A Perfect Scandal

A Lady Seeking Scandal Lady Isabel Cameron has little use for marriage and propriety Her dream is to study art in Paris But her father has engaged her to a waddling, bankrupt, domineering lord twice her age When her childhood flame Marcus Hawksley reappears handsome, single, and socially snubbed Isabel devises the perfect escape She will solicit Marcus s assistance tA Lady Seeking Scandal Lady Isabel Cameron has little use for marriage and propriety Her dream is to study art in Paris But her father has engaged her to a waddling, bankrupt, domineering lord twice her age When her childhood flame Marcus Hawksley reappears handsome, single, and socially snubbed Isabel devises the perfect escape She will solicit Marcus s assistance to destroy her reputation A Man With Nothing To Lose Marcus has already felt the wrath of the ton, with his business as a stockbroker deemed unacceptable But he is no despoiler of innocent ladies until by chance, Isabel s improper advance leaves her the only witness against a lie that could truly ruin him Faced with her father s demands for marriage, Isabel and Marcus agree to a wedding of convenience, and six months tenure living as supposed husband and wife But as the heat between them grows, what seemed a pretense becomes deliciously real.
A Perfect Scandal A Lady Seeking Scandal Lady Isabel Cameron has little use for marriage and propriety Her dream is to study art in Paris But her father has engaged her to a waddling bankrupt domineering lord twice h

  • Title: A Perfect Scandal
  • Author: Tina Gabrielle
  • ISBN: 9781420108491
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. akhirny kelar juga neh bukuurny agak mirip ma amanda quickrbau penyelidikanabel yg pengen keparis tapi tidak diperbolehkan ayhkan malah ditunangkan dgn seorang lord yg usiany lbh cocok utk jadi ayahny,mana punya kelainan diranjanggosipny sehabel yg selalu mencari cara utk meloloskan diri yg jerat sang lord,ehlah terjerat ma marcus.orang buangan dikalangan elit karena memasuki dunia dagang,main saham pula tuh.ngen deh main saham kayak marcuisabel yg niatny menolong markus dari tuduhan pencurian l [...]

    2. Gw suka banget dengan karakter Isabel.ndiri, keras kepala, pekerja keras, ga patuh dengan perintah dan yang pasti care sama seseorang yang dicintainyadangkan Marcus adalah pria, seprti harlequin biasanya, tampan; kaya; gagah; kuat; misterius dan terbuang dari keluarganya karena masa lalu.Dari awal gw baca novel ini lansung suka krn paparan bab I yang ditampilkan adalah kegigihan Isabel utk menolak pertunangan yang direncanakan ayahnya kepada seorang Lord tua, miskin namun memiliki gelar kebangsa [...]

    3. This was really good!!!! I think this author will write another book based on Charlotte and Romanwill have to wait and see.commend this to my avid historical romance lover friends.

    4. Fast paced and wonderful, this is a book you won't want to put down. Tina Gabrielle does a great job of mixing love and mystery. She is my new favorite author for historical romances!

    5. Aku beli ini dengan voucer dari Sae, jadi ini adalah hadian dari Sae *gumawo* XD aku kasih ratting jauh lebih banyak ni harusnya dari buku 1 deh, lebih rasional tokoh2nya hahaha :PLady Isabel Cameron si Heroine, dia tipe wanita yg tidak mau menikah kalau hanya untuk status, dia punya cita2 belajar seni lukis cat air di Paris, dan mempunyai satu dua kekasih di kemudian hari, tapi menikah? tidak ada dalam kamusnya. (aku suka banget ni Heroine) tegas, dan mempunyai impian yang kuat, meski impiannya [...]

    6. Dalam seri Scandal ini, Tina Gabrielle memasukkan unsur pembunuhan dalam karyanya. Kali ini temanya adalah lukisan.Baik Marcus maupun Isabel sangat menyukai seni lukis. Sebenarnya Isabel dan Marcus ini adalah teman sejak kecil. Tapi, Marcus tuh kayak ditendang sama bapaknya karena dia dianggap anak kedua yang tak diharapkan. Parah emang bapaknya.Gara-gara hal itu, Marcus bekerja sebagai pialang saham dimana sebenarnya dia dikenalkan di dunia ini oleh Blake (tokoh utama pria dalam cerita Lady of [...]

    7. A prefect scandal by tina gabriel, Ceritanya menyegarkan bgt, dan bsa dibilang ini buku ke 2 sjak debutnya Tina Gabrielle- dalam alur cerita yg sdrhana ini diselipi humor2 yang kerent dn adegan cinta yg hot ((┌','┐) GuE kaget bgt, brhubung pnerbitx elex media komputindo, klo gni kualitas trjmahannya, brti (┌','┐) GuE hru beli true blood ny chaleine nya harris dunk) hehheeheOke, diawali dgan tugas beton yg memusingkan kepaala, n aku bernadzar utk baca novel dalam wktu shari, dan inilah nv [...]

