The Promise

Pride After a record breaking sail from China, Alexi de Warenne s moment of triumph quickly vanishes At his welcoming party, his bewitching childhood friend Elysse O Neill begins flirting with a shipmate, clearly punishing Alexi for his time at sea But when Alexi finds Elysse desperately struggling in the man s arms,, tragedy ensues Within days, Alexi weds her to save hPride After a record breaking sail from China, Alexi de Warenne s moment of triumph quickly vanishes At his welcoming party, his bewitching childhood friend Elysse O Neill begins flirting with a shipmate, clearly punishing Alexi for his time at sea But when Alexi finds Elysse desperately struggling in the man s arms,, tragedy ensues Within days, Alexi weds her to save her honor and leaves her to forge a new life.And PretenseElysse de Warenne rules the ton with her wit and grace, but the whispers of abandoned bride follow her ruthlessly Elysse will never reveal the truth that she hasn t see her husband in six years and they didn t even consummate their marriage When Alexi unexpectedly returns to England, Elysse will do whatever it takes to win his heart and claim her place at his side.
The Promise Pride After a record breaking sail from China Alexi de Warenne s moment of triumph quickly vanishes At his welcoming party his bewitching childhood friend Elysse O Neill begins flirting with a shipm

  • Title: The Promise
  • Author: Brenda Joyce
  • ISBN: 9780373774425
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. My first thought when I finished ‘The Promise’ by Brenda Joyce was that they should have titled it ‘The Fear of Rejection’. Why? While the meaning behind the title ‘The Promise’ does resonate through the book, it is the couple’s utter fear of rejection that hits you over the head in nearly every scene. The Promise tells the story of childhood friends, Alexi and Elysse, coming to realize that they mean much more to one another than just friends. The prologue begins with a great litt [...]

    2. 2.5 stars. I don't know what is was about this book, but it did absoulutely nothing for me! It had all the themes I love but still fell short of engrossing me in the story. I think it has alot to do with the way the author writes. Her style is too simple for my taste. It also annoyed me that  the hero thought the heroine was cheating when she wasn't. And it was way annoying that she didn't say it was a lie. She just let him think that she had lovers while he treated her horribly and cheated on [...]

    3. Prometí hacer la reseña más tarde, y ya me he leido tres libros y he dejado atrás esta reseña sin hacer. Pero allá que voy. ARGUMENTO: En el prólogo de este libro le echamos un vistado a la infancia de Stephen, un niño normando. El padre de este se ha visto obligado a entregar a su hijo al rey, en lo que Stephen pensaba que era para convertirlo en soldado, pero en realidad es su prisionero. Desde que llega allí cree haber encontrado en el principe Rufus un amigo, pero pronto se da cuent [...]

    4. 4,50 starsillekitap/2017Öncelikle 4,50 vermemin tek nedeni Elysse'nin kaçırılma olaylarının biraz fazla yüzeysel ve oldu bittiye geldiğini düşünmemdendir. Yoksa kitap çok iyiydi :)De Warenne serisinin son kitabı, 11. kitabı Yemin ile seri normalde bitiyor ama Pegasus serisi 4. kitaptan yayınlamaya başladığı için ilk üç kitap sonradan çıktı ve ben de seriyi bitirip başa dönerek ilerlemeye karar verdim. Yani Türkiye'dr yayınlanma sıralamasına göre.Neyse, İmkansız [...]

    5. will get right to it with my dislike for this book. 'The Promise' is an 80's romance novel throwback where the protagonists show each other contempt, anger and disrespect *and it would have been cleared up in an adult conversation*. Now BJ creates stubborn male leads, but we tend to sympathize with their characters as we realize that even though they don't want to fall in love , get married etc , they love the heroine and show it by their actions. So for example in 'A Lady at Last' (one of my fa [...]

    6. I would give it a negative rating if it was possible. Seriously, don't bother wasting your time and hard earned money. I am hard-pressed to find something good to say about this book. I spent more time angry at the characters. The hero spends more than 2.7/3 of the book sleeping with other woman and being really cruel to his virginal wife who he abandoned right after the wedding ceremony. The heroine was a spoiled brat who cared more of what others thought than her happiness and allowed her mind [...]

