Fool Moon

Could a werewolf be loose in Chicago Common sense says no The grisly evidence says yes So does Harry Dresden And with his weird connections, he should know.
Fool Moon Could a werewolf be loose in Chicago Common sense says no The grisly evidence says yes So does Harry Dresden And with his weird connections he should know

  • Title: Fool Moon
  • Author: Jim Butcher
  • ISBN: 9781436232999
  • Page: 491
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I've been told this series gets good at book three. Someone else said book four. Another, book six.I promised to read until book seven, and I will. But Harry is seriously, seriously shitting me.Harry Dresden is a Wizard private eye who works largely with the Chicago police department's Special Investigations officer, Murphy.He has the most over-developed Hero complex of any protagonist I've ever read, to the point of ridiculous. I'm almost wondering whether his subconscious is guiding him toward [...]

    2. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsBR with my peeps at: Buddies Books and BaublesSpecifically: Robin (Bridge Four), Jennavier, Jenny, Lila, oOSarahOo, Sh3lly (Not all those who wander are lost), and StevenI don't know if it was the lowered expectations from being told by every-friggin'-body that DRESDEN doesn't start "getting good" until book 3 or 4, or if it was how much cooler the book was than the TV episode based on this same installment, or something else entirely . . . The why doesn't really matter, [...]

    3. 3.5 starsI looked up through the clear night at the almost-full moon. Werewolves jumping through windows at gangster's lackeys in unfinished restaurants. A mangled corpse in the middle of a blood-drenched floor. Berserk FBI field agents drawing guns and shooting to kill. A little kung fu, a little John Wayne, and a few casual threats.So far, I thought, my nerves jangling, just one more night on the job.Ah, the Dresden Files. Modern-day pulp fiction, and yet so fun to read.Harry Dresden’s caree [...]

    4. ►►► Today is your lucky day. Yes it is. Want know why? Well this was going to be one of my never-ending, ever-rambling reviews. This was going to be an ode to the awesomeness that is Harry D. I was going to go all "blah blah blah this is fantastic, blah blah blah this is so cool, blah blah blah Harry D. I love you even though you're not an asshole, blah blah blah I love what you do with your staff, blah blah blah blah blah blah" on you. But I won't. Because as much as I love Harry I don't [...]

    5. This was an alright read but not one that has left me eager to tear into the next 13 books already published in this series. There was quite a bit of world-building, especially about werewolves, but I didn't find it particularly immersive. Like in the first book Butcher's attempts to integrate fantasy into the modern world feel kind of forced and these 2 worlds still don't relate to each other in a believable or compelling way. I also struggled with the characters in this one. Harry was frustrat [...]

    6. Update 03-11-11(2): So my last update was hastily written, and in anger. Now that I've had time to cool off and think clearly I'm feeling bad. So here's another, less in-your-face way of saying it:Warning: this review contains cheekiness. Please do not be offended or take this review too seriously as it is meant in jest. If you are a serious Dresden fan this review is probably not for you. So you should just read another review, k. Have a nice day. :)Update 03-11-11: I've pretty much had it with [...]

    7. Well, I've copied my review from two years ago below, and I feel like it is pretty much on point with how I feel after reading the book a second time. Not really sure if I need to say much more. The only parts I really enjoyed were the scenes that alluded to Harry's past. I'm sticking around for more of that down the road, I hope. The first half wasn't bad, and the book actually felt like it ended halfway through. It should have ended there. There's a big scene in the middle followed by a whole [...]

    8. A gruesome murder comes along, and Harry Dresden's expertise is needed. A brutally mutilated corpse. Strange-looking paw prints. A full moon.I really liked the first book of the series, and I was expecting a lot more from this. The premise screams werewolves, and that's actually my favorite supernatural creature. Werewolves are badass and ruthless, but once again, Butcher had his own take on the supernatural. He sort of mellowed it down, and made it more realistic. I don't hate his imaginative t [...]

    9. Back into the world of Harry Dresden through another excellent audio book presentation. Between Fool Moon and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, I've been reading about werewolves a lot. Not that I'm complaining.The interesting premise of this book is that there are multiple ways to become a werewolf and it explores the problems associated with each. I enjoyed the juxtaposition and creativity the author showed in developing the different types. I always assumed a werewolf was just an unfortunate who rece [...]

