Toot & Puddle: Puddle's ABC

Otto wants to learn how to write his name, but he doesn t know the alphabet So Puddle decides to teach him using his own original words and pictures.
Toot Puddle Puddle s ABC Otto wants to learn how to write his name but he doesn t know the alphabet So Puddle decides to teach him using his own original words and pictures

  • Title: Toot & Puddle: Puddle's ABC
  • Author: Holly Hobbie
  • ISBN: 9780316365932
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Another solid entry in Hobbie's canon, this time featuring Puddle teaching his turtle friend Otto to write his named therefore spell. The alphabet is one of the most hilarious pairings of words plus images—the preposterous cluster of words then generates a very satisfying visual companion: "Itchy inchworm" or "Miss Mud in moonlight." And like all her books, Hobbie shoots them full with friendship and joy. This isn't one more alphabet book that cutely but didactically instructs its readers. Ins [...]

    2. This book introduced letters and the alphabet and then went in to a couple different words that started with each letter. Although it’s a good read aloud book for pre-kindergarten students to familiarize themselves with letters of the alphabet and how to spell. It would be useful as an alphabet reference or a “tutor” type book but I wouldn’t read it to students older than kindergarten because by that time children should know their alphabet and be writing mini sentences! Puddle paints th [...]

    3. Another fun-to-read Toot & Puddle book. There are a lot of alphabet books out there, and this one ranks in the top tier. It's an alphabet book with a story, as Puddle the pig is teaching his turtle friend Otto the alphabet so that Otto can write his name. Each letter has an engaging picture and a short description. Rather than just one word per letter, most of them have phrases, like "crocodile crunching carrots" and "itchy inchworm". Does Otto learn enough to write his name? Not only that, [...]

    4. This is another alphabet book I chose to read because I am planning on working with younger kids and would find these very useful! This book is full of pigs! One pig named Puddle is trying to teach his friend, Otto all the letters of the alphabet so he can spell his name! I would use this book in my own classroom when we are working on our names. Another one would be to show the students that there are many many ways to learn the letters of the alphabet!

    5. Puddle, of Toot and Puddle fame, is called upon to teach Otto the turtle how to spell his name but first must teach him the alphabet. Puddle paints his way through the alphabet with wonderful pictures for each letter. This book is not only a journey through the alphabet, but a story as well. I would use this book to teach the kids how to write their name. I would also use it to teach the kids how to help eachother.

    6. Written and illustrated by Holly Hobbie (Denise Holly Ulinskas). Lovely watercolor illustrations. "One day Puddle decided to teach Otto how to write his name" resulting is a nice ABC book.Age Range: 3 - 6 yearsGrade Level: Preschool - 1

    7. Of course we have to have an ABC book, but the story sandwiching the rest is what makes this whole thing worthwhile and another delightful Toot and Puddle book. Just love all of these (and S for "Somebody's Sleeping" really sparks the imagination!)

    8. I really enjoyed this book. I think it would be great for young children who are learning their ABCs and the different sounds that these letters make. I really like the repetition and the use of similar sounds for the letters of the alphabet. Great children's book!

    9. This was a fun read-aloud that I really enjoyed sharing with my son. For some reason, the drawing of the Itchy Inchworm always sent my son into giggles--and of course, that would set me off. Great to share with a child who is feeling kind of overwhelmed with learning all those letters.

    10. This seems like a great book to use in teaching the alphabet to students. It definitely emphasizes the sounds of letters as well as an awareness of print. If I ever teach kindergarten, this book will be on my list!

    11. My five-year-old son picked this book out from the library this week. He really likes ABC books. The ABC part of this book was fine, even cute, although definitely not brilliant. The rest of the book -- eh, felt like a lot of filler to me.

    12. A story with an alphabet portion to it. Toot teaches Otto how to write his name. The quick process is a little misleading but it's still a fun story.

    13. I like this book because it tells a story as Puddle the Pig teaches his friend Otto the Turtle the alphabet so he can write his name.

    14. Another fun alphabet book. Language Arts teachers could use it to teach alliteration if they wanted to. The kids loved watching Otto learn to write his name.

    15. I enjoyed this book. It had a surprisingly good defination of "alphabet." The pictures for each letter were amusing.

    16. I love that Puddle is tutoring his friend on letters. A great way to "tutor" young readers without them knowing it! Puddle's illustrations of each letter are charming and sometimes funny!

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