    7. I had read "A Lady at Last" about Cliff deWarenne as a hero and it was in there i got to know his ten-year old son,the mischievous and wild-hearted Alexi deWarenned in this book is about him as the hero with the passionate deWarenne blood,because when a deWarenne falls in love,he falls in love once and foreverShe turned, trying to unlock the door, but her hands were shaking so badly she couldn’t turn the key. He grabbed her from behind. “Stop,” she screamed. He lifted her off her feet, cro [...]

    8. This book was so infuriating to read. The hero was an ass who thought so horribly of his wife. He put all the blame on her for him being trapped into marrying her. He has mistresses all over the damn place, literally, jamaica, singapore, london kidding he's a total ass. The heroine has a reputation of being a seductress in London while her husband is away (she actually is still a virgin despite her husband avoiding her for 6 years), but she never corrects him or anyone else when they think she h [...]

    9. I regret spending so much time on this one. Where was the real romance? Alexi irratated me so much because he was so cruel throughout the book until the end. The scenes, especially the ones that were supposed to be sensual, just weren't. I was severely dissappointed.

    10. Kütüphanede gördüğümde sırf meraktan alıp okuyayım dedim. Sonuç: Elinize geçerse alıp okuyun. Güzeldi. Ama niye her şey bir anda oldu bitti anlamış değilim.

    11. Years ago in college, I read The Game by Brenda Joyce. It was a great way to escape having to write a huge paper. I always thought historical (I always called them hysterical) romances were not my thing, but The Game held my interest. That said, when I stumbled across this story, The Promise, I had such fond memories of The Game I thought this book would be close to it.I loved the dialogue the beginning. Then I got extremely irritated by how badly the hero, Alexi, treated the heroine, Elysse. Ye [...]

    12. I found the first two parts of Alexi and Elysse's story to be very fustrating with their stubborness and jealousy that kept them apart, it was the third part when Alexi finally admitted to his love for Elysse that made the story OK for me. Brenda Joyce has long been a favorite author of mine but I can say that The Promise wasn't all I was hoping for with Alexi and Elysse. I enjoyed "the promise" of those two from the other deWarenne Dynasty books, their chemistry was right but for the story to t [...]

    13. This was one of those stories where you hate the heroine and love the hero and then, love the heroine and hate the hero. I have to hand it to Mrs. Joyce for holding tension throughout the story. I was on pins and needles hoping that soon they would make up. WellIt came to late for me. I was passed the point of no return after he continued to treat her like crap to the last 20 pages. In two pages he decided he loved her and then he says the magic words (I love you) and SHE forgives him. Okay he d [...]

    14. Penultimo libro della serie e anche questo non delude le aspettative. Quattro stelline e mezzo per quest'altro piccolo capolavoro del genere.

    15. 4 yildiz verecektim ama hizli biten sonu ve en nefret ettiğim şey olan kadin erkek eşitsizliği yüzünden 3 yildiz veriyorum.

    16. Bir Avuç Aşk'tan sonra en beğendim kitap bu oldu Eee biri Cliff'in oğlu, öbürü Devlin'in kızı Devlin'in Devlin! *_**_*

    17. At no point in this book was there ever any LOVE or ROMANCE. The "hero" is a cheating, hypocritical asshole who emotionally abuses the heroine from the beginning by shaming her for behavior he is guilty of. He insults her clothes, her personality, her innocent flirtations, while he sleeps his way around the world. He is repulsive. They were never "friends", they were never kind to each other. They were stupid, arrogant, prideful, vain and cruel. The heroine is TSTL and allows the H to get away w [...]

    18. Alexi ve Elysee bir türlü ısınamadığım karakterler oldu nedense. İki karakter de ayrı bir sorunlu , bir önceki kitap çok daha iyiydi bundan. Nihayet Mediaeval Romance'larına başlayabileceğim yazarın benim en merak ettiğim The Conquerer kitabı. Finaller bitince ilk işim onu okumak olacak. :)

    19. The main characters seemed pretty immature IMO. Such as Elysse pretending to have lovers and getting hurt when people whisper about her behind her back. And Alexi for blaming Elysse for the marriage!? He volunteered to marry her, so he brought it upon himself. It was quite frustrating sometimes, when Alexi and Elysse didn't communicate with each other.

