Dude, Where's My Country?

In addition to his work as a mega bestselling author, Michael Moore is an award winning director He lives in Michigan.
Dude Where s My Country In addition to his work as a mega bestselling author Michael Moore is an award winning director He lives in Michigan

  • Title: Dude, Where's My Country?
  • Author: Michael Moore
  • ISBN: 9780446693790
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The older I get, the more disenchanted I become with Michael Moore. I don't consider myself a conservative by any stretch of the imagination, but his kind of activism is indicative of what's wrong with a lot of liberal activism- narcissism. He's so absorbed with his own righteousness -and the fact that so many people in his audience with reinforce his righteousness with blind praise and little analysis- that the causes he supposedly stands for are beside the point. Some might say this is giving [...]

    2. In 2001, your chance as an American of dying in an act of terrorism in US was 1 in 100,000.In 2001, you had a greater chance of dying from the flu or pneumonia (1 in 4,500), from taking your own life (1 in 9,200), being a homicide victim (1 in 14,000), or riding a car (1 in 6,500).But no one freaked out over the possibility of being killed every time you drove in your dangerous car to buy a heart disease inducing doughnut from a coughing teenager. The suicide rate alone means that you were a gre [...]

    3. One of the early triumphs of Unified Media Theory was the discovery of the anti-coulter. Predicted in 2001 and experimentally verified the following year, the anti-coulter (often colloquially referred to as the "mooreon") is a heavy particle with positive charm, charge and strangeness and leftward spin.The rest of this review is available elsewhere (the location cannot be given for policy reasons)

    4. Don't waste your time.While I would certainly identify my self as not only a Democrat but a huge 'anti-fan' (as they say here in Korea) of George-Dub, I found this book incredibly irritating.Though well intentioned (meaning, I'm going to try to reveal Bush and his cronies for what they are), the book is simply irritating to read! Moore cannot get over his own biases and while he presents a great deal of well researched facts, he is clearly on a one sided agenda.It seems a bit hypocritical that h [...]

    5. I read this book quite a year after it was published when I was visiting the USA. The aftermath of 9/11, the shrill defending of action against Iraq in Fox News, etc and the war on terror brought to your living room on TV, was a different backdrop when I read the book the first time.Much has changed since the early 2000's. And yet, nothing seems to have changed. Politics in the USA has probably been quite the same - just adapting itself to the flavor of the season. The conservatives seem to be r [...]

    6. I loved this book, and I would reommend it to anyone who has ever felt frustrated with George W. Bush and his administration. I would especially recommend it to anyone who is a fan of George W. Bush (if there are any left) and conservative republicans. Dude Where's My Country investigates the events leading up to and following the 9/11 attacks, the Bush Family's long time friendship with the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, the environment, and what we as a people can do to take back our country. At [...]

    7. Can't say I have an overly strong opinion on this one In terms of what was good, a reminder of what transpired in the immediate years following September 11 and within the early days of the 'Bush era' And that all was not what the media/government portrayed it to be. What I was non-plussed on, some of Moore's attempts at sarcasm cheapened the message But I don't mind Michael Moore and the fact that he champions a different perspective, so overall a decent read but not a life changer. Also - it [...]

    8. This book is overall anti-Bush, anti-republican. The author’s tone is of sarcasm and is towards getting some laughs; however, it defeats the purpose. It is probably ok to have the tone while making a point in a video, as is seen in his movie Sicko; however, had this book been better written, a thorough study of the subject indicated by the non-standard format bibliography / reference, would have been more effective. Independent of whether I agree or not with the thoughts, the book is bad to re [...]

    9. The book Dude, Where’s My Country? by Michael Moore, is written in the exact style that the title depicts. It is a very laid back, informally written book. However, underneath all the jokes, sarcasm, and the ridiculous chapter from “G-d”, Moore is providing a lot of insight into the 9/11 case, the ties between Bush and the Bin Laden families, and the corruptness of big corporations. The book also urges and declares that George W. Bush should not be reelected in 2004, leaving me with a help [...]

    10. This was the beginning of the end with my love affair with the left. Typical angry Moore makes some good points, but Moore doesn't think about the long-term consequences of his ideas. I can respect that Moore doesn't like corporations or conservatives or George W. Bush, but he really needs to reconsider how he attacks the other side, saying that someone is only a conservative because they wants lower taxes cheapens the ideas of conservative thought that have contributed to Moore's ability to wri [...]

    11. Some good detail about Bush connections to the Bin Laden and Saudi royal families a nice chapter on a suggested liberal responses to one's yahoo relations short, readable, amusing enough, has some info re useful links.

    12. Michael Moore’s book Dude, Where’s My Country? serves the purpose of asking just that question. Moore uses his book as a platform to question the Bush administration, which was in power back when the book was written in 2003. Rather than attack Bush, however, Moore takes a different approach. He seems to reprimand the American people for allowing Bush into power and willingly and unquestionably accepting everything he did. The beginning of the book asks a series of questions regarding Bush [...]

    13. Another rant about the failings of Corporate America9 June 2012 I am probably going to go down the same road as many of the other commentators on this book, namely that while Michael Moore does make some good points, it does not appear to be a properly researched and documented work. While his videos were amusing (at first) they end up becoming little more than some self-righteous rant at a political ideology that the author (and this particular reader) does not necessarily believe. In fact, the [...]

