Finding Peace, Happiness, and Joy

The gospel offers us the unmatched gifts of peace, happiness, and joy, but sometimes these promises seem elusive and unattainable In his familiar, warm style, Elder Richard G Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve outlines the truths we need to understand and embrace to live a life of peace, happiness, and joy He covers such important topics as developing a godly character,The gospel offers us the unmatched gifts of peace, happiness, and joy, but sometimes these promises seem elusive and unattainable In his familiar, warm style, Elder Richard G Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve outlines the truths we need to understand and embrace to live a life of peace, happiness, and joy He covers such important topics as developing a godly character, receiving and responding to heavenly guidance, repenting of our sins, loving others, and learning to cope with what sems unfair Using insightful stories and examples, Elder Scott mentors the reader while at the same time he teaches with profound apostolic counsel If we will trust in the Lord s promises and accept the gifts he offers us, if we are obedient to his commandments, then we too can fulfill the scriptural declaration, Men are, that they might have joy.
Finding Peace Happiness and Joy The gospel offers us the unmatched gifts of peace happiness and joy but sometimes these promises seem elusive and unattainable In his familiar warm style Elder Richard G Scott of the Quorum of th

  • Title: Finding Peace, Happiness, and Joy
  • Author: Richard G. Scott
  • ISBN: 9781570087523
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Happiness Podcast How To Find Happiness Happier podcast by Dr Robert Puff Learn how to find happiness and how to live a happy life His unique quotes can make you feel much happier than ever. Inner Peace and Happiness JW When we face complex problems, we may feel that happiness and inner peace are elusive Yet, the Bible has helped countless people to cope with daily pressures, to ease their physical and emotional distress, and to find meaning and purpose in life. Find Your Happiness Top Tips for How to Be Happy Finding Happiness went in search for the answer to the question why are happy people happy Here are our top tips for how to find true and lasting happiness in daily life Let go of negativity Learn to forgive and forget. Mindfulness Finding Peace in a Frantic World The secret to living mindfully Just don t breathe a word of it You breathe , times every day How many are you really aware of International bestselling and award winning author Dr Danny Penman provides a concise guide to letting go and finding peace in Tips To Finding Peace Within Yourself Operation Meditation Don t miss Tips To Finding Peace Within Yourself The Do s and Don ts of Learning How to Accept Yourself How to Find Your Inner Peace and Transform Your Life Blog Mindfulness Finding Peace in a Frantic World Can you really find peace in a messy world simply by taking the time to breathe correctly Breathing is so ordinary, so mundane, that its true significance can easily pass us by. Beloved Finding Happiness in Marriage Lighthouse Calming the Emotional Storms Keys to Finding Emotional Peace In this practical but spiritual presentation, Dr Gregory Popcak discusses four keys to develop self awareness and self mastery. Finding Peace through Forgiveness lds Sick with anger, confusion, and grief, I decided to search LDS for articles about forgiveness I wanted to know what Church leaders had said about how to find peace after experiencing an egregious offense. Happiness Happiness forms a central theme of Buddhist teachings For ultimate freedom from suffering, the Noble Eightfold Path leads its practitioner to Nirvana, a state of everlasting peace.Ultimate happiness is only achieved by overcoming craving in all forms More mundane forms of happiness, such as acquiring wealth and maintaining good friendships, are also recognized as worthy goals for lay people Happiness Quotes and Pictures Inspirational Quotes Nothing in this world is perfect. Finding beauty in the imperfections is perfection Rishika Jain Many a times, things do not work out as planned.

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    1. Ever since finishing this book, I've been recommending it to all of my friends and many of my clients. It's one of the best Church books I've read. Elder Scott's only book, it is an uplifting, spiritual feast. In this book is distilled a lifetime of knowledge, personal insight, and experience. I especially love the many personal experiences he shares. Very touching, motivating, humbling, and faith-building. I had a hard time putting it down and, when I was finished, was sad that the journey was [...]

