Im Sand der Erinnerung

Abigail MacLeod s pilgrimage to Israel might just change her life forever This is the story of a gripping quest for safe haven from the storms of life.
Im Sand der Erinnerung Abigail MacLeod s pilgrimage to Israel might just change her life forever This is the story of a gripping quest for safe haven from the storms of life

  • Title: Im Sand der Erinnerung
  • Author: Lynn Austin Dorothee Dziewas
  • ISBN: 9783868270570
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I hate to say that Lynn Austin wrote a boring book and it wasn't boring really; it was just SO SO DIFFERENT and not my style and just I am not interested in it. (Also, I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't finish it - I didn't even reach 50%.)*returns to Hidden Places*

    2. Three different storylines going, at three different time periods. I liked learning more anout Israel's history after Bible times. A good read.

    3. I really enjoyed this book, so good! I loved the three stories from 2,000 years ago to several timelines of the characters life history. The subject of forgiveness was laced throughout the book. Lynn Austin remains one of my favorite authors.

    4. Public library copy. One of my very favorite authors. About halfway through this book is so very excellent in every sense. Just loving it! Highly recommend it. Finished -- This book is fabulous!! 5-stars The timing of reading this book this week is a gift from God. Historically and thematically (faith). This book is my perfect read. It brings history to life, it challenged me to grow in my faith, and allows me to travel to places I may never see and meet characters who are my means of transport [...]

    5. I have to say that I love Lynn Austin! I love how she doesn't stick to one genre, and once again, this book is very different than anything else she has written. This is probably my least favorite of her's so far, but it was still enjoyable. What I did like about it was that I learned so much about Israel's history. While I know it's a country of much turmoil, I have never learned about the details. I know this book probably just skims the top of a very deep and extensive history, but what she d [...]

    6. I don't know how I haven't read this book before. Fascinating look at three different time periods in Israel and the lives of three different women.

    7. Israel Nothing in Abigail MacLeod's life as a wife, a mother, and a teacher has prepared her for what she will experience during her summer in Israel. At forty-two, her life is in chaos, even before she leaves home--her marriage is dissolving before her very eyes, her faith is in shambles. This pilgrimage to Israel was supposed to be a new beginning for her. But by the end of the first day, she is forced to board an Israeli jetliner in spit of a bomb threat, and watches helplessly as a kind, fat [...]

    8. Such a powerful message of loss, love, and forgiveness Every book of Ms. Austin’s I read, I try to convince myself is better than the last one. I am definitely right in this scenario. What makes this book so unique is the gap she bridges regarding forgiveness stretching over the vast expanse of countries, religion, and international security. She gives you insight into biblical strategies that have touched upon the battle of land and religion. She allows the reader to get a glimpse of pride bo [...]

    9. Abby's life of s a mess. She needs to get away.but her get away is anything but relaxing. In this story the reader experiences an archeological dig in Israel while learning of lives in ancient times and present times in divided Israel. Jews and Palestinians have been enemies for quite some time but must they continue the eye for an eye mentality? In addition, how does one forgive when personal loss is a major fact of these characters lives. How can it be different? Can it be different. Lynn Aust [...]

    10. AwesomeLynn you did it again! Wow what a wait up call and understanding of the different Jewish religions. I can not believe it, you educated me along with giving me more insight of God ' s grace! Thank you! I will have to read this again as a historical perspective. It was so much wonderful information. God bless you and keep up the great writing.

    11. Emotionally and intellectually engaging I just finished, and am so satisfied! Although the ebook has typos and the dots weren’t all connected at the end, I still thoroughly enjoyed this read. I love how Ms Austin connected historical, biblical and current events from headlines in my lifetime with the characters of her story.

    12. This author has such an amazing way of drawing you into the story. I am especially fascinated with how Jesus, as a Jew, fulfilled all the prophecies of the messiah, and how the feasts are an amazing picture of Jesus himself. This book described the connections so well.

    13. God's Grace in a mean, violent, lost worldThis book is excellent. I love how Lynn writes a historical fiction from the present. I was totally mesmerized by the way Rachel explains the Messiah through each step of the Passover meal.

    14. The story is set in Israel - and weaves its way through several various historical periods. I always enjoy her books - and find myself learning a lot - about middle east history this time. Her books are well researched and engaging.

    15. I found the story within two stories a bit tedious at times - just so many story lines in play, and each of them pretty long. There's no denying the author's talent, and overall, it is worth reading . . . Quite informative with regards to archaeology and Israel's history.

    16. I loved this book from the first page to the last. It explained the conflict in Jerusalem with characters that were relatable and also with the rich past history of the land. The author explained both sides of the conflict through characters that made me realize how complex the issues really are.

    17. Though fictional, this book shares actual history and culture of the Israeli people. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    18. I really, really enjoyed this one! Yet another beautiful book by Lynn Austin! I am very glad that my grandmother lent it to me for me to read!

    19. Ik had dit boek al eerder gelezen, maar was 't hele CIA-like aspect vergeten. Leuk om te herlezen nu ik zelf in Israel ben geweest.

    20. ExcellentI loved the writing style of the author! I loved the scriptures and the history! God is a redemption God! Highly recommend this book! Ministered to me!

    21. This book had all the perfect elements for me. I have always been fascinated by archaeology, history, and the Word of God. It's always been a dream of mine to go it Israel someday. Wings of Refuge takes place in the Holy Land, following the lives of three different women. Leah, a first century Jewish believer, Hannah, a Jewish archaeologist, and Abby, an American teacher volunteering for on an archaeological dig supervised by Hannah. Abby finds herself sucked into international intrigue before s [...]

    22. I could not put this book down.It starts off with a scared woman (Abby) at an airport terminal just trying to get her seat assigned on a flight to Tel Aviv, when she finds out the ticket she's carrying is not valid. She was suppose to go with a group to Israel from America for an archeological dig but they were going to change planes in Athens. Her fear of any possible terrorist activity in Athens changed her mind about flying with the rest of the group. So she flew alone into a non-terrorist in [...]

    23. This was a book that grew on me the further into it I read. It is definitely a book with a strong Christian message, so if you don't want to hear that, this won't be the book for you. It tells the store of 3 different women - Abby, a modern day women from the US; Hannah - an Iranian Jew who came to Israel shortly after the second World War and Leah, a woman from Biblical times shortly after the death of Christ. Their stories are told with flashbacks to the different eras but are also intertwined [...]

    24. Really, really great book. Lynn Austin effortlessly weaves the stories of 3 different women and the vastly different times that they lived. Abby lives in present day (1999) America, but is spending the summer at an archeological dig. Her life at home is in tatters and she hopes to gain some perspective. Tragedy strikes before she even leaves the airport after touchdown, leaving Abby under suspicion of terrorism and reeling from the change in events. She gets to know Hannah, the lead archeologist [...]

    25. Wings or refuge cleverly intertwines the stories of 3 different lives, in 3 different times, brought together through one person's experiences. I love the way Lynn Austin presents the Christian faith - challenged, explained and applied beautifully in the lives of her characters. This is a story rich in history and poignant in its modern day context to which anyone can relate. A fabulous novel!

    26. I just needed an easy break, so I pulled a Lynn Austin book off my shelf of thriftstore finds. Wings of Refuge told the story of a woman who had recently discovered her husband's affair and both her children were independent and in college. She leaves these life-changing experiences to participate in an archeological dig in Israel. As she is examining herself and her faith, she gets caught up in international intrigue, learns the tough stories of some of her fellow archeologists, and discovers f [...]

    27. I can't say enough about Lynn Austin's novels - fantastic!From back cover:"At forty-two, Abigail MacLeod is about to realize a lifelong dream-participation in an archaeological dig in Israel. Crushed by her husband's decision to end their marriage, Abby clings to the hope that somehow this trip will help to bring an element of peace into her chaotic life. But when tragedy taints the summer's promise, Abby questions the wisdom of staying on.The comforting friendship of archaeologist Hannah Rahov [...]

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