    14. Deutlich besser als "Stupid White Men"Mit diesem Werk legt nun Moore alles ab, was ich an "Stupid White Men" zu kritisieren hatte. Dort habe ich bemäkelt, dass es klischeehaft sei, dass es die Realität vereinfache und mittels Verallgemeinerungen Vorurteile schüren würde. Alle diese Schwächen finden sich hier nun nicht mehr. Weiters hat Moore ganz offensichtlich seine Recherche verbessert. Ein weiterer Kritikpunkt wurde ebenfalls erledigt: Der größte Teil dieses Buches richtet sich nicht b [...]

    15. 3 STARS"The book shares much with Al Franken's Lies besides liberal sentiment and satirical tone; not only do both authors rely on the hoary device of having God tell them He doesn't support the president, but they each claim to pack their carry-on luggage with baseballs to bean would-be hijackers. But where Franken attacks individual conservatives, Moore focuses on issues. His first chapter is a series of unsettlingly specific questions (based on rigorously footnoted facts) about the political [...]

    16. I'm independent. I don't buy the politics that anyone is shoveling - right or left. Being a person that keeps a finger on the pulse of world events and politics, I nevertheless enjoy reading up on what people believe about the world (or would like you to thing they believe). I always appreciate it if the approach is humorous and especially politically incorrect. I put Michael Moore in the same boat as Anne Coulter (something which would probably horrify both) - as they are both outrageous entert [...]

    17. Mr. Moore doesn’t blame Former President George Dubya or any of his crack staff for the state of our country. He puts the blame squarely on Americans for letting him do it. Once more he skewers hypocrisy, both in the government and in the private sector, while at the same time berating Americans for letting their privacy be whittled away little by little, all in the name of national security.Mr. Moore makes quite a few uncomfortable points. There is humor here but also the clear-sighted view o [...]

    18. اهم ما خرجت به من هذا الكتاب انه لا يوجد نموذج مثالى للدميقراطية فحتى فى الولايات المتحدة لا يستخدم الشعب الديمقراطية بشكل صحيح بل على العكس تهيمن الكيانات الاقتصادية والشركات على العملية الديمقراطية بشكل يعكس رغبتهم باكثر مما يعكس رغبة الشعبالنقطة الثانية هى التشابه الفظ [...]

    19. This is a very well researched, informed and written book which both shocked and riveted me while I read it on holiday (it is also quite amusing in places despite the sober subject matter). It cites specific references to many official documents and data sources in the same way that an academic research paper would to ensure traceability of the facts used back to credible sources. I wish I had read this 10+ years ago and will be looking for copies of Michael Moore's other work now. The first rev [...]

    20. I've always enjoyed reading political books retrospectively, and Moore didn't disappoint in this blistering critique of a post-9/11 Bush administration that is more concerned with crony capitalism and the defamation of the Constitution. Moore's political stance is only eclipsed by his no-nonsense approach to governance and the formation of a true Republic. Written in 2004, this book expounds upon not only upon Bush's precursor to the Iraq invasion (9/11) but also focuses on the collapse of Enron [...]

    21. I had nearly forgotten just how bad the G. W. Bush administration really was. Glad I listened to this. It's amazing how the GOP is able to pull the wool over the eyes of so many, they are the party of the rich. I guess it's as Moore says, the great American Horatio Alger myth. If you are at all progressive or liberal ( see in particular definition 8 ) in your thinking, you owe it to yourself to listen to this audio book or read the book.

    22. Informative. This perspective makes me question journalists and politicians. There needs to be something that holds them accountable for their action and their talk. Otherwise it is just frustrating. Does not make sense that other professions are held liable for their work and politicians and journalists are seemingly lying left and right. This can make a person very apathetic (after the anger simmers down) and depressed.

    23. For what I assumed would be a leftie rant, I found his chapter on how to actually have a dialogue with the right educational. It was a book written to swing votes and remove the Stupid White Man from power so a little out of context to read it now. But Aus could do with a similar book right now to remove our current Stupid White Man

    24. Oh, it's a diatribe, but a relatively cogent one. Michael Moore attempts -- and succeeds -- to espouse a liberal agenda in behalf of working-class Americans. For those who became fed up with liberals, Moore suggests it's time to get fed up with conservatives. It's hard to dispute the notion that the Republicans have screwed up the country. Moore is only too happy to be Everyman.

    25. Damn fine book, guys. Read it and learn while you laugh at how stupid we were to elect an oil man and a military contractor (who gave us $4 per gallon gas, a needless war, a recession that won't go away no matter the technical terms of 'recession', and a trillion dollar bank bailout).

    26. Moore's brassy humor and unapologetically leftist slant are what sells here. His style has made him both revered and reviled. Incidentally, for those who have already seen "Farenheit 9/11", this book is what the movie is largely based on.

    27. I like Michael Moore's writing more than his documentaries. He's got a relaxed, fun style with a surprising amount of depth beneath it. The book is a bit reactionary in parts (moreso than Stupid White Men), but it was an enjoyable read and well documented and researched.

    28. I really like Michael Moore and thoroughly enjoyed this book. At first I thought it was all the same as the movie, Fahrenheit 911, but there was more to the book.Definitely would have found it difficult to enjoy if I didn't agree with many of the author's views.

    29. Angry, well argued response to US politics in the age of Dubya. The reaction to Trump might take a while longer.

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