Superman in the Forties

The latest in DC s decade by decade celebration of the best stories featuring the Man of Steel collects stories from ACTION COMICS 1, 2, 14, 23, 64, 93, 107, SUPERMAN 1, 23, 40, 53, 58, 61, SUPERBOY 5, the Superman daily newspaper strip, Look magazine and WORLD S FINEST COMICS 37, covering his 1938 debut through the 1940s
Superman in the Forties The latest in DC s decade by decade celebration of the best stories featuring the Man of Steel collects stories from ACTION COMICS SUPERMAN SUPERBOY

  • Title: Superman in the Forties
  • Author: Jerry Siegel Joe Shuster Bill Finger Don Cameron Wayne Boring Jack Burnley
  • ISBN: 9781401204570
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Superman in the Forties”

    1. A bizarre collection from Superman's early days that feature some comics from the end of the 30s and some from the end of the 40s. Grouped together thematically, it's fun to see the early days of Superman, but one has to wonder if there was a better way to package these.

    2. This volume contains 192 pages of Golden Age awesomeness. To begin with, we get the first two Superman Stories from action comics in the 1930s. In them. Superman saved an innocent woman from execution, stopped a wife beating, and saves Lois from a psycho kidnapper. And that was just in the first ten pages. Next up is preventing a war.We get a peak at Superman, both as a rough and tumble no nonsense Superhero whose rough interrogation methods would make Jack Bauer winces to the still strong, but [...]

    3. The book is basically what it should be: a good overview of the kinds of Superman stories typical of the era. Gangsters, lovelorn tales, war efforts, and even a charming Christmas story are all here and are as different from each other as can be. My favorites by far were the Siegel and Shuster originals. There's a raw energy to them that Superman comics have never really been able to recapture. The text pieces interspersed throughout the collection give some welcome background information on the [...]

    4. This is a nice collection with samples from the different stages Superman passed thru and different media.This collection includes such gems as:The first two stories from the thirties.The first meeting of Kryptonite in the comic.An origin of Superman.A few newspaper strips.A short comic from Look magazine how Superman would stop World War II.A short prose story from Superman 1.Mr. Myzlptlk in his purple suit.The Ultra-Humanite.The first Luthor story.The Toyman.Not all the stories are classics, b [...]

    5. Not bad. A very good set of comics. I have to admit its very nice seeing a very good set of stories without a grand set of villains. I also enjoy seeing Superman do more for the people than you usually see nowadays. Got to admit the stories where they expand upon his origin story are great. The line "Krypton is Doomed" has become famous. Its also interesting to see how Superman dealt with his presence during the time of war.Sentimental times but brave times never the less. C+

    6. A great collection of Superman comics but unfortunately they're not chronological. However, the table of contents has the printing dates so you can read them in order allowing you to see the progression of the character during the decade.

    7. Interesting trip back into time - back when Superman actually couldn't fly and was actually interesting. The art is kind of spotty, and a lot of the comics are from the last possible year in the forties, but it's all still an enjoyable grab bag.

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