The Killing Room

Once You EnterOld houses have their secrets The Young residence a beautiful Maine mansion overlooking the Atlantic is no exception But the secrets here are different They can killThe Only Way OutCarolyn Cartwright, private detective and ex FBI agent, has been hired by Howard Young to investigate a string of gruesome family deaths The crimes are horrific, brutal, aOnce You EnterOld houses have their secrets The Young residence a beautiful Maine mansion overlooking the Atlantic is no exception But the secrets here are different They can killThe Only Way OutCarolyn Cartwright, private detective and ex FBI agent, has been hired by Howard Young to investigate a string of gruesome family deaths The crimes are horrific, brutal, and senseless And the time has come for the killing to begin again.Is To DieOne by one, members of the Young family are chosen to die Old and young, weak and strong, no one is safe from a killer with a limitless thirst for revenge And the only way for Carolyn to uncover the shocking truth is to enter the room no one has ever left alive and make herself the next target.Praise for John Manning s debut All the Pretty Girls Are Dead Brilliantly executed is one is not to be missed Kevin O Brien, New York Times bestselling author If you like Dean Koontz, you ll love John Manning Wendy Corsi Staub, New York Times bestselling author
The Killing Room Once You EnterOld houses have their secrets The Young residence a beautiful Maine mansion overlooking the Atlantic is no exception But the secrets here are different They can killThe Only Way OutCarol

  • Title: The Killing Room
  • Author: JohnManning
  • ISBN: 9780786017997
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. To start, I thought it was cool how we get to see the Young family tree before the book even begins. The novel has great writing. The story and history of the Young family is very interesting. I can see the Koontz comparison a little bit that the blurb on the front cover states. The mystery and horror aspects complement each other nicely and they are also very intriguing.There was such a nice balance that it made me not want to put the book down. I did guess about half of the mystery of the book [...]

    2. This novel was amazing and quite horrifying! I was hooked from the moment it began, trying to figure out what exactly was going on in the Young mansion. The novel was very well written and the ending was just as impressive as the rest of the novel. I'd recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys thriller and supernatural reads as The Killing Room was a real page turner!

    3. An impressive horror thriller with a haunted house, a few ghosts. greedy rich people and one scary room. The author has the talent for piling on the thrills that Dean Koontz used to have. Mystery fans may be disappointed since who-dun-it and why becomes obvious early on. Yet the joy is in the ride and there are lots of goosebumps along the way. A good effort from a writer to watch out for.

    4. Based on reviews and the book's description I had high hopes for this book. A decades long curse haunting an entire family for over 80 years in which the only way to appease it is to hold a lottery where one person is essentially sacrificed every ten years? Going against the rules of the lottery unleashes wholesale slaughter on the other family members? Interesting and twisted. I wanted to like this book. I gave it a three based on the premise and a few gruesome passages. If it weren't for that [...]

    5. Eighty years ago maid was killed in the Young mansion. A few days later the family lottery began…Every ten years the Young host a family reunion in the family mansion and every adult member is eligible to participate in the lottery. And each and every member of the family hopes he or she won’t be the winner.Because the prize isn’t a million bucks or a shiny new car. The winner has to spend a night in the basement room when the maid was murdered. And no one has ever emerged from that room a [...]

    6. Dreading your next family reunion? Wondering if your next lottery ticket just might be the big one? In need of a really good scare? Let me introduce you to The Killing Room part mystery/part horror and all around ghost story.The Young family has a secret. Every ten years they have a family reunion and every ten years a lottery. One member is drawn to spend the night in a room, a dark one in the old servant quarters Doesn't sound too bad except this room, well, it kills. And in ways no one could [...]

    7. Boy this has started out creepy - will be interesting to see where it goesI got this book for free on B&N free ebook Fridays. It was a decent book - very readable and the story started out intriguingly. However, as it came to the end, it became more like a mediocre Cable movie of the week; culminating in a creepy, macabre, sappy and downright "Oh, no way" ending. The story involved 'supernatural' forces and while I'm not a total cynic, I think this story could've been a bit better in how it [...]

