Chains of Fire

From the New York Times bestselling author of Storm of Shadows Fourth in the thrilling series Samuel Faa is a Gypsy lawyer with the power to control minds Isabelle Mason is wealthy, privileged, and refined, and has the gift for healing Two of the Chosen Ones, they share a past filled with love and betrayal, and a future denied by fate until the day they re trappedFrom the New York Times bestselling author of Storm of Shadows Fourth in the thrilling series Samuel Faa is a Gypsy lawyer with the power to control minds Isabelle Mason is wealthy, privileged, and refined, and has the gift for healing Two of the Chosen Ones, they share a past filled with love and betrayal, and a future denied by fate until the day they re trapped underground No way out No way to deny the passion that still burns beneath the surface And when danger threatens, Isabelle has only one choice to place her trust in the power of the one man she could never forgiveor forget.Watch a Video
Chains of Fire From the New York Times bestselling author of Storm of Shadows Fourth in the thrilling series Samuel Faa is a Gypsy lawyer with the power to control minds Isabelle Mason is wealthy privileged and re

  • Title: Chains of Fire
  • Author: Christina Dodd
  • ISBN: 9780451412928
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. It's been a long time since I read the other books in this series, so I was a little lost at first. However, it came back to me pretty fast. This series really found its stride after a shaky start. Samuel and Isabelle isn't my favorite couple, but Dodd writes their romance passionately and evocatively. They've been in each others' lives for a long time and never felt a connection like the one they share with anyone else. Samuel is a complicated person. He's not nice or honorable or kind. But he [...]

    2. of all the wonderful books i have read by christina dodd, i think this is my absolute favorite. i loved it the first time i read it, and i loved it even more this timeis book had everything- it made me laugh, cry, had romance, adventure, drama- and of course, an exciting paranormal thread throughout the storymuel and isabelle are my favorite chosen, and i can't wait to find out what happens to everyone in the final book.

    3. ★ ★ ★ ½ Finally! The one element that I truly wanted to have at and be done with was the idiotic @$$clown behavior of Samuel Faa. It was a monsterous relief to see resolution to he and Isabelle's antagoistic (and mysterious) relationship/past. OK, (breathe a sigh of relief), on we goIn many ways, this was one of the stronger books of the series. It was given plenty of buildup in previous books, the aspects/disasters that put them in close quarters were interesting unto themselves, and you [...]

    4. The latest of the Chosen Ones series is the best so far. Samual Faa and Isabelle Mason have been at each other's throats since the beginning of the series but until now, no one knew the depth of their feelings. This is the best of love/hate relationships. Though both were adopted and grew up in the same house, their upbringing couldn't have been more different. Isabelle is the protected daughter of one of America's first families and takes her obligations very seriously; while Samuel is a gyspy [...]

    5. Ok another great book by Christina Dodd. Samuel is a strong mind man that believes that we can do wrong if it is for the greater good. Isabelle was raise to do the right thing no matter what the cost which make their on, off again relationship very hard and completed along with the fact he is the butlers son and she is the daughter of a rich family and he will never serve anyone and he is only a chosen because he was been blackmailed a lot to take in I know but it works and makes for a great sto [...]

    6. I was surprised I liked this book so much as I haven't liked Samuel in the previous ones. But it really gets its hooks in you and takes you for a ride.It is amazing how interesting the time that Samuel and Isabelle spend stuck together (view spoiler)[They were extremely lucky to have such a well-stocked avalanche retreat. (hide spoiler)]. Then the book switches to the rest of the group and the stakes just keep getting higher. And the confrontation at the end that leads to some secrets being reve [...]

    7. Full review at romancebooksforum, snippet below"as a fan of Christina dodd's, it pains me to say this but, I am done with the chosen ones series. Or at least, I think I am. I believe the Fred flinstone whistle is sounding and it's quitting time."

    8. Setting: bank in Monastere, Switzerland; Patricia’s showcase Switzerland home; basement of abandoned castle/lodge after avalanche covers them; Irving’s home; Osgood’s new building; Theme: love; betrayal; another chance; owning up to one’s own depth of feeling; Characters:Isabelle Mason: upper-class Boston Masons (adopted/loved); healer (physical empathy); though well loved by parents, her mother instilled in her a high standard of public awareness and high society, a desire to do good, a [...]

    9. Samuel Faa is the butler's adopted son. Isabelle is the beautiful daughter of his father's employer. They met when they were only children, but became fast friends.Then, things changed in their teens and they started a secret relationship.Now in their 20s, they are both members of an elite group called the Chosen Ones. Both have a magical ability they have agreed to use for good.This story was really good in that it showed the sacrificial side of true love. Both Samuel and Isabelle are willing t [...]

    10. Loved the story of Samuel and Isabelle. Both are strong characters with a history of love and betrayal. Samuel is arrogant, the son of a father who is a servant and sexy. Isabelle is the adopted daughter of wealthy parents and has the gift of healing. Their relationship has its ups and down, but it has a great ending. Together they face the many challenges brought on by a sinister man who seeks revenge because Isabelle saved his grandmother's life. Great story, well written and very enjoyable.

    11. Chains of Fire3.5 StarsSeries note: The Chosen Ones is a continuation of Dodd’s Darkness Chosen series and it is important to read the books in order to completely understand the events in this book and especially in the next one. Stranded together after an avalanche in the Swiss Alps, Isabelle Mason and Samuel Faa are forced to reconcile their differences or die in the attempt. While Chains of Fire is a solid installment in the series, it doesn’t quite live up to expectations. The main conf [...]

    12. Alright, I'm not going to lie. I skipped book three and read this one first because I liked Samuel from the beginning. What can I say. I have a thing for arrogant asses. Despite that, I didn't feel like I was missing much in the beginning of the book since it was just him and Isabelle which was okay, for a bit. Once the other characters got to show up, I was a little lost at points since you know, skipped number three, but I could figure most of everything out.I enjoyed the book for the most par [...]

