Grandma's Saturday Soup

Mimi misses her grandma Every day something reminds her of gradma s special Saturday Soup and the tales her grandma tells of Jamaica and the wonderful soup.
Grandma s Saturday Soup Mimi misses her grandma Every day something reminds her of gradma s special Saturday Soup and the tales her grandma tells of Jamaica and the wonderful soup

  • Title: Grandma's Saturday Soup
  • Author: Sally Fraser Wafa' Tarnowska Derek Brazell
  • ISBN: 9781844449262
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Grandma’s Saturday soup is a warming imaginative book. It is a Dual language book. It is about a girl named Mimi has goes through the week reminiscing about her Grandma’s Soup which she eats every Saturday. She goes through each day seeing things such as sky, snow, sand and plants which remind her of her Grandma’s soup. Grandma tells Mimi stories of how Jamaica is like. The illustrations to go with it are beautiful, colourful, and fruitful. This really gives the reader an insight to what J [...]

    2. Mimi misses her Grandmother but every day she sees something that reminds her of her Grandma’s special Saturday soup – The sun is big and round like the pumpkin in the soup, the snow is white and smooth like the inside of a sliced yam. - Mimi counts down the days until she can next have her ‘favourite dish in the whole world’, clearly but subtly sequencing and days of the week.The story is built around Mimi’s perceptive descriptions of her world and her Grandmother’s evocative storie [...]

    3. ‘Grandma’s Saturday Soup’ is a wonderful, colourful tale about a young girl who misses her grandmother. Everything that Mimi does during the week reminds her of her grandma’s special Saturday Soup and the accompanying stories she tells about Jamaica. Mimi mimics the thoughts of the reader, she questions the veracity of her Grandma’s tales – is it really warm every day in Jamaica? Simultaneously it makes the reader question whether Grandma’s famous soup is really that good. The stor [...]

    4. A sweet little story about a girl being reminded of her grandmother's special Saturday soup and the stories she tells of Jamaica. The version I read was a bilingual Somali/English version and I understand that this book comes in many other languages as well. My only quibble is that I really really wish they had included a recipe for the soup and a glossary of the ingredients used!

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