    8. I'm of two minds about this book. Because the first half of it, I thought it was spectacular. The sort of creeping kind of horror story that has a lot of suspense and some real mystery to it. Manning managed to even build one of those race against the clock parts to push the pace. And even though the writing's on the plain side, the characters were fairly engaging and the mystery of it was enough have me eager to get to the end. But after such a great beginning, everything at the end just kind o [...]

    9. If I had known this had zombies, I probably wouldn't have read it. It had a good premise, I guess, but at the end of it all, you just wonder why the perpetrator didn't just give himself/herself the heck up to 'appease' the evil spirits. Again, I kind of liked the backstory and the cover-up, although the source of the malignant spirit by the end of the novel was almost funny. Maybe I'm messed up, but the ending killed any fear that the rising action of the novel had created.And there wasn't much [...]

    10. This book kept me reading with all the suspense. I just couldn't guess the ending and had to read on. Midway into the book, the story will start to unfold and the story will be told on how things became the way they were. The room just had so much suspense in it because the curse of the room was never really revealed until the end of the book. This was definitely a book that I couldn't let go until I had finished reading it.

    11. read this over the last few weeks certainly one that I could put down easily and almost didn't finish. Concept was pretty creepybut way too predictable. I figured out "who done it" about 20 Kindle Clicks inary for those of you with over-active imagintations who get scared easily by creep basements & ghost stories. Me.t so much.

    12. I got this book as a free Kindle download and it sounded interesting enough. One by one the members of the family will die off when they enter a room in an old house. The main character's goal is to discover the curse and then find out how to stop it. At times the story felt slow and I feel the writing was not the best. Not bad for a free download though.

    13. This was really, really good right up until the last 30 pages or so. The resolution just didn't make a whole lot of sense and the climax was disappointing. It was a 5 star book until then. very interesting plot and characters but all fell apart.

    14. Before I go into how remarkable this story was, I have to say that the description on the back of the book is honestly The Killing Room’s worst, and only, downfall. The summary on the back is very dramatic, a little too much so, reminding me of those old movies with the dramatic taglines that were supposed to draw their audiences in. Some of these phrases included, “Old houses have their secrets…but the secrets here are different. They can kill…” and “One by one, members of the Young [...]

    15. I got this book free on the Kindle a few months ago and it is only now that I’ve managed to get round to reading it. It is a very interesting story and basically looks at the curse faced by a family for several generations. As far as the horror genre goes, this book has the story beat of “ghosts of the past” and “sins of the parents” down pat… however that seems to be some of the only story beats in the book. Horror tends to be a very restrictive genre, but in this instance, it is co [...]

    16. Ecch. Warning to readers of mystery/ crime/ thriller novels: this is not one of those, it is about zombies, ghosts, voodoo priests and the paranormal. And not very good.This is a book nearly 400 pages long concerning -- guess what-- an old mansion in Maine haunted by murderous ghosts. ( Maine is a beautiful little state, so what is is that breeds horror writers? Too much lobster? Too many days in long underwear? Well, this author is not Steven King by a long shot. Not only is it 600 pages too fe [...]

    17. I really liked this book. It was an investigative story following a family trying to end an 80 year old curse which slowly claimed the lives of its family members. The story was told in such a way that had me guessing right up to the end as I followed the characters along on their quest for the truth and then watched wode eyed as, in their last attempt to end the curse, they fought the evil forces which unleashed a slaughter on the family. Most people hace a problem with the fact that a zombie w [...]

    18. First, anyone that says "if you like Dean Koontz, you'll like this one" is really doing Dean Koontz injustice. While John Manning's writing isn't that bad, Dean Koontz writes far better than he does. Perhaps I'm simply biased because Dean Koontz is my favorite author. I have found John Manning's writing very accessible and, while his writing is anything but unique, he did well in keeping me interested. He kept the story moving. There were some sections that I wished he could have expanded such a [...]