    8. Aku suka tokoh - tokohnya Lady Isabel Cameron yang suka seni dan petualangan. Yang berusaha menghindari pernikahan dengan laki2 yang dijodohkan oleh ayahnya tapi terjebak pernikahan dengan Marcus Hawkeys. Markus Hawkeys juga mempunyai karakter yang kuat dengan aura misteri(heheheheMarkus memang keren kok). Sebenarnya Isabel hanya ingin membuat skandal agar Lord Walling calon suaminya menghentikan perjodohan mereka. Tapi saat Isabel mencoba menemui Marcus di rumah lelang ia malah terpaksa harus m [...]

    9. This book had some rather ridiculous writing. The dialogue was quite unnatural- one of the hero's first comments upon seeing the heroine for the first time since she was twelve was, "Not only have you grown into a beautiful woman with your raven hair and clear blue eyes, but an astute one as well." Presumably, she had raven hair and blue eyes at twelve, too, which makes the whole comment kind of ridiculous.) The descriptions were almost as bad. A particular gem: "His kiss was urgent and hungry a [...]

    10. Marcus Hawksley, the long estranged second son of the Earl of Ardmore, a self-made success as a stockbroker on the London Exchange with high disregard for the beau monde, while grudgingly attending a ball finds himself brazenly approached and propositioned by Lady Isabel Cameron, oldest daughter of of Earl of Malvern. Isabel in her own right has a strong character and her own opinion of the rules of the ton. She is determined that they will not apply to her as she wants to fulfill her dream of m [...]

    11. I was torn as how to rate this one. I enjoyed the writing and story overall, but the facepalm moments were epic. The final declaration of love at the end was so overwrought I started giggling. A lot. While I was not surprised by the villain, his motive wasspecial. The idiocy of the hero just made me want to bang my head against a desk. HOWEVER, I think most fans of historical romances are used to these things, so if you like historicals you'll probably enjoy this story as much as I did. Oh, and [...]

    12. Nice story with a pretty good plot, but some aspects of the style raised my eyebrows, more particularly repetitions (not so much words repeated in the same paragraph or page, but entire phrases repeated from one chapter to another, to explain the heroes' feelings for instance, first used by one character trying to understand another, and then by the latter in introspection) and verb tenses (though I don't think any of them were actually wrong, I noticed the past perfect was used A LOT, even when [...]

    13. I got this out of my library an realized I had already read it and never reviewed it! It is infact the first of Tina Gabrielle's stories I read. Isabel wants to be an artist and live in Paris with a family relation. However her father has other plans which include an old miserable man being her husband. However Isabel finds salvation in Marcus, a childhood acquaintance. Marcus needing Isabel's help to prove his innocents agrees to help her. They both don't realize until it's too late that they m [...]

    14. 3.4 stars.----------------Masa lalu yang buruk dan tidak dipercaya dan dikhianati oleh orang-orang di sekitarnya membuat anak kedua seorang earl, Marcus menjadi pribadi yang memandang rendah dirinya sendiri. Namun ia merupakan pria yang tetap memiliki harga diri dan tidak suka berutang. Karena itu, ia menikahi lady Isabel agar utang budinya terbayarkan. Walau kesepakatan awal mereka hanyalah pernikahan di atas kertas, namun dengan adanya ancaman atas nyawa Isabel, Marcus tak ingin wanita itu per [...]

    15. pertama kali baca terjemahan HR-nya elex media. lumayan juga, bahasanya terjemahannya ngalir, ga kerasa dipaksain kecuali bagian kata "megal-megol" itu. mungkin cuma belum nemu kata yang ;pas saja ;Dsyukur cuma beberapa kali dipake di bab awal aja.kalau berhasil bertahan membaca kata "megal-megol" itu kita bakal nemu cerita yang lucu dan enerjik. seneng deh mood abis baca ini ga tau kenapa ;D

    16. I can't decide whether or not to give this book 2 or 3 stars. Some parts were good, some were not so good. I thought the ending could've been better, perhaps a few pages longer, or even an epilogue. The "mystery" was good, and did have me guessing, though towards the end I did figure it out. Usually the culprit is pretty easy to determine, so it was refreshing to actually have a well-written murder-mystery subplot. I would read another of her novels.

    17. Art, intrigue, and love. I really love these two characters, and the way that they react to one another. The interwoven art is great too, especially how Isabel talks about watercolors. The one downside of this novel is the aimless running about looking for clues. I thought that could have been a little more structured, as the characters stumble on important information, but when they go looking, come up with nothing. Still a great little read.

    18. 2/3 way thru. Prose is a bit over the top and stilted. H and H are too stupid when it comes to who the villain is. Needs a better editor, writer's word choices are sometimes odd and just a bit off. finished. meh. passed the time, but stupid. won't go looking for her previous book.

    19. fiuhhakhirnya bisa kelar.ra2 urusan kantor mutasi, jd ga sempat bacaakhirnya g bs dpt feel nya dr novel ini:(dari segi cerita suka. ttp aja lady of scandal yg paling disuka.

    20. Somehow I didn't quite get into this bk. Didn't feel any connection to the H/H at all. Hardly felt any build up to their romance. Quite a disappointment as I'd enjoyed the prev bk

    21. bagus bgt!sempat nebak2 siapakah penjahatnya n sampe akhir ternyatanjahatnya adalah :*jreng2*ngak kepikiran sama sekali, nah yg kaya begini baru ceritanya seru

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