    2. Have you ever wished that you could sit and talk to an apostle one on one about the things that really concern you?That's how you'll feel when you read this book. The truth is that peace, happiness, and joy are available to all of us if we learn how to live for it and receive it when it comes. When you read this book, free your mind and open your heart and you will learn more than you ever thought.

    3. I listened to this on CD so it's possible that on quotes, I may have made small errorsbut typically I listened to the quote at least twice to try to get it correct. One insight that I hadn't heard or understood before: In Doctrine and Covenants 50: 22 it says, "Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another and both are edified and rejoice together." Elder Scott explained that understanding refers specifically to the words spoken aloud in the class. Edification refers [...]

    4. This book truly gives you the eternal perspective on our Heavenly Fathers Plan of Happiness and Satans desire to destroy it through getting to us. Richard G. Scott is an eloquent and powerful writer. His words make you truly think. I had to take notes so i wouldnt forget. He shares some very personal, touching experiences that make me feel such a bond with him. Like he is right here talking with me rather than writing a book. Its a book that wonderfully paints the steps to having joy and peace i [...]

    5. A great workbook to help you realize how much God loves you. If offers so much hope and wonderful ideas to help lead a better, more fulfilling life.I loved how honest and open he was. I felt like I was sitting down with a grandfather and having a fireside chat where he wanted to pour out all his life wisdom.

    6. I don't usually read this type of book, and it took me a long time to get through it, but it had so many gems, that there are parts I will continue to go back to! Highly recommend!

    7. I admire this man so much. He lived and died testifying that Christ is our Savior. And he was so keen on helping people figure out their own relationship with the Savior.

    8. This is an amazing book, packed full of sometimes-overwhelming reminders of how true peace, happiness and Joy can be found. I've been reading it here and there for, oh, about a year.

    9. I loved the content of this book! Great ideas and principles for finding peace and happiness. I had a difficult time following the structure of the book, which seemed to weave back on itself regularly. Still, this was a great read/listen.

    10. I didn't care for the first half (just took a long time to get into it and through it), but the last half was incredible. It was nice to get to know Elder Scott better.

    11. Several years ago, during my freshman year of college I went with a group of friends to see Richard G. Scott speak at a fireside. At the end of his talk, we walked down to the front of the arena to stand in a long line of students eager to shake his hand. I will never forget the experience of having Elder Scott, radiating with light, grasp my hand and look directly into my eyes. As he did so it felt like he was staring straight into my soul. I’ve experienced similar soul-piercing feelings time [...]

    12. So this book surely took me forever! I think a big reason for that is my own short comings and weaknesses. I have a hard time reading intently about things I could improve on. As this book is full of doctrines and principles that make you a better, more Christlike person, there were lots of things I found myself lacking in. I think Elder Scott was going for that, though. It was very evident that he wanted to help all of his readers to be better, to improve, and to be happier. He did not try and [...]

    13. The book was a little long, which made me want to give it 4.5 stars. But I love Elder Scott's style and found so many awesome nuggets of wisdom in this book! Here are some that really stood out to me: "Your Father in Heaven and His Beloved Son love you perfectly. They would not require you to experience a moment more of difficulty than is absolutely needed for your personal benefit or that of those you love."" understanding Lord is personally aware of our needs and will give us help to the degre [...]

    14. This is the kind of book you wish you could remember every little piece of counsel given to guide you every minute of your life. The counsel given is priceless from one of our apostles. It's as though he has dropped barriers and allowed the reader to see directly into his mind and heart. What an amazing man Elder Scott is. I appreciated this book from the standpoint that I felt I was being taught by a wiser, older mentor--a personal guide. I cherish the concepts in this book and by beginning to [...]

    15. LDS Apostle Richard G. Scott shares insights about how to find lasting peace and joy in this life. With his characteristic directness, he writes as though he's having a one-on-one conversation with the reader. He addresses various reasons for having a lack of joy and peace, shares insights and stories from his own life, and encourages readers to seek personal revelation to get specific guidance for how to find the peace and joy they need.This book was very insightful and I really enjoyed the per [...]