    19. This is about the Young family and a family curse. Every ten years, the entire Young family must take part in a lottery. The person chosen must go to "the killing room" for one night. Only one person has survived. The time has now come for another lottery, and Carolyn is hired to try to end the curse. Along the way, she learns family secrets that are the real reason for the curse and the lotteryThis was a good book. The beginning caught my attention righ away, and I wanted to read more about thi [...]

    20. Carol said: "The Killing Room is more than a haunted room, though; it is about a past that has not been reconciled. It is about the battle between the value of money vs. love. Above all, and most importantly, it is about a family that the reader sees, hears, and feels the pain of as they continue to fall apart after each death, yet somehow, under the direst of circumstances, even the most conflicting of personalities come together for a greater cause.So I borrowed it and read it. It only took me [...]

    21. This is a horror novel about a wealthy New England family living with a curse. Every 10 years, the Young family holds a lottery to decide who spends the night in a haunted room of the family's mansion. With very few exceptions, most people are dead by the following morning. This year, the family has decided to hire Carolyn, a paranormal investigator to see if she can prevent the death of one of their own. This story involves ghosts, a zombie, an unrequited love, and a curse. I am giving this boo [...]

    22. Wow, was this book creepy, its been two years since I read it, but I wanted to write this review anyway. I still remember ever detail as if I had read it yesterday. There are a lot of ghost sightings in this book, the baby ghost is the creepiest one, literally had chills running down my spine over that one. There are at least 2 more ghosts. The premise of the book is that in this family, every 10 years (if I remember correctly)the family gets together for a family reunion (if you miss trying to [...]

    23. I read this b/c I accidentally moved it to the home page of Bridget's Kindle (my phone app version) and therefore felt compelled to read it. I'm glad! It was cheesy-wonderful, to use a book club term. It was totally cliche in both content and style but I enjoyed the mystery and suspense anyway. This was not literature, but it was fun!***SPOILER***I would have preferred if the solution had turned out to be something that actually was not paranormal (I knew the old guy was up to something! - wish [...]

    24. I have never read anything by this author before, let me begin by saying I will be reading more of his books. If you are a fan of Dean Koontz, Stephen King and John Saul you will enjoy this book. I'm just hoping the rest of his books are this good. The Killing room grabbed me from the very first page and kept me hooked until the very end. I did kinda of guess some parts of the book but not all of them. I even had a nightmare from this book so I guess that can tell you how good it was.I would hig [...]

    25. I downloaded this a free kindle book a few months ago and just got around to reading it last night. If you want something to read and you can grab it for free go for it. If you are going to have to pay $$ for the book feel free to skip it. It held my interest most of the way but I had to plow thru some parts. The "romance" between Douglass and Carolyn seemed very forced and unnecessary. Almost as if an editor thought it needed a romantic twist to keep readers interested and added it in right bef [...]

    26. This is a fun read with a premise that was new to me, but I only give it 4 stars because I figured out the ending and the "why is this happening?" while only halfway through the book. Some of the character's actions are cliched and do some "oh I've seen this before" things but really it's to be expected. It's 2010 so every character in a book or movie is bound to do or say something we've seen or heard before. Overall a good book. It kept me entertained and earned its spot on my bookshelf.

    27. Wow - this was a spooky book - and I couldn't put it down - until the last few pages that is - and then it was a struggle to read. The only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars was that it really did have a supernatural element to it - I thought it would all be part of the mystery - but the zombie at the end killing everyone ruined it - it would have been much better if the mystery of the room was based in reality - or really just had a ghost - the inclusion of the zombie on a murderous rampage [...]

    28. The Killing Room is a wild ride.I really didn't know what to expect with this storyd it kept me feeling that way throughout. It's full of twists and turns and surprises. I will admit that I had a pretty good idea (almost from the beginning) who the "bad guy" wasbut that did not detract from the story one bit. So, okay, I knew whobut I didn't know why until the very end. This story is verygory. There is no shortage of blood and guts andwell, gore. But, if you can get past that then you'll love TH [...]

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