The Elusive Bride

Stephanie Laurens, the phenomenal New York Times bestselling superstar is back with The Elusive Bride the second book in her magnificent Black Cobra Quartet Never before in print, this masterful blend of passion and intrigue follows The Untamed Bride, the first in the four part historical romance series that Booklist calls, fabulously entertaining A spellbinding tale oStephanie Laurens, the phenomenal New York Times bestselling superstar is back with The Elusive Bride the second book in her magnificent Black Cobra Quartet Never before in print, this masterful blend of passion and intrigue follows The Untamed Bride, the first in the four part historical romance series that Booklist calls, fabulously entertaining A spellbinding tale of destiny, duty, desire, and peril with ties to her popular Bastion Club novels and her well loved romantic adventures featuring the endearing family of rogues, the Cynsters The Elusive Bride confirms Laurens s well deserved standing as one of the genre s premier storytellers.
The Elusive Bride Stephanie Laurens the phenomenal New York Times bestselling superstar is back with The Elusive Bride the second book in her magnificent Black Cobra Quartet Never before in print this masterful blend

  • Title: The Elusive Bride
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • ISBN: 9780061966156
  • Page: 300
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I want to state for the record: When I purchase a book from the grocery store, I don't expect Anna Karenina. I want a good story, some good dialogue, some smutty sex and writing that doesn't make me actively cringe. That is all. That being said, I don't know how this book got published. Clearly Ms. Laurens's previous titles and selling power were enough to release this tripe into the universe. To call this book stupid would be an understatement. Editors were asleep at the wheel and deserve a pay [...]

    2. 2.5 Well, what can I say I've had enough of the Black Cobra 🐍 it just drones and drones about it throughout all the books in this series

    3. A villain and cult-leader named Black Cobra is terrorizing early 19th century India. Five English officers are appointed to finding out who the man is and bring his reign of terror to an end. It turns out he’s also English, a member of the East India Company, but the five have no way of proving it.Months later, one of them is killed, providing irrefutable proof of the Englishman’s wrongdoing and the four remaining are tasked with getting the proof, a letter, back to homeland. Three copies ar [...]

    4. Miałam pisać obszerną opinię na temat tej książki, ale się powstrzymam. Spodziewałam się troszkę więcej niż to, co dostałam. Ogólnie nigdy nie wymagam od romansów historycznych zbyt wiele, dlatego zawsze dobrze się przy nich bawię, ale tym razem książka nawet moich niezbyt wygórowanych wymagań nie była w stanie spełnić. Jestem trochę zła, bo uważam, że sam motyw ucieczki przed Kultem Czarnej Kobry był całkiem fajny, to autorka zrobiła z tego nudną podróż, przery [...]

    5. 3rd SeptemberDear Diary,Yesterday was the most frightening and the most wonderful day of my life! First we were pursued by Black Cobra cultists as Captain MacFarlane was escorting me to my uncle in Bombay. The captain sent me ahead with his men while he and his lieutenant stayed behind to delay the pursuers. His tactics worked, but the captain was murdered by the cultists. I kept my word and delivered his packet to Colonel Delborough and his men, and that’s when the wonderful thing happened. A [...]

    6. The second installment of the Black Cobra Quartet follows the journey of Major Gareth Hamilton (for the backstory, see the synopsis for Book 1) and his copy of the letter. After their brief meeting, both Major Hamilton and Emily Ensworth, niece of the Governor of Bombay, have an instant attraction. When Emily learns that Major Hamilton has left she does all in her power to discover his destination and beat him there. What she doesn’t know is that he is on a mission to destroy as many of the Bl [...]

    7. The first novel in this series renewed my faith in Laurens as an author (the lengthy Cynster series and Bastion finale were beginning to make me doubt). This one was just as exciting as the first, with lots of action, adventure, mayhem and very interesting lead characters. The heroine is very analytical, so we get in her head alot. The hero does a lot of the usual Laurens dithering over whether he wants the heroine to know he loves her, and lots of alpha male posturing, but the adventure and esp [...]

