Restoring the Jewishness of the Gospel

A book that introduces Christians to the Jewish roots of their faith, challenges some conventional ideas, and raises some neglected questions how are both the Jews and the Church God s people Does the Law of Moses remain in force today.
Restoring the Jewishness of the Gospel A book that introduces Christians to the Jewish roots of their faith challenges some conventional ideas and raises some neglected questions how are both the Jews and the Church God s people Does the

  • Title: Restoring the Jewishness of the Gospel
  • Author: David H. Stern
  • ISBN: 9781880226667
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Do you want to reach Jews with the Gospel? This is a great place to start. Do you want to see a road of reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles? This is a great place to begin. Do you struggle with understanding concepts of Law/Torah/Grace and how they pertain to both historic and modern Christians? I'd start here. Do you want to know what Messianic Judaism is and where it both marries and deviates from Orthodox Christianity? I'd read this as it is by one of the modern day leaders and scholars [...]

    2. A short and basic, but interesting read on approaching salvation from the Jewish perspective. The appendix at the end presents an interesting proposition regarding the benefits of salvation and the difference in order of distribution of these benefits to Jews and non-Jews.

    3. Nothing objectionable. Intended to be a summary of a much larger book, this sub-100 page book gets the job done in introducing arguments for why Christians should embrace the forgotten "Jewishness" of the gospel, and explaining various misunderstanding of the New Testament when that "Jewishness" is forgotten. Stern also goes over the different kinds of evangelisms and the historical events that divide Christians and Jews, and provides a glossary of Hebrew words. While "Restoring the Jewishness o [...]

    4. Great book and one I would recommend to anyone interested in learning more about Christianity as it truly is. I do not agree with everything Mr. Stern writes as he is extremely passionate (which at times leads him to extremes I do not agree with) about restoring Messianic Judaism and Judaisms influence on Christianity. However, this is an excellent little work, really a sample of his other book "Messianic Judaism" which I hope to begin soon.

    5. This is a solid book on why Christians need to pay attention, not only to the Jewish roots of our faith, but also to the Jewish people and the Promised Land, Israel.Stern spends the last part of the book making this argument, though I would have appreciated more Bible insights through Hebrew language and culture. I felt like those were the best parts of this book.

    6. This book introduces Christians to some fairly foreign history of the church as well as to aspects of Judaism's influence on Christianity. He raises excellent points on the reason many "Jewish" practices are no longer in Christianity. However, he tends to dance around the topic of Torah observance for Christians.

    7. An interesting book to read as a Christian. I really enjoyed learning some jewish terminology that is so rooted in the New Testament and teachings of Yeshua. I think I'm going to get a Jewish New Testament and see it side by side with mine. And then compare it with the Greek. Im a little excited about it to tell the truth.

    8. Stern's condensed version of his longer book entitled Messianic Judaism. It is intended to help Christians understand Messianic Jewish things, where his book Messianic Judaism is more for a Messianic Jewish audience.

    9. this book is full misleading information he conderdicts what the jewish bible says and the king james if you buy this book make sure you also have a jewish bible so you can look up what this book is talking about to make sure it is right

    10. Quick overview of the authors full text, Messianic Judaism. The author points out for us that Jesus was a jew, he came to save the jewish people, and that gentiles are included in the salvation, if they chose to accept it. And more.

    11. An absolute must read for all Gentile Christians, concerning our role as grafted branches into the Olive Tree of God's People.

    12. I wanted to read this only to get a perspective on Messianic Judaism. Short, clear. Gave me a better idea of what Messianic Jews believe and how they interpret NT.

    13. Thanks!I liked this book and learned a lot! Thanks! The views where very enlightening and practical to put into practice.

    14. This needs to be read by everyone. Messiah, Yeshua, came for us all. We must all come into Yeshua's Jewish family to accept His gift of salvation and Torah.

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