A Duke's Temptation

THE BRIDAL PLEASURESShameless rogues who ll do anything to captivate the women they crave Willing ladies stolen by desire, seduced into risking it all.Samuel Charles Aubrey St Aldwyn, Duke of Gravenhurst, is a radical rogue and champion of unpopular causes No one would dream that he is also the author of a bestselling series of dark historical novels, a writer accused oTHE BRIDAL PLEASURESShameless rogues who ll do anything to captivate the women they crave Willing ladies stolen by desire, seduced into risking it all.Samuel Charles Aubrey St Aldwyn, Duke of Gravenhurst, is a radical rogue and champion of unpopular causes No one would dream that he is also the author of a bestselling series of dark historical novels, a writer accused of corrupting the morals of the public, and a master seducer who counts among his passionate fans wellborn Miss Lily Boscastle But Lily is no stranger to disrepute.When her engagement to another man ends in a tarnished image and public disgrace, Lily is forced to seek employment outside London as housekeeper for Gravenhurst himself Her sharp wit and sensuality appeal to his wicked instincts and she s a perfect match for every beguiling move he makes Yet there s to him than Lily imagined a secret known to few living souls, ghosts from the past that haunt both of their futures in ways too dangerous for even the duke to have invented.
A Duke s Temptation THE BRIDAL PLEASURESShameless rogues who ll do anything to captivate the women they crave Willing ladies stolen by desire seduced into risking it all Samuel Charles Aubrey St Aldwyn Duke of Gravenhu

  • Title: A Duke's Temptation
  • Author: Jillian Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780451413000
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Despite some of the "controversies" about this book, I found this one to be rather funny and very romantic. A Duke's Temptation was my first book by Jillian Hunter and I'm looking forward to read more from her. Although this was not the greatest historical romance that I have read, I did find it to be enjoyable and the characters to be rather charming, witty, and also sweet! Sadly, I had a few unanswered questions that I did not understand For example, what happened to Captain Jack Grace, Lily's [...]

    2. Belum pernah saya membaca buku HR yg seburuk ini, dgn plot hole parah sebanyak buku ini. Saya tidak mengerti pengarangnya ini mau menggiring pembacanya kemana? Saya malah melihat ada kesan mau sok-sok-an membuat karakter dark hero, tapi yg muncul malah hero tanpa karakter yg jelas. Datar, tidak menggugah sama sekali. Heroine nya jg sama amblasnya. Tidak berjiwa pemberani walau tampaknya diniatkan seperti itu. Tidak ada struggle dari kedua belah pihak. Heroine nya dikatakan jadi pelayan, tapi koq [...]

    3. *** First of all I totally enjoyed this book and while some thought it not up to Ms. Hunters standards, I thought it delightful. The Duke of Gravenhurst was secretly known (to his publisher and a few close friends) as the mysterious Lord Anonymous and the witty conversations between Lily and the duke as they discussed (unbeknownst to Lily) her critique of Anonymous’ Wickbury and how she perceived both the villain and the hero were immensely satisfying. What was even better of course was when L [...]

    4. I'm not sure why this didn't ring my bell the way other Boscastle titles in the previous series have, but Lily and Samuel were kinda "eh." Whether that was simply chemistry, or personalities, I don't know. Lily is previously engaged, but through tragic circumstances she rebuffs her fiance and is forced to leave town and find a position as a housekeeper in Samuel's quirky household. Samuel wonders what has made the fairy girl he had become obsessed with into this lost woman, and vows to make thin [...]

    5. The writing style prevents the reader from really engaging with the characters. For example, towards the end of the book, the heroine has a reconciliation with someone who failed to help and support her in a time of crisis. Instead of showing the scene, which could've been a tearjerker, we're TOLD about it from the perspective of the hero, an outside observer. For that matter, the original betrayal was portrayed in such a dispassionate way that it was hard to really feel the heroine's experience [...]

    6. 5 starts for the romance part of the story, 3 stars for leaving me scratching my head over some of the things that trouble me about the story.Lily was engaged to another man, but while at a party, she met Samuel ( He is a writer of her favorite books, but she doesn't know this secret identity part of him) and it was love/lust at first sight for both of them. They went for a private walk, had the passionate kiss and he realized she was "the one" They clicked, they understood each other yada yada. [...]

    7. 2 y mediaSamuel es un Duque pero además autor famoso de una serie de novelas góticas. Un poco obsesivo con el trabajo. Lily es una joven de la nobleza pero que ha quedado marginada por haber roto un compromiso anterior.Lo que tiene de bueno es que no es tan predecible, no tiene las salidas comunes de las novelas de regencia. Los personajes son espontáneos y hacen lo que quieren. Es divertido cómo Samuel intenta escenificar lo que va escribiendo usando a los sirvientes de su castillo.Pero sen [...]

