Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 4

Chi is a michievous newborn kitten who on a leisurely stroll with her family finds herself lost and alone Seperated from the warmth and protection of her mother, desperately attempts to reunite with her family of feral cats When the kitten feels all hope is lost, she is found in a park by a young boy named Yohei and his mother After taking a tumble Yohei feels just as dChi is a michievous newborn kitten who on a leisurely stroll with her family finds herself lost and alone Seperated from the warmth and protection of her mother, desperately attempts to reunite with her family of feral cats When the kitten feels all hope is lost, she is found in a park by a young boy named Yohei and his mother After taking a tumble Yohei feels just as distraught as the kitten he sees before him, and he quickly takes comfort in feeling a sense of sympathy with the cat And before she could even know what hit her, the little kitty was picked up and soon under the protection and care of Yohei s family the Yamada s Every moment of their daily life is filled with something we can all cherish.In the fourth volume of Chi s Sweet Home, Youhei s actions at the end of volume three has motivated his parents to look for a new home for their kids Chi is moving to a new address someplace where cats can play to their heart s content without having to worry about nosey managers and mean hungry bully cats.But moving alone will be something of an adventure for Chi While the Yamada s can handle changing their environment now and then, for a kitten their home means much than just a place to sleep in When the old apartment starts to disappear, suddenly Chi starts losing all of her favorite toys and her naps spots She knows they should be in specific places, the smell is still there, but her nappy spot is gone and so are her favorite scratching areas And what are all those boxy things Why are they all stacked so high up And what s up with all the noise around them Are there dogs behind all of this
Chi s Sweet Home Volume Chi is a michievous newborn kitten who on a leisurely stroll with her family finds herself lost and alone Seperated from the warmth and protection of her mother desperately attempts to reunite with h

  • Title: Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 4
  • Author: Kanata Konami
  • ISBN: 9781934287965
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 30 April 2013The Yamadas can finally relax as they move into a pet-friendly apartment in Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 4. I guess "relax" wouldn't be quite the right word when you've got a troublesome kitty on the loose, wreaking havoc all while giving you some 'tude.For anyone who has pets, you will absolutely relate to Chi adjusting to her new surroundings. Chi gets to meet her new neighbors and makes some new furry friends. I love the interaction with David in the yard. So cute!The baby-talk seems [...]

    2. I love that my eight year old niece loves Chi's Sweet Home. She is reading these on her own, and not only reading them, begging me to supply her with another. I can't get them for her fast enough! I hadn't seen the child for five days, and when I picked her up today, the first thing out of her mouth was, "Auntie, do you have another Chi book for me today?!" She informed me that, "All the Chi books get five stars."Oh, and I like these books, too. The author has really studied cat behavior, and ha [...]

    3. This is a hilarious volume! The Yomadas move to a new home where they are allowed to have pets and the focus of the entire volume is Chi's reaction to moving. If you have ever moved with a cat you will relate to Chi's total freak-out at all the new-ness she has to deal with. Extremely funny. As far as the plot, the move encompasses the entire book though two new characters are introduced who will most likely continue on. There is a rambunctious dog living next door to the Yamadas and one over fr [...]

    4. Another delightful diversion. Yohei and his family move to a new home - one where cats are allowed. I've moved with cats, so it's all familiar - the disruption of packing, exploring boxes, being shut in the bathroom so the cats don't get lost or hurt, sniffing out and slinking around the new place and getting used to it, hiding in a dresser drawer, etc. Chi also gets her(?) claws clipped, makes friends with a dog, and misses her old pal, Blackie.

    5. It might just be that I'm enjoying finally finding a manga I can read in the original Japanese (the target audience is small children, so it's not that great a feat!), but I really loved reading the six volumes of this one. Chi is an adorable character and you really end up liking her and the people around her (I confess I bawled like a baby at the end of volume 3)I'm still hoping she'll find her lost family and that's not resolved yet, but I'm looking forward to volume 7!

    6. The cutest kitten story continues!Pretty true on the cat front, as usual, and really adorable as always. Cat lovers must read this series!And I believe this is the first time a manga has become a "New York Times Best Seller."

    7. The only new thing I can say about this that I haven't already said is that it's interesting to see how consistent this series has been so far. This still makes me laugh, is still cuter than anything else in print, and, well, yeah. Just tremendous.

    8. Chi is the cutest kitty in town. What an adorable, sweet series. Even hardened dog lovers will be moved by Chi's antics.

    9. SummaryFinally! The Yamada family has found a place where they can live with Chi without the worry of being forced to get rid of her or being evicted. As the Yamadas prepare to move, Chi explores the packing boxes, while also trying to make sense of the move. The author illustrates beautifully just how stressful moving can be for pets. The author shows us the moving process from Chi's perspective by illustrating Chi in excitement, terror and all in a panic frantically running around, trying to d [...]

    10. Chi and her family finally move into their new home where Chi doesn't need to hide. Chi meets her neighbors, a parakeet, a bunny, a fellow cat and a dog! At first Chi was confused because there were new smells and familiar smells. So Chi decided to make all unfamiliar smells familiar by making them hers! A trick she learned from Blackie! She even explores the stairs (but is too afraid to go down them), and plays hide and seek with Yohei. She also goes into her own yard and encounters the dog nam [...]

