Tip It!: The World According to Maggie

Dear Readers, There are at least five good reasons to Tip It right now 1 My daughter Kathy put out her memoir last year, which was real nice except for the controversial parts And it got to be a 1 New York Times bestseller Congratulations, Kathleen But now it s my turn I ve written my own book I have things to say, too, without having to be all controversial likeDear Readers, There are at least five good reasons to Tip It right now 1 My daughter Kathy put out her memoir last year, which was real nice except for the controversial parts And it got to be a 1 New York Times bestseller Congratulations, Kathleen But now it s my turn I ve written my own book I have things to say, too, without having to be all controversial like you were Tip it 2 People recognize me on the street a lot now and come over, nicely, and say Maggie, you remind me of my own mother And they say Maggie, I love your show referring to Kathy Griffin My Life on the D List as my show Sometimes I correct them, I say, Oh, it s not my show But sometimes I don t correct them It s kind of fun being a star, isn t it Tip it 3 If you want to know a few things about my daughter Kathleen that only a mother could know How the heck did she get this way Did she always swear so much, for Chrissake , you have come to the right book Tip it 4 You know how a box of wine is never empty just because the spigot seems to have run dry There s always a little if you just tip it This book is like that There s so much in it never before published Griffin family photos , a love story me and my dear departed husband Johnny , a whole guide to good living including how to survive on what s in your purse , and a lot of funny business in this book from Kathleen she made comments in this book readers, I was not able to stop her So take this book and Tip It 5 And be sure to get the last drop out of living Isn t it nice that Tip It acts as a toast I m 90 years old, and I think Tip It even works pretty well as a motto for living to the fullest So, Tip It today Yours,Maggie Griffin A funny thing happened on the way to Kathy Griffin s sky rocketing stardom The she told stories about her mother, Maggie, in her stand up act and on her Emmy winning television show, Kathy Griffin My Life on the D List, the popular her mother became At the mere mention of Maggie, a stadium full of fans will cheer, Tip It Tip It Shocked by Kathy, exasperated by Kathy, grudgingly amused by Kathy, and at the end of the day, always a loving mother to Kathy, Maggie Griffin has become the darling Gracie to Kathy s George Burns, the wry Cher to Kathy s Sonny Bono, the spry, sweet Roadrunner to Kathy s Wile E Coyote.
Tip It The World According to Maggie Dear Readers There are at least five good reasons to Tip It right now My daughter Kathy put out her memoir last year which was real nice except for the controversial parts And it got to be a New

  • Title: Tip It!: The World According to Maggie
  • Author: Maggie Griffin
  • ISBN: 9781401324049
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Maggie is Kathy Griffin's mom What I was hoping for was a coherent and funny narrative about being raised by Irish immigrants, one of a billion kids, marrying a man she respected, and then having a daughter whose job is making fun of her family and celebrities. There's so little of that; none of it is told with arc or force; the book skips around from one dull subject to another. There's the time Maggie accidentally went to a gay bar (it's a boring tale). There's Maggie's love of muumuus, there' [...]

    2. If you liked Kathy Griffin's book, she got her mom to take part in the book world as well. It's a quick read, makes you laugh (with the help of Kathy interjecting throughout), and is nice to hear a nonagenarian's perspective of our society today. I liked reading about her childhood and it's laced with photos. So just Tip it, Maggie, you should be proud of yourself for this one.

    3. What a charming book--I adore Kathy Griffin and I adore her mom and dad as well--I always loved their appearances on her show--just such loving and tolerant parents. Reading this book only makes you love them more--I read this one in a little over 24 hours---it was so funny and sweet--and of course with constant butt-ins from Kathy herself it often dips into hilarity. But Ms. Maggie herself is no slouch--her sense of humor is of course less over the top but really great. And the story of her lif [...]

    4. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kathy Griffin, and I really appreciate her relationship with her mother, however, this book could have been better. It was very predictable and since I have read Kathy's book and I watch "My Life on the D-List" regularly I really didnt learn anything knew. I suppose it is what is it was meant to be. A book for Kathy Griffin fans who will buy anything she has anything to do with.Suck it! Tip it! Its all good.

    5. I should probably be embarrassed for having read this, but in Kathy Griffin's memoir she touched on some sensitive family information and I wanted to see how her mother handled it. She didn't mention it once. Regardless, this is a short book and easy read. I have to say it's not bad, but really worth the time, unless you're a big Maggie fan.

    6. First I need to admit that I've never watched Kathy Griffin's show where, apparently, she and her mom Maggie banter back and forth in a comical way. I have watched Kathy Griffin in other series over the years and have found her to be very funny so I thought that this would be a great book.I was mistaken. I might have enjoyed it more if it were just written by Maggie and didn't include a lame wise-crack made by Kathy in parenthesis at least a half dozen times per page. I found it quite annoying a [...]

    7. I loved this book! Maggie Griffin is an amazing writer-she tells it like it is! It was interesting to read Maggie's perspectives on everything, there's just some things I can't ask my granny (who is around Maggie's age), but Maggie lays it all out there for everyone to see. Nothing is off limits (her daughter Kathy knows a lot about that!), gays, Prop 8, heterosexual marriage, wine, kids, anything! I especially liked how Maggie made a "T-Chart" for her description of "her gays" from when she was [...]

    8. I had read Kathy Griffin's book and enjoyed it and she and her mom were coming to town to sign books and you couldn't be in line without a book and Cus was going with me so I bought Maggie's book so we could both be in line and see them up close. The book is actually interesting and good, probably because it reminds me of my mother's stories of growing up in those times and having some similar likes and dislikes. She's pretty wise and cute and it's a sweet book. Easy, quick read. Kathy's asides [...]

    9. After reading Kathy Griffin's memoir I was excited to read her mother's book as well. Unfortunately I found it quite disappointing. I love Maggie on the show, but I'm not sure she really garners the attention of an entire book. I found Tip It! to be rather stereotypical of the elderly ("Kids these days!" "Technology is confusing!") and repetitious at times. Kathy's side notes were humorous, but made it difficult to track Maggie's thoughts at times. I enjoyed the chapters about the realities of g [...]

    10. This was a really cute read. It reminded me of conversations that I've had with my grandma and younger sister. The younger sister interrupts the storyline with witty thoughts while grandma just tries to get the story out. The book was just like that.Kathy inserts her thoughts into Maggie's narratives throughout and some of them are pretty funny. If you're going to read this, I'd suggest reading Kathy's book first so that you get a more complete and uninterrupted version of the Griffen's lives an [...]

    11. I've seen Kathy Griffin's mom when she appears on 'My Life on the D-List', and always thought she was a sweet, funny person. In this book, the reader gets a really great overview of her life -- growing up in the depression, raising her kids (including KATHY), and getting older. I especially loved the sweet stories about her late husband, and all of the great pictures. She has a great sense of humor and philosophy towards life. A fun, quick read -- tip it, Maggie!! :)

    12. While I did enjoy "parts" of this book, I couldn't score it very high for the parts that just were not that enjoyable to read. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Maggie Griffin and I have mucho respect for Kathy Griffin for always including her mom! What I would have loved to read more of is Maggie's life, those were the parts I thoroughly enjoyed, I think Maggie has a great story and felt she could have included more here.

    13. What a great read! Read it on the plane to vacation in Palm Springsd on the way back as well. Backwards yes, but I couldn't help it. Maggie's home-spun wisdom and her daughter's caustic comments (comedian and Bravo TV star Kathy Griffin if you didn't already know) make this a most enjoyable read. The chapter on her late husband, Johnny, is particularly touching.

    14. As a fan of Kathy Griffin, I am a bigger fan of her Mom, Maggie. This book is a light read with lots of laughs, input from Kathy, and some good old common sense thrown in. The only problem I had with the book is I wanted more. And wait to you see the pictures of Maggie in her younger days what a beautiful woman she was and still is. Loved It!!!

    15. I loved it! Anyone who is a fan of Kathy Griffin's television shows will also love it, because Maggie is awesome. Even people who don't like what Kathy has to say can at least agree that Kathy loves her family and adores her mom. She is sharing her with everyone and that is special. I loved reading Maggie's take on life!

    16. I love most things about Kathy Griffin, but one thing I can't stand is the way she behaves when her mother is speaking and the way she constantly interrupts her to either make her look dumb or bring all the attention back to herself. So of course Kathy manages to do just that in her mom's book. Her interjections were the most irritating parts. But otherwise, this is sweet, I love Maggie.

    17. I was a bit disappointed in that Kathy interjects CONSTANTLY throughout the book. It is hard to keep track w/ Maggie's thought process. The stories and anecdotes that Maggie shares in the book are good reading, if you can get over Kathy sticking her two cents in during seemïngly every paragraph.

    18. Needed to read something mindless, and Maggie Griffin seems like the sweetest lady - such a good sport. A cute trifle with enough asides from Kathy to give some of the back and forth we saw on the series. I miss "Life on the D List".

    19. For serious Kathy Griffin fans only. Her mother has sort of sweet sort of backward ideas about current mores. I got tired of reading about them. The best parts are Kathy's parenthetical remarks and the conversations with her mother.

    20. If you're a fan of Kathy Griffin you'll like this book. It's written in typical Maggie fashion and has some interesting stories. Fast reading. Perfect if you're looking for something quick and light.

    21. If you like Maggie Griffin on "The D List", which is on Bravo, you will enjoy this book. Maggie Griffin is a mother of the 50's, and it's full of her philosophies of life. And then Kathy Griffin has to interject her theories, so it's really written by both of them. Very entertaining book.

    22. It's no secret that I love Kathy Griffin. And I love her mother just about equally. This book was adorable and really fun to read. If there were more Maggie Griffins in the world, I think it might be a little better of a place.

    23. Again, I admit I am biased when it comes to Kathy Griffin. I love her mother from her abundant appearances on "D-List" and had to grab this easy read. While Maggie's style is playful and light, what makes this book a laugh-out-loud read is Kathy's touch throughout.

    24. For me, started a little slow and then picked up to a great, hilarious, and kind of endearing story.

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