    8. 3.75 starsunded up to 4 stars for GR and FVBRA DUKE’S TEMPTATION is a Regency-set historical romance that feels very different from other Regency romances I’ve read and I mean that in the most positive way. This has a lot to do with the hero and heroine of the story. The hero is Samuel Aubrey St. Aldwyn of Dartmoor, the 4th Duke of Gravenhurst and member of the House of Lords by day and author Lord Anonymous by night. Samuel is charismatic, controversial, rakish, ill reputed, self-assured an [...]

    9. This was a really fun book to read, with a very unusual hero. Samuel is a duke with something of a wicked personal reputation, a radical political reputation, and a secret known to very few. He is the anonymous author of a series of gothic novels that have as many detractors as fans. One of his biggest fans is Lily Boscastle.Both of them attend a literary masquerade ball, where they have a brief encounter and an instant connection. Samuel is instantly smitten by Lily's beauty and wit, and leaves [...]

    10. Aspects of this book were lovely, particularly the hero, who is a novelist and rather eccentric. He has a reputation for being a rakehell but that just his way of getting publicity to help his causes. He's actually not a man-whore, and is rather kind. In his novelist mode, he's a little odd, but amusing. The heroine has nothing about her that really annoys me or anything, but she does seem very young and she didn't really grab me. Other characters, like the Duke's servants, did not at all strike [...]

    11. Samuel is the ‘duke of duality’; he’s the Duke of Gravenhurst, but with a tarnished reputation – a reputation that he has engendered by disseminating unsavory rumors and false information about himself. Why?! One reason is to protect his other persona – as the Lord of Anonymity, the author of a dark historical romance series. Enter Lily Boscastle, who is almost engaged to her childhood friend. Samuel meets her at a literary masquerade ball and is immediately enchanted with her and deci [...]

    12. Arghhhh I can't!! The heroine is a stupid spoiled girl. The hero is an idiot. The plot that will happen is wtf!? I mean COME ON!!!!So I am not gonna read any more. Enough is enough. Not the historical romance for me.

    13. Done !Tadinya sih aku mau kasih 4 bintang, tapi sepertinya kok ke gedean,padahal di awal aku suka nih sampe setengah buku, nah di pertengahan sampe belakang agak aneh sih,makanya agak aku kurangin. 3,5 deh bintangnya. Anehnya dimana? Sabar yaSebetulnya cerita nya sih ringan aja, sampe aku bingung nulis nya.Awalnya diceritakan ada seorang Duke nyentrik, namanya Samuel (gak usahlah kita sebut gelarnya yg panjang itu ya)dia punya profesi rahasia, yaotu sebagai penulis best seller novel suspence got [...]

    14. Hunter pens a tale full of delicious delights with "A Duke's Temptation." Samuel St. Aldwyn, the Duke of Gravenhurst, has a reputation for being a rogue, but he also harbors a secret. Does Lily Boscastle dare to discover what the handsome duke strives so hard to keep hidden?Set in London, 1818, Lily Boscastle attends a masquerade ball with her cousin, Chloe Stratfield. The Wickbury Tales by Lord Anonymous is all the rage. Lily meets a handsome young man masquerading as Don Quixote. They take a w [...]

    15. Ok, this one just did not work with me. 121 pages in and i just couldn't bring myself to finish it. Yes, Samuel was wonderful, he had that devilish thing going on about him that all women just seemed to love, he was a rouge. What you are going to read in the next few lines are my ranting about what i read. Be warned, i like to tail on for a while. And my for a while i mean a while. What i originally thought would only be a few lines became about 6 and 1/2 paragraphs. Sorry ahead of time.Lilly. ( [...]

    16. Lily Boscastle is deluded. Everybody thinks so, including her own family. She insists she saw her erstwhile fiancé commit a murder, which he denies. Everyone attributes it to those ridiculous romance novels she pores over. They can give a girl the strangest notions.Suddenly unmarriageable, Lily decides to take a position as a housekeeper (because people will jump at the chance to have a madwoman keeping their house). She accepts an offer—which turns into an abduction reminiscent of the wicked [...]

    17. Actual rating: 3.75.A lighthearted, fun romance novel with engaging characters, which I quite enjoyed. Our hero, Samuel, Duke of Gravenhurst is a bit of a radical and supports unpopular causesbut, he has a secret. He is also Lord Anonymous, author of a series of Gothic historical novels.Our heroine, Lily Bocastle, is an avid reader of Lord Anonymous' books. The two meet for the first time at a literary masquerade ball, and both are enchanted with the other. Problem is Lily is about to be engaged [...]