    8. I have just managed upto page 49 of this very absurd badly written book which I had begun to think pretty nauseating on page 2 when she begins to talk about her One -so she has to pursue him. No doubt to prove to herself that he is the one, this well brought up miss will jump and hump in his bed every 5 pages- hey the publisher loves it ,the public thinks it normal British high society behaviour as interpreted by a bone ignorant writer and editor. As for a Pashtun servant called Mooktu and his w [...]

    9. Very good book !!This is the second in a four part series. It held my attention all the way through and at times I felt like I was on the edge of my seat! I'm glad I don't have to wait for the third book!!

    10. I usually love Stephanie Laurens series, but this book was way too long. She invented time-consuming and silly scenarios seemingly for the sake of adding pages, as they certainly didn't add anything to the book.

    11. I love reading anything from Stephanie Laurens and this one is great. I have read this series out of order but it doesn't worry me.

    12. PaperNovel Do not attempt to skip the order of the series like I did.Nevertheless, it was freaking awesome.This is my first time reading a Stephanie Laurens novel and it left me a good impression of her. It was a rightly paced book, different type of narration as what I used to, lots of action and the romance didn't disappoint. I couldn't really explain it but her writing style is very distinct comparing to the historical romance authors. I needed time to get used to it because it wasn't a haugh [...]

    13. The Elusive Bride feature an adventureous journey rife with action, danger, intrigue, and where hearts and emotions are concerned, the perils of love.The mission to capture the Black Cobra and lure out as many cultists as possible to eliminate is commandeered by Gareth Hamilton. Unbeknownst to him is Emily Ensworth, niece of the Governor of Bombay who has followed him on the hunch that he is her "one" and whose goal is to affirm that hunch. Unbeknownst to her is the danger she has just involved [...]

    14. This is the second book in the Black Cobra Quartet and another one of the original four soldiers/spies is on a quest home to bring the scroll which will bring down the Black Cobra cult in India (which is of course run by evil Englishmen). I actually do not remember whether in the first book we realize there is more than one person at the top of the cult (I read so much, I cannot keep it all in my head).Anyway, this time we follow our brave English aristocrate (of the warrior type - that's what t [...]

    15. This certainly isn't one of the best works of Ms. Laurens. I placed very high expectations on her works, particularly after reading The Devil's Love. The book is about Major Gareth Hamilton and his three other comrades racing back to England to deliver a letter written by the Black Cobra to the Duke of Wolverton, which was fortunately intercepted by Captain McFarlane. Ms Emily Ensworth first met Major Hamilton when she delivered the letter entrusted to her by the Captain to the Colonel. Since th [...]

    16. So far, it's better than the first one. The characters are better defined But the first book in teh series didn't start going downhill until they met up with the Cynster cousins, so I'm waiting for her to pull some other "remember these guys!?" characters out in a few chaptersETA: Having a really hard time getting through this book. Even worse than the first one.My thoughts: The women are all idiots (if you are the target of an attack, do not paint a bullseye on yourself and wave around in front [...]

    17. Five military officers have been charged with taking down the Black Cobra, a particularly vicious cult that has taken a stranglehold over most of India. Emily Ensworth has also been drawn into the conflict. She was being escorted to her uncle's fort when the Black Cobra attacked and one of the military officers was forced to fend them off. He died in the attack but was able to pass on crucial evidence to Emily who took it back to his brothers-in-arms.When she sees Major Gareth Hamilton, she is i [...]

    18. This is definitely not one of Stephanie Laurens' best works. I'm a big fan of her other series, and the first in the Black Cobra Quartet was a really great start to this new series, but this one, Garreth and Emily's story, felt more like filler than a novel.Emily was the girl, who in the first book brought the evidence of the Black Cobra's identity to our heroes. She sees Garreth and, when she learns he's left India, follows him to discover if he's "the one" for her. Garreth sees her life in dan [...]

