast-paced action and the survival skills neccesary to survive in below freezing temperatures.I would NOT reccomend this book to younger children, although the length of the book might make it seem that it is meant for that age group. Some parts of the book were pretty gruesome, escpecially tow [...]

    3. This book takes place in two perspectives, one is the 17-year-old Johnny Least-Weasel; the other, his grandfather, Albert. Johnny knows that his grandfather, Albert, is stubborn and will go check his traps until he dies. One day Albert is checking his traps, nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Then Snap he look down and saw that his foot is caught in a bear trap. At first he's laughing, then he realizes that he can't get out of it, and he is just barely out of reach of all his stuff he nee [...]

    4. Have you ever read a book that got you so interesting and made you want to keep reading especially if you like the outdoors?This book might be one. "The Trap" shows you different kinds of snow and different survival skills for the wilderness. This book was really good. The point of view is first person, but switches characters for example Johnny tells a part of the story then his Grandfather continues telling what happened. I would say the conflict is person vs. nature because of Johnny's grandf [...]

    5. A very powerful book that makes you think about life. The imagery was so powerful I had to mark sections to re-read. I went to the authors website and found out more about him. I'll bet my brother-in-law knows him or of him. Our paths may have crossed since he went to UAF. He has done so much with his life and has really lived his life. He has also helped many people preserve their culture. I also found that he writes from personal experience of his own or of his relativesIn brief: A grandfather [...]

    6. I really liked the book "The Trap". I could relate to this book book very well because his dog died and I lost two recently. The book is a good and quick read. When i would start to read it i did not want to put it down.In the book a boy named Albert Least Weasel who lives in an Indian village is struggling with a choice he has to make. The choice is that he can either go find and help his grandfather who has been in the the harsh Alaskan winter or he can just for him to return. Albert who is on [...]

    7. A quick 3 hour read. I hate unhappy endingsI know, I am a sucker.but I want to know that everything ends happily ever after. Still, you need to read this. I am sure Smelcer did not do his research.we do not call snowmobiles snowmobilesevery time he referenced this I cringed (which is a lot)rryI can't give it more than a 2.5 at most. Nevermind that I hate unhappy endings. Dang it! I did picture my friends in the village of Hughesa river that is a lifeline, remote from everything, united as a grou [...]

    8. Spare, lyrical writing (a discussion group described it as "man pretty"). An old Indian man is trapped in his own bear trap in winter in a harsh northern land, and his 19-year-old grandson eventually searches for him. I liked it, and some teens might enjoy it, but I don't think it's truly a teen novel (whatever that is). Chalk another one up to publishers trying to cash in on the only growing segment of the industry.

    9. Short, wonderfully haunting and descriptive book that really conveys the stark and barren subject matter of the Alaskan north well. While the book itself is short, it's not light reading in the least (IMO), but is a fantastically written book that will really stick with you. I'm glad I picked this up.

    10. Don't read this book if you are cold already. This is definitely NOT light reading. Think The Old Man and the Sea.

    11. This book was a good book because you didn't know what was going to happen.And it didn't leave you hanging .

    12. The TrapBrad Featherston12/03/17English 12-1Author’s Background- The author of The Trap is John Smelcer. Smelcer was the son of an Alaskan Native from the Ahtna tribe. All his life his father taught him the ways of the indians. His father especially taught him how to hunt and fish and how to live off the land.Literary Time Period- The Trap in written in current times. Setting- The Trap takes place in the harsh Alaskan wilderness. Characters- Albert Least-Weasel is an elderly man and very stubb [...]

    13. I am currently about three quarters way through the book The Trap. Let me start off by saying this has not been my favorite read. But having read a good chunk of the book I can lead you to whether you may like it or not. This book is great for anyone who is interested in the outdoors but not for anyone who has a passion for the outdoors.This is not a good book if you are an outdoorsman looking for a more realistic conflict. This book revolves around an older man named albert that is out on his t [...]

    14. Johnny is worried about his grandfather, who should have back from checking his trap lines. One of the traps has snared something big: Johnny's grandfather. The story alternates between the two--the grandfather struggling to stay warm and fight off predators in the dark Alaskan cold; his grandson worried about him but listening to elders telling him that his grandfather will be back very soon. The story was engrossing and I kept turning pages to find out what would happen, but I never got the pa [...]

    15. What a beautifully written and compelling read. Set in an Athabaskan community located in the harsh Alaskan wilderness, The Trap alternates chapters between Johnny Least-Weasel and his grandfather, Albert. When Albert doesn’t return from checking his traplines, Johnny must decide if he should go searching for his stubborn grandfather. I normally wouldn’t have picked up a book like this, but Ray Bradbury’s praise on the front cover caught my eye. I love, not only the parallel stories of Joh [...]

    16. A quick, COLD read that will make you shiver and reach back for more. It doesn't read like most YA books, but I certainly wouldn't call it adult. It's an adult matter wrapped up in YA language. Either way, I, as an adult, adored the story and could get over the less than eloquent writing at times for the overall stellar plot and characters. It's definitely worth a read.

