Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices

Brooks treated the seductive influence and terrible power of Satan in a way greatly full and suggestive than in the literature of the present day.
Precious Remedies Against Satan s Devices Brooks treated the seductive influence and terrible power of Satan in a way greatly full and suggestive than in the literature of the present day

  • Title: Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices
  • Author: ThomasBrooks
  • ISBN: 9780851510026
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Apparently this book was nightlty reading after the bible for Charles Spurgeon. He said it greatly helped him in his battle against satan. This book is essential reading to the Christian wishing to wage war against satan & his schemes. Brooks has a gift for expositing the scriptures on this topic & uncovers many hidden gems to better equip us for victory. I also keep this book on hand regularly & pick it up again & again for reminders & refreshment when I feel like I'm sinkin [...]

    2. I always come back to this book for its outstanding Puritan organization, its opening outline and how helpful it is in a very practical sense. Its both a book to simply be read, and a resource to visit in various times of need. I use this book in sermon preparation frequently, it provides practical application of many themes that help the Christian overcome temptation to sin. This is an exceptionally rich and application-rich work of deep theological goodness.

    3. As a friend of mine said in her review of this book, the title Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices doesn't quite give you a great impression. It sounds either overly charismatic, or way, WAY too “lovey-dovey”, and thus not truly biblical. Yet she read the book and spoke quite convincingly of the edifying, Scriptural tone of the work. So I decided to look into the book myself.Precious Remedies was published in 1652 by Puritan author Thomas Brooks. Those who have read the book Amazing Gr [...]

    4. C. S. Lewis recommended in his essay, “On The Reading Of Old Books”, that the reading of a modern book should be followed by the reading of an old book, before reading another modern one. Having finished Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, I took his advice and sought for an old book that dealt with the same topic, spiritual warfare. Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks was first published in 1652, nearly 300 years before Lewis’ treatment of the personal forces of evil. [...]

    5. A very worthwhile book. All of these books in the Puritan challenge books for 2008 are not light reading. They are very dense and packed in every sentence with meaning and much thought. I am amazed at the Biblical literacy of these men who wrote these books, in the days before exhaustive concordances and dictionaries and "look up tools" such as we have now. They really read, studied, and knew their Bibles. This set of sermons goes in a very logical way to address all aspects of a believer's stru [...]

    6. June was Thomas Brook's month in my Ancient Mentors reading schedule. I underestimated the time it would take to get through this precious Puritan, which is why I finished in July. Apparently, Precious Remedies was the book Spurgeon read every night other than the Bible (I don't remember where I heard this). It's basically the seventeenth-century version of Lewis' Screwtape Letters. Brooks prefaces the work by suggesting that Christ, the Scriptures, our own hearts, and Satan's tactics are the fo [...]

    7. This book is concise and offers to-the-point reasons for why a believer should avoid sin, and then gives tangible examples of how that is to be done, according to the Bible. This is one the most valuable of all the puritan writings. Now I have not read that many but this book & topic, I believe, is a must read for every Christian, especially those struggling and/or tampering with sin. The message and content of this book are as useful today, simply because this issue remains a constant in th [...]

    8. Like most books that the Puritans wrote Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices is no different in reminding the reader of the seriousness of sin. Brooks does a masterful job of showing how Satan attacks believers and how believers can be prepared to war against those attacks. I was deeply convicted several times while reading this book. In the appendix, the section on false teachers was helpful.

    9. This is a very useful books to all Christians, not just those of Puritan kind. Basically, it shows you some of the numerous ways Satan can tempt you in different situations and different states of life and status, and what remedies one can find against them. It's very good to know some of these, because many can fall (and have fallen) back to the world because of them. This is just as true now as it was at the time the book was written, and more people should read this.Recommended.

    10. An absolutely fantastic book dealings with the conflicts and doubts that a Christian encounters on a daily basis, and how to combat those issues. Though I do not agree with everyone of the author's solutions, his insights are so amazing that you will find yourself highlighting on a continual basis.

    11. Not an easy read, but worth reading through to the end. Though written over 300 years ago, I came across truth after truth that is just as, or maybe even more, applicable today as ever. I especially appreciated his section addressing divisions and conflicts between Christians and the final "10 Helps" listed at the very end. I also discovered more personal application in this book than I expected. I look forward to thanking Mr. Brooks in person one day for writing such a powerful book. "My desire [...]

    12. Truly one of the best books I have ever read This was my introduction to the writings of the Puritans, and I am astounded by Thomas Brooks’ ability to identify the same methods of distraction that still exist today. A longer read than I’m used to, this book kept me engaged on every page. I would heartily recommend it to every Christian interested in drawing closer to the Savior.

