Tainted Blood

Gabriel Jordan lives a lonely life on the streets, taking the rare job that usually means spending hours in the cold, waiting for a chance to take a photograph of a cheating spouse That s how he meets Dr Aleksei Tennant who he sees suspiciously jumping from a window of a woman s apartment Tennant introduces Gabriel to the hidden worlds, magical worlds connected to thisGabriel Jordan lives a lonely life on the streets, taking the rare job that usually means spending hours in the cold, waiting for a chance to take a photograph of a cheating spouse That s how he meets Dr Aleksei Tennant who he sees suspiciously jumping from a window of a woman s apartment Tennant introduces Gabriel to the hidden worlds, magical worlds connected to this one by portals Gabriel is eager to learn the runes for opening them, Tennant is eager to teach, and a fragile friendship develops amidst a series of murders These aren t just any murders The killer has a grudge against the mixture of other races he doesn t kill humans, only those of the hidden worlds who are producing children of tainted blood When the killer attacks them directly, Gabriel and Tennant have to team up to find the murderer, even though they re putting themselves, their love, and any chance at a future together, in danger.
Tainted Blood Gabriel Jordan lives a lonely life on the streets taking the rare job that usually means spending hours in the cold waiting for a chance to take a photograph of a cheating spouse That s how he meets

  • Title: Tainted Blood
  • Author: Sam C. Leonhard
  • ISBN: 9781615814114
  • Page: 255
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Enjoyable m/m paranormal fantasy about two mysterious non-humans trying to fit in to a human world. Gabriel is homeless, barely surviving by taking photos for a seedy PI firm. While staking out an apartment on a freezing night he spies a man floating down from a window which leads to truths about the world he barely knew existed.This is a great pairing, the downbeat, desperate and magic-ignorant Gabriel and the powerful, aloof Dr Tennant. They are thrown together, first by the Doctor's fascinati [...]

    2. This book is a Willem de Kooning painting: chunks of awkward lumpen prose, flung together with tiny flecks of sparkling dialogue, and dribbles of instalove, that as a whole make something far more engaging and interesting than the most delicately crafted, carefully modelled story. Leonhard also includes either the most god-awful, ham-fisted, hoary old plot device OR a witty, ironic homage to the origins of slash fiction. (view spoiler)[Back in the dark ages, before the internet, when slash ficti [...]

    3. Twenty-seven year old Gabriel Jordan has had it hard. Directly after his birth, his drug - addicted mother dumped him into a trash bin. His beloved grandmother took him in, but she turned mad when he was still little, condemning him to a childhood with a variety of foster parents who didn't seem to care for him, hardly could remember his name and always returned him to the orphanage. He lives on the streets, keeps a low profile since he has no ID, and catches unfaithful spouses or cheating emplo [...]

    4. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. Since I don't read blurbs I was expecting something different but what I got was definitely a pleasant surprise.Gabriel Jordan is a homeless man who occasionally acts as a freelance photographer for a private investigator. When he's tasked with getting evidence of an affair, Gabriel accidentally sees Dr. Aleksei Tennant breaking into and out of the apartment of the woman he's watching. When Aleksei notices Gabriel, he uses his extensive knowledge [...]

    5. First of all, I need to thank Mandy because without her posting her review (and popped up on my update), I would miss this great urban fantasy story!I think I have slightly good history when the urban fantasy is about fae, either on mainstream novels or m/m ones. And this one is simply engaging. While the narration is totally from Gabriel's point of view (using 3rd person) but it gives enough 'power' to introduce the intriguing world of hidden portals and runes and human with 'tainted' blood. Al [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars What a great story - I was hooked from page 1! Dr. Tennant (yes, I had a giggle right away) and Gabriel meet on a cold Christmas Eve when Gabriel sees Tennant jump from an apartment window. Rather than leaving a horrible mess on the pavement like Gabriel had envisioned, he sees Tennant gently float to the ground, then must shake off the sleeping/forgetting rune that Tennant uses on him. Very slowly Aleksei Tennant and Gabriel Jordan forge a cautious friendship while at the same time tr [...]

