Heaven on Earth

Assurance brings joy to worship and strength to witness Thomas Brooks clearly explains the nature of assurance and how it can be experienced.
Heaven on Earth Assurance brings joy to worship and strength to witness Thomas Brooks clearly explains the nature of assurance and how it can be experienced

  • Title: Heaven on Earth
  • Author: ThomasBrooks
  • ISBN: 9780851513560
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. When I think the writings of the Puritans can no longer amaze or surprise me, when I think I have finally reached my fill of their stunning grasp of heavenly knowledge, I am once again humbled by the reading of another exceptional and praiseworthy work of a Puritan divine. Thomas Brooks is an outstanding writer (as is seen in all of his books). He always touches the heart of the matter. Read from Brooks and you will grow. You will truly benefit.This work will open your eyes in regard to Christia [...]

    2. First published in 1654, Heaven on Earth is a treatise on Christian assurance. Brooks explores in great depth the roots, essence, and fruit of assurance within a genuine child of God. Brooks' contemporary Joseph Caryl summed up Brooks' treatise quite well: "All saints shall enjoy heaven when they leave this earth; some saints enjoy heaven while they are here on earth. That saints might enjoy two heavens is the project of this book."As difficult as it is to review a treatise with some deep theolo [...]

    3. A thorough work on how to have assurance of Heaven while still on Earth. Including how one can be sure one can have that assurance in this life, why it's sometimes denied or found, why it should be obtained, how to gain it, and difference between true and false assurance.I thought that this would be quite a dry read, and wondered how it would need so many pages to declare. But Brooks is thorough on this subject, and one does need more than a few solid sentences for the subject of assurance to fe [...]

    4. I now have a new favorite Puritan author. The subject is assurance of heaven on earth. The book is very structured in its content and the listing of chapters is itself 6 pages long. However the structure does not hinder the majestic message nor the artistic and sometimes poetic way Brooks presents his thesis. It has taken me almost eight months to read not because I found it boring or dry but because there was so much substance in each sentence and paragraph. Sometimes I could only read a phrase [...]

    5. A feast of Biblical truth, best savored slowly! Many quotable pithy statements. It is a great Puritan work and of great benefit to any believer seeking to 'confirm your calling and election' (2 Peter 1:10).

    6. I just might have myself a new favorite Puritan (I'm not the only one who has a list, right?). I'm kicking myself for not getting to Brooks earlier in life. What a wonderful book -- I'm looking forward to getting to read more by him.Aesthetically, this is fantastic. The language sings -- the book begs to be read aloud (and I frequently did so, interrupting whatever anyone around me was doing). You can feel the passion, the fervor throughout. A few paragraphs from different chapters illustrate th [...]

    7. A treatise on Christian assurance. I found it helpful, with lots of Scripture references. Being a Puritan book, it is very structured on an outline. Not always "easy to read" but worth the extra effort.

    8. A clear, concise, and insightful treatment of the subject of assurance. Brooks is the ultimate pastor caring for his flock's souls in this volume. An absolute pleasure to read.

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