Konrad Adenauer: Memoirs 1945-1953

Konrad Adenauer Memoirs None

  • Title: Konrad Adenauer: Memoirs 1945-1953
  • Author: Konrad Adenauer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “Konrad Adenauer: Memoirs 1945-1953”

    1. Intricate and fufilling insight into the spindles and wheels in the brain of the 20th centurys finest statesman. Father of the EU, saviour of Germany, Adenauer is practically unknown outside of Germany. Meanwhile billions get off to Hitler in spasms of adulating hatred and admiration, mostly hatred. Ignore Mein Kampf. Ignore Kissinger and Merkel. This is the mind you want to emulate.

    2. A very detailed account of post-WW2 European political developments, as observed from Palais Schaumburg.The volume offers great insight into the struggles of Germany becoming a recognised state after the war, beginning with the founding of the main political parties and the first elections, and ending with Adenauer’s first visit to the US in 1953. The political situation in Europe and the relationship to the United States at the time also play a key role.Unfortunately there is hardly any menti [...]

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