    13. Chosen Ones: Chains of Fire (No Spoilers)I hadn't read any Christina Dodd books before I read this series and I probably won't read any of her non paranormal books simply because they aren't the books I usually read but I did like this series and the concept. The books are based on the idea that people are born with gifts and that these can either be used for good (Chosen) or used for bad (Others).This is the fourth book in the series and centers around two of the chosen Samuel Faa and Isabelle [...]

    14. The only reason this book did not get my top rating is that it would not serve well as a stand-alone. One would miss out on a lot of the world-building if the first book or two in the series has not been read. It would be best of all to read all four in order.A lot of time was devoted to giving the backstory of the protagonists. We learn about them from early childhood through to the present, and how their relationship has prospered and fizzled throughout.I liked this book a lot. It was a real c [...]

    15. Okay, I love Christina Dodd and I have for a long time but this book seemed like it would never end. I suppose it's because this is the first book of the series that I read when it's actually the last book in the series. I did love the chemistry between Isabelle and Samuel and even though he was a jerk sometimes, I still had a thing for him. The ending was a mystery until the end if that makes sense. I don't want to ruin the book for someone who may really enjoy it. I'll just say that I wasn't s [...]

    16. "Chains of Fire" by Christina Dodd. Book 4 of The Chosen Ones series.Really liked this book. Samuel and Isabelle have a past which is hinted at throughout the series. In this book, we find out what that past is as we read the story of what is happening to them now.Samuel is a lawyer. He is also a Chosen One with the power to control peoples' minds, which comes in really handy when you're a lawyer. But now he has to work with Isabelle, another Chosen One, and because they have a past together the [...]

    17. I was pleasantly surprised - I really enjoyed this book. Having read the previous three I felt that Isabelle verged on being just a little too kind and never letting her true feelings show. I was completely prepared to hate Samuel who had been the perpetual jerk. Now that I have read the book it is true . . . Isabelle is too nice and Samuel is a jerk but I can respect them and like them for it. They are more than that and everything to each other. The story line of the Chosen Ones just keeps get [...]

    18. I've read this series in order but read the books years apart so I honestly didn't remember anything about Samuel and Isabelle and I think I enjoyed their story more because of it. I've always loved a good sarcastic heroine who doesn't just fall at the man's feet. In that respect, Isabelle was the perfect heroine. She was pissed at Samuel and she let him have it full scale, not holding anything back. And Samuel knew he did wrong and his love was powerful enough to change his ways (at least in re [...]

    19. Isabelle and Samuel have been tensely cooperating as part of the Chosens while avoiding any mention of the fact that they have a romantic history that ended in betrayal. But when the two are trapped together in an avalanche, they can no longer ignore the past--or the future.Finally, it's time for Isabelle and Samuel to stop sniping at each other and get it on! The book is set up almost in two halves, with the first half being Isabelle and Samuel by themselves, and the second half joins them back [...]

    20. Out of the 4 books in this series, I like this one the best. The dynamic between Samuel and Isabelle is great. They don't always get along, they fight, but they love each other. Their character development was great. The series is moving along at a more understandable rate, and the pieces are falling into place. The side story involving Todd seemed out of place when you learn that he is just greedy and is not really an "other". And what is with Irving's nurse? Kind of makes you think she is an " [...]

    21. So far one of my favorite books from the series. From the start I was interested in Sam and Isabells' story and how it started. The flashback to their childhood were some of my favorite scenes as well as their obvious attempts to appear as if they hate each other when they are having an argument. They make for some great characters that make it an even better story.I also would have liked some more of Sam's battle with his darkness that they basically skim over at the end. If you are going to ta [...]

    22. I’m not quite sure how I felt about this book but I think this is partially my own fault. This book was a gift and the first book in The Chosen Ones series that I read. Since this book, Chains of Fire, was number four in the series I actually felt I was behind in the storyline. There were characters I didn’t understand and undertones that confused me. A lot of secondary characters are repeated throughout the series but since I didn’t know them, I didn’t meld with the characters as well. [...]

    23. I have yet to be disappointed with this series. With each book, I'm waiting for the shoe to drop because I firmly believe that it is impossible to love every book in one series. Impossible!Yet here I am again, raving about another book from The Chosen Ones series. I like the progress in the plot. With each book, the plot thickens. And with each book, the camaraderie among the Chosen Ones grew stronger and you're rooting for every single one of them. In every book, you don't just read the develop [...]

    24. I am not really partial to this series a fact that is evident as I skim through all the "Chosen" business and focus more on the two main characters of this story. Also, the fact that I don't get excited when a new addition to this series comes out. I just don't much care.What I did love about this was the love-hate relationship between the main characters and the fact that they had a past and had hurt each other in the past. I loved reading the book and learning about their back story. Thoroughl [...]

    25. I don't know if I missed something in this book, but in my opinion, there was absolutely no romance to be found. I was not a fan of the "hero" of the novel and to be honest, not too thrilled with his love interest. To me, their interactions weren't loving and affectionate, they were crude and disgusting. If your dream guy talks to you like Samuel, you have low expectations. I will not think of picking up another book in this series. Dodd needs to take a page out of Karen Marie Moning's and J.R. [...]

    26. 4.5 stars! I really didn't intend on staying up until 4:15 in the morning to finish this book, but as the story took off and the pages turned, that's what happened. The story of Samuel and Isabelle was especially fun to read because of all the hints/glimpses we've gotten of their on again/off again relationship. It was nice to finally get the back story!For some reason I thought this was the final book in the series. Obviously, with the way things ended, it's not. Or it'd better not be!

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