A Horse to Love

Skye is a troubled foster girl, sent to live with Christian foster parents who introduce her to the wonderful world of horses At Keystone Stables, a special needs dude ranch in central Pennsylvania, Skye meets Champ, a champion sorrel quarter horse who helps her accept God s unconditional forgiveness and love.
A Horse to Love Skye is a troubled foster girl sent to live with Christian foster parents who introduce her to the wonderful world of horses At Keystone Stables a special needs dude ranch in central Pennsylvania S

  • Title: A Horse to Love
  • Author: Marsha Hubler
  • ISBN: 9780310717928
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This was a series I read when I was in my very early teens and still horse-crazy. It was not a bad series by any means, and I apparently liked them enough to read the whole series, and appreciated the Christian messagess, and how much horse therapy can help people deal with many a variety of problems. That said, this was by no means my favorite horse-related series either. When I first added this series here on , I gave them all 4 stars, but in the midst of my shelf organizing, when I saw them a [...]

    2. Like the rating i just gave, it was amazing. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's the feel good BOOK of the year. Pah, like i know what that means. The publushers are ZONDERKIDZ. A kids version of ZONDERVAN. It relly made me think about the message it sends. At the time, i had made a new friend and i was going to his house almost every day. Every day i got there erly, he would have a bible lesson 4 his homeschooling and i would sit out in the livingroom because i didn't know enough it it seemed boring [...]

    3. My daughter and her friends (ages 12-14) love these books by Marsha Hubler. I finally read the first one in the series and I was impressed. Good, clean reading with realistic situations and characters, these are books you can hand to your child and not worry that there might be content inappropriate for their age, yet there's enough drama to keep readers interested. Oh, and they really like the horse side of them too. There's a glossary of horse terms and labeled pictures.

    4. I first read this book five years ago (at least). As I re-read it, I had to laugh at memories of being slightly scandalized by the mild references to drugs. The author does a great job of showing Skye's defiance, yet tempering it by showing her internal turmoil. She managers to make it clear that Skye's actions are unacceptable, while still making her a likable character. This was a book that stayed with me for a long time when I was younger, and I still enjoyed re-reading now that I'm older.

    5. I adore horses. I adore reading. So reading about horses seemed a natural fit. When I was a kid, I loved the Thoroughbred horse series over your standard Babysitter's Club or Sweet Valley High. Amongst my pile of freebies needing attention was A Horse to Love. There were plenty of great horse references to how the whole business of riding and caring for a horse work. If you really want to know about tacking and anatomy then this book is the way to go; however, there wasn't enough time with the a [...]

    6. This is a good book. A troubled girl is given a choice by a judge: either go into a juvenile facility, or go to a foster home. Skye Nicholson decides to go to another foster family. This is her last chance. Skye finds out that this foster family is different that any of the others that she has been in. This is the first book in the series "Keystone Stables".

    7. i have not read it yet but i will soon i have to go to the library when i go i will get this book soon. i know thois will be a great book to read. from, /review/list/

    8. A good and quick read about a young, troubled teen who is given a last chance to improve in a Christian foster home before the judge sends her to an institution. God's love is calling her through the help of this family, but it's up to Skye to hear it.

    9. I realized this was for younger readers so read it with an open mind. I think a younger reader would like reading this being it is horse related but for an adult who already owns a horse it was okay but its definatly written for a young reader.

    10. More of a pre-teen/ young teen level, but still enjoyable for old people like me. I downloaded it with my PC nook app. I will recommend it to my granddaughters. And I want to read more of the series.

    11. This a a MUCH for mature content book then it looks. For high school students *It has Mansions of alcohol and drugs and things.

    12. A great little read, especially targeted toward 10-14 year old readers. An encouraging story of real love. I have to admit, even I shed a tear at the end of this one.

    13. Book One in the Keystone Stables series features tough love in the treatment of a thirteen-year-old angry girl. With God's help, the girl finds happiness.

    14. Great book for a teen to read. The book focuses on life as a foster child. Skye the main character is shown in both her rugged and soft side. This book is Christian based.

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