    18. A Duke's Temptation was a bad attempt to create a Gothic story but it really didn't work. The story was all over the place with an implausible plot even for romance standards. I liked having a hero who was an accomplished author and was crazy about his craft but there was to much going on with him. He seemed to be so into his writing that I couldn't believe he had time to devote to anything else, so the reason as to why he needed to have a scandalous reputation was completely convoluted and out [...]

    19. I really liked this one. I am a huge fan of heroes that are different from the norm - especially in historical romances. It is so easy to (well, I shouldn't say "easy" seeing as I am not and never could be a writer) just make all historical romance heroes into ex-rakes/rogues or scarred from one war or another. Hunter did a great job creating the uniqueness that is Samuel. In fact, as I write this I have the urge to re-read this book! (view spoiler)[My only real problem with this book is that th [...]

    20. DNF @ 18%The audiobook narrator really killed this story for me. Listening to it was unbearable. I might come back to this, but I would read it in physical form.

    21. La tentación de un duqueNo lo recomiendo es muy aburrido y sin sentido ni siquiera lo termine, normal mente me gusta leer barías beses los libros pero este es mejor tirarlo.

    22. This book started wonderfully, however it somewhat kept dwindling until it turned out to be quite predictable and somewhat boring in the end. SUMMARYLily is engaged to be married to Captain Jonathan, who is her childhood friend (and nothing more). She is fascinated by Lord Anonymous, a famous writer, and hopes to meet him at a literary ball. Instead, she meets Duke of Gravenhurst, a dashing stranger, with whom she shares a secret kiss in the gardens. The duke immediately falls in love with her a [...]

    23. About once or twice a year, I’ll pick up a romance novel. I read them almost as a palate cleanser. Since I have a little reprieve in my reading queue, I finally am able to get a little caught up on books that I have won. I won A Duke’s Temptation on a few months ago and felt like I should read it. Plus, I have a soft spot in my heart for regency novels.Lily Boscastle is an engaged, highborn young woman with a love for trashy novels by an anonymous author. Samuel St Aldwyn, Duke of Gravenhur [...]

    24. AUDIOBOOK3 STARS - I LIKED IT (well enough)Narrator: Justine Eyre (horrible!)A Duke's Temptation is a historical romance and I will keep this review very simple.I liked the beginning of this story, it started off different and romantic and I thought we were off to a good start.Then the book turned and became not as exciting and the heroine turned into a bit of a shrew.Then things started picking back up and became more interesting but not as romantic as it began.You know from the book blurb tha [...]

    25. What I loved- This book had intriguing characters. I absolutely fell in love with Samuel. Heck, I would marry him in a heartbeat. I was enchanted by a man who writes stories of adventure and love. His romantic nature made me swoon for him like a fairy tale character. Samuel is a hero who goes far out of his way for love. I didn’t want to put this book down. I couldn’t wait for the characters to get together and have their Happily Ever After.What I didn’t like- I didn’t think I was going [...]

    26. agak bingung am ceritax.lah mereka ber2 itu ap y?c cew x terlibat skandal krna dy melihat tunanganx menembak seseorang c tunangan malah berkata klo c cew berhalusinasi n sebagaixhasil dy jd dusir oleh keluargax n bekerja pada sang dukeng duke yg sejak pesta topeng sudah jatuh cinta n akan melamarx tp saat tw cew sudah bertunangan sempat ciut sejenak tp itu ttp tidak menghalangi niatx utk mendapatkan c cew n bahkan dy berencana akan menculikx pd hr pernikahanx,tp itu tidak perlu dlakukan setelah [...]

    27. This book started out really well. It was entertaining and engaging with fun characters, especially the duke and his household staff who would help him write his scandalous novels by acting out the scenes.I was enjoying this until the very end when all of a sudden new plots were introduced with the duke's mysterious past trauma of a fire that killed his family and a nefarious character supposedly with bad intentions. Now, the fire story I wouldn't have minded if the duke's burn scars didn't magi [...]

    28. Me costó un poco meterme en la lectura de este libro pero una vez que lo conseguí ya no pude parar, es el típico libro de época en el cual un noble que se baña en dinero seduce a una chica de buena familia, la diferencia de este libro radica en sus personajes, el protagonista, Samuel no es el típico Duque estirado sino que es escritor, autor de una famosa saga de aventuras que tiene loca a la gente y que publica bajo un seudónimo, es un hombre excéntrico que trata a su servicio como uno [...]

    29. Charming start to Bridal Pleasures series. Loved it. Unknown to the heroine, the unusual hero is her favourite author of romantic fantasy novels that he publishes as Lord Anonymous. Adventures abound in plot as heroine gets to experience dramatic twists and turns like novel characters - eerie house, staged kidnapping, wounded hero, mysterious illnesses, murder mystery, sword fights real and imagined and possible ghosts, etc. Very funny secondary cast as his staff assist his novel plotting by act [...]

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