    10. “‎It isn't enough to stand up and fight darkness. You've got to stand apart from it, too. You've got to be different from it.” 2.5 Stars. Unless things drastically improve by book three, I think it's safe to say that The Dresden Files is one of the most overrated series of all time. At least the first two books, anyway ;]. For the life of me, I can't figure out why these are so outrageously popular. A good friend of mine read them around the same time that I did, and these were the words h [...]

    11. Fool Moon started to show promising signs of improvement over the first book, even though most fans indicate that the series really only get better from Book 3 or 4 onwards. I definitely enjoyed Harry more as a character in this book as he just felt so real. His tendencies for hilarious soliloquy or internal monologues while facing dangerous and grim circumstances might be a tad cheesy sometimes but it was fun and I think it worked for stories like these. Harry's backstory was also being gradual [...]

    12. Fool Moon is Jim Butcher’s second Harry Dresden novel, first published in 2001 to wild acclaim and popularity.And why not? Butcher knew back then that he had a winning formula and he does. Cool and charismatic protagonist, excellent world building, and a fun set of magic rules to make even the most cynical of urban fantasy readers to tune in like a Cubs-Sox game on WGN. Even Coach Ditka would no doubt no reveal a hint of a smile behind the sunglasses and mustache and say in a mid-western twang [...]

    13. Buddy read with a few friends at Buddies Books and Baubles. Harry Dresden is going to grow on me. We have been on two outings now and already I see some real potential in this budding relationship between us. Harry has a few things in his positive column right now:✔ - Cool friends and acquaintances:Bob – The skull animated by a sexually adventurous wind spirit who has the memory skills of a computer and a potions master status equivalent to Severus Snape. Chauncy - Harry’s demon buddy who [...]

    14. 90% of this book was a snorefest. It felt like one Adam 12 (look it up) in book form with a wizard thrown in. Then we get to the end and it turns awesome making me wonder if I should continue this or not. I know everybody says this gets better as the books go on but if he wastes the first quarter of every book letting us know who Harry is I won't make it. The last part when Harry transforms, to be vague and not spoil anything, is awesome. Great thought process and action.

    15. I can't review this properly. Harry Dresden took me right out of my book funk. I mean, who can be in a funk while listening to James Marsters??? No one! It is a proven fact. I don't even care that James Marsters makes all of his characters sound almost the same. I don't care that he swallows and clears his throat all the time. His voice is perfect for Harry Dresden and I love him for it. I love Bob the skull, I love how Harry cries when he is injured like a real person, I love the world that Jim [...]

    16. Jim Butcher achieves something that no other authors of urban fantasy have done (at least not the ones I've read); he expresses how wonderful it is to be producing magic in a world like ours.I don't expect characters to be jazzed about their magic skills in a classic fantasy world, where magic is like bowling and everyone knows about it, most people have dabbled, but only a few can bowl anywhere near a perfect score.Nor do I expect wizards to remain wide-eyed about their skills if they find them [...]

    17. A friend of mine adores this series, and sent my husband and me the entire thing. It showed up at our door in a big amazon box, and well, we got to reading. My husband is two books ahead of me, and promises me that things improve.I dearly hope he's right.First off, Butcher tries to pile WAY too much into this book. I hope this isn't a massive surprise, but guess what - this book is about werewolves. Now, you know how authors and movie makers, etc. will tell you "If you show the gun, you have to [...]

    18. I had a hard time getting into this one, but it was still pretty decent. Harry has to figure out who is killing people - and the victims look like they've been savaged by wolves. I'm not a huge werewolf fan, so maybe that is part of why this wasn't as interesting to me. But I did like how there are different types of werewolves in this world and I don't think any of them can be turned. It mainly involves magical spells or curses. I find it annoying how Harry is always running off alone and rejec [...]

    19. This book is a fast paced urban fantasy novel that succeeds because of the likable characters and the well-designed world. Harry, the main character, is an archetypal everyman with spells. The novel builds on the basic werewolf premise, but quickly evolves into a creative and original spin on what would seem a well told (or otherwise worn out) type of tale. The author’s skill, ingenuity and craftiness keep the plot fresh and entertaining.The book borders on victim literature as Harry struggles [...]

