Carlito's Way and After Hours

This is the story of the irrepressible Carlito Brigante Puerto Rican, hustler, drug dealer, survivor and great talker He evokes his doomed world of New York s Spanish Harlem The sequel, After Hours, a longer, darker tale, shows Carlito, older and wiser, trying to get out of his life of crime.
Carlito s Way and After Hours This is the story of the irrepressible Carlito Brigante Puerto Rican hustler drug dealer survivor and great talker He evokes his doomed world of New York s Spanish Harlem The sequel After Hours a

  • Title: Carlito's Way and After Hours
  • Author: Edwin Torres
  • ISBN: 9781853754906
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Two really good books, told in the first person and filled with wonderful slang and criminal argot. These books actually deal with weighty issues like loyalty, honor, wrong versus right in all its twisted forms. Good stuff.

    2. This edition actually contains two books: Carlito's Way (on which the film Carlito's Way: Rise to Power was based) and After Hours (on which the film Carlito's Way was based.) Carlito's Way is straight first person from the horse's mouth. If you have seen Carlito's Way, you may have been charmed by Al Pacino's portrayal of the deadly yet affable Carlito Brigante. The character in the book is no different in that regard. Being completely first person, though, the book has a difficult time telling [...]

    3. Hands down, my favourite fiction books of all time!These two books are underrated classics in my mind. I came to the books via the film (Carlito's Way) which is also one of my favourite films so these had a lot to live up to for me. However, you get so much deeper into the characters in the book and there are additional escapades not included in the film that are well worth the read. Edwin's writing and descriptive vocabulary makes you feel like you are right there alongside Carlito Brigante him [...]

    4. Edwin Torres, along with Joseph Wambaugh and Charles Bukowski, were my main influences in writing Superbia. To this day, I cannot fathom why Torres did not abandon the bench to write full-time. I've always held both this book and After Hours in especially high esteem. It is an incredibly vivid work full of authenticity and I guarantee you two things: Once you read it, you will love it, and secondyou will hear Carlito's voice in your head with that accent all the time.

    5. Surprisingly excellent books. As much as I want to like the genre of hardboiled crime novels, I've always found them sort of cheesy and never been able to really get into them. These books are definitely exceptions though. They have fantastic imagery of the criminal subculture in 1970s NYC. Interestingly, the author of these books is a New York Supreme Court Justice.

    6. So good.I read this for the first time after seeing the movie when it first came out. I must have reread it a dozen times since. It has a special place reserved beside my toilet for when I want to pull it out and jump into Carlito's world for a few minutes. All these years later, it's still as fresh, funny, and awesome as it was the first time around.Wish the Judge had written more books.

    7. A good read. The American language explored. Puerto Rico boy. Cubans in New York. Written in 1975 and 1979 by a judge. How did the legal system run?

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