When Liane crossed the Atlantic the future seemed bright and beautiful Only the image of a face haunted her new life in France Then the war sent her on a second fateful crossing, leaving her husband and family far behind Suspended between two worlds, Liane was swept into a passionate love affair.
Crossings When Liane crossed the Atlantic the future seemed bright and beautiful Only the image of a face haunted her new life in France Then the war sent her on a second fateful crossing leaving her husband a

  • Title: Crossings
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780751542455
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I picked this up after a heavy read An Untamed State, and this was an effective choice. It did follow the author's very normal tradjectory - two attractive and successful main leads who fall in love, enjoy some time together, pull apart for a reason (in this instance marriage - both - and war), maintain their love but decide they need to go back to their old lives, but meet up again. Hopefully!This was a quick read, but still very very strictly keeping to her general formula, not entirely bother [...]

    2. I did enjoy this book - enough happened to keep me entertained. But everyone seems to be missing the fact that the stupid woman cheated on her husband! Poor guy sacrificed himself for his country, and while he's at war she runs off with the new guy? To be fair, Nick sounded awesome, but so did her husband. And she claimed to love both men equally? Please! I don't care how lousy your life is during war time - You can't string two guys along! You're a horrible wife!

    3. This rating is totally based on the nostalgia factor that comes with re-reading this book 20 years later. Yes, it was schmaltzy, formulaic, and I definitely did not get any smarter reading it. However, it was a delightful guilty pleasure beach read and I now understand where I got most of my adolescent misperceptions that adulthood would be a glamorous time filled with Chanel suits, champagne, caviar, jewelry, mansions and romance.

    4. Loved it! Set in the time period at the beginning of World War II, Liane de Villiers is traveling by ship to France, where her diplomat husband, Armand, has been transferred. On the voyage, they meet and befriend another couple, steel magnate Nick Burnham and his wife Hillary. This sets in motion a budding relationship between Liane and Nick that causes long-term strife in both their lives. Their situation, occurring in the backdrop of a looming world war, was a fictional romance that definitely [...]

    5. I love a good WWII romance. I prefer a well written historical fiction with an upbeat, strong female lead during that period. This novel was set in that period and favorite Danielle Steel novelof course if you have read one of hers, you have read them allmeone in a bookclub said that years ago and I found it to be true. It was a vacation book, but I remember I really enjoyed it. I like the part of the older husband trying to save art during the war. This is one of those novels that, even though [...]

    6. Me gustó mucho esta novela, así que le di 4 estrellas porque está bien ambientada y tiene la información necesaria sobre la guerra, lo que conlleva que no se pierda interés en la historia y no se diluya lo medular de la novela que es el romance. No es cursi ni dulzona, tiene drama suficiente sin ser telecebolla. Este tipo de novela histórico románticas son las que me gusta leer. Mi reseña completa en el siguiente linkperezosa69/2017/03

    7. Epic and riveting. I love the old Danielle Steel historicals and this one ranks one of my all time favorites. If there were an option to give more stars I'd rate it a ten. The historical facts of WW2 alone make this a must read. Combine it with a great storyline and that combination makes for one mighty good read.

    8. This book is full of people making bad decisions and wasting time. It was mildly entertaining. More drama then hot romance.

    9. Liane is remarkable! This book exhibits strength, loyalty, and how fate works itself out. It's a captivating story with just the right amount of romance Great from cover to cover!

    10. Esta historia transcurre durante la segunda guerra mundial. Siempre me dan aprensión y me conmueven estas historias porque narran el drama y dolor que han padecido quienes se ven envueltos en la tarea de sobrevivir y huir (en cualquier orden) de los efectos de una guerra. Son personas que sin distinción de clases sufren y quedan con la cicatriz de ser sacados de su entorno, de perder a sus familias y vivir con la culpa de haber sobrevivido y otros no. Son tantos aspectos a abarcar que una nove [...]

    11. This book was outstanding. Set in the war it tackles many issues like the underground, the late joining of the USA, the hatred of some races during the war and the difficulties to be met during the war. It has a romantic story throughout but still manages to tackle some of the horrors of war. Could not set the book down.