    20. 2.5ish stars. I didn't love it. Not that it's any worse than the first book, which sounds like a condemnation but it's not. The first book, Storm Front, was pretty good; it got my attention. I was expecting things to build on it in this book and beyond but, if anything, it feels to me like a "two steps back" situation. The decrease in rating is a reflection of frustrated expectations more than a reflection of decrease in quality. Again, I didn't think the writing or the characterizations or anyt [...]

    21. My Thoughts:Alot of my friends (you know who you are) have been urging me to try this series for months. I read the first book, Storm Front back in August & I wasn't impressed. But I'm glad I decided to stick with it because Fool Moon kicked major ass. Friends, I am eternally grateful for the relentless peer-pressure & threats of bodily harm *cough cough* Catherine *cough cough* if I didn't give this series a go. Muah!In the previous book, Harry Dresden had to battle a beyond nutso Warlo [...]

    22. Harry Dresden Fan Art ~ by thegryph (Nicole Cardiff)★★★★½ I love Harry Dresden. I love his duster, his blasting rod and staff, his shield bracelet and force rings, his mother’s silver pentacle amulet, and the way he keeps upgrading these - just like we all do with the technological toys that make our life easier. I love the way he talks about magic, and I love the way he combines elements to create his magic. I know, I should quit gushing and get to the storyline, but he’s just so l [...]

    23. I'm really only here because so many people swear this turns into something more amazing than a large pizza after a long day, so of course they got my interest. The first two books are solid urban fantasy mysteries, but I'm expecting something mind blowing to follow. Harry Dresden, you better not disappoint me.

    24. I loved this book. Could it be my fixation with werewolves? Could it be how Butcher describes the various types of weres? Could it be the almost non-stop action? Or is the fact that I get more of one of my favorite characters? Probably a little of all of these. Fool Moon takes of at a running pace after Storm Front. While Storm Front had to spend time in exposition, this world of Dresden is set up, so we can get more into the action. Harry has to deal with some seriously nasty werewolves, loup g [...]

    25. Harry the wizard is back. Nope, not that one. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. Wizard for hire. Harry hasn't had a lot of work come his way. He has been on the outs with Murphy his police officer friend who usually gives him work. When he does receive a call from her, he knows it is going to be a bad one. Yep, bad. Mangled corpse. Evisceration. Pools of blood. Oh yeah, and giant paw prints. The full moon brings out more than the crazies!I love Harry. He is an honest-to-God good guy. But he [...]

    26. Well that was intense.Well - you can now call me a Jim Butcher/Harry Dresden fan.Loved it, fantastic multi-climax ending. One of the best books I've read so far this year.A couple of small quibbles with some of the [INSERT: "Escape by the skin of your teeth"] moments that overstepped the believability mark and dropped me out of the suspension of disbelief. I know it's a very fine line between gripping suspenseful drama and a deus ex machina, and occasionally JB smudges it.But such quibbles fade [...]

    27. Pulp, but fun and entertaining.Please tune into Michael Jackson's Thriller while reading this.This is an altogether better book than the first one - more depth, more intrigue, more insight into Harry's past, motives and romantic interests, a better fleshed out world, and we also get a glimpse into the arch-plot that I suspect will be driving the series.Sometimes, the first-person writing can be tedious, the chapter cliffhangers are a little corny, and the language is a bit awkward (especially wh [...]

    28. I decided to give the series another try. I liked this one better than the first but some things still feel forced. Like Murphy's unrelenting antagonism. And Harry's need to save everyone, all the time.

    29. Rating: 3* of fiveSomeone help me here. These are compulsively readable books, and I grant Butcher full props for the ability to pace a story and parse a sentence with equal facility (not all that faint of a praise, believe you me), but these books have some je ne sais quoi that makes them into bestsellers.WHAT IS IT?!?I was interested enough in the story to read it in one long sitting, but upon sober reflection, I cannot begin to tell you why. It's not that good of a book. It's not a completely [...]

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