    17. I gave it three stars because it wasn't about what I thought it was about. I liked it because it was kind of about hunting. It was not about my kind of hunting. I like hunting and fishing. I would tell you to read it if you like hunting and survial books

    18. Good read. Little dialogue but didn't need anymore than it has. Should read even if it isn't your kind of book.

    19. Great for lower readers looking for a high interest, high impact book. The characters are richly drawn and powerful.

    20. This novel is about an old man who is on his way home from a hunting trip and accidentally gets his leg caught in one of this own traps. It accounts his struggle to survive and his grandson's journey to rescue his grandfather. This story is set in an Alaskan winter, adding to the threat of the grandfather's life and also the worry of Johnny back at the village.As far as a survival story goes, this novel wasn't very captivating. Although the level of danger to the grandfather, Arthur, was quite h [...]

    21. I rated this 5/5 because after I read the book, my heart fell into pieces and I held the book like it was some kind of stuff toy on my chest, as I cry myself to ease the pain away. I thought it was another one of them unrecognized books that would bore me as because I got this at a thrift bookstore and I just bought it because of the nice plot it got on the paper cover, but to my surprise I love it. Some elements of my book tastes were there. Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Beast, Man to Son relationshi [...]

    22. The TrapThe Trap relates the story of an elderly native man named Albert Least-Weasel and his grandson, Johnny Least-Weasel. Albert is out in the Alaskan wilderness checking his traplines. When he doesn’t return on time and the temperature drops, Johnny and Albert’s wife begin to worry about the old man. Johnny believes he should go out and look for his grandfather, but others in the community advise him against this action, suggesting that his Grandfather is fine because he knows what he is [...]

    23. When I heard that John Smelcer was the last speaking member of his nation, the Ahtna First Nation, I just had to read this book. The story follows seventeen-year-old Johnny Least-Weasel as he worries about his grandfather, Albert, who does not return from his trap line when a storm rolls through Alaska. This novel is epic in theme and an unforgettable read. Completely heartbreaking. I wrote to Mr. Smelcer, to see if it was true that he was the last speaking member of his Nation and to praise him [...]

    24. I randomly pulled this off the YA shelf in the library to entertain myself while my son was playing in the children's area, and I ended up taking it home with me to finish. (Sidenote: It was fun to choose a book this way -- I don't often do it any more. I'd never heard of it, but liked the title, the cover, the premise, and there was a nice blurb from Bradbury on the front.)Initially, it felt like something we might have been assigned to read in about sixth grade. Simple language, beautiful desc [...]

    25. I think this is more of a class novel or literature circle book than an independent reading book for kids. It's good, but I think it might go over the head of a lot of middle school readers without some structure for figuring it out.It's the story of John Least-Weasel and his grandfather. Johnny's grandfather is caught in a trap while working on his trapline in Alaska. They're Indians, so Grandfather is very capable of survival in the wilderness, but when he's trapped in his own trap even a few [...]

    26. More like 3.5 or 3.8 stars.Told from alternating points of view - Albert Least-Weasel, an elderly Native American who has been caught by one of his own traps out in the polar wilderness and Johnny Least-Weasel, Albert's grandson who is worried when his grandfather doesn't return as expected. The juxtapostion of past and present is very evident in this story - as he waits for rescue, Albert remembers his life living the traditional ways, and as Johnny decides whether or not a rescue party is nece [...]

    27. I was not sure what to expect when I picked this book. I have always had an interest in Native Americans and Alaska. This book was great giving details about both. Albert Least-Weasel, the grandpa goes out to check his animal traps in the cold(-30 degrees) Alaskan wilderness when he ends up getting stuck in his own trap. He then goes into survival mode to live day and night in the harsh environment with very little supplies.The other point of view of the story is Johnny, the grandson. He is 17 a [...]

    28. This book will appeal to many teens. The main reason may be in the way it is written from the views of two different characters. One whom is worried about his grandfather, and one who is trapped. The writing style was fun to read. To go with this, there is the element of survival. Many teens enjoy being taken out to the wilderness when they read, far away from their normal city or suburb life. Hopefully teens will also remember how education is shown to be important. Finally, learning about Nati [...]

    29. This story takes place in northern Alaska, where in the winter the temperature can drop to 65 degrees below zero. The author tells the story of Johnny Least-Weasel and his grandfather and the dangers of living in such a frozen world. This is a place where food is flown in on a bush plane or you hunt for it. Johnny's grandfather likes to hunt, but when his grandfather does not come home when expected, he begin to worry that something is wrong. Johnny does not know whether to trust his grandfather [...]

    30. Johnny Least-Weasel worries about his grandfather Albert Least-Weasel checking his trap lines because most men his age don’t any more. One day Albert runs his trap lines but never comes home that night. When Albert was checking his traps, he accidentally shut in a bear trap that closed on his leg. He tried to pry it open, but he couldn’t muster enough strength to get his leg out. The weather started to get worse and worse, and the temperature kept dropping. He tried to chisel the stake out o [...]

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