A Is For Asia

An alphabetical introduction to the diverse peoples, lands, and cultures of the world s largest continent.
A Is For Asia An alphabetical introduction to the diverse peoples lands and cultures of the world s largest continent

  • Title: A Is For Asia
  • Author: Cynthia Chin-Lee Yumi Heo
  • ISBN: 9780531330111
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “A Is For Asia”

    1. "A is for Asia" is a fun and interesting alphabetic factual book on the continent that is home to more than half the people in the world. This lively text with beautiful stylish illustrations would be a great book to incorporate in a classroom when focusing on different cultures. From C is for camels with one hump or two, to O is for Origami, to R is for rice, fried, steamed or curried, every letter is represented with an object or subject that makes Asia so unique. After reading this book, I ha [...]

    2. I don't love the illustrations, but I like the alphabet frame as a way to introduce (probably slightly older) children to a sampling of the variety of what "Asia" entails. (The book's 1997 publication date does show a little bit with "[Asia includes] a large part of the former Soviet Union" -- 6 years gone at that point, but 15 years gone now.)

    3. This book is jam-packed with interesting tidbits about different cultures and countries. I learned some new information and love the fact that key words are translated into different languages in the corner of each page. This book would make a wonderful classroom resource.

    4. A is for Asia is a great book that is full of informational text. This would be a great book to use in a geography lesson as well as a review for the alphabet. Children will enjoy this book and learn many new things from it.

    5. One of my most delightful finds. A book that that covers all of Asia, even if only for one page, and a wonderful introduction to Asian culture and language.

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