    13. A very helpful and encouraging book. Brooks goes through a list of devices that satan uses against us and the gives effective strategies to combat them. It’s an old book and the sentences are rather long but it was easy enough to read.

    14. This book is pure gold! Thomas Brooks appears to be a loving father talking to his children, giving counsel. Ah! The church today needs more preachers such as Brooks!

    15. The best part of the book for me was 'Satan's Devices to Keep Saints Sad, Doubting, Questioning & Uncomfortable Condition'

    16. I finished this book on August 25 of 2015 while on a special time away with my wife in the mountains of Angel Fire, New Mexico. I posted the following about the book on Facebook.Now, the book. When I take these times designated to quiet, prayer, and reading I bring a few different books, knowing that I will not get all of them read. I do, however, bring one small enough that it can be read in a few days. Several years ago on just such a time away I read Jonathon Edwards, "Charity and It's Fruits [...]

    17. This was the first Puritan work which I was able to read without giving up due to the initially difficult to understand style/language of the Puritans. Though I read it 2-3 years ago, I return to it frequently as a resource, and out of simple enjoyment. The edition published by The Banner of Truth Trust has footnoted obscure or archaic uses of words, but Brooks is a lively, vivid writer and easy to understand once you get into the swing of the English of his day. Brooks's own footnotes are a gol [...]

    18. Pure Gold!Similar to C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters,” this book exposes several schemes Satan tends to employ against God's people and more importantly, Biblical methods for overcoming them. Though it could be used as a tool for counseling, I read it more as a devotional and was tremendously blessed.What we find here is pure Puritan gold. Some have commented that “this is possibly the most valuable of all the puritan writings… a must read for every Christian, especially those strugglin [...]

    19. A true spiritual classic from the Puritan tradition that I couldn't recommended more highly for Christians today. Plus, given the book's division into bite-sized chunks, it works well as a daily devotional resource. Brooks has a pastor's heart that is at once compassionate and discerning, showing how God's grace is the answer both to the human tendency to presumption as well as the many ways we're prone to doubt how much we're really loved. As a Wesleyan, there were times I had to part ways with [...]

    20. The first half of this was probably 4.5-5 stars. I underlined lots and lots of passages--really insightful, penetrating thoughts about fighting against sin and walking faithfully with Christ. But it got so, so repetitive that I had a hard time finishing. Some of the middle-to-latter parts seemed less relevant/helpful, and it began to feel like he just kept saying the same things, using the same examples, etc. At any rate, I think it's good for me to read old books like this instead of exclusivel [...]

    21. Super-helpful. As the name implies, this is a series of meditations meant to help us combat the schemes of Satan. The two things that struck me most were1) Satan shows the bait and hides the hook.2) Satan encourages us to disguise vice in the language of virtue. The word for confession in the Bible is the Greek word "homologeo," which literally means "to speak the same." Grace means when we are honest about our sin, call it what God calls it, and bring it into the light, we receive the cleansing [...]

    22. I have found this work to be a stern warning not to make shipwreck of my soul out of ignorance of Satan's devices. Watson's treatise has been indeed a precious remedy against Satan's devices–of which are manifold and work against the salvation of my soul–it has been precious by increasing my fear of the Lord and therefore this treatise can be called a true work of knowledge. Furthermore, I have learned that no such sin in this life will be fully mortified so I must always be on guard lest I [...]

    23. Brooks shows great wisdom in his remedies. He not only is able to articulate his thoughts with clarity and understanding, but his use of anecdotes, sayings, pictures and examples is abundant and well-received.Satan has a great store of devices to use against Christians. And how we so easily fall to them. If we only knew how to overcome. Brooks' classic shows great wisdom and knowledge in this area. How Christians would be exceedingly blessed by reading this book! "Precious Remedies" should be ow [...]

    24. You will not have to dig deep in this book to find gold. Brooks has mined the experiences of Christians and the riches of Scripture to discover the devices of Satan and the multitude of precious remedies against them. Here precious jewels are strewn upon the ground waiting for even the most casual reader to discover and apply. Saints suffering under Satan's wiles will find a soothing tonic in this priceless work. I know of nothing like it and am grateful the church is not without it. Read and be [...]

    25. I just finished re-reading this book. I had initially read it a few years ago and plan on reading it again. Even though the book was written several centuries ago, the truths shared by Thomas Brooks do not grow old. He gives many instances of how Satan tries to deceive and turn us away from the terribleness of our sin and from the power and grace of God. I highly recommend that this book be read by all Christians as we are all prone to nibble and bite the bait that Satan places before us.

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