Into That Silent Sea: Trailblazers of the Space Era, 1961-1965

It was a time of bold new technology, historic moments, and international jousting on the final frontier But it was also a time of human drama, of moments less public but no less dramatic in the lives of those who made the golden age of space flight happen These are the moments and the lives that Into That Silent Sea captures, a book that tells the intimate stories of thIt was a time of bold new technology, historic moments, and international jousting on the final frontier But it was also a time of human drama, of moments less public but no less dramatic in the lives of those who made the golden age of space flight happen These are the moments and the lives that Into That Silent Sea captures, a book that tells the intimate stories of the men and women, American and Russian, who made the space race their own and gave the era its compelling character These pages chronicle a varied and riveting cavalcade of human stories, including a look at Yuri Gagarin s harrowing childhood in war ravaged Russia and Alan Shepard s firm purchase on the American dream It also examines the controversial career of cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, and the remarkable struggle and ultimate disappointment of her American counterparts It tries to uncover the truth behind the allegations that shadowed Gus Grissom and Scott Carpenter and then allows the reader to share the heart stopping suspense of Alexei Leonov s near fatal first space walk Through dozens of interviews and access to Russian and American official documents and family records, the authors bring to life the experiences that shaped the lives of the first astronauts and cosmonauts and forever changed their world and ours.
Into That Silent Sea Trailblazers of the Space Era It was a time of bold new technology historic moments and international jousting on the final frontier But it was also a time of human drama of moments less public but no less dramatic in the lives

  • Title: Into That Silent Sea: Trailblazers of the Space Era, 1961-1965
  • Author: Francis French Colin Burgess Paul Haney
  • ISBN: 9780803211469
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Into That Silent Sea: Trailblazers of the Space Era, 1961-1965”

    1. The most comprehensive look at early space programs for both the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Chapters deal with individual flights, starting with a biography of the principles and ending with their further career accomplishments. It was also fun to read!I have read articles about Titov or Tereshkova, but this book goes into much more detail than any other source I have found. The authors speculate on the propaganda which has covered up the facts also, though in some cases we may never know more. [...]

    2. I enjoyed learning more about the personalities behind the great space race, but I picked-up this book primarily for the chapter about the Women In Space program. It filled in more pieces of the picture painted in THE MUCURY 13, because it focused on Wally Funk--one of the 12 women who took tests after Jerrie Cobb--rather then focusing on the power play between Cobb & Jackie Cochran And after reading about Valentina Tereshkova, who was just used as a propaganda tool, it begs the question Wha [...]

    3. my space nerd heart couldn't put this book down, i especially appreciated the parts on the soviet cosmonauts

    4. A good, but lengthy recount of our first space mavericks Good recount, full of rich anecdotes from both astronauts and cosmonauts from both Nations. The author is very detailed in his anecdotes, sometimes too lengthy. It took a while to finish, but well worth reading.

    5. I'm still trying to figure out if the news in the days preceding the release of Into That Silent Sea: Trailblazers of the Space Era, 1961-1965 symbolizes irony or progress.[return][return]As the subtitle indicates, the book examines the first efforts by the U.S. and the Soviet Union to put humans into space. One of the areas in which the book excels is reminding us just how hazardous those initial steps were and how they grabbed worldwide attention. The book arrives shortly after the 46th annive [...]

    6. This was a great but brief history of the first space program for the United States and Russia. For the U.S it outlines the history of the “Mercury” program with astronauts Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Wally Shirra, Scott Carpenter, Deke Slayton, and Gordo Cooper. I have heard much of what I’ve read here through various documentaries for the most part but what the book improves upon is not only the Russian half of the early space race – which I had yet to read about – but als [...]

    7. I hadn't thought about space in a long time. After an initial childhood enthusiasm for the the nine planets, my main impressions of space travel were based on the sadness I felt, at age 10, writing letters of condolence to the McAuliffe family with my fifth grade class. I also remember watching the 90s TV show, Northern Exposure, and hearing the character Maurice throw around names like Shepard, Cooper, and Grissom. This didn't make them real people for me, and didn't particularly spark my inter [...]

    8. This is a really excellent book, entertaining, informative, and well-paced. I have to say, too, that this is one of the best designed covers I've seen for one of these "history of space" books (as I've said, I'm a sucker for good book design). The idea to focus on a personal story in the foreground while the history is explored in the background is a really nice approach.Bear with me, because I think this is VERY important:I have to say, though, that one chapter fell far below the others, and th [...]

    9. Wow.This is by far one of the most informative books I have read on the topic of early manned space exploration. In particular, the chapters on the cosmonauts and their missions was worth it alone. I knew next to nothing about their missions. I was familiar with some of the names and famous firsts, but I learned a lot about the people, their missions and their lives after. Right away when I read the chapter on Yuri Gagarin, I knew I was in for a good book. (In a later chapter, the story about Gh [...]

    10. Cruising along in the Outward Odyssey series - I considered myself familiar with the history of early manned spaceflight, but did not know how much I was missing until I finished this book. Portions that stood out for me were clarifications on Gus Grissom's "hatch-blowing incident" (things were, in reality, most definitely not what we saw in the movie version of The Right Stuff), stories of the Mercury 13 (women who had undergone independent testing similar to that of the Mercury astronauts, man [...]

    11. This book gives the history to the pioneers of space flight, American and Russian trailblazzers who flew into the sky and observed the stars. You seen them on the television documentaries, Apollo13 and other films. Learn about their lives, families, joining the respective miltary services, training and challenges to be come astronauts / cosmonauts venturing into space and their lives post being space wanders. The book illustrates the technologies behind the space race, driven to surpass the achi [...]

    12. Into That Silent Sea brings the reader engaging tales of those who first ventured into space. This book, more than any other I've read on the era, synthesizes what the astronauts/cosmonauts and the other major players involved in the early years of U.S. & Soviet space programs were doing and feeling. Their stories, and those of others that never made their own voyages into space are recounted wonderfully. The authors wove together a great array of sources, from personal interviews to many ot [...]

    13. This book gave a good combination of both Russian and American history related to the early space programs for both countries. The information is also provided for the most part in chronological order which is helpful. I have read many books on the history of NASA (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo for the most part) and this book offered interesting information I had not read before in other accounts. I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes learning about the general history of space exploratio [...]

    14. I grew up near the Johnson Space Center and NASA and the space programs were a big part of my childhood. I thought I knew a lot about Project Mercury but this excellent book greatly increased my knowledge especially regarding the Soviet space program. I'm looking forward to the next two volumes in the series.

    15. I liked this book because it told not only the stories of the American Astronauts but also the Soviet Cosmonauts. The authors are definitely space nerds, I have met both, and I can tell it through this book. The nice thing about the book is that it does not hit you over the head with specs about rockets but rather tells the stories of the people.

    16. Great look at the early astronauts and cosmonauts in the U.S. and U.S.S.R. with particular insight into the lesser-known Russian trailblazers. Full of fascinating details and chronologically does a better job than The Right Stuff at looking at the important Mercury missions.

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