    7. I picked this book up after seeing Cayce's updates about the sequel, so glad I did!This was such an amazingly engaging read! The mystery, the urban fantasy setting, the friendship between the MCs and the perfect pacing kept me happily reading and waiting to see what would happen next. Gabriel is one of those characters that I love in a story, an underdog with intelligence and a troubled past that makes the reader protective. Tennant is the perfect other half of this friendship that develops, and [...]

    8. This was a wonderful read! For those of you who are fans of m/m urban fantasy books, but can't stand how most m/m characters are having sex twenty pages into the book, then you will love this. In Tainted Blood, Leonhard creates a fascinating world with fae, tree nymphs, shapeshifters, rune magic, and more. It has a fast-paced plot and well-developed characters--I fell in love with the two leading men and hope Leonhard is working on a sequel!

    9. This book teetered between 3.5 and 4 stars for me. This book is set in a world where you can access other fantasy world through portals. In addition to earth there are 17 other worlds where you can find shifters, fae, mermaids, vampires etc Gabriel is a homeless man with a camera and a mysterious mixed heritage. Part shifter and part something else, Gabriel just attempts to stay out of everyone's way, take pictures of cheating spouses and the like for his morally questionable boss. One night he [...]

    10. Great book, with an interesting world and a nice detective plot. There was only one loose thread in the end (the unknown nature of some of the heritage of the main character), but with a short scene in the end this loose thread becomes a cliffhanger and now we really need to read the sequel :)The story is based on the idea that there a number of worlds, interconnected by passages that can be opened by those that know and can use runes. There are a multitude of fantasy creatures in the story, fro [...]

    11. I am usually not so much for paranormal stories, but this one gripped me from the start. Can`t wait for the sequel (there will be one or not ?)Vielen Dank, eie wirklich tolle Storyviele Grüße aus Dresden

    12. 3.75I'm a bit clueless as to how to rate this book. On the one hand, I absolutely loved the basic story, I really liked the characters, and many of the ideas incorporated (the runes, the portals, the different worlds) were awesome. There were many different aspects here that I really thoroughly enjoyed, that I found unique and interesting, and, believe me, that is no small feat in my eyes anymore. The relationship between the protagonists changed and developed believably over time and I liked th [...]

    13. Oh, how to rate this? If I were to treat it seriously, I'd solidly give it 1 star. If I were to take into account the ludicrousness of the characters, I'd give it 2 stars.(view spoiler)[I simply could not take Gabriel or Tennant serious throughout the story. Both made up these convoluted explanations for their actions, leading to more misunderstandings. And always thinking the worst so as to appear doomed by fate. I found their arguments feeble and not quite in tune with their actions. Why go ba [...]

    14. 3.8 starsA fantasy story with a bit of a different take on it, showcasing 'skills' that I have not seen in other stories.Gabe takes GOTCHA! photos for a slimey and lazy PI in order to stave off hunger and limit his overnight stays at a homeless shelter. He grew up in a callous foster care system where he was forgotten or ignored from day to day and now strives to be seen and acknowledged by others. (view spoiler)[Poor guy! I felt so sorry for him when Tennant explained what had happened! Poor sa [...]

    15. When I started this book I wasn´t really in the mood for fantasy, but this book was still just right. I liked how the book was set in the modern day (but still in a very indistinct time and place).It has a lot of very good elements magic, mythical creatures, mystery, murder, mansex (although you have to wait for it) and of course love! The romance part doesn´t happen until the end of the book, and I thought that even the building friendship was put aside a little while the author presented the [...]

    16. O:Blew away any and all paltry expectations I had.It's interesting/weird, and I believe that it Actually Has a Plot. And there were emotions! And they were good! Completely coolio.I wonder bk 2 going to be about that Petresh dude?

    17. very good paranormal mystery and OMG THE END !!!! now I so want a sequel !!! I just loved how the hero can't stop thinking aloud and the two together ? so cute and funny !! and hot sex as well !!

    18. This was a wonderful fantasy story with lots of mystery and magic. I started reading this book because the blurb talked about hidden worlds and that intrigued me. I know that I have read other stories about hidden worlds and wanted to see how this one dealt with the different paranormals and how they were divided up in these worlds.What I loved the most about this book was Gabriel and Tennant and how they interacted. I loved reading about the runes and how Gabriel was learning about the paranorm [...]