    11. The Yamadas are now living in a pet-friendly apartment; no more hiding, hooray! Chi's new neighbours include a parakeet, a snooty cat and a happy yappy dog. More cute scenarios such as playing hide-and-seek and scent-marking a new home though I could've done without the chapter about Chi's claws being clipped, poor kitten!

    12. Chi and her family move into a new house that allows pets. They meet other pets in the building, explore new freedoms and foods, and just enjoy cat life in general. In the end, Chi remembers Blackie and feels lonely. On to volume 5

    13. Volume 4 is just as cute as ever, but I may need to take a brief break. Reading this series is like eating a super-sweet dessert; it's so good you don't want to stop eating, but once you've gorged yourself, you can't move and feel a little sick. It's that cute.

    14. 4.5/5so cute & heartwarming. choosing to wait a little before reading this instead of binge reading all the volumes at one go was such a good decision.

    15. Adorable as always. In a week filled with surgery and lockdown drills, sometimes you just need cute stories about a kitten jumping in boxes.

    16. Cute, light, fluffy reading. Moving can be super stressful for kitties, but loved the claw clipping scenes. My kitty fell asleep the first time I clipped his claws xD

    17. In this book, the family move to a new apartment at a pet friendly apartment building. Chi finds it hard to adjust.

    18. Chi and her family moved into a new home with lots of animals as neighbours and many new things for Chi to explore. So far, my favourite of the series!!!

    19. Stuff I Read – Chi’s Sweet Home Vol 4So once again I plunge headlong into the adorable world of Chi. At the end of the previous volume the Yamada’s had found a pet-friendly apartment to move into, so this volume deals largely with the move. And, really, this is more about Chi not understanding what is really going on. Chi might know something is different, but takes quite some time to learn that where they move to is their new home. The rest of the volume is taken up with meeting the vario [...]

    20. My whole family is really continuing to enjoy this series. It is cute, funny, and just wonderfully entertaining for people who love cats.In this volume Chi and family are finally in a new apartment where pets are welcome. This leads to a lot of surprise, stress, and hilarity for Chi. Including an introduction to stairs, birds, and dogs.My whole family again loved this volume. We were all laughing out loud a ton as we read this. My seven year old son begged to read this every night. I keep saying [...]

    21. In this fourth volume of Chi's story, I'm starting to get invested in the characters. I like the big black cat especially, and I thought it was interesting that while the author did not bring him back to the story yet, he was still included in Chi's flashback scenes. This is a humorous tale that details the Yamada family's move to a pet-friendly apartment complex. The story is entertaining, especially with Chi's alarm over the move, but it's a bit overdone, I think. After four moves (including t [...]

    22. Chi's Sweet Home Vol 1- 5 by Kanata Konami.Children's ComicChi is a mischievous newborn kitten who, while on a leisurely stroll with her family, finds herself lost. Separated from the warmth and protection of her mother, feels distraught. Overcome with loneliness she breaks into tears in a large urban park meadow when she is suddenly rescued by a young boy named Yohei and his mother. The kitty is then quickly and quietly whisked away into the warm and inviting Yamada family apartmentwhere pets a [...]

    23. J’ai décidé de regrouper ces trois mangas en un seul billet, pour ne pas faire de redite.Dans ces tomes, nous retrouvons notre adorable petite Chi, toujours aussi marrante, et attachante.J’ai pris autant de plaisir à lire ces aventures, sans éprouver de lassitude. Ma fille en a fait de même, elle est complètement accro et me demande à grand renfort de sourires, d’acheter la suite.Nous avons donc succomber, pour notre plus grand plaisir, à la malicieuse Chi.Ici, nous rencontrons de [...]

    24. Chi survives the trauma of moving and explores his new home.Anyone who has moved with a cat will tell you this book rings quite true. Kanata does a good job of pointing out the humorous aspects of a cat adjusting to a new home. I also liked the hide-n-seek chapter in this one where Chi gets shut in a drawer he falls asleep in. Chi's baby talk English with it's weird spellings is sometimes confusing to read (this is true in all the Chi books). Not a super great read for ESL students because of th [...]

    25. Another adorable installment in theChi's Sweet Home Series. This fourth volume sees Chi and family moving into a pet-friendly apartment, trying to adjust to her new surroundings and meeting new creatures, playing and being adorable. It's a great cute fix, but like Chi I do kind of miss Blackie (Bear-Cat) as Alice (new cat) doesn't seem to be as…friendly (yet). I look forward to seeing more of Chi's adventures. Like the previous books these are all in full color and adorable (though the baby sp [...]

    26. In this volume of Chi's adventures, Chi moves to a new home. At first she isn't thrilled with the place, but she slowly warms up to the idea. Chi meets fellow animals in her apartment complex, and I can foresee that these animals will play a big role in some of her next adventures. Like the last books, Chi's Sweet Home Volume 4 was fun, simple, and delightful. These books always put me in a good mood!

    27. In this fourth installment the Yamadas realize they need to move to an apartment that they can take Chi. Chi doesn't understand the moving thing and is kinda freaking out. While getting used to his new surroundings he remembers what the "bear-cat" had taught him about marking his territory. Will Chi get used to his new home or will he freak out and try to go back to the old apartment?

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