    16. This book by Elder Scott is one of the top 10 I have ever had the chance to read. Not just read, but pour over, ponder, pray, write in, and eventually change my life for the better. It has added great depth and insight into life and what I can do to have it be more fulfilling. His kind, loving, voice is in the background of my mind as I read the principles listed within. There were times in the past where I was figuratively in the "ER" and this book has been the tool, written by one with great e [...]

    17. This was an enjoyable read. I found the first half of the book more interesting than the last, but that was more due to my mood I think than anything within the book.I feel that I am a very happy and joyful person. Yet I still was able to pull good suggestions from this book.Elder Scott's calm, grandfatherly style of writing was a joy to read and made it go quickly.A lot of the information and ideas were review for me but still it never hurts to review and get assurance that your ideas are on th [...]

    18. This book is amazing! Elder Scott writes with both power and humility, using personal experiences to illustrate his points. His experiences help me to see that I am not alone. I came away from this book with a tremendous sense of empowerment. The Spirit is present on every page. Such simple topics as faith, scripture study, and prayer take on a new and deeper meaning through Elder Scott's teachings and insights. When I reached the last chapter I realized that I didn't want the book to end. This [...]

    19. I had the hardest time reading this book and now, a year and a half later I know why. It didn't resonate with me when it was picked as a book club pick and I kept trying to get back into it and never could. Some of Life's experiences that I've been 'privileged' to enjoy this past year were EXACTLY what Elder Scott was writing about. I'm very glad a "tender mercy" was extended to me and I was able to finish this book at a time in my journey that it would do me, and my family, the most good.

    20. Elder Scott was one of my favorite apostles, and I went through this book by listening to the CD book version of it. I would definitely recommend listening to this book in that format. Elder Scott reads the book and his voice greatly conveys the sincerity of his beliefs and the Christ-like love he had for people. The information he covers in the book should not be anything new to individuals who are LDS but presented with new insights and in new ways that is always appreciated.

    21. I just love Elder Scott! One of my favorite things about reading this was learning more about his life's story. He shows what he is genuinely passionate about in this book, and now when I watch General Conference it is fun to see his personality shine through even more, knowing what his life has been like.

    22. Elder Scott has wonderful insights about life. He put into words things I have felt for a long time. He spends the entire book teaching that life really is one filled with peace, happiness and joy. The book is very much written in Elder Scott style, which makes it low on the readability scale, but the content is wonderful.

    23. Elder Scott has a gift for making it seem like it's just us talking together. During General Conference, that puts me to sleep, but in this book, I was riveted. Every chapter spoke to me in exactly the way I needed. I looked forward to reading it every night and always felt comforted and more peaceful afterward.

    24. I always enjoy listening to Elder Scott speak. I've been hoping for years that he would write a book that would tie together so many of his wonderfully insightful and sensitive thoughts. Whether you are happy and at peace with your life or struggling through some challenges this book is a great resource.

    25. I loved this book. I am learning to create more joy. I want joy in my life. Elder Scott puts into perspective what true joy is and how it is attainable. I was able to hear Elder Scott's voice in my head as I read. This made the book very personable. I felt the love he has in his heart for everyone. I learned so much from this book. I loved the stories he tells. A definite re-read.

    26. Read it for our book group, and really LOVED it! Really! Made me feel quite hopeful each time I was reading it, and it made me reflect on all the blessings I really do have. Which is a nice change from the woe-is-me-and-all-I-have-going-on-this-summer attitude that I usually have. Plus, it was nice to actually SAVOR a book, instead of breezing through at my usual pace.

    27. "Finding Peace, Happiness, and Joy" was an inspirational book. I found many gems in the book that have encouraged me to let go of things that don't bring me peace, happiness, or joy and to embrace new ways of drawing closer to God. This book is highly recommended to all who want to find more peace, more happiness, and more joy in their journey through life.

    28. There are Church-related books, gospel-related books, doctrinal insight books, general conference compilations, and then there are books that, for me, are in their own category. Think 'Miracle of Forgiveness', 'The Articles of Faith', or 'The Holy Temple.' This book builds hope and fosters renewed vigor toward living the gospel each day.

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