Temporary Husband

She needed a permanent loveKate had been practically engaged to a charming young Frenchman when she learned that another man held a temporary lease on her future.Apparently, wealthy film director Blake Templeton had been financing her family s colossal debts for years And before her father s death an arrangement had been made for Blake to become Kate s husband in name onlShe needed a permanent loveKate had been practically engaged to a charming young Frenchman when she learned that another man held a temporary lease on her future.Apparently, wealthy film director Blake Templeton had been financing her family s colossal debts for years And before her father s death an arrangement had been made for Blake to become Kate s husband in name only, until Kate was old enough to know her own mind.Kate couldn t see what Blake stood to gain from such an unsatisfactory arrangement, since he d always had his pick of the world s most glamorous women on his terms without marriage.
Temporary Husband She needed a permanent loveKate had been practically engaged to a charming young Frenchman when she learned that another man held a temporary lease on her future Apparently wealthy film director Blak

  • Title: Temporary Husband
  • Author: Susan Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780373108077
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. re Temporary Husband- this book could not be written today. Not that the writing is bad or the rape scene is atrocious. There is a rape in this one, in case you were wondering, but since this is HPlandia and they are married - the h blows it off as "these things happen". But more on that later.The reason this book couldn't be written today is that the H is 36 to the h's 17- her father sold her to the H in marriage to make sure that his wayward wife (whom he met when she was 16 and he was 38 and [...]

    2. This is one of those vintage, high intensity, fraught filled HPs that had all the usual tropes that I hate, (young virginal heroine that can't think beyond her raging hormones) but surprisingly I ended up enjoying it.However, this one should come with a warning label. (view spoiler)[ There is a rather graphic rape, that the heroine decides to blow off by saying"that's okay, things like that happen sometimes." Yes, they do. However, people end up behind bars for doing those things. I was shocked [...]

    3. Very angsty, intense older HP. I liked that you could tell that the hero was head-over-heels with the immature young heroine. I liked heroine's evil mother and her machinations and how the heroine matured towards the end of the story. Very entertaining read!

    4. I like the idea of the book but there were so many things that irked my focking soule age gap between the heroine and hero and there is a gottdamn all out rape scene that the dumb ass heroine tries to minimise so big old cry baby hero wouldn't be sad about it, check this:(view spoiler)[Without a word he reached for her and began to towel her dry, his hands deft and impersonal, reviving her sluggish circulation. Suddenly she doubled up with pain as he brushed against her legs. He stopped abruptly [...]

    5. Now this is the kind of HP I love. This one is a roller coaster ride of angst and drama, not letting up for a minute. Hero offers way-too-young-for-him heroine a temporary marriage after her father dies. (view spoiler)[He is a director and she is an art student. They go on location and heroine is eaten with jealousy about the lead actress. The showbiz people are a fast crowd and hero has to rescue heroine from rape at a party. That leads to them finally consummating their marriage. All is well u [...]

    6. Nothing like a good old fashioned forced marriage, May-December, besotted hero, angsty rape scene, evil mother with designs on hero, generally over the top romance.Once upon a time I may have been embarrassed to say I loved this story. I'm probably some sick, sad person who gets their kicks from the most un-PC of story lines. All the same, the hero suffered, the heroine suffered, they loved passionately and desperately. What more could you ask for?I picked this to read because of the May-Decembe [...]

    7. The sleaze, rapist and pedo slime was too strong with this hero. And I didn't buy that nothing happened between her mother and him; women don't get divorced because they have a crush on someone else, nor does said crush feel they must atone by providing financial security for her and her child. Also why did the girl, who had the silver, lycra jumpsuit on, feel confident enough to tell h exactly what the hero enjoys in bed and how she has been giving it to him, in front of him?

    8. Angsty older HP. Extremely young heroine with an older hero who has apparently loved her or at least been "sexually obsessed" with her for a long time. I was in the mood for this kind of story, so I liked it. Be prepared for pretty much a full-on rape, which the characters happily both call a rape and apparently think is amusing later on. Aside from that though, this was simple and angsty with a lot of tension-inducing complications before the hero and heroine finally get together. Good read if [...]

    9. Even though h didn't get the real reason behind it despite the marriage was necessity (!) on flimsy bases, and also they hardly communicated at all almost the entire book I, still, enjoyed this book.

    10. I was a little confused at first as to how it would work out being that she loved the French guy but after his visits when she married the hero it was obvious that it was just a fling. I hated that she lost the baby and that her mother got away with murder since she was the reason why she has lost the baby. I was upset by his cold behaviour when she told him. could he? She just loved him and took it but I wanted him to put more of a show of emotions as to the lost of her and the baby. This is wh [...]

    11. Good read but the H didn't show his alpha male, possessive, crazy for the h mentality till after 60%. Wish it wasn't so late in the story.

    12. I've read this one before but had to again. It has to be one of the most dramatic vintage harlequins I have ever had the pleasure to read.

    13. Very realistic and well written. Characters, storyline, events and relationships are so real and perfect. I loved it and enjoyed it from the very start to the end. Recommend it to all.

    14. So the lady on the cover should look more like a teenager, because the heroine in this story is 17. After her father dies, she's more or less sold into marriage to her father's friend, who is in his 30's. He's been in love with her (view spoiler)[ since she was 14(hide spoiler)] and he manipulates the father into the marriage. Kate, the heroine, isn't so keen on getting married just yet, but is talked into it for practical reasons. But Blake, our pervy hero, isn't about to let her go once he's g [...]

    15. What a pleasant surprise this book was! I don't really know the author Susan Alexander and I started reading this book with no clue and I loved it. This book was written in the 80's so be warned that just as the previous reviewer started this book is extremely un-politically correct. I'm 35 years old and have been reading Harlequin novels since I was 12 (lol) and even though times are the way they are now I still enjoy reading hero's that are super chauvinistic, alpha male, controlling because t [...]

    16. Sick just sick. Hero admits to getting turned on by 14 year old girl when she fell on top of him. Now at 17 she is married to him and when he got mad at her, instead of listening to her explanation, he rapes her. His assault is so brutal that it is painful for her to walk the next day and she has vivid bruises on her thighs. Captain obvious' response " Did I do that?". Disgusting book, rape is never romantic. Read on openlibrary

    17. Love it!!! A lot happened in this book, it did’t got boring at all, on the contrary It kept me glued to the pages… 5*

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