    20. Brenda Joyce’s “The Promise” is thick with tension, emotion and betrayal amidst a childhood fairytale gone outrageously wrong that kept me reading to ensure it lived up to its moniker. Childhood friends Alexi de Warenne and Elysse O’Neill have been friends for decades and as close as brother and sister since he promised to always protect her when as children, he found her terrified and lost in a nearby castle. A budding attraction to and understanding of one another leads both to secretl [...]

    21. The Promise, like most, if not all of Brenda Joyce's novels, in particular those from the de Warenne Dynasty series, has a love affair that is passionate, intense, and utterly engrossing.The love affair simmers between lifelong friends, Alexi de Warenne and Elysee O'Neill. They grew up sharing the sort of bond and intimacy that can only exist from the lifetime sharing of a past, of memories and milestones. It is obvious to their families and friends that they are soulmates, and although Alexi an [...]

    22. THE PROMISE by Brenda Joyce is a wonderful historical romance set in 1824-1833 Adare, Ireland and Askeaton, Ireland. The de Warenne Dynasty. It is well written with details,depth, twists and turns. It has sweet sensuality, mistrust, romance, pride, guilt, adventure, tragedy, a long standing love affair, wit, grace, pretense and realizing the truth and finally acting on their feelings for each other. The hero, Alexi, is handsome, smart, determined, a protector of Elysse, adventurer, a sea captain [...]

    23. This is another Typical book of Brenda Joyce where the hero is a cheat and the heroine is a doormat Elysse O'Neill and Alexi de Warenne are childhood friends Elysse has loved Alexi since she is a child When Alexi joins his father in their business as merchant seamen and travels all around the world to trade He comes back with his friend William Montgomery to visit the family Elysse's see's this an opportunity to make Alexi to fall in love with her and starts flirting with William to make Alexi j [...]

    24. Joyce is back! After a bit of a let down in An Impossible Attraction I wasn't let down for Alexi's story. I've seen other reader reviews for this book that I just don't understand. I found it to be fantastic all around with well built characters and story.People have complain how the female lead is nothing bu spoiled and the hero just meand it leaves me wondering if they actually read the whole book. First I love the beginning as it sets up the relationship for Elysse and Alexi. I love the child [...]

    25. It was interesting at first. I mean it was nice to watch how Elysse developed from a spoiled, ruthless flirt into a 'matured' woman. Of course granting the experience she had six years ago. A man died just because he wanted to kiss her more. And it involved the love of her life Alexi who rescued her from the inevitable, accidentally killing his friend to protect her. Also after that he offered to karry her and then abandoned her for six years. Despite that she remained loyal to him all those yea [...]

    26. Due to his own issues regarding events leading to their marriage, Alexi runs off soon after their nuptials. He proceeds to spend the next six years away from his wife. Now what follows upon his return home is nothing short of baffling douchebaggery from Alexi. Elysse has been hurt and spends much of her time with a male friend or family. She’s no longer the spirited young girl who started the ball rolling of a tragic event. She’s matured and has the ability to reflect on her own mistakes qui [...]

    27. Written for: Beyond ReadingAnother old late-posted review.I was intrigued enough to want to read Elysse and Alexi's story, having read previous books in The De Warenne Dynasty series(such as A Dangerous Love) and admiring Alexi, unfortunately, The Promise was dissatisfying and quite disappointing. First of all, every time Elysse is around Alexi, she is humiliated and taunted, I strongly dislike heroines that are walked over, she spends so much thought on Alexi and tries to treat him well while h [...]

    28. This was my first introduction to Brenda Joyce's work and I enjoyed it.The book was good at keeping me on pins and needles with my insides twisting due to the very real emotional tension I felt between Alexi & Elysse. That, and I was pulling my hair because they were both so stubborn and proud. I couldn't really decide who I liked or disliked more because they were both so flawed. OK, maybe I disliked Elysse a little more because she was so consistently dumb sometimes. I mean really She was [...]

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