    19. Major Hamilton is one of a group of men working to decipher the identity of the Black Cobra, a nasty piece of work fighting against the English in Bombay. By the time they finally determine who the traitor is, Miss Emily Ensworth has become involved in the crisis. After a single encounter with Hamilton, Emily finds herself in love and follows him when he returns to England. Unfortunately, the Black Cobras follow also. The entire return trip is fraught with danger and romance since Hamilton is as [...]

    20. This is the first book by SL that I didn’t really care for. It had great potential… I actually liked Emily and the Major. Unfortunately I found it rather tiresome by half way through. Not to mention a few pet peeves: 1. It is stated pretty early on that Emily has light brown hair. The girl on the cover is so blonde… there is no light brown about it. Not to mention that the characters in the book spend a good portion of the book in Arab costume, traveling in southern regions… why then is [...]

    21. Stephanie Laurens knows how to write a page-turner, so I usually manage to forgive cartoonish villains, overwrought heroines, and completely unhistorical action, but this one is just WAY over the top. I can put up- barely- with the evil Indian cult- but the near-instantaneous communications are just a step too far. The four agents manage to get word to and back from their boss in England in a matter of days or weeks, and the cult leader sends hordes of murderous cultists AHEAD of them to all the [...]

    22. Adventure StoryTHE ELUSIVE BRIDE is the second book in the Black Cobra Quartet. It is the story of four men who are traveling from India with proof of the identity of a murderous cult leader. THE ELUSIVE BRIDE is the story of Gareth Hamilton who ends up traveling with Emily Ensworth who is the niece of the Governor of Bombay. Readers of the quartet will recall that our was Emily that brought the evidence to the men. This book follows Gareth and Emily in their extensive travels back to England. T [...]

    23. This novel initially seemed to be a strong over-arching plot about four men fighting to save their country from a foreign enemy, driven by their bond to one another and the death of a colleague, with the romance aspect woven into this. And for the first third I really enjoyed that premise, however, it didn't seem to last.The romance aspect completely dominated after that and I eventually forgot about the whole mission with the letters. Emily was the favoured narrator, but on top of her chapters, [...]

    24. I tend to take Laurens randomly because many of her heroines are rather copy/pasted from previous characters but I really liked Emily in this. She was strong, but not dominant (which doesn't ring true in such a large universe but small social circle), yet trustworthy. She had her faults but wasn't overrun with confidence, either. The diary bit kind of bothered me, but it was great inspiration for a quick piece of fiction I wrote. Well, the style anyway. The diary would have been best used as a f [...]

    25. 3.5 STARS "Gareth Hamilton is stunned when he recognizes Emily Ensworth on his ship. The veil she wears is not enough to disguise her from him - or from the man hired to kill her. Whisking Emily to safety, Gareth realizes that the Black Cobra is on to them. In order to protect her, Gareth must let Emily in on the dangerous plot she is now intimately involved in. Emily Ensworth is no wilting flower. She knew the packet the dying soldier thrust upon her held vital information, and she has every in [...]

    26. Second in the series. At this point I couldn't wait to see how this pair met and eventually ended up together. It was the usual hormones and closeness and let's not forget the danger than drew them together.In this story we read about the woman who was being escorted by the officer who was killed in the first book. She was the recipient of the proof the officers needed to incriminate the bad guy. Except that it was love at first sight with the man who would sweep her off her feet. And of course, [...]

    27. I liked this one a little better than its predecessor; it didn't seem to get quite so bogged down, though again I ended up impatient for it to reach its conclusion. I find myself tempted to go back and actually attempt a calculation--Gareth is arriving just two days after Del, but it seems like the description of their travels spanned a much longer time period. I don't recall if the first book dated every chapter, but this one did.Also, I hate to say it, but I think I may be developing a new pet [...]

    28. The Elusive Bride is the second in Laurens' The Black Cobra Quartet I've been looking forward to sinking my teeth into these as Laurens always delivers, plus this series had the added temptation of seeing Bastion club members and Cynsters again - one wonders how the pages can contain so much testosterone and not explode! ;-)This had all the romance you would expect from a Laurens book, plus enough swashbuckling adventure for Boys Own! Our hero, Gareth must make his way from India back to England [...]

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