    12. Vidas cruzadasExcelente tremenda historia.que tiene mucha historia sobre la guerra en 1942.tantas vidas pérdidas y para que por el poder .Liane una mujer fuerte y madura para su edad con obligaciones y maridock atrapado en un matrimonio por obligacions vidas se cruzan y cambian para siempre.el final lo encontré demasiado rápido esperaba más .disfrute mucho la historia.

    13. (c)1982 I love how Steel wove actual history into this genre. Everything from war, love, lust, money, politics and power. I didn't do my research but I am guessing the Normandie is an actual ship and if she was it must have been real majestic and awesome to see. Another great read from Steel.

    14. I did try to finish this bookBut I skip almost half of itTo be honest I don’t like the characters that muchIt was oke, but not the best from Steel

    15. ((ALERTA SPOILERS))ese libro es espectacular!!!!acabo de terminarlo fue wowun sube y baja de emocionesodie a Hillary ame a Nick y Liane ❤me sentí mal por la muerte de Armandrompió mi corazón ese libropero lo amelo único que le falto fue un bendito Epilogo donde de casaran le devolvieran a Jhonny a Nick y todos vieran felizyo necesitaba una bodacomo sea fue muy bueno

    16. Oh, Dios mío. Empecé este libro con todas las ganas del mundo para tener un final tan neeh.Debo decir que la historia me ha gustado, el ambiente en el que se ha desarrollado fascinado, y los personajes principales me valieron mierda en toda la lectura. El que todo transcurriera durante la segunda guerra mundial fue lo que me mantuvo enganchada todo el tiempo, ya que, como he dicho antes, me encantan los libros llenos de información e históricos. Por un momento llegué a pensar que el romance [...]

    17. I read this book purely because I was named after Liane, the female protagonist, so I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Normally, I dont like big swooshy romances but I really got into this one and quite enjoyed the read.The novel follows Liane, a young Ambassadors wife, and her two loves during WW2. First, there is Armand, her devoted older husband, and then Nick, the young owner of one of the countries biggest steel companies, who's marriage to his adulterous wife Hillary is kep [...]

    18. Surprised at how much I loved reading this book. As the story progressed you got to know the characters really well and it was a definite page turner. Sad reading all about the casualties of war at sea and what people had gone through. Great details into the work of the Resistance in the war efforts in France. A really good read and one that kept you turning the pages as frustrating circumstances were thrown at the characters all the way through and kept you hoping for a happy ending rather then [...]

    19. There are far to many Danielle Steel books, I find tedious rather than enjoyable, as I sometimes find her style of writing to be very circular, in that a character's thoughts are stated or said, and then it is repeated again, in the next paragraph. Her writing is sometimes to repetitive which interferes with the story. That said, this was not the case with this book. There was a continuous flow to the story. Perhaps Ms. Steel does better when she is writing historical rather than contemporary fi [...]

    20. This book has to be one of the worst books I've ever read, I can't believe I wasted about one week reading it!! It's horrible, at first I was really uncomfortable with the age difference between Liane & Armand, 24 years is too much disturbing for my taste, but I decided to go through the story; saying this mishap could be over seen. I was about in half the book & the story was going on moderately well, but then, out of the blue, Liane & The American Neck who was her friend decided to [...]

    21. "Strong people cannot be defeated" but they can be a bit tiresome. Despite the WWII setting (& bare bones historical research on Steel's part), this is just the soapy, oft told saga of noble self sacrificing lovers who, for one reason or another, are forced to deny their passion. Don't get me wrong, I love soap opera but the heroine, Liane, is simply crafted out of Steel's list of "good heroine attributes" (beautiful, unpretentious, loves children, hates vulgarity & only cheats on her hu [...]

    22. Recensione: E’ il primo libro che leggo della Steel ma non mi è piaciuto. Ero interessata inizialmente dalla trama intrecciata con la storia vera. Ambientato nel periodo subito prima della seconda guerra mondiale e durante il conflitto racconta la storia di due famiglie aristocratiche tra america e europa.A parte l’ambientazione non mi è piaciuto nient’altro. La storia di Liane che sposa l’amico del padre che conosce da quando aveva 15 anni dopo poco che questo rimane vedovo, soprattut [...]

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