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  1. "I have a deep-seated feeling-a premonition, if you like-that all through my life , no matter what I become or where I go, I am fated to have trouble with England and Englishmen."After his escape from Elba, after the 100 days and his defeat at Waterloo, came Napoleon's last exile on the remote island of St. Helena. The house he's supposed to reside in is rat infested and most definitely not ready for occupation, so he spends his first two months in the garden pavilion of local merchant William B [...]

  2. Pole midagi parata, aga raamat oli täpselt nii hea, kui ma mäletasin. Minu esimene lugemine jäi ajajärku, kui koolis oli läbitud Napoleoni teema ja mul tekkis suur vaimustus selle suurmehe osas. See raamat sattus minu kätte tookord juhuslikult, aga ohh seda vaimustust :D Hakkasin seda ümber kirjutama! Käsitsi (sest arvuteid veel sellistel eesmärkidel ei kasutatud ning ilmselt polnud ka kättesaadavad)!!!Ma arvan jätkuvalt, et tegemist on suurmehega ning mul on kahju, et talle selline l [...]

  3. Okay, here's the scoop.This book was written in 1963, a mere two years before my big Napoleon crush. I recently read that it's being made into a feature film, 47 years after first publication. What took so long? :) I think I'll go to alibris and see if I can find a first.Other Thomas B. Costain books I read during those same years: Below the Salt, The Silver Chalice, The Black Rose, The Darkness and the Dawn, High Towers, and Ride With Me.Note to self: Re-read the first four listed. It's been to [...]

  4. I read this book for a book group and I really didn't understand much of it. It was about Napoleons love. Some of it is was interesting mostly it was just long.

  5. Having read this just after Betsy Balcombe's Recollections Of The Emperor Napoleon, During The First Three Years Of His Captivity On The Island Of St. Helena, I can appreciate how the author blended Betsy's vision of Napoleon with fiction here. But, anyway the non fictional book was way more interesting, lively and moving to me than Costain's novel. A few liberties are taken, and there's some blunders too (such as Josephine's dog turning from male to female after a couple of pages). It was O.K b [...]

  6. Good historical fiction. I probably would have given it another half star if I could, but it wasn't quite a four-star book for me. This book helped me learn more about Napoleon without having to read a boring Napoleonic war book and it was couched in a love story of sorts. Boney was in exile at the end of his life and developed a close relationship with the young daughter of an English gentleman. The book is based largely on established facts, according to the author.

  7. This is historical fiction written in the 1960s. It is about Napolean's exile in St Helena and a young woman he meets there. I enjoyed it, although the writing seemed somehow dated to me. It may be that I have been away from that genre for a while. Still, I looked forward to reading it every night. I would recommend it to people who enjoy historical fiction and the Napolean era especially.

  8. This author was one of my mother's favorites. I stole it from her bookshelves as she can no longer read. A good writer of historical fiction. This was his last book. There are a couple of anachronisms, such as the servants who came from Africa to an English territory who sound like slaves from the low south, but I liked it!

  9. I read this first as an adult and I think that's why I wasn't as impressed with it as with the others. I don't remember it very well. It's about Napoleon in exile.

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