    19. Gabriel was a young homeless man who made money by doing odd jobs. He meets Aleksei on one of them. Alek is Fae and he discovers that Gabriel is something else also. The couple slowly come together. I loved how they had to hide they were not human because they would end up in jail or worse. Alek taught Gabriel about runes. They start to look into why people of mix races between fae and others are being murdered. Very good book.

    20. Not for me. I seem to be the odd one out with this book because most GR folk seem to really like it. The writing style really didn't agree with me and I found the main character kind of annoying, so I stopped about a quarter of the way in. This sounded cool and like it might be my sort of thing, but between the writing and the annoying main character, I just couldn't continue. Unfortunately, this was not my cup of tea.

    21. I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. Really liked it. Strong characters, intriguing plot, interesting world (well, worlds).

    22. I admit I had no idea what to expect when I was asked to read and review Tainted Blood by Sam C. Leonhard. Ms. Leonhard is a new author for me, so I was anxious to read this book. I was totally blown away by the creative world building and well-written characters this book has. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. I was immediately swept up into the dangerous and intriguing lives of the author’s two heroes, and couldn’t wait to see how their story would end. Before I knew it, I had [...]

    23. Before I say anything, I would like to thank Ariel from Dreamspinner Press for providing me with a copy of Tainted Blood when I foolishly requested the second novel without realising that it was part of a series.Tainted Blood has caused me to nitpick a little bit with my rating, earning it a whole 3.75 stars, something that one would never see unless they were attempting to average a bunch of reviews. The novel was something that I really enjoyed reading, but it didn't quite earn four stars beca [...]

    24. To be perfectly honest, I ran across this novel quite by accident. I am waiting to read a few new books that are scheduled to be released later this week and early next week, but I wanted something to read to pass the time in the aftermath of the snow storm here on Long Island. So, I went to a favorite publisher's site and started looking for books that are part of a series (since I enjoy reading about recurrent characters in a variety of situations). Tainted Blood is very different from the thi [...]

    25. A very entertaining fantasy novel. I have to warn other readers though that this book goes a bit slower than the 2nd book but it's well worth it. While reading it I kind of was wishing I could have read it faster so I could get to the next installment since I thought it was that good. It was a bit like a drug for me since it had everything I would want to read in a fantasy novel: romance, magic, mystery, talk about other species and adventure. For a erotic novel or better yet a glbt novel from D [...]

    26. The official blurb doesn't capture the charm of this story, which I enjoyed very much. Going in I thought it would be a straightforward paranormal, but the plot also features mystery/detective aspects that mix things up a little.This story contained all the elements that I thought were missing from my recent fantasy reads; here we have a slowly-developing but meaningful relationship that doesn't rely on a large amount of sexual content to bring it depth and intensity.I only have two reservations [...]

    27. Hmm, this book leaves me rather divided.It starts off really odd. It is a jumble of thoughts and words really, a story buried amidst some half formed thoughts and actions. There is no clear direction for the story and the characters are impulsive without reason, following actions that as of yet have no meaning. They are described in ways meant to highlight their looks, but then the ideas of their looks change and it is a long time before anything about it is explained. I spent most of the beginn [...]

    28. what an amazing tale! of course I was hooked from the moment i opened the book! Dr. Tennant (Dr. Who fans enjoy) and Gabriel meet on Christmas Eve when Tennant jumps from the roof and gently floats to the ground rather than falling to an untimely death. very slowly Tennant and Gabriel find themselves in a cautious friendship while trying to find out who is murdering magical beings who hide in the hidden worlds that are accessible through the portals that can be opened. the novel was well paced a [...]

    29. Okay - now going to do a quick review I went back and re-read due to wanting to start the second story, and needing my memory refreshed.It seems to have improved on the second reading. I did enjoy the author's world-building, and I think I must be in a better place for the way the charactors start developing in light of reading the first chapter in the second story. It helps to fill in many of the questions I was left with as to why these to MCs would be drawn to each other.This would be conside [...]

    30. Of course this story had to end with a ridiculously nefarious plan revealed. Way too easy for it to be just a well written romance novel with some weird paranormal thrown into the mix. Nope, had to be even more ridiculously complicated than it was already. Seriously? All the rest was bothersome in its complexity but ultimately enjoyable and interesting but the plan in the last few pages put a huge damper on the happiness provided by Aleksei's and Gabriel's love story